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ALU NYFW NOTD Challenge – FW 2010 Day 2

By on February 16, 2010
in NARS, NOTD, NY Fashion Week F/W 10, Purple

Day 2 of my NYFW experience started relatively late (noon). Knowing my usual travel patterns, I purposely left Saturday morning free so I could sleep in and catch up on the rest I missed while packing for NYC.

Since I had time for a full manicure (no matte polish needed today), I opted for NARS Purple Rain from the Spring collection that is inspired by Catherine Deneuve’s role as Lucille in La Chamade.  You know how I love a purple and I have to say this is one of the best colors NARS has put out in a while.

When I first saw the promo pic I thought there was no way this polish could live up to it.  We all know the story, vibrant under flash, almost black everywhere else.  I’m happy to say that Purple Rain surpassed my expectations.  Is it the blue-based purple we were teased with on their site?  No, it’s more of a red-grape but the metallic shimmer really gives it something special.  Literally everyone who looked at my nails that day asked about the polish and when I say everyone I mean other brands too.

FYI, being in NYC is so outside my normal swatching element that it’s throwing me off my game in terms of photography so know that this pic was taken in my hotel bathroom meaning it’s not 100% accurate.

NARS Purple Rain retails for $16/ea and is currently out of stock on the NARS website but I found it online at and  You can also check with your local NARS counters and Sephora stores.

What’s on your nails today?  Have you checked out Purple Rain yet?  Is purple still in fashion or totally out?

Disclosure: A product sample was furnished to me by NARS.  For more information view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 18 Brilliant Comments

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  1. K.Lo says:

    That’s a purrrrdy shade. Not sure I wanna spring $16 for it. Today I have on Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Gray by Gray. It needs another layer of topcoat. :/

  2. Debbie says:

    Had been really wanting this and when I couldnt find it here (UK) I bought a purple Bloom one, lovely colour, hideous formula. I have since bought the Barry M Bright Purple and I absolutely love it, more like the blue/purple I think you were looking for with a small amount of red shimmer? Just realised how hard describing nail colour is, how do you do it!! So purple is still very much in fashion in my house.

  3. Elysia says:

    I just purchased NARS Purple Rain from Sephora. Look at it, how can anyone pass this by.

    I am currently wearing Denim Dash – Maybeline, it’s is simply GORGE! The pigment of the blue is stunning!

    • Jackie S. says:

      I also have denim dash and it is really stunning…I saw Purple Rain at Sephora on Friday and I am regretting I didn’t grab it…as Arnold said “I’ll be back”!

  4. razberiswrl says:

    This looks like an OPI purple I have. Either Catherine the Grape or Fe Fi Fo Plum I think …

  5. gildedangel says:

    That is a gorgeous color!

  6. Fj says:

    Thanks for the NYFW news! I have OPI’s Big Apple Red on my nails in Fashion Week honor!

  7. mochamishmash says:

    I picked up Nar’s Purple Rain–my first “expensive” polish. It’s GORGEOUS!! Today I have on Rimmel’s Steel Grey.

  8. amber says:

    Today I am wearing Iced Mocha by Revlon! They make such great polishes at affordable prices. Hmm I don’t think Purple polish is out, then again I wear what I like not what’s in or out. It looks good on you <3

  9. Medusa says:


    Just got a manicure this evening and my fingernails are now painted in “Hey, Get In Lime!” by OPI. This is a color that is a knock-off of the CHANEL “Jade” shade. It definitely needed 3 coats.

    P.S. I think purple will always be in fashion, especially worn with black!

  10. Victoria says:

    i never cared for “trends” but this is like the best shade of purple!!! for sure but im disappointed that it costs so much. can u do a swatch for sephora by opi nail polishes?

  11. Echo7 says:

    I bought mine at Sephora too. I wore it last week and I got a million compliments on it! It’s an amazing color.

  12. AJ says:

    That’s a fantastic purple. Very tempting, but I never end up using my purples as much as I think I will.

    Today I’ve got on Flagstone Rush from Orly. Nice rich new penny copper. Smudged a thumb but I’ve got time to redo.

  13. Mc Huggs says:

    Hi Michelle:

    Photographing your swatches in the Hotel Bathroom? You are dedicated to your fans. I love NARS Purple Rain, it’s gorgeous and it looks even more gorgeous on your nails. I ordered it through Sephora because I saw it on your friends web blog Kelly of Vampire varnish. She just said, “I gotta have it…” and that was enough for me. I have it on now.

    It’s an amazing purple color that I just love. Why is that? Oh well, you don’t have to explain. I am just a guy nail polish fanatic. My friend was doing a move from stat-to-state and the movers told her that they could take her collection of nail polishes.

    Then, they lost them! Now she has none, so I am going to send her some of mine so at least she has some. I have too many to begin with, at least for a guy to have I think, LOL.

    What is the best way to ship nail polish? Will USPS take them or should I use UPS or Fed-ex. I plan to bubble wrap each polish and use their boxes. It snowed here, so I have to go but just wanted to comment on Purple Rain, everyone who loves purple should get this, it’s so worth the price and you won’t be sorry, trust me. The polish goes on like butter.

    Have a great day.

    ((((Love Michelle))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  14. Victoria says:

    is there a dupe for this nail color???

  15. Rachell says:

    A dupe is China Glaze Let’s Groove.