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Have You Been To A Bed, Bath & Beyond with a HBC? They’re Worth Seeking Out

A few weeks ago, G. from Nouveau Cheap posted that the Revlon Perfumerie nail polishes, which weren’t supposed to launch until November, were spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond. Now, you might not think of BB&B when it comes to nail polish shopping but if you have one nearby with a Health & Beauty Care (or HBC) department, it’s worth checking out.

L'oreal Gold Dust Revlon Nail Art Matte Shiny and Revlon Perfumerie

L'oreal Gold Dust, Revlon Nail Art Matte & Shiny and Sun Candy, Revlon Perfumerie

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I finally made it to my BB&B with a HBC yesterday and discovered some new-to-me collections on display.

I saw L’Oreal’s version of textured nail polish, Gold Dust, Revlon’s new Nail Art Sun Candy and Nail Art Matte & Shiny and the Maybelline Brocades. They also had TWO different COVERGIRL Capitol Collection displays in addition to fall/holiday LE collections from Sally Hansen, Essie and more.

L'Oreal Paris Gold Dust textured nail polish

L'Oreal Paris Gold Dust

Revlon Nail Art Matte & Shiny and Sun Candy

Revlon Nail Art Matte & Shiny and Sun Candy

I picked up a Revlon Perfumerie shade because it reminded me of the Deborah Lippmann Mermaids, one of the Maybelline Brocades and few of the L’Oreal Gold Dust shades (review to come). If you love sparkly texture, they are very cool. A couple even have a duo-chrome quality in the bottle.

Nail polish haul from Bed Bath & Beyond - L'Oreal, Maybelline Revlon

Nail polish haul from Bed Bath & Beyond

A few years ago, I found a Sally Hansen Tracy Reese collection, about six months after release, in all its splendor. They also carry plenty of treatments and tools, like Seche, NailTek, etc.

To find a Bed Bath & Beyond with a HBC near you, visit and look for the HBC symbol next to the store listing for your area. In Cleveland, there is one HBC at the store on Harvard. And there is one in North Canton for the Akron-Canton folk.

Have you shopped BB&B for polish? Do you have one with a HBC nearby?

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lily S. says:

    Since you asked… I visited my sister in Memphis and we went to the BBB store in her area, I couldn’t wait to check out the HB section but to my surprise there wasn’t any…. I live in LA and we have them in every store.

  2. nailpolishcolor says:

    I have never found a BB&B with makeup, but I’ll definitely try hunting one down!
    The Revlon Parfumerie collection is amazing…I bought Wild Violets and the scent is fantastic. Almost bought the one you did, but didn’t want minty nails. The scents make it so hard — buy for color, or smell? #struggle

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      Yes, that is a struggle. I didn’t want minty smelling nails but I couldn’t resist the color. And I love the look of the bottles!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Nice haul! I wish my BB&B had a hbc section. I would be all over it.

  4. Oh I Love everything you purchased. And those polishes look amazing by Loreal. I would run to BBB if not for my No-buy. :-(

  5. Nikki M. says:

    Love your site! L’oreal Sexy In Sequins is purpler? Opi Alcatraz Rocks. They are almost dupes with Opi Alcatraz Rocks being slightly more blue! That being said I like the purple tone of the L’oreal better!

  6. Deanna says:

    There is a BBB with a Harmon’s in Jacksonville, Florida. It is located on Southside Blvd, near The Avenues mall. I’ve snagged some pretty awesome products there, especially nail polish.

  7. Lindsay Z says:

    I LOOOVE BBBs that have the Harmon section. They’re the only store around here (that I know of) that has a Color Club core colors display and gets their seasonal polishes. I also noticed that their prices are REALLY noticeably cheaper than CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. My jaw dropped when I saw their price for the Maybelline Vivids lipsticks: only $5.49!! Walgreens and Rite Aid sell them at $7.99 and CVS has them at $8.79. Sure, those three chains have more sales, but that’s a huuuuge difference (especially since you can use the 20% off BBB coupons, too).

  8. Abbi says:

    My closest BBB with an HBC (in NYC if you need another acronym) has the best prices for core nail colors in most brands but doesn’t always have the latest shades. Their Essie is priced the same as all drug stores ($8+). I love Swisspers cotton squares they sell there. Lint-free. Makes polish removal a snap.