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Zoya Sparkle Collection Swatches & Review

zoya-sparkle-collection-summer-2010 The Zoya Sparkle collection has completely wowed me.  I predicted when I saw the promo images that I would find some must-haves in the bunch but seriously they’re all winners.  Even the reds and pinks which is so unlike me.

With this first of two Summer 2010 collections, Zoya has combined the twinkling beauty of the China Glaze glass flecked formula with the foil-like metallic glitter as seen in the Orly Foil FX collection.  Together they make for one killer combo of bling and glitz that will razzle dazzle you a la Chicago.  I want to break out the jazz hands and fan kicks just thinking about it.

Check out the girls, Ivanka, Charla, Mimi, Alegra, Nidhi and Gilda, after the jump!

What makes the Sparkle collection stand out amongst other colors in this genre is the pigmentation. The problem with glitter polishes is that if the base gets too thick with pigment, the glitter fades to the background or leaves you with a chunky, bumpy mess.  So it’s a fine balance and Zoya has definitely toed the line.

The Sparkle formula is still semi-sheer but with three thin coats, they are completely opaque.  Of course, if you’re more heavy handed with your polish application you could probably get away with two coats but I find that thicker layers lead to chipping so I prefer to keep them thin. Nidhi is the lone exception to that rule as she is much more pigmented though slightly less flashy.

The polish applies much like the China Glaze glass flecked formula except that when it dries it loses its jelly quality.  That’s when the metallic glitter comes into play, giving them more of a foil-esque finish than the ChG glass flecks with that “lit from within” look.

I knew Ivanka would win my heart before I even saw her in person.  It’s hard for me to not love a green.  Though the fact that I have not one green that matches its light emerald base was surprising.  I swatched a bunch of different shades trying to find a base color match and the closest I found would be if I combined Sally Hansen Emerald City and Rimmel Camouflage though neither one has Ivanka’s glamour.  How very fitting for a polish that shares a name with Ivanka Trump.

zoya ivanka swatch zoya sparkle collection summer 2010

Charla has that watery “mermaid” look like the blue-green glitter Deborah Lippmann will be debuting this fall.  Of course they look nothing alike, they’re just variations on a theme.  Charla’s deep aqua base is similar to Color Club Emerald Depths but with a teal green shimmer that reminds me of China Glaze Watermelon Rind.

zoya charla swatch zoya sparkle collection summer 2010

Mimi is pure, purple perfection; very rich and grape-tastic with what looks to be light purple/pink metallic micro-glitter.  A purple shimmer this vivid and true is hard to come by, at least in my stash.  To me, Mimi has no real match. It’s warmer and more vibrant than Milani Totally Cool and when compared to China Glaze Grape Juice, Mimi pops. Grape Juice actually looks kind of dull standing next to Mimi and I LOVE that polish.

zoya mimi swatch zoya sparkle collection summer 2010

Alegra is a radiant fuchsia gem.  Think of it as an electrified version of Tama from the Utopia collection.  The base color reminds me of China Glaze Sass in a Glass though the glitter is different. Alegra has a dark pink glitter as compared to Sass’s cool, light pink sparkle.

zoya alegra swatch zoya sparkle collection summer 2010

Gilda is kind of like Alegra’s brighter, lighter sister.  The relationship is similar to those two OPIs in the Brights collection, Flashbulb Fuchsia and Ladies & Magenta-men.  With a base color that’s somewhat like OPI Can’t Help Falling In Love, Gilda is a power mix of the three with bit more punch and heck of a lot more pizazz.

zoya gilda swatch zoya sparkle summer 2010

Nidhi is definitely the most subdued Sparkle in the bunch.  With its dense pigmentation, the red and gold micr0-glitter seem to be more of an accent than a statement piece.  The warm tomato red tone is reminiscent of last summer’s China Glaze Cherry Pie but with much more opacity and depth of color.  This was the only two coat-er in the collection.

zoya nidhi swatch zoya sparkle collection summer 2010

Bottom line: If you even remotely like the glass-flecked look or the foil finish, run, don’t walk, to buy this whole collection. And if you’re like me and flock to the shiny and sparkly like a moth to a flame, I don’t even know what you’re still doing here unless you’re placing your order in another browser window! If I had to pick a Top 3: Ivanka, Charla, Mimi (in that order). I know, I know big surprise!

The Zoya Sparkle collection is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of April 1st (and that’s no joke!). Order online at  Polishes retail for $7/ea OR buy the whole collection for $36/set and save $6.

So Fanatics, did the Sparkle collection live up to your expectations?  Exceed them?  Disappoint?  Which shades will make it onto your polish shopping list?

And totally off topic but I’ve been growing out my nails just to see if I could shape them more round but I feel they’re getting too long.  Should I take ‘em down or maintain the length?

Disclosure: Product samples were furnished to me by Zoya. For more information view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Zoya Flash & Sparkle sommaren 2010 :P'ssion | March 24, 2010
  1. Daph says:

    I litterally went like “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah” when I saw these pics. So hot!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Isabelle says:

    omg Ivanka is my favorite! I think I really really need this polish!

  3. AllYouDesire says:

    They are all perfect, but I must have Charla! That is just such a perfect color!!! Great swatches.

  4. Ann says:

    My heart just stopped. These are GORGEOUS!

  5. Steffi says:

    Ivanka and Mimi will definitely be part of my collection

  6. Alllison says:

    I remember when you posted about this earlier. All the colors look great and super sparkly. I’m personally a fan of sparkly colors. I love all sparkles in general.

    If the BF let me, I would put sparkles in every room of the house.

    I like Alegra, Nidhi and Charla.

  7. Gia says:

    I like Mimi. Does it look anything like NARS Purple Rain? I have Purple Rain, and think it’s too dark for spring. If Mimi is a lot lighter, I will definitely but it. Thanks!

  8. Holy crap these are amazing! Zoya is on fire lately! I bought the whole spring collection, Reverie, and now I am definitely getting every single one of these!!!

  9. Colette says:

    Ivanka, Charla & Mimi will for sure have a home in my Helmer … hopefully sooner rather than later LOL, although I usually try to confine my Zoya hauling to when they have sales … maybe there will be an Easter sale? *fingers crossed*

  10. Emelie says:

    I’m. Just. Wow! I love them more than I thought I would. Just the pics of them cheered up the crappiest day ever here.

  11. Brooke says:

    Loving these, especially Charla – it is beautiful. I like your nail length right now – it looks really nice. Thanks for sharing the Zoya Sparkle swatches :)

  12. Melaina says:

    I love the length! Esp. with the bright glitter polish.

  13. OMG Charla is gorgeous! These are all so pretty.

  14. Babybubblz says:

    Wow I love this collection! Ivanka is my favourite. I don’t think I could wear Gilda, but it’s HOT HOT HOT. Thanks for the swatches

  15. Tenns says:

    Wow, they are more amazing than I thought they would be! Zoya never dissapoints!

  16. Camille says:

    Wow these are amazing!! I love Ivanka, Charla and Gilda, i cant wait to see them in person! Did these wear like traditional like traditional glitter polishes? Was the removal as difficult?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh great question, I forgot to mention removal. They remove very easybsince they’re not like traditional glitters. You can end up with a couple sparkle bits on your skin but nothing serious.

  17. Krystal S. says:

    Very lovely. You’re right – they do look a lot like China Glaze Summer Days polishes – any plans to pull some comparisons? ^_^

  18. Mich says:

    Oh lordyyy these are Gorgeous!! I think I just fell in love ….

  19. Scha'Chia says:

    These polishes are amazing…..I am so glad I pre-ordered, the swatches have me drooling and I can’t wait for mine to come!!!

  20. Lissi says:

    These colors are amazing. They totally exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to order!

  21. anniething says:

    oh my goodnes, charla made my heart stop. so dreamy and unique!

  22. theycallmekatie says:

    I was expecting them to look more like “Roxy” which is one of my favorite polishes. A little disappointed, but I may try a few just because the application is easier

  23. heather says:

    Long or short, you’re nails are beautiful! It’s fun to change things up.

  24. Susana says:

    Gorgeous! My favorites are Mimi and Nidhi.
    Thanks for the swatches!

  25. Andrea says:

    Charla is so absolutely GORGEOUS. I will be adding that to my collection. All of these are just beautiful. And imagine how they’re going to look in the sun :)

  26. Samantha says:

    Ooh, wow! Loving absolutely all of them! I think definitely, I will be getting this collection (the whole $36 kit) at the end of the month. I thought Ivanka would be my favorite, but after seeing Charla on you, I think that’s become my favorite!

  27. j says:

    I vote for the shorter nail length! Your nails are still beautiful though. I love the polish – I’m surprised by Alegra.

  28. Samantha says:

    These are so pretty, I really love Charla. Super glittery polishes like these always seem to chip so fast though. Anyone done a wear test and know how these hold up?

    • Lauren says:

      If they’re anything like the Orly Foil FX collection (which they do look like), they won’t chip! Those polishes last 6 days on me with no chipping… it’s crazy!

  29. Becs says:

    First of all, holy gooses I love all of these!! I definitely just ordered the sampler because all of these are amazing, and the easier removal is a huge plus!

    Second, I very much like the length of your nails in these pictures. The slightly longer look is beautiful with the bright colors of spring and summer, even if it would be too much for the darker fall and winter colors. I say let them be a little longer for the next few months, then shorten them again for fall.

  30. Andrea says:

    I think I’m gonna get Ivanka and Mimi, much like everyone else ;) Good swatches. Thanks!

  31. Andrea says:

    I prefer the shorter nails, just sayin’.

  32. aaminahs mom says:

    i absolutely love mimi:), maintain the length so go long girl!!!! also it would be a treat if only for a short time i love longer nails they’re fun to polish

  33. Andrea says:

    Wow, I definitely need Mimi! And I have to say, they all look stunning on you. I think your nails are looking the best they’ve ever looked.

  34. Serena says:

    Wow I am normally not a glitter fan but I want all of these except Gilda. I even want Alegra and Nidhi and I’m not a fan of warm colours or reds. Ivanka, Charla, and Mimi look amazing!

  35. TJ says:

    It’s so great to see that my main complaint about glitter polishes – that the pigment is so weak that I usually end up layering them on top of another color- may have been addressed! I’m loving those colors.

  36. Diana says:

    I love your nail length. While still an active length, it gives a little extra canvas for the polish.

    This collection is undeniably gorgeous. I need every bottle. Charla and Mimi are my favorites. Ivanka is also stunning.

  37. cate says:

    I really like this length!

  38. Kiraling (Heather) says:

    I’ve been looking forward to you swatching the new collections! :)

    Loving Charla.

    Can I ask when you’ll be swatching Flash.. ? I really want to order Robyn, but am worried it’ll be too close to Misa Right Here Now, No More Later or the similar OPI (Groove-something? Sorry can’t think!).

  39. moeysullivan says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  40. Lisa says:

    I am in LOVE with all of these. I cant wait!
    Ps your nails look perfect now. I think its a great length

  41. Gold Dusk says:

    This entire collection is amazing… I think all the colours will be on my list of to-buys. I love me some glass-flecks :)

  42. Kelsey says:

    Hmm, when I first saw the promo photos I was hoping that these would be more like shimmers and less like glitters/foils. Not really my thing.

    I think that your nails look fine now, although in my opinion they are at the length limit of how long nails can get before they start looking tacky and gross. I also really like the shape they are now (the more rounded shape isn’t really my thing either).

  43. sarah says:

    This length looks beautiful, seriously.
    Very weird, I just started growing out my short n squares for a more rounded finish about a month ago. Something in the air!

  44. moeysullivan says:

    PS How about a side-by-side of Alegra and CG Raspberry Festival? Is Alegra darker?

  45. Lauren says:

    These are fun, but I hate asking my nail tech to do 3 coats… I always feel like I’m being a pain. Mimi is my fave though!

    I noticed your longer nails right away! I prefer them shorter, but they still look good. I wouldn’t let them grow any longer though – I think they’re at their limit before they start looking tacky.

  46. CandyPaint says:

    Great colors. I say eep the nails long until one breaks.

  47. robin says:

    Gilda Mimi and Charla – or heck I my get them all!

    I love the length. It’s close to mine and I can still type 100wpm!!

  48. Duffi says:

    I so hope these work on me (Zoya usually doesn’t!) since I am LOVE with Ivanka. Charla, too, but my heart bleeds green (as you know).
    I like this nail length on your. Looks good.

  49. j says:


    I was wondering how these glittery polishes applied and reflected, if they were kind of like how Trixie was with it’s ultra-glittery formula but reflective finish as opposed to it being just a sparkly silver?

  50. amy says:

    I really want Charla and Mimi, especially Mimi because I don’t say know to purples!

  51. Helen says:

    Oh my – gotta have em all, except for Nidhi – I feel I can skip that one.
    Awesome swatches!!! :)

  52. smALtY says:

    What can I add? My list (in order) would be Charla, Mimi and Ivanka ;-)

  53. Lucy says:

    Oooh I’d like them all bar the green (ain’t a green fan!). Pretty!

  54. Mischa says:

    ooooh just preordered my set after seeing the swatches! whoohoo! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :)

  55. Medusa says:

    Wow! My favorite colors are Charla and Gilda.

    P.S. Right now I am wearing OPI’s “OPI Ink.Suede” on my fingernails.

  56. Jamie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post a pic of each color. I really like using glitter nail polishes as the base coat and adding designs on top of that. It creates depth.

  57. M says:

    Hey, are there any dupes or colors close to charla or ivanka? Thanks!

  58. Arrianne says:

    I need all of them!

  59. Victoria says:

    4 me, ivanka is the only one that stood out. so if i ever had the chance to buy it, i would. im soo sad that i would have to go on a bus that would take 4ever.

  60. Mary says:

    Wow, they all look amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything similar to Charla or Mimi. I’d love to see how Ivanka compares to China Glaze’s Emerald Sparkle.

  61. Julie says:

    Awesome collection, I especially love Gilda and Charla!

  62. Carol says:

    Regarding your nails, take them down. I used to do nails and I think the longer rounded nail makes women look older. Just my opinion tho. I love the length you always wear. I wear mine that way too.

  63. Becs says:

    Oh wow…

    So I just got my shipment in and the only thing I can think the whole time I’m painting Charla on my nails is “the person at Zoya who came up with this collection should get a HUGE raise!!” I loved them in your pics and per-ordered right away, but they are surprisingly even more spectacular in person! I’ve never felt the need for backups, but I think I need a backup SET of these.

    Wow, Zoya… Wow!!

  64. moeysullivan says:

    Just got Ivanka, Charla and Alegra. Alegra is the closest to conventional, but that means I can wear it to federal court and get away with it.

    Ivanka is a green traffic light late at night. Never seen anything like it in a bottle.

    Charla, similarly, is something I’ve never seen before. What the Caribbean is supposed to look like.

    I swatched the two separated by CG Watermelon Rind and it would make a cool duochrome ombre mani…except not even CG glass flecks light up like these two.

  65. origami says:

    Oh, these are awesome! I’ve never ordered from Zoya before; Do you know if the 36$ sets are full sized bottles or mini bottles?

  66. Riddhi says:

    I went and bought Alegra and Gilda just now. Charla looks unbelievably amazing in person, but I’m not sure it would work on my skin color. Mimi too is gorgeous. I was a little disappointed when I saw Ivanka in person, but it looks great in your photo!

  67. Tamara says:

    I like your nails shorter like you usually have them. I think it’s a very modern look.

  68. Carla says:

    I couldn’t decide which colors, so I had to order the whole set! Can’t wait to get them! It is so nice to have the pics with your nails to see what the polish looks like on.

    I think your nails look fabulous in these photos. They don’t seem too long to me. I think the shape they are here is nice, not rounder.

  69. Rebekka says:

    These are all STUNNING. Alegra and Mimi are right up my alley and even though I never wear reds or pinks, I’m really looking forward to trying Gilda and Nidhi. There’s something about the gold shimmer in Nidhi that makes it so much more special than other reds.

  70. apusama says:

    i want all of them (except maybe Mimi)! Ivanka looks so cool!

  71. Mackenzie says:

    Allegra looks like China Glaze 108 Degrees.

  72. Sara says:

    i just ordered charla and ivanka through a promotion zoya is having right now, along with mimi. cannot freaking wait for them to arrive after seeing these swatches :D

  73. Luka says:

    I just have to add that I also bought three of the sparkles through the recent Zoya promotion and wow, these are awesome. I love that they are glittery without the pain in the butt of usual glitter removal. Woo hoo!

  74. Ashley says:

    I recently received the entire sparkle collection and all of the polishes are absolutely beautiful! If I had to choose a favorite it would probably be Ivanka, but Charla and Mimi are amazing too. I’ve had great wear using the color lock system; I normally get about a eight days of wear with only a bit of tip wear and a couple small chips if I’ve been clumsy. I love zoya polish and I really like this finish and couldn’t recommend this collection more!

  75. beachgal says:

    Late to the game on getting Nidhi just now in summer 2012…on a trip, had Kimmy on my toes and needed a touch up for it. I bought Nidhi at a beauty supply that sells some Zoya polishes. Love,love it. It’s darker than Kimmy but still going to be a big fav of mine. GREAT on toes!