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NYC Beauty Tour – MAC AIDS Fund Celebration

By on December 11, 2007
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A major highlight of my trip to New York was getting the opportunity to attend the celebration for the MAC AIDS Fund reaching the $100,000 mark. Annie, Erika and I got insider access to the event thanks to the amazing Heather from MAC, .

Appearing at the event were MAC AIDS Fund Chairman John Demsey, MAC AIDS Fund Executive Director Nancy Mahon and the uber fabulous Viva Glam VI Spokespeople Eve and Dita Von Teese.

“Our $100 million landmark has been reached with enormous commitment from our VIVA GLAM spokespeople, M·A·C makeup artists and dedicated customers,” said M·A·C AIDS Fund Executive Director, Nancy Mahon. “The only thing more exciting about reaching this milestone is the prospect of setting and reaching our next fundraising goal and continuing our grant-making and partnerships around the world.”

The event was held at the MAC store on Columbus Ave and when we arrived the paparazzi were waiting in the pouring rain but we were able to walk right in and stake our claim to some prime viewing spots. A bunch of MAC artists were in attendance and they were rocking some incredible makeup. Color me jealous of their skills.

Just before Eve and Dita arrived, the paparazzi swarmed in like vultures to set up their gear and snag a prime spot. We were positioned right behind the wall they created. I wonder what the pap thought of being on the other side of the lens. Was he laughing at my big bad point n’ shoot or just cheesing for the camera?Eve and Dita arrived separately, a few minutes apart. Eve entered first on the opposite side of the store from where we were standing. All I could see was a mass of flashing as she was ushered to the back of the store. My heart skipped a beat as Dita emerged and breezed right past me. I tried to get a good shot of her but I was flustered by how incredibly stunning and tiny she is in person. Like seriously, she is OMG flawless. No airbrushing needed.Of course both ladies looked impeccable from their makeup to their manicures. I had to check out their manicures. Being the rock star that she is Eve wore a gunmetal gray while Dita worked a deep burgundy moon manicure that compliments her classic pinup style.
We were fortunate to get some face time with J.J., Eve’s makeup artist, to pick her brain about Eve’s look. JJ used MAC 3-D lipglass in Wondershine to create that gorgeous coral lip and melon pigment as a blush on Eve’s cheeks. That prompted me to share my favorite use of pigment, making nail polish, something J.J. hadn’t heard of before. Go me, dispensing the knowledge!

Erika and Heather

The MAC AIDS Fund is supported by the sale of more than 7.1 million VIVA GLAM lip products. Remember, 100% of the retail price of every Viva Glam product is contributed to the fund. That’s a heck of a lot of lippies. My personal favs, Viva Glam V & VI and their matching glosses. I never leave home without them in my purse.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dita is so breathtakingly beautiful.

    What an amazing event to attend!!!!

    YAY for MAC. What an incredible use of talent and resources to raise money for an extremely worthy cause. This is the ultimate example of corporate social responsibility. My glass is raised to them!

  2. HotPinkHeels says:

    Dita is amazing-she always looks so glamorous, and her Mani is stunning! Cheers to MAC, i always support the Viva Glam campaign.