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Misa Living On The Fast Lane

By on April 27, 2009
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I’m falling in love again
Aint nothing I can do
Falling in love again
Girl this time its with you
- Eagle Eye Cherry

Dear Misa, I’ve officially fallen head over heels back in love with you! I was all “in like” after the Poisoned Passion collection but now we’re talking full on love.

You see, when Misa intro’d their new formula with the Love Connections collection back in Spring ’07, I was less than thrilled. A brand that I was such a fan of, broke my heart with thick, hard to apply polish. Gone were the amazing colors and lovely chemical filled formula. Seriously, the formula was such a PITA it hurt my feelings!

But now it’s all changed for the better. The Living On The Fast Lane collection has gone and flipped the script on me. Misa has given me (yes, I’m pretending that they made it just for me even though I know that’s not true) two fabulous blues, an on-trend muted blue-green and one sassy orange. Oh and there’s a berry and red to boot. Check out the loveliness after the jump!

At some point in the past year, Misa has changed their formula yet again. It’s still massively pigmented but the toluene has been removed. And even though the polish is still thick I’ve found a way to work with it and make each shade look perfect.

Application tip: To avoid a lumpy, bumpy surface I’ve found it’s best to apply the 2nd coat right on top of the first, before it has a chance to dry. I’m telling you, it’s genius. There’s no evening out issues, no pulling at the cuticles and the color is completely opaque. Works like a charm, every time.

Dirty Sexy Money is a stunning dusty blue-green. The name really couldn’t be any more fitting. It’s a gorg, gritty, grayed out green. Though the name makes me a wee bit sad as I’m reminded of the frothy ABC series by the same name that was canceled this year. I love me some Peter Krause and I was beyond PO’d when ABC brought down the axe.

On The Edge oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways… 1. you’re blue (already makes it a winner in my book). 2. you look blue in sunlight, shade, natural light (you get the picture). 3. your application is flawless (trick or no trick). 4. you’re glossy and creamy and PERFECT. I could go on and on. Seriously, will I ever get sick of blues? I hope not.

Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward
is a slightly muted cherry red. Like a car that’s been sitting in the sun too long, in need of a good wash and wax.

Push Upon It joins the other berry lacquers that are hitting the scene this season. Much like its long lost twin, OPI Miami Beet, Push Upon It is a deep, rich creme.

If it were up to me, Speed of Life would be renamed “Speed of ALU” because this is SO the type of orange I’m feeling for this summer. In contrast to last year’s more popular neon look, this version has a creamsicle softness with a hint of melon peachiness. Such a wearable hue.

Right Here Now, No More Later is like sky blue on crack. It’s so so vivid. If I could look up and see this shade every day, I’d cut a skylight in my office. This one’s definitely a keeper.
The Misa Living In The Fast Lane collection is avaialable NOW online at, and

What do we think kids? How do you feel about Misa’s formula? Share with the group!

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. enamelcoated says:

    I love DSM in pictures, but I don’t think I’d be able to pull it off. I should probably just bite the bullet and go for it hey…

  2. The Glitterati says:

    The instant I saw swatches, I had to get Dirty Sexy Money. There was no humming or hawing or thinking about whether I had something similar or any of that. I just Had. To. Have. It.

    I kind of love this formula! If I am careful and patient with it, it really applies very well. Because it's on the thick side, you can almost get away with 1 coat. Plus lovely shine and longevity… I had it on for 5 days and only had the most minor tip wear. Must try your trick next time!

    But oh that colour! I had friends who normally don't give 2 fiddlesticks about nails & makeup stop dead and grab my hand, saying what a cool shade they thought it was. Can't get a higher compliment than that in my books!

    I think I might need Stop Rewinding too, for a vintage pedi. "Like a car that's been sitting in the sun too long"… you have such a way with descriptions. If the polish companies ever hire you to copywrite, I'm totally screwed. :)

  3. Olivia says:

    Ah, I need Dirty Sexy Money! So gorgeous.

  4. MrsKiwiYeti says:

    Thank you so much for the application tip :} Those are gorgeous!

  5. dicey1 says:

    Seriously, these are the best swatches I’ve seen of this collection. BEST pics I’ve seen of DSM and On The Edge. YUM!

  6. Michelle says:

    I have DSM, PUI and OTE. On the Edge is now my absolute FAVORITE blue. It makes me incredibly happy whenever I have it on, it’s GORGEOUS!

  7. Shojo Flash says:

    I’m adding to my comment on your dupes post about opi’s No Time for the Blues and Just Groovy. The Right Here Now, No More Later needs to be swatched with them as well! Looks like a bang on dupe for both.

  8. Teresa says:

    I haven’t used Misa since the change of formula. I might have to try At the Speed of Life, following your application tip. I’m on an orange kick, and this looks right up my alley!

  9. BeautyChick101 says:

    I seriously need to own Dirty Sexy Money. That color is perfect for summer!

  10. tarotbydiana says:

    I went crazy with Misa polishes back in January. It’s now one of my favorite all around brands. I feel a special pride they’re located in my hometown too. :)

    Now that the weather is warming, I think I am going to
    rescue the Living on the Fast Lane collection from my untrieds.

  11. Kasey says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I bought this whole collection a while ago and I cannot wait to use them! I’ve been very impressed with the Misa polishes I’ve tried so far