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NARS Libertango from the Summer 2014 Adult Swim Collection for #ManiMonday

NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 nail polish

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What is it about warmer weather that draws me to creme polishes? Can someone explain this? I get wanting glitters and sparkle around the holidays, darker shades in the winter, lights & brights in the spring but when the sun starts peeking out on a regular basis, I want rich, glossy color and I don’t get the correlation.

Anyway, when it came time to select my #ManiMonday shade, I remembered that the boyfriend actually paused to notice when NARS Libertango from the Summer 2014 Adult Swim collection arrived. Creme, check! Boyfriend approved, check! Done deal!

Formula & Application

NARS nail polish is 4-Free (Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Resin). The squat square bottles are topped with a somewhat rubberized cap that houses a short, round brush. Unlike a lot of prestige brands that have a removable outer cap, the NARS cap is one solid piece. The bristles are pretty flexible, though they are kind of sparse and don’t fan out easily.

I’ve mentioned this many times over the past couple years but ever since the Thakoon collection, NARS nail polish has been on point in terms of consistency, pigmentation and coverage. Libertango is no exception. It is opaque in two coats, applies flawlessly and dries nice and glossy.

NARS Libertango is a burnt orange creme. It can look more brick red in indirect lighting and more sun-ripened tangerine in direct light. It’s definitely unique in that respect. And, after hunting through my red and orange nail polish drawers, I came up empty for a similar color, as you’ll see below.

NARS Adult Swim nail polish swatch

NARS Libertango

NARS Libertango Summer 2014 swatch

NARS Libertango

NARS Libertango nail polish swatch

NARS Libertango

NARS Summer 2014 nail polish swatch

NARS Libertango

Compared to previous orange offerings from NARS, Libertango is definitely darker and more red than NARS TV Party from the Warhol collection and nowhere near as neon or traffic cone-esque as NARS Madness.

NARS Libertango comparison

NARS Madness vs NARS Libertango vs NARS TV Party

The only polish I have that has even the slightest resemblance to Libertango is L’Oreal Precious Coral but that one is way more red.

NARS Libertango comparison

NARS Libertango vs L’Oreal Precious Coral

NARS Libertango swatch

Bottom Line: Libertango has a sun-baked feel that is perfect for summer. The color is unique to my collection and the formula is top notch. Which is a good thing, considering the price point.

NARS Libertango is available now at NARS boutiques and counters nationwide and online at and NARS nail polish retails for $19/ea for a .5oz bottle.

Is this a red-orange you would wear? What are your favorite NARS nail polish shades? Is anyone else hoping they bring back glitter/shimmer for fall? They’ve had so many cremes this past year.

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    That’s a pretty red!

  2. Ooooo .. I love the color!!

  3. Personally I too can’t have enough Creme formulas.. Something definitely catchy n classy about them right?

  4. Beautiful and glossy colors. Red is for passion.

  5. Mashalaz says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. That color looks great on you and I’m so glad you mentioned that the Nars formula has gotten better. My favorite Nars color would be Schiap, but the formula was so bad –the bottle seemed dried out, the polish took forever to dry, that I gave it away and swore off Nars nail color. (LOVE their lipsticks). Maybe I’ll give this one a try, BUT I already have so many orange shades that look close to this. I’ve got Lippmann’s Lara’s Theme on my toes right now (lighter, less red, almost neon). Plus about 4 others. But I may break down…Thanks!

    • You’re so welcome. I have some old NARS polishes where the formula SUCKS but I love the color so I keep them. I’m so glad it’s gotten better, too, because they have some great shades.

  6. KM says:

    I wish Nars would bring back Kutki!!!

    • I hear you! I wish they’d bring the whole Thakoon collection back. It was so gorgeous. Rotin Jot is the perfect Radiant Orchid

      • Lou says:

        Hello! I’m from Montreal, Canada. I just want to say that about 3 weeks ago I purchased Nars Rotin Jot at Winners, which is the Canadian version of TJ Maxx. Just thought everyone might like to know to keep there eyes open when shopping at those types of stores. You never know, they may have more of the Thakoon collection!

  7. Julia says:

    I have many bottles of orange nail polish in my stash, but nothing as good looking as LIBERTANGO. I am going shopping for the king of orange. I love it.

  8. Fiona says:

    I really love this color. It’s very cool for me.

  9. Amanda says:

    I feel like it’s because summer clothing is full of bright, bold colors like neons and tropical tones. Plus the various summer fruits and veggies, and the beautiful flowers… everything is just lush and boldly colored during the summer, or at least SEEMS that way. I get what you are saying though. Bold bright pinks actually are sometimes ok with me (for myself) in the summer even though it’s so NOT my normal go to color for ANYTHING. lol

    • That totally makes sense, Amanda. Like all the shiny, glossy skins on the fruit and veggies I see each weekend at the farmer’s market could be the reason I’m loving cremes. I get that. And pink is never my go-to either but sometimes I love a good hot pink.

  10. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the tip; I picked up a bottle yesterday using a Nordstrom Note so I got it for free. Love the color, perfect for summer.

  11. Kerry says:

    Gorgeous. Looks like a dupe for OPI monsooner or later to me. Or even Tasmanian Devil Made me Do It