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ALU at NYFW – Tracy Reese FW 2010

tracy-reese-fw-2010-nyfw I told you all about my experience watching the Tracy Reese Fall 2010 collection walk the runways from the front of the house and now I’m taking you backstage to talk beauty.

Dana Caruso for Sally Hansen, Charlotte Willer for Maybelline and Jeanie Syfu for Tresemme were responsible for bringing together the hair, makeup and nails to create a “country meets city chic” look for the models. The hair was full of texture, the eye sparkled and the nails were all out cool as the lace nail made an appearance at NYFW.

Read on for the full details and a look at the Fall Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen collection.

tracy-reese-sally-hansen-maybelline-nyfw-fw-2010 Charlotte Willer for Maybelline created a look to evoke a feminine meets masculine feel with texture which is why she opted for a shimmery shadow on the eye.  She wanted something neutral that wouldn’t overpower the clothes.

Maybelline Products Used: Dream Liquid Mousse, Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows in Copper Chic, Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara, Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner, Color Sensational Lip Color in Totally Toffee and Mineral Power Illuminator in Pink.

Technique: Layer the sparkly brown & beige from the shadow quad on eye.  Line inside the eye on the bottom and in the corner to rim the eye. Apply Illuminator on cheeks and around the eye. Mix lip color with lip balm and dab on lips to give a soft edge.

Jeanie Syfu for TRESemmé coiffed a textured side ponytail that she described as having a “rustic country fair vibe.” She shared that Tracy had shown her some tear sheets from the 70s to serve as inspiration for the texture. According to Syfu, “the texture makes it edgy but the style is soft and romantic.”  She did this by creating a fluffy round shape around the head, “like an afro,” and then gathering the hair into a side ponytail that “tapers into nothing.”

TRESemmé products used: Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray and 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray.

Technique: Rick rack set the hair using a 1/2 inch curling iron.  Basically, you make a “figure eight” as shown below.  It creates a ridge so the texture isn’t too perfect. Finger through curls so hair looks loose and undone.  Loosely gather into a low pony.


I talked nails with manicurist Dana Caruso who created the lace nail look for the show.  She applied the lace over one of the Fall Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen polishes, Wet Clay, which she describes as a “city chic shade with a country flare.”  We’ve talked lace nails in the past and different techniques and now Dana shares her method with us.

Products used: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Wet Clay, 5 Second Nail Glue and Leaver’s Lace

Technique: Dana chose Lever’s lace because it has no repeat so you can randomly apply it.  Also, because it’s not too thick and has a matte sheen.  To create the nails, Dana applied two coats of Wet Clay, brushed on 5 Second Nail Glue, and carefully applied the lace. 

Tips: Dana says you should cut the lace prior to applying and then gently trim any excess with nail scissors.  To get the lace to adhere she shared an old school trick; hold a Ziploc bag over the nail and pull tight. It helps mold the lace to the nail and it doesn’t stick.  For extended wear Dana suggests applying top coat to avoid fabric fray.


I spoke with Bill Boraczek, Senior VP of Cosmetics Marketing for Coty Beauty about the Fall collaboration with Tracy and the new Complete Salon Manicure formula.  I told him about my 10 Day Wear Test and raved about how great the finish looks even after ten days.  That’s when Bill made a fun analogy saying the lacquer is built, “like a yodel. They roll Vitamin E in the formula so that it comes out in the polish over time.”  Of course the word “yodel” threw me off for a hot second since I’ve always called them HoHos.

sally hansen tracy reese fall 2010 runway collection

Bill showed me the new shades for Fall which he described as the “new neutrals.”   Soft, cozy colors that infuse a “rustic country fare with sharp city bite.”  Considering that my brown and nude polish drawers are the ones most lacking, I welcome some new chic cremes to round out my wardrobe.

Look for Evening Fog, Fedora, Wet Clay, Touch of Mink and Bittersweet to hit shelves this August/September for Fall.

What do you think of this movement towards neutrals for Fall?  Are you ready to move away from bold colors in favor of a more subdued nail look?  Is the lace nail best left to the runway or something you want to try at home?  Share your thoughts of the look at Tracy Reese!

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  1. I love neutrals but I will always rock a bold color no matter the season! But I adore the lace nail. I would definitely try that one.

  2. Jess says:

    I love that caramel color (Bittersweet I think?) at the end. Its just looks so warm and delicious. I feel like it has been forever since I saw a SH Tracy Reese collection

  3. Diane says:

    Neutrals are best for me and my lifestyle, so it’s great.

  4. Julie says:

    I want those new neutrals NOW!! Love them.

    I like the concept of the lace nail, but think it’s a little tacky (no pun intended) in reality. I’d like it in a costume situation, I think.

  5. JenB says:

    I love wearing bright and dark colors and must admit in between those I love wearing a nice mellow neutral shade. These new SH neutrals look great. So, when’re they coming to a store near me?

  6. spacegeek says:

    Gosh, I’ve finally gotten into the bright colors and now they are going neutral?! Sigh.

  7. Ava says:

    What ever happened to that other Tracy Reese color “Hidden Treasure” you posted about back in September? It looked like a flakey topcoat. Is it still scheduled to be released? I am hoping to find it someday…don’t know if I should still be on the lookout, LOL! Thanks for any info you may have :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Those colors should be launching soon. I just got them in to swatch for you. Be on the lookout at your local drugstores for the display.

  8. Anastasia says:

    Love the neutrals!! I have a few clients that rock the lace nails!! I top off my lace nail look with rhinestones!! The lace nail only lasts a couple days, great look for the weekend!

  9. TropicalChrome says:

    Honestly? If I never see another nude or taupe creme again it’ll be too soon. I do my nails to add more color to my life – so much of life is already so drab to begin with, especially fall into winter once the leaves have turned and fallen.

  10. grace says:

    I love these colors. Nothing terribly unique, but they do look gorgeous.

  11. Victoria says:

    anyone know where i can get nail glue???
    ps. i dont live near an ulta or sallybeauty. i live in sf if that helps =). i hope someone in my area knows this website.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I believe most drugstores carry a quick dry brush-on nail glue. Check in the nail section of the beauty aisle where all the tools and press-on/glue-on nails are. I’ll bet you can find a tube there.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Actually, I found this on the 5 Second website:

      CVS, Walgreen

  12. Anastasia says:

    Where would I get the leavers lace??

  13. Lynette says:

    I think I’ll be wanting all of those colors come fall.

  14. makeupaddict says:

    I have been looking for these colors and still I can’t seem to find them and we are in mid September!! Really want to see this upclose!!! Beautiful neutrals.