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Makeup Wars – The 5 Minute Face Challenge

By on November 11, 2013
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My first year in college, I joined a sorority (Alpha Delta Pi). Living on an engineering floor comprised of 44 guys and 5 girls didn’t offer much in terms of socializing so going Greek made sense for me. One of the rules my sisters imparted on me upon receiving my first “letters” to wear… don’t wear them in public without AT LEAST mascara and lip gloss on your face.

Makeup Wars - 5 Minute Face

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It sounds silly but it’s something that has stuck with me throughout the years. Like the the mnemonic device, “Don’t leave home without your M.I.L.K. (money, ID, lipstick and keys),” it’s just good sense!

So when it comes to my 5 Minute Face, the focus is always lips and eyes. And considering that I’m usually running late and don’t have time for a full face of makeup, this is pretty much my everyday look.
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Have You Been To A Bed, Bath & Beyond with a HBC? They’re Worth Seeking Out

A few weeks ago, G. from Nouveau Cheap posted that the Revlon Perfumerie nail polishes, which weren’t supposed to launch until November, were spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond. Now, you might not think of BB&B when it comes to nail polish shopping but if you have one nearby with a Health & Beauty Care (or HBC) department, it’s worth checking out.

L'oreal Gold Dust Revlon Nail Art Matte Shiny and Revlon Perfumerie

L'oreal Gold Dust, Revlon Nail Art Matte & Shiny and Sun Candy, Revlon Perfumerie

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I finally made it to my BB&B with a HBC yesterday and discovered some new-to-me collections on display.

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Maybelline Color Show “Polka Dots” Glitter Nail Polish Swatches & Review

After drooling over pics of the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots shades on the nails of some of my fave UK bloggers, the collection is finally coming to the US. Only with different names and a couple different shades.

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

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Launching in July 2013, the Polka Dots glitters are filled with black & white multi-sized hexagonal sequins that make your nails look like they’re sprinkled with dots. Maybelline’s take on a look popularized by the indie nail polish community can be worn on their own or layered.
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Nail Tip – The Glitter Polish “Dab, Dip & Glide” Tutorial

Chunky glitter nail polish is both a pleasure and a pain. What looks like a party in a bottle can be a total bummer to work with if you approach it like a traditional lacquer. Recently, I’ve had a few friends and readers ask me about the best way to apply glitters, complaining of lumpy, bumpy results.

What better way to explain my “dab, dip & glide” technique than to show you. Check out my quick & dirty nail tutorial with the new Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots color, Blue Marks The Spot.

The Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots limited edition colors officially launch in July 2013 but are already popping up on store shelves. Maybelline nail polish retails for $3.99/ea and a full review is in the works.

Share your favorite glitter nail polish application tricks in the comments!

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Maybelline. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

Getting Nauti with Maybelline Color Show Summer 2013 Nail Polish

This weekend I’m celebrating my birthday in usual fashion, with my family, on their sailboat at my favorite place in Ohio, Put-In-Bay. It’s a tradition that started in my early 20s and, weather be damned, we have gone every year since. Yes, I realize it’s kind of juvenile to make such a big deal about my birthday in my mid (late) 30s but, being an only child, my parents make a big deal of it so, who am I to say no?


Maybelline Color Show Summer 2013

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In keeping with the nautical theme of the weekend, I created a nauti nail art manicure using the appropriately water-themed summer nail polish collection from Maybelline Color Show with a punch of red from Essie.
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