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By on January 7, 2010
in News, Rescue Beauty Lounge

rescue-beauty-lounge-fall-2009-nail-polish-collection I’ve received some emails and comments regarding the disappearance of the Blogger collection on the Rescue Beauty Lounge site.

This collection was Limited Edition BUT a very limited inventory of Mismas, Orbis Non Sufficit and Scrangie will return tonight or tomorrow.  So if you don’t want to miss out on owning these shades, you better act fast.  Visit to purchase.

If you need convincing, let me twist your arm with some SWATCHES.

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There Are 24 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Banana says:

    Do you know anything about No MOre war, or any future collections

  2. Katy M says:

    Yikes! Thanks for the heads-up. By the way, are you planning on doing a Fanatics Favorites poll for 2009? We sure had some fun collections this year and I’d love to see what the consensus is. Just a thought.

  3. nathalie says:

    I wanted to buy “Mismas” and “Scrangie” but definitely don’t want to pay 40$ of shipment for 2 little bottles of polish. That’s ridiculous and shameful. I sadly skipped them.

  4. KittytoKaren says:

    I am not a green polish wearer typically but somehow Orbis Non Sufficit speaks to me….is it worth it??

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I think it is worth it. I would pay full price for a bottle. Steph did a great job on the color. It’s very unique and just stunning. I wore it on my tips with Mismas on my toes and I LOVE how they look together. Not that I’m trying to tempt you into spending a ton of $$$ on them

      • KittytoKaren says:

        I already have (and love) Mismas and Scrangie. (Mismas is my go-to purple!) And I dont need you to tempt me into spending $$$! I feel like to justify the shipping I should buy a couple…oh goodness thats evil! Haha!

    • Nisha says:

      It’s absolutely worth it. It’s amazing. Both Mismas and ONS are gorgeous colors with fantastic application, but ONS is my favorite polish EVER (which says boatloads).

  5. I noticed that they were gone – luckily I stocked up on all three at the sale! Loved yours btw. Best, Candy @artofthespa on twitter

  6. Sandy says:

    Oh no

  7. ReaderRita says:

    Why-oh-why do companies do the “limited” thing when the polish is SO BELOVED? It just means less money for them, and more money for evilBay scalpers. So sad. In this troubled economy, you’d think polish companies would elect to keep manufacturing something that is selling well. Why would you turn down business?
    I don’t get it.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I’m sure cost is a factor. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of how RBL runs their business but I doubt they have a TON of storage space for polish as it is an independent business and in NYC where space is a premium. I’d imagine that her polish manufacturer requires a certain minimum to produce a color and if you aren’t sure the colors will sell regularly, it doesn’t make sense to over order and waste the storage space. Maybe if there is overwhelming demand after the colors are gone, she’ll consider bringing them back.

      • ReaderRita says:

        Yes, I’ll bet you’re right. But I still wish she’d dump some of the more common/french mani colors and keep the unusual blogger colors instead. RBL really shines brightest in the ‘original color’ department. (although I’m sure that the common/french mani colors are her bread and butter in the salons…)
        Basically, I wish corporate employers would lighten up and let people be more creative with their nail color! Best of all worlds!

  8. Meika says:

    I noticed they were taken down a little after the sale. Well, I ordered mine then and love them.

  9. Chris says:

    From the swatches that Michelle has shown, it looks like China Glaze Grape Pop is very close to Mismas, if anyone missed out on Michelle’s creation. I know the purple fanatics will still want the real deal, though. I wish I could decant my bottle and share it with you all. :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Grape Pop is definitely close though not dead on. But it’s a great low cost alternative as it applies very well.

  10. Lauren says:

    Question about both mismas and dead calm… do you always apply two coats? Have you ever applied just one? My nail tech seems to think it will last longer with just one coat and it pretty much looks the same (especially dead calm). Thoughts?
    Thanks :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      The less coats you apply, the longer your polish will last. Same thing goes for thin coats of polish. With a lot of Ji’s polishes, including Dead Calm & Mismas, you can get away with just one coat but I think it’s habit for me to always apply two.

  11. Jen says:

    the polishes are up now!

  12. Jill says:

    Just picked up Mismas and Orbis Non Sufficit! I’m so excited I was able to get them, but jeez those are some expensive polishes! They are my first RBL’s, so I hope they are worth it!!

  13. Teresa says:

    I had to get Scrangie, and I caved and got Orbis Non Sufficit too. :) I missed the sale (damn work) so I too hope they are worth full price! Thanks for the heads up, I would have been quite sad to miss these limiteds.

  14. Katie says:

    I was just looking on ebay for these and now I don’t have to! Yea! I have Scrangie, which is amazing like purple shimmery marcasite, now I can have Mismas & ONS too!

  15. Yavanna says:

    Luckily I got told about the sale before Christmas, cause I am from Europe and Ji charges 40 dollars for shipping, no matter how many polishes you order.
    So I said to myself, I will for once in my life pay that amount of money for shipping and to make it worth it, get all the RBL polishes I ever wanted (some I wanted for years, literally) and so I got ten (mismas, scrangie and ONS were my first three *g*).

    Because of the sale, this was possible for me, but I also won’t buy any more polishes soon, apart from the China Glaze Spring Collection, they’re just too pretty and I’m a sucker for cremes.
    But OPI, orly, essie, nubar prisms – they all have to wait for several months now, but I look daily and lovingly upon my collection of RBL polishes on my bedroom shelf.
    I am wearing Scrangie as I write this :)

  16. DanaCerise says:

    Wow, Yavanna! Good for you! I am wearing Scrangie too. I actually bought a back up bottle of Scrangie during the sale.

  17. ReaderRita says:

    I bought a backup bottle of Scrangie during the sale, too! Plus, I got Mismas (beautiful!), and 3 more… But if anyone misses out on Scrangie- Sally Hansen’s current Insta Dri line has a purple/blue duochrome that I thought resembled Scrangie when I was standing in the grocery store. I didn’t get it then (dumb), and I’ll bet it’ll be sold out when I go back. But if you can find it, at $4.99, it’s certainly worth a try.