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A Reason To Pierce My Ears – Chanel Nail Polish Earrings

By on July 25, 2008
in Chanel, Fall 2008

chanel, chanel logoA fact you may not know about me is that I don’t have pierced ears. I did it once when I was twelve but they didn’t last past the starter phase. When it came time to replace the studs, the holes weren’t fully healed, the sensation freaked me out and I waited too long to put them back in. Add to that the sound of my Dad saying, “give ‘em to me, I’ll get them back in,” and it was more than enough for me to call it quits on the idea of ever wearing earrings.

However, I saw something last Friday at Saks that just may change my stance on the issue. CHANEL NAIL POLISH CHARM EARRINGS!!! Yes, that deserved all caps. Girls you don’t even understand, I haven’t full on swooned over something other than polish in a while.

chanel no. 5, chanel earrings, chanel no. 5 earrings, interlocking cThe dangle style earrings are similar to the Chanel No. 5 ones pictured right, with a set of interlocking C’s to accompany the miniature nail lacquer bottles.

The polish bottles themselves are to die for. Pictured below on the matching charm bracelet, the bottles appear to be filled with a glittery lilac shade of polish. You can even see the little sparkles inside!
chanel charm bracelet, chanel, fall 2008, chanel jewelry
A close up of some of the charms. How adorable is that shadow compact?
chanel charm bracelet, chanel, fall 2008, chanel jewelry The earrings retail for $450 and while that is more than I would normally spend for costume jewelry, they’re so perfectly me that I’m seriously debating them and the idea of pierced ears. The matching charm bracelet retails for $1,035. See your local CHANEL Accessories counter for ordering details.

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There Are 29 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Scrangie says:

    I have never spent that much on jewelry before (I’m more of a Target girl myself!) but WOW. Those are FANTASTIC! I think I might have to save my pennies for those!!

  2. BeautyChick101 says:

    This might be a pair of earrings this bargain shopper is willing to splurge on! :)

  3. Princess Malphaba says:

    Besides the ridiculous Chanel price tag those are SOOOOO CUTE….

  4. Lengthy Tresses says:

    Way Way Way outta my price league. But thsy are so cute, all of them :)

  5. Melanie says:

    Just go to the mall and get your ears pierced with itty bitty diamond studs, and then get the earrings for when you are ready. Back in the day, I worked at a mall in Niles, OH and could have done it for you. They will let you draw on the dots for exact placement and then *click*click* and you are done!

    That charm bracelet is to die for, but it is a lot of money to spend. The earrings are half the price and I am sure you will get a lifetime of wear out of them. Do it!

  6. babe with the keyboard! says:


    I love your blog … cant go a day without reading it.
    Well…don’t hate me for this – but all that Chanel logo bearing jewelry looks ugly…and I’m a Chanel lover…right from perfume to the limited chanel edition RB collection (which really, is to die for:))
    Can’t stand it…you might consider spending wads of cash on super classy and super hot sapphire or emerald earrings :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    NO! do NOT go to the mall and get your ears pierced. It’s absolutely safer to go to either the doctor’s office or even a certified, inspected tattoo/piercing place. The guns they use at Claire’s etc., cannot be sterilized (alcohol wipes don’t count). Also, using a gun pretty much shoves a blunt object through the tissue, which can lead to scarring. Go here and you can read more about this:
    Sorry for the rant but it’s good to be informed (and get those earrings)!

  8. Rose says:

    That is absolutely the tackiest jewelry I’ve ever seen.

  9. adrian says:

    I have a Channel cell phone chain which is to die for!

  10. CincyFan says:

    To the cowardly Anon that keeps accusing me of being a Chanel shiller – Are you really so ignorant as to think Chanel would ever have to stoop to the level of paying a lowly blogger like myself in order to get good reviews or publicity? If they were relying on me alone to sell polish, they’d be in some serious trouble.

    Is it so impossible to believe that tastes can change? Instead of the Wet N Wild lipgloss I used as a teen, I can now afford and prefer MAC. But that’s wrong according to you. Also, I was not thrilled with OPI after the formula change until the India collection. But I suppose that review was paid for as well, correct? Not that you deserve an explanation but I never had much exposure to Chanel before this blog but I started exploring other brands for my reader’s interest and my own (i.e. my recent Shu post).

    And unless you are blind, you will see that I haven’t given every Chanel a good review. Or do you just like to insult me on the posts that “prove” your point? Seriously, this harassment has to stop. It’s pathetic, childish and unfounded. Please take your jealousy somewhere else.

  11. CincyFan says:

    Melanie – When I had my ears done originally it was at the mall. The process doesn’t bother me, it’s the sensation of changing them that bothers me.

    Babe With The Keyboard – I don’t hate you for saying that. To be honest, I’m not a fan of any logo bearing clothing or accessories. I know people love their Coach bags with all the C’s on them but they’re not for me. But in this case, I would put up with them to have the little bottles dangling from my ears. I’d prefer them with just the bottles but that’s not an option. They just seemed like the perfect accessory for any polish queen. I haven’t really come across polish themed jewelry (that doesn’t look like plastic crap) so I got all excited when I saw them in the display case.

    Anon #1 – Thanks for the helpful info. I’ll definitely read up IF I choose to get them done.

  12. Girl-Woman says:

    I asked my derm last week to pierce my ears, for the third time in my life, in that same spot. Sadly, because my ear lobes are so small and because of a small tear in the lobe, she advised me to see a plastic surgeon to add new holes to my already crazy head. After seeing these darling earrings, I may make the appointment after all.

  13. I.V.Y. says:

    Your blog is way too good. I chanced upon it while searching for OPI and WOW! Will bookmark it. Wonderful entries. Thanks for the nail colour swatches!

  14. Liz says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on costume jewellery – but those are *lovely*. Why do they have to come up with this stuff in the middle of a credit crunch?

  15. lisa says:

    I love anything Chanel.

  16. Angela says:

    If they’re making you swoon, get them without a second thought. :)

    I passed on the most beautiful suit jacket years ago because it cost way more than I would ever want to pay for a jacket. Stupid. It fit perfectly, it was completely flattering, the material was just right, it was stunning. I still think of it sometimes, and how dumb I was to pass it by, because I’ve never found anything as perfect as that jacket.

    I hate regrets. So don’t be like me with my jacket. Get the earrings. :)

  17. Elaine says:

    I’ve had my ears pierced twice and let them close up both times. Whenever I wore earrings, all I could think of were horrible ways my ears could be mangled if they got caught on something.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Too cute, I love the little perfume bottles as well.

    I’ve had my ears pierced at the mall several times and never had a problem. If I went to my GP and asked to have my ears pierced he would laugh at me. Couldn’t hurt to go to a piercing place though.

    Love your blog!

  19. melanie says:

    (I’m a different Melanie, by the way. Hehe, that doesn’t happen often!)

    I really enjoy your blog!

    These are so adorable. I love the bracelet but I’ll likely be unable to afford it anytime soon, hah! One thing I got in the meantime that I really like is the teeny tiny eyeshadow charm from Juicy. I’m not a big fan of theirs otherwise, so it was kind of a must for me! I can see what you mean about cheap-looking though, as Juicy’s polish bottle charm doesn’t look real at all. Hmph.

    I hope you splurge and if you do that you just love them. Can’t wait to see a photo if you get them! Oh, tiny things are just so cute! :)

  20. Boatie says:

    Those earrings aren’t my style, but I think they were made for a polish diva like you!

  21. Beauty Alchemist says:

    OMG someone else who doesn’t have pierced ears. Hard to find. I too had them . They ripped thru and that was that. Plastic surgeons want 700.00 to fix them , so i too have thought of re piercing somewhere else. I realy want pierced ears.

    Some good advice from readers, so maybe I’ll see about it.

    Pity we don’t live near each other or we could take the plunge together :)
    hey are you going to fash. week?? theres a thought.

  22. babe with the keyboard! says:

    Hi there,
    Don't stop blogging coz some pathetic loser posts jealousy-ridden comments – we are all nail polish lovers and proud of it :)
    And I admire you for sticking to this passion -> I started viewing nail polish as a style statement after starting to read your blog … btw – no hard feelings abt the comment :) — but for the life of me, i dont know why people fall for logoed stuff – mostly the ones that scream the brand name rather than just subtly putting it out there … plus the Coach (C logo bags) have become so damn common coz you get duplicates every where, its hard to tell which ones are the real thing.

    Eagerly waiting 4 ur next post!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure the little bottles aren’t miniature nail polish bottles, they are chanel n5 perfume bottles. My mom says the actual perfume smells like old ladies so these earring def are not for me :D

  24. Roselyn says:

    Oh Michelle, why did I have to stumble upon this post the day before I get my paycheck?! Ugh, you are killing me here! I’m such a victim now… ;)

  25. Anonymous says:

    I had pierced ears when I was a child and then let them close up for some reason when I was in 2nd grade or so. When I was in
    10th grade (I’m 26 now) I decided I wanted pierced ears again, I got out a needle put it in alcohol and pierced my ears again in the same holes from when I was a child, I don’t think they closed up all that much really because it didn’t take much for the needle to go through and it didn’t hurt. Probably not the most sanitary thing I’ve ever done, but hey I didn’t get an infection!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I imagine the Chanel earrings would be adorable. I did a search and found an inexpensive novelty pair for anyone wanting polish earrings without the designer price tag. I hope it’s useful to someone out there reading. ~Diana

  27. Bostonista says:

    Those are hilarious!

    Would you like to exchange blog links?

  28. Rachel says:

    I didn’t have my ears pierced until I was 38 and I did it then because I wanted to wear fine jewelry–14K gold, etc. I had Merle Norman’s do it (in the mall). I wouldn’t go to a place like Claire’s. Good luck to you!

  29. alissa says:

    heres the earrings you’re talking about and they’re pretty cheap! probably not authentic but im sure you won’t be able to tell…i have a pair of real chanel earrings and my cousin got the same exact ones but fake and when we examined them closely they looked exactly the same