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Favorite Things 2007

By on December 30, 2007
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2007 has been amazing year for myself and All Lacquered Up. It’s still hard to believe what this little blog that I started on a whim has become. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read it, let alone come back for more.

Personally, my significant other and I took a huge step and purchased our first home. The whole process has given me more joy and frustration than one person can handle but all the struggles were totally worth it.

In nail world, I’ve been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to discover new brands, products and collections, to meet some of my favorite nail board and blogger pals and to have the ability to share my experiences with all of you.

I was thrilled when the lovely Annie from Blogdorf Goodman invited me to participate in her Favorite Things 2007. Being the product junkie that I am, there are so many wonderful things that I’ve discovered this year. I’ll be sharing my polish picks for the Fanatics Favorites Survey in a couple days but today I’ll be swooning over all things beauty.

1. Green Goes Mainstream
Thanks to Zoya, Rimmel Underground, China Glaze, Sinful, and NYX no year has ever seen so many green polishes. The day I started this site I made a wish list for the upcoming year. Number One on that list was, “That at least one major salon brand recognizes the need for an emerald green sparkly/shimmery polish.” Either I can read the future or someone at one of these brands listened because my wish came true. The green box in my polish cabinet is now overflowing.

2. MAC Slimshine Lipstick
I am a lip product junkie. Gloss, balm, stick, I love them all. I carry at least 10 different lip products in my purse at any given moment. And the one I have reached for the most this year is my MAC Slimshine in Lovey Dove. Gloss it great but it’s sticky and my hair is always getting caught in it. Traditional lipsticks last and aren’t sticky but they’re dry. Slimshine is the ultimate for me. Semi-sheer, moisturizing and super smooth. I really hope MAC brings them back permanently.

3. nubar Foundation Base Coat
When I sent a bottle of this base coat off to Cavewoman as an extra with some polishes I CP’d for her, I hadn’t yet tried it myself. But after hearing her praises about how much longer it made her polish last, I had to set my beloved CND Stickey aside. Wow, what an amazing base coat. It doesn’t dry tacky but it still grips polish like there’s no tomorrow. Definitely worth checking out.

4. Prescriptives Custom Blend Tinted Moisturizer
I’ve been a mineral makeup wearer for almost 5 years now. I had given up on liquid foundations because they never seemed to match, I could always see them sitting on my skin and they always felt heavy. In spite of my skin allergies I’ve tested the majority of the department store brands and never found the right fit. Then Erika from Makeup Bag let me tag along on her visit to the Bergdorf Goodman Prescriptives counter to test out their soon to be released Tinted Moisturizer. When the uber-talented Asif offered to Custom Blend a sample for me I was skeptical but willing to play along. All I can say is “OH MY GOD!!” I’m telling you this stuff is amazing. Light, moisturizing, a perfect match for my skin. And the best part… COVERAGE. That’s right, a tinted moisturizer that gives coverage. I’m telling you, when this product comes out, run to your nearest Custom Blend counter. Don’t believe me, check out the pics Erika took over on Makeup Bag.

5. Earth Therapeutics Cuti Caps
I raved about these little gems back in June and they’re still a staple in my nail treatment kit. I know some of you have asked about my cuticles and how I keep them so healthy, well here’s your answer. Between these and item #6, they’re all I need.

6. Lush Lemony Flutter
I’ve read raves about Lemony Flutter for some time now but without a local Lush I never had the chance to test it out. So when Cleveland finally got a store last summer, I was there on opening day to snag myself a tub. I was a loyal Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter user for many years but it’s hard balm base doesn’t compare. Lemony Flutter deserves the raves. I love the thick creamy texture that melts into my skin. With it’s soft lemon scent and super rich combo of butters and oils, this is one cuticle treatment I can’t live without. At $12.50 it’s not cheap but it really lasts. My tub isn’t even half empty.

7. Bond no. 9 Westside
I blame Annie for new found love of Bond no. 9. Between her post about the friends and family sale at our local Saks Fifth Avenue and her gushing over the Bond no. 9 fragrances I am now a fan. I made a beeline to Barb at the Bond counter and straight home with bottles of Bryant Park and Chinatown. But what really surprised me was the sample of Westside Barb sent me home with. Intended to be tested in combination with Chinatown, Westside ended up winning me over all on it’s own. With notes of rose, ylang ylang, peony, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk, four of them being my all time favorites, I don’t know how I skipped by it on my first trip to the counter. It will certainly be my next Bond purchase.

8. Takashimaya “T”
One of the stops on the NYC Beauty Tour was a tour of the Takashimaya beauty floor. A unique mix of the best the Eastern and Western worlds have to offer, I was taken aback by the scent of their signature fragrance, “T.” A smoky, earthy scent with notes of jasmine, muguet, orange flowers, tea, and cedarwood it’s not a scent for everyone but it’s definitely for me.

9. Lippmann Nail Polish
This was the year I first tried Deborah Lippmann’s creations and I’ve been a smitten fan ever since. Inspired by her love of music, it’s hard not to covet some of her lacquers simply for the names. From cult favorite Hit Me With Your Best Shot to this fall’s Rehab, she continues to put out colors that pack a punch and make me sing for more.

10. CND Hyde In The Dark
Even though navy was the color story for fall, I fell hard for Hyde In The Dark. Owning as many polishes as I do and having a constant stream of new shades to test, it’s the very rare lacquer that makes a second appearance on my nails. In that respect Hyde In The Dark makes the cut. I’ve worn it a record five times this fall, a major feat for me. It’s the perfect mix edginess and glitz. It’s light enough to distinguish itself from all the black or almost black polishes yet dark enough to have that great fall feel.

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  • What were some of your favorite beauty discoveries of 2007?

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    1. Grayburn says:

      Oooh..those cuticle wraps look interesting! They are going on my list of buys 2008. Thanks for such a great list and happy new year wishes to you!

    2. Carla says:

      I have to try to caps, my nails could really use some improvement. I love your list though, you’re inspiring me to fork over the money for the Prescriptives Custom blended products. I’ve been hesitant until now. Congratulations on your new home this year and have a happy new year!

    3. Gaia, the non-blonde says:

      I was pretty devoted to Lippman until Zoya came along. Both are fabulous, for sure.

      I’m wearing a green polish tonight :)

      Happy New Year!

    4. Henna says:

      You are so right about the MAC slimshines – MAC needs to bring them back for good!

    5. Plastic Cup of Stars says:

      I’m in love with sporting that year ’round sun-kissed glow. I make it happen with these four things:

      1. Clinique Self-Sun for Face
      2. Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Sheer Tint Release Formula (I use this in lieu of daily foundation! Irreplaceable!)
      3. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
      4. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer.

      For nails this year, I fell in love with black nail polish, gunmetal grey, the vampy shades from OPI’s Russian collection, and you’ve got me trying every blue under the sun until I find one that looks good on me!

      Love your blog–it’s my “homepage”, and I check it every day.

    6. Trina says:

      Those cuti-caps are so darn cute! My cuticles are ok, but I may have to get some just so eack of my fingers can wear a miniskirt :~D

      ITA about those slimshines. I’m getting heartily sick of all the LE items every company is pumping out these days. I don’t want to fall in love with something I *know* will be gone quickly! It’s just cruel.

    7. Beauty411 says:

      I am so getting some of the Cuti-Caps, as well as that Lush Lemony Flutter. Happy New Year!

    8. Roxy says:

      Wow!! Great list of goodies … will certainly be giving those green polishes a look see – been wanting to try that look for months! Happy New Year!! xo

    9. Victoria says:

      ohhh that Mac lipstick sounds perfect for me! I’ll be checking out that nail base coat too! Thanks!
      Happy New Year,

    10. Sara says:

      Thank you for your wonderful blog and keep up the good work in 2008! You were the one who inspired me to start my own nail polish blog. :)

    11. Annieytown says:

      I need to get some of those caps. My cuticles are taking a beating lately.

      I am so excited that you love TAK T and Westside. Hopefully the next time we are in NYC we will have time to visit the Bond boutique and see Shawn.

      I hope you had an amazing New Year Eve. 2008 is going to be fabulous for you! The best yet!!!

    12. Brittney-Lynn says:

      I was in CVS today and saw a brand new display being put up, and it was quite unexpected! Borghese nail polish line… in CVS?! I bought a bottle and have yet to try it, but it looks pretty cool – the brush is double-brushed for “precision application”. The bottles are pretty large, I think it was around $5 and there is a range of reds to pinks, most of the shades are pretty dark and there is even a black.

    13. risa says:

      this is a fantastic list. like the rest of everyone, i’m totally enamored of those Cuti-caps! i must try them, and soon. i am also a big LUSH fan, and Lemony Flutter is not only a great nail treatment but the fragrance is divine! yum!

    14. AZUCAR says:

      I love the Slimshines, too. I really hope MAC brings them back for spring or even summer!

    15. Katinka says:

      Lemony Flutter: this stuff is absolutely fabulous! My hands, feet and dry leggs have never looked, felt and smelled that good before! A little goes a long way, which makes the price really good. Love, love, love this product, and keep tubs everywhere (at work, on my nightstand, in my handbag etc.) because I never want to be without this ever again!