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NOTD – Milani Totally Cool

By on April 28, 2009
in Milani, Purple
Purple lovers, you better strap yourself down for this one because it’s a BEAUT! Drugstore gem Milani released a new perm shade that the lovely Steph from Steph’s Closet sent my way and it’s beyond. Beyond gorgeous, beyond stunning, beyond beyond. I say “beyond” too much, don’t I?

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up any new Milani polishes. Not because I don’t like the brand but because I rarely run across their seasonal displays. I had all their “me” perm shades before I started ALU so they haven’t gotten much blog love but Totally Cool is changing that. Check it out after the jump!

I don’t blame you if you completely miss my review and just drool over the pictures. I’ll let it slide this time. The color is insane, no? It’s this burpley jelly-like confection with duo-chrome shimmer floating throughout. When I say duo-chrome shimmer, I mean that it looks bronze or magenta depending on the angles. And it dries totally flat, glossy and smooth. I seriously can’t stop staring at my nails. Now it did apply semi-sheer so I needed three coats but I don’t give a hoot. Do you?

Milani Nail Lacquer can be found at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Winn Dixie and I have the best luck at CVS because they usually have larger displays than my Walgreens. And be sure to check your Sunday sale ads because Milani tends to go on sale every other week or so. Usually BOGO 1/2 Off.

Thanks again Steph! I LURVE it!

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There Are 18 Brilliant Comments

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  1. melsh says:

    love the color & love the sale price!

  2. itsV-MONEY! says:

    I’ve been looking for an affordable true purple FOREVER, and I’m so excited to hunt this color down!

  3. Alicia says:

    I couldn’t decide on this or Claire’s Magic for today. I went with Magic, but I think I might like the Milani better. I haven’t warn it yet, though, to know.

  4. Jessica says:

    I got this last month and I LOVE it. Absolutely fantastic color.

  5. Rachel says:

    This looks alot like Claire’s Magic (Which I’m wearing right now too!) but this one has more sparkle.

  6. Steph says:

    This looks fab on your girl! :)

  7. GS says:

    Beyond indeed!! it´s very pretty

  8. Charlene says:

    i love this! I must say your pic of it is the most true to life pic i’ve seen of it to date since seeing the real thing! It actually looks like (in the bottle) a nail combo i have right now…with a coat of Brucci-grape galaxy and milani-raspberry fusion on top. When i saw this nailpolish for the first time,i was like wow, i made this from my combo…my nails look more like that wineish purplish color in the bottle..whereas on ur nails it looks a littler bluer? anyway LOOVVEEE! BUT I SOOOO WANT IT hopefully it will be there when i go back to the store :)

  9. The Asian Girl says:

    I LOVE this purple…I think this is the best drugstore find I’ve had all year. Another amazing purple is Hot Topic Iridescent Purple…freakin’ amazing!

  10. CincyFan says:

    Melsh – I’m with you. It’s a great inexpensive brand. A few years back Milani was pretty hard to find but now more and more CVSs around me are carrying it or expanding their displays.

    itsV-Money – I’m so glad you like it. Good luck with the hunt. I hope it won’t be too hard.

    Alicia – I haven’t been to Claire’s in a while. I really miss living near an Icing. Their polishes are great. I know they’re owned by the same company but are the polishes the same?

    Jessica – Good deal! I’m glad they’re expanding the perm range

    Rachel – This Magic sounds like it’s worth hunting down.

    Steph – Thanks lady! I just LOVE it. The boyfriend even noticed it.

    GS – Agreed!

    Charlene – Wow, that’s quite a compliment. Thank you. I try hard to get my pics accurate but it’s a chore. Between monitor differences, lighting changes and the limitations of a point-and-shoot camera, it’s not easy.

    The Asian Girl – I have some Hot Topic polishes around here somewhere. I can’t remember if I have that purple. If not, I’ll have to track it down.

  11. Julie says:

    Have the color and LOVE IT!!! Given as a gift to lots of friends!!

  12. lena says:

    i love it. my kind of color!
    it kinda reminds of me Yasmeen. how do you compare these two? Yasmeen is warmer color? (thanks!)

  13. George says:

    Hi Michelle:

    Amazing purple and drooling like sparkly shade, I love it. Your nails are dazzling and I can understand why you can’t stop looking at them, LOL. It’s sold at CVS and Target? Amazing color. Thanks for the tip and the color swatches.
    Geo :)

  14. Alicia says:

    CF – I don’t know if the polishes are the same formula from Claire’s and Icing. I know the bottles are different and the polishes themselves (names and colors) are different, but I don’t own any Icing polishes. Magic isn’t identical to the Milani but they are really close, as far as I can tell. I really should swatch them next to each other.

  15. George says:

    Hi Michelle:

    You did it to me again. I went to an event I was volunteering in Boston for NARAL’s Pro-Choice “Chocolate Madness” and on the way home I went into Walgreen’s Drug store. Remembering what yiou said about Milina’s nail lacquer I picked up a bottle of “Totally Cool, and another one “Breezy.” I just has to see what you were excited about and tried the polishes on my thumb nail and you were right, “totally cool” is an awesome purple and the blue is amazing as well.

    It’s getting to be a habit with all these nail polish bottles I keep buying because the other day I picked up Essie’s “Mesmorize” at Trade Secret at the Mall, it was the last botle they had, LOL!

    Your nails are always so beautiful and yes, I can finally admit it to myself, I am a male nail polish fanatic!

  16. Rebekka says:

    I just bought a Milani polish called Dot Com that looks EXACTLY like Totally Cool. Did they change the name recently or is there a small difference I’m missing?

  17. Kate says:

    Rebekka – I saw Dot Com in a store too, and I think it does look a little different. Begin curious, I looked online and Milani isn’t listing it as a color. Maybe they pulled it?

  18. Paige says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS! I’ve been looking for a polish that was about the same as one I picked up at Claire’s (got it because of the color, It’s not very good quality)except that it’s more glittery, and I LOVE Milani polishes. THANK YOU.