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Fun Product Alert: Cuti-Caps

Thanks to a great MUA nail board friend I discovered this way cool cuticle care product called Cuti-Cap Gel Sleeves from Earth Therapeutics. They’re like little pink leg warmers for your tips. So fun!

Similar to gel booties or gloves, these little pink wonders consist of a thick piece of gel filled with moisturizing jojoba oil, vitamin E and olive oil surrounded by pink cotton/spandex fabric. It is recommended on the package that you use Cuti-Caps with a cuticle oil for maximum moisturizing.

I’ve been wearing these little beauties for over a month now. I slip them on after applying some cuticle oil and watch TV or play online for a half hour while they work their magic. That’s the beauty of Cuti-Caps. Your hands are still functional while you wear them. And I really have noticed an improvement in the condition of my cuticles since I started wearing them. I’ve always been relatively diligent about cuticle oil/balm usage but I truly feel that this product raises the game. With a suggested retail price of $7.99, I’d say it’s worth it to find out for yourself.

Cuti-Caps are reusable and can be hand washed in water then left to air dry. One suggestion I’d make is to mark each one the first time you use it with a number/letter for each finger. The fabric stretches out on larger digits, like thumbs, which allows them to easily slip off pinkies the next time you use them.
You can order Earth Therapeutics products directly from their website but I’ve also seen them carried at Linens-N-Things, Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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  1. aiDoll says:

    i’m a student with a fear of credit cards and this is one instance it gets me annoyed that i can’t online shop. god knows i need it in this dry winter. i’m going to hunt priceline and see if they have anything similar T^T but if they do i’ll definitely write about it! XD

    ♥ +x&o’s!

  2. Anonymous says:

    C-are you still using these? Do you still like them? Still recommend them?

    -Meg from Mua NB and Iamtan :)