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Show Me Your Mannequin Hands!

By on December 15, 2009
in Mannequin Hands

mannequin-hand With a few notable exceptions, I spent a lot of my time backstage at Fashion Week saying, where’s the color?? It was my first time covering the Spring collections in person and while I expected a lot of neutral nails, it seemed to be a trend that carried over into the makeup and hair as well.

I can’t tell you how many times the words “pretty, clean, fresh, young” were bandied about by the hair and makeup teams. That’s not to say that the looks were simple but myself and a lot of other bloggers/editors were looking for the color.  So much so that we almost squealed with delight to see a vibrant blue shadow or bold pink lip.

In regards to nails, one of the terms that kept popping up was “Mannequin Hands.” The use of a flesh toned nail polish to elongate the hands and give that plastic-y, doll-like effect.

Deborah Lippmann chose her nude creme, Fashion, for the models at Lela Rose and Marc Jacobs requested multiple shades of OPI polish to match his models’ complexions.  CND’s Putty and Desert Suede popped up on more runways than I can count.  So what does that mean Fanatics?  That like it or not, the “mannequin hands” look is coming our way for Spring.

Though here’s the thing.  I’m only one person and what I may consider my Mannequin Hands shade certainly won’t work for everyone else.  And as much as I try to recommend polishes based on the descriptions you all give me, a photograph truly is worth a thousand words.  So here is what I’d like you to do. Show me your Mannequin Hands!

Actually, you’ll be showing all of us.  Submit swatch pictures to me, showing off the shade that gives you that Mannequin Hands look, and I’ll share them here on ALU. Tell me what shade you’re using and your foundation color.  If you know your MAC shade, that would be awesome.  It seems that a lot of us know if we’re an NC20 or an NW45.  Hopefully this will help all of you out there locate that perfect nude and, who knows, you just might find your hand twin.

Email your swatch submissions to editor[at]alllacqueredup[dot]com with the subject, Mannequin Hands.  Please include how I should credit you in the post (first name only, MUA username, etc), the polish name, your foundation color and anything else you’d like to say about the polish.  I would prefer that you submit polishes that are currently available in your country but if a discontinued shade is your best match, so be it.

I’ll be accepting submissions through January 15th but I’ll start posting them at the beginning of January so we’ll be all set for Spring.  I look forward to seeing your pics and your Mannequin Hands.

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There Are 47 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Not being “trendy” I’ll pass on this one. I’ll check out the nudie posts though. I’ll stick to color thank-you-very-much.
    And if Nude, Mannequin hands are the trend, what does that mean for Nubar and China Glaze new lines for spring???
    Mannequin hands can stay on the mannequins. :p

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I hear ya. I’m not sure it’s really my kind of look. This is just one trend, not the only one but I know a lot of people wear neutrals and nudes so hopefully this project will help them out.

  2. Bree says:

    I am trendy, and I want to always follow what’s “in” but my inner likes and dislikes are leaning toward dislike with this one…even though I am sure I will be caught with the look now and then, I really love dark colors, so it will be hard to make that kind of change.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I like reporting on trends and seeing what’s new but I only follow what works for me. Mannequin hands isn’t my bag but I’m willing to give it a try.

  3. SalvagedExpression says:

    I wouldn’t mind giving this trend a shot but I have a hard enough time finding a foundation that works!
    If I find the perfect (not quite vampire pale) shade I’ll definately send it in!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Yay, I hope you do. You know I struggled to find my perfect foundation. What worked for me was getting a custom blend from Prescriptives but OF COURSE, they’re going out of business. Though I heard that if you send in your formula, you can order your custom color until supplies run out.

  4. Anna says:

    I’m actually excited about this look, but that’s because I usually have to wear “work-appropriate” colors, and soft pinks and corals are very blah and boring on me. So I look forward to seeing mannequin hands!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Yay, I’m glad you’re excited. I receive a lot of requests from people who want to find that perfect flesh toned polish so I’m hoping this helps them out.

  5. Andrea says:

    Since I love both neutrals/soft shades, as well as darks, I’m very excited to submit my “mannequin hands”! I’m gonna have to wait until the holiday season is over, as I already have my polishes picked out to match my holiday wear, and I couldn’t possibly fit in another change of polish without losing my cool. I really dislike nail polish remover, obvi. So I’m happy that we have until Jan 15 to make a submission. Thanks for the fun idea! PS – I have a mannequin in my bedroom, perhaps I’ll pose with her?!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      OMG you HAVE to pose with your mannequin. That’s too cool. But send a close up shot of the polish on your hands as well. I love that you plan out your polish that far in advance. A true fanatic!

      • Grace says:

        haha, I feel so much better that I’m not the only one who does that! I’ve been buying so much nail polish that I have to keep a running list in my head of which ones I’ve got to try next. Plus, I’ll be traveling for the holidays so I need to pick out my outfits in advance and decide on a mani that won’t clash with any of them. I just bought my LAST VAMPIE of the season (really… I swear) and was like “okay, I think I have enough new winter-y colors to get me through to spring”.

    • Kelsey says:

      that’s so funny that you plan your polishes! i do too! i thought i was crazy for doing it and everyone makes fun of me! lol glad to know i’m not alone.

  6. ashley says:

    This look would be perfect for someone who is in a work environment that doesn’t allow for bright or dark colors. I know I’d much rather go for a clean nude polish look then no nail polish at all!

  7. Kristina says:

    I knew this would be the next look in nails/beauty. It doesn’t even take an expert anymore to predict trends, all one has to do is chose the polar opposite of the current trend to know the next. Colour has been in vogue for many seasons, “nude” had to be the next look.

    The eighties have reined for too many seasons….90′s minimalism had to next be revisited. I’ll put my fluoros aside next spring for another twenty years. LOL.

  8. DanaCerise says:

    Oh no! Mannequin hands! Ew. I’ll still check out the submissions!

  9. tonia says:

    any excuse to get the polish out and have a play…or go shopping for a new colour…I really like the darks too but will give this a shot…I have chunky short fingers so maybe this look will make them look longer and slimmer…

  10. linda says:

    OMG I am so excited to find other nail junkies!! Thank you

  11. Shatteredshards says:

    This came as a complete shock to me, and I thought to bright it up to you.

    I was in Ulta tonight and spotted a new version of OPI My Private Jet. It was NOTHING like the version I picked up so long ago – it was cool brown, and not even a holo! Yeah, it had holo glitter, but there’s a huge difference between holo glitter and being a holo polish.

    Anywho, I had picked it up thinking it was a new shade, flipped it over, and was floored. The thought that it’s a mislabeled batch even crossed my mind.

    Have you heard anything about this? Do I need to go back with a camera?

  12. Pam K says:

    Not really into trends – I just wear what I like (I’m too old to worry about being fashionable, LOL!). Think I’ll stick to colours.

    Also, as I make my own mineral make-up, I have no idea what shade I am in Mac or any other company’s colours. I decided it was easier to make my own make-up so I can get the shade just right (and I can have any colour lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow I want). I’ve now started to franken nail polishes as well, so it’s even more fun :-)

  13. Danica says:

    I don’t wear any nudes simply because I don’t think any will look good/not streaky, also I LOVE color. Although, it’s ironic that you posted this, because just Monday I saw a girl in my class who had a kind of nude on her nails. It looked nude from far away, and closer it was kind of this light caffe color. But she has darker skin and I so wanted to ask her about it, but it would not have looked nice on me. I don’t know my skin tone either, I don’t wear makeup. Despite the fact that people won’t like this spring trend I hope a lot of people enter pictures, I want to find my hand twin haha.
    Oh, just thought of something, does this include like pink sheers? I’m curious about those too, because there are a million of them out there, even just looking at one line like OPI or Essie, it’s like what’s the difference? I can finally relate to my boyfriend when he’s like “that’s the same color” haha. I’ve been looking for one of those, but there are too many to choose from.

  14. Laura says:

    I’m not sure that “mannequin hands” will be my thing, but I could see some potential if the neutral shade had a bit of shimmer or frost. If I’m wearing polish I like for it to be a little special.

  15. Grace says:

    Hm, I think OPI Dulce de Leche is as close as I have in my stash to mannequin hands (and maybe another Brucci polish, but I can’t think of the name), and it’s one of those colors I love in the bottle but every time I put in on, I wind up taking it off only a day or two later because I just can’t get into it.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hey, even if you don’t like, I’m sure we’d all love to see it. Send in your pics! :)

    • Kelsey says:

      yeah I’ve tried Dulce de Leche also. It sometimes looks okay on my toes, but never really loved it. My friend has much darker skin and used it as the base for her french manicure, and it looked fab on her! I guess it all comes down to skin tone…

  16. Kelsey says:

    just sent in my submission! :) can’t wait to see the others!

  17. ChynnaBlue says:

    Nude polishes aren’t my favorites, but one thing I really love about the pale polishes is that if I get a chip, you can barely tell. Colors are fun, but higher maintenance. When I know I’ve got a busy schedule ahead, nude/barely there polishes give me a neat look and one less thing to worry about during the week. :)

  18. maryann says:

    It’s weird — I had no idea of this trend but have been obsessing about nudes for the past few weeks, after seeing the manicure of someone who works at a hair salon. I’m looking forward to seeing favorites/recommendations, as I’m having a hard time finding the perfect shade.

  19. Arrianne says:

    Eek, I can’t follow this trend. Never been a fan of nail polish matching your skin. I don’t know, it just looks wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions though.

  20. Andrea says:

    I don’t own a single nude polish! I almost feel left out now!

  21. Jackie S. says:

    This trend will not go well for me, as an African American, it is very hard to find “nude” colors…UUGGGH!

    • Shaun says:

      I know the feeling I’m also African American, n its super hard to find “nude” for my skin tone. I have been hunting one down for the longest (even before the news of the new trend) But I actually think the other “nudes” can look pretty okay on brown skin. Also OPI Dulce De Leche is the closest I’ve found, but not quite so I’m still looking. Don’t give up!

      • All Lacquered Up says:

        Well said. That’s exactly why I’m doing this. There has to be a great flesh toned polish out there for every skin tone. At least that’s my hope

  22. Luciana says:

    I am probably one of the few that is totally excited about this…I usually wear dark colours but have been searching for the perfect opaque nude for literally *forever*….I have given away a ton of imperfect/horrible ones….so this won’t be an easy trend to follow. I can’t wait!!! I feel so alone!! Hahaha!!
    PS Where are my RBL polishes!?! I know I only ordered them 2 days ago but I am so antsy..

  23. Nora says:

    I am dying to see how these turn out. I love color and *LOVE* vamps, but I long for the perfect polished nude.
    Alas, I don’t have the right coloring for “nude” polishes (I’m too pale), so they end up looking lavender, coffee, pink or peach (Barefoot in Barcelona, Rose Jade, Dulce de Leche, Nonfat Soy Half Calf and Samoan Sand I’m looking at you).
    I can’t wait for the pics of these for some more ideas. :)

  24. christine. says:

    weird. I’ve been wearing color club love ‘em and leave ‘em a lot lately. It’s a nude holo if that counts. other than that ihave one nude polish i bought from rimmel because it was .20 at big lots, cafe au lait, I believe? A little darker than me and I’m NC 30, I think, been wear stila TM.

  25. vendeuse says:

    I can’t believe this is a trend, this is what I’m known for among my friends/clients. I have longer than most nails and always wear a nude color. Not white, not pink, NUDE!

  26. Revampy says:

    Sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see pictures. I think I might send one in.

  27. Pia says:

    Nude nails? I don’t know…not really my cup of tea. Color is so much more fun! Also, my skin tone is weird, quite pale, but with a kind of olive-ish tint to it. I don’t have any MAC products, but mixing a foundation for European and pinkish one for Asian skin quite well for me. I only have one nude polish, it’s by Alessandro and quite old, so the label got lost, but I’ll send in a photo!

    Speaking of skin colors, can you recommend any polishes – not only nudes – that can make sore, damaged cuticles less red?

  28. Karina says:

    Ha! I’ve been doing “mannequin hands” for years now. So easy to wear when going o na trip, especially – for any length of time or to the outdoors.

  29. crysje says:

    Great swatches everyone!
    i only missed 2 colors, jessica’s creamy caramel (winter)and sweet tooth (summer, slightly darker)
    especially creamy caramel gives such a sophisticated look, i always call it prada chic nails :)

    unfortunately i was too late with submitting pics and i have tried making pics of my nails, but it never turns out quite as good as the ones on this blog :(

  30. Jen says:

    A friend of mine showed me this entry so I had a go at it too.
    I’ve got two versions photographed:
    Matte –

    Gloss –

    Polish is A Perfect 10 in Missy (cream) and Not So Innocent (glittery nude sheer)

    Even though it seems the deadline is over, I still wanted to share. :)
    Sorry I don’t know my foundation color, I don’t wear make up but my skin is very light ivory color with hints of rose.

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