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CND Monday – Experimenting With Girlie Pink

By on June 21, 2010
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alu-cnd-monday-girlie-pink-lavender-pearl Welcome to CND Monday, a regular series here on ALU. On each CND Monday I’ll be sharing a new layering combination from CND Colour & Effects to show you the versatility and creativity of the line.

Recently a reader emailed me asking about some of the lighter shades in the CND Colour range.  After seeing my comparison of China Glaze Something Sweet & CND Tutu she was interested in finding additional opaque, cool-toned pinks in the CND lineup.

Even though pinks aren’t necessarily my bag I’m happy to oblige reader requests when I can.  Though unfortunately for this particular reader there aren’t any colors lighter than Tutu that are cool and opaque.  Instead I went one step darker and pulled out Girlie Pink and some coordinating Effects to play with.

cnd-girlie-pink-label-cool-opaque-pink Did you know that labels on the new CND bottles include info on the opacity and undertone?  If not, here’s your FYI.  I wish all brands did this with their bottles so you don’t accidentally come home with a sheer.  Drugstore makeup brands have been doing it forever and a day.  It’s time for all the nail brands to jump on board.

Girlie Pink looks just like its frilly name implies; a glossy, cool toned pink.  It’s not a super bright Barbie pink, it’s definitely more subtle than that.  It actually gives off an 80s vibe to me.  Like Natalie Cole’s convertible in the “Pink Cadillac” video.  And really what could be more girlie than a pink car?

In terms of application, Girlie Pink applied nice and smooth, leveling out to a perfect high gloss finish.  The only negative was the pigmentation.  I’ve come to expect two coat coverage from CND’s cremes but this one needed three.  It’s almost like that is the standard with light opaque colors anymore.


I decided to try a few different Effects with Girlie Pink.  I initially went with Lavender Pearl but after applying it on one finger I realized that it didn’t have quite the impact I was anticipating.  I ended up using Scarlet Shimmer and Violet Shimmer as well and discovered that with a light color like this, the Effects don’t necessarily transform, they add a sheen or flash.  I used two coats of each Effect and they only lightened the base color bit.

Lavender Pearl added an iridescence that looks very tonal.  Scarlet Shimmer gave it a a warm pink glow and Violet Shimmer brings a blue flash to the party.




You can find CND Colour & Effects at salons nationwide and online at our fave e-tailers (see sidebar). Colours retail for $9/ea and Effects retail for $11/ea.

What do you think of Girlie Pink?  Have you found the new CND labels helpful when polish shopping?  What’s your favorite opaque cool pink?

Disclosure: A product sample was furnished by CND for review. For more info please view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Sirene says:

    Scarlet Shimmer is probably my favourite :)

  2. Jen says:

    While the pink isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I’ve been curious about the CND. I just have yet to take the plunge. Thank you for experimenting with everything to show us so different combo’s that we might not have come up with ourselves!

  3. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know where in Canada you can get these CND polishes?

    I like the violet shimmer one.

  4. Debbie says:

    Like the pink on its own and love what the violet shimmer does to it too.

  5. dave aka pnl says:

    …and what a succesfull experiment it was ! I think sublte not shocking pink nails look awesome and this CND colour & effects hit the nail right on the head ! CND hit the jackpot with this line.

  6. grace says:

    I have yet to take the CND plunge, as well. My issue with the whole color/effects line is that it would be fantastic… if I didn’t already have a huge stash of polish. I’m only going to buy one of these cream colors if I really feel that it’s interesting or unique, and I just haven’t come across anything that’s tempted me yet.

    I am interested to try the brand, just because of the great reviews of the application and durability, so… do you have any suggestions of which color to try? Something that’s not a generic vampy or run of the mill red or pink? Which of the “colors”, on it’s own without any effect, do you think a polish addict NEEDS in her stash?

  7. Gabbi says:

    I’m that found of the pink but it’s great to see the Effects applied! I’ve been contemplating buying one of the Effects but just didn’t know which one to get, now I know I have to have Lavender Pearl and Scarlet shimmer!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Great review! If I run across any of the Effects, I think I’ll get one or two. I like what they do to tweek the original color.

    And I do love that pink. But, you expected that, right?! ;)

  9. Jennifer says:


  10. Denette says:

    That you so much Michelle for these swatches! You are the best! I really like the Effect Violet Shimmer with Girlie Pink! With all the raves about their formula and can’t wait to try them!

    I agree with you, ALL brands should get on board with listing opacity levels and tones on their labels. I also think all brands NEED to hop on the “wider brush bandwagon”…I am pointing my polished finger at you Essie!!

  11. annmarie says:

    where can i purchase the nail varnish from?

  12. anitata says:

    Please may I have you send me a soft pink color as I already have the base coat & top coat with the blue light & all & my clients now would like a soft pale pink color. I do have some reds.

  13. Katrina says:

    I just ordered the special set inkwell and raspberry sparkle effect. The inkwell is a great dark violet on it’s own and when the sparkle is applied, watch out! I ordered from and they sent a cute little solar oil gift, very nice! The polish seems to be a very high quality.