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Mannequin Hands with Mavala Liberty

By on January 13, 2010
in Mannequin Hands, Nude

Mannequin Hands is a new series featuring ALU Fanatics showing off their “mannequin hands” shade. The one polish that best gives that elongated, flesh-toned look to their hands.

Today Lipglossiping has shared her mannequin hands with us using a Swiss brand, Mavala.  I’m not overly familiar with Mavala’s colors though I’ve received some of their treatments in swap packages before.  Lipglossiping chose Liberty as her perfect flesh-toned shade. She describes her skin tone as MAC NW15 saying, it “is a bit orange on me, but pale enough.”


Where are Lipglossiping’s hand twins? Have you tried Mavala’s nail polish before? Since their US site only has product info about the treatments, do any of you have a good US based resource for their nail polish?

Don’t forget, you have until January 15th to share your Mannequin Hands with the group. CLICK HERE for more details.

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  1. SlightlyMissJu says:

    I am a NW15 and have been looking for my perfect Mannequin Hands shade for a long time. Thank you, Lipglossiping Hand-twin. :D I am in the UK, and I think my local Boots sells Mavala. I haven’t tried their polishes before, but I use their thinner to rescue gloopy polishes. It’s pretty good.
    Thanks again!

  2. Steffi says:

    do you have some swatches with Opi BARE IT IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE B13? I haven’t found many swatches of it but I think it would look awesome

  3. Camila says:

    I love mannequin hands and I’ve found the perfect tone for my skin:)it was very nice on you!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I use mavadry as my top coat (love it), and sent off for an order form from their website for their other products (as I got mavadry in France). They do 5ml mini colours which are

  5. Beth says:

    This is the only style of this I’ve seen that I thought, “cool I maybe I should try this out”

    Very nice nails there lady

  6. Sussi says:

    I have a few Mavala polishes. I live in denmark and get mine from kicks stores in sweden. I like the texture and the opacity og their polishes. They are nicely priced like 10 dollars each.

  7. Katy M says:

    That’s my hand twin!!! I’m going to have to go shopping/ swapping for this one! It’s perfect. I’ve tried three different polishes this week to submit for my mannequin hand and never came even close! This is it! Thanks! :)

  8. tigrazza says:

    I’m italian, and they sell Mavala here.
    Each bottle is under

  9. sarasofiahelena says:

    Mavala is most likely the most common nail polish in Sweden, it always comes in mini bottles for like USD 7-8 each (very cheap for Sweden). They are generally of good quality, even though the small bottles makes the polish thicken fairly quck. They have mostly “safe” colors, but some of them are very nice.

    It shouldn’t be difficult finding someone to CP these polishes, lots of friendly Swedes (like myself!) and other EU gals on MUA. :)

  10. Amanda says:

    I’m in the US, and love mavala’s base coat-it’s a treatment and base in one, and dries kinda tacky to help polish stay put. I’m not familar with any other mavala products though.

  11. Kat says:

    I’m a NW15 as well, and I’ve found that a couple of layers of Essie’s Fed Up works perfectly, too. Of course it’s a sheer, so if you have longer than v. v. short nails and visible moons (Or whatever they’re called?), it wont work. But on me its perfect, as (in theory at least) no coverage is needed if you’ve got nails as described. It just erases the red and blue in my nails and leaves them the same colour as my hands.

    (Eh – and Matas in DK sells Mavala as well. As does Magasin)

  12. Kat says:

    .. (more blabbering..) Does anyone else recognize the problem of an opaque nude nail being almost glow-in-the-dark/eraser pen-like on very pale skin? My skin is very translucent in winter, the colour of my blood kind of obvious (ew?), and opaque nudes highlight this more than anything… anyone got any camouflage tips?

    Apart from just adapting and start to wear gloves.