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Nubar Jeans vs Chanel Les Jeans Video Comparison

By on October 13, 2011
in Blue, Chanel, Fall 2011, Nubar

The Nubar Jeans collection is finally on sale and I’m sure, like me, you are curious about how this collection compares to the now sold out Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel collection so I put together a quick video for you while I work on proper comparison swatches. Enjoy!

The Nubar Jeans collection is available now online at The set of three nail polishes retail for $19.99.

What are your initial thoughts on the two collections? If you splurged on the Chanel Les Jeans polishes do you feel they are worth it? If you held out, do you plan to pick up the Nubar set?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Nubar and Chanel. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 35 Brilliant Comments

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  1. denise says:

    I would NOT pop for the Chanel! Only the lightest one looks different to me and I prefer the Nubar light. But I don’t like either set enough to run out and buy them. Which seems odd to because I love, love, love blue polish. :/

    • Nudie says:

      you read my mind! seriously, even about the loving blue polish but not buying these. they just don’t really excite me :/

  2. Megan says:

    The colors are great, but the Chanel ones are just not worth it.

  3. Alicia says:

    Love the quick video format! I agree… not much of a huge difference, might as well stick with nubar! I however like the Chanel CoCo Blue better than Nubar’s.

  4. Keri says:

    I bought the Chanel Coco Blue when it came out, and I’m glad I did – I like it way more than the Nubar light blue.

  5. Rosalinda says:

    I’m glad I bought my Les Jeans even they are very similar. I feel that this is that type of polish where I want the real thing and not the dupe.

  6. Kristy says:

    Great comparison – the Nubar is close enough for me

  7. brittany says:

    are you done with the untried series? i miss it!

  8. Dani says:

    I’m glad I have the Nubar Jeans collection on the way! I don’t think I could ever buy a Chanel polish that wasn’t completely different from everything else (I’m looking at you, Peridot).

  9. Chelsea says:

    What! So cute! You should do more videos like this!

  10. Katy says:

    The Nubar ones have the more appealing and cuter names, haha.

  11. alicia says:

    Chanel and everybody else has been pushing blue for the past couple of years — tired.

  12. TygerKitty says:

    I think I prefer the nubar! Thank you for posting!

  13. Sonja says:

    I feel like the Chanel set wasn’t special enough to splurge on even before Nubar came out w/ their copycat, and so I guess I think that’s double true now. Thanks for the comparison info. :)

  14. em says:

    you should do more video reviews along with the pictures! watching the video had kind of a soothing effect haha.

  15. Adria says:

    I agree; neither of these collections is turning me on that much… >_

  16. TieDye64 says:

    No way would I spend the $ on the Chanel. Not excited for either collection but if I’d go for the Nubar for sure. Thanks for the video!

  17. Jo says:

    Thank you for this comparison! It was really great to see the polishes like this! I think I’m gonna go with the Nubar collection. It looks great and I love their formula.

  18. Briana says:

    Hate to say it because I was really hoping it would go the other way but I prefer the chanel colours, really just the lightest blue, the other two are fairly similar but if cost wasnt an issue I’d get the chanel lightest blue over the nubars lightest blue. But seeing as the Chanel polishes are $39 and theres already a mile long waiting list i’ll stick with nubar if I can get my hands on any seeing as they arnt sold in Australia

  19. Thankyou for this, I prefer the Nubar ones, and in my experience, I prefer the formula of NUbar polishes, like butter for my nails. Oh dear I want those NUbar ones now!

  20. Stefanie says:

    The Nubars are looking better to me, but there’s no must have.
    Do you know a good dupe for Chanel Mimosa?
    I’m searching it desperately.

  21. Steph says:

    Same here, I am just not a fan of these… prob because #1 I don’t think they are that unique and #2 there are SOOOOO many other great collections out right now that I have been drooling over;)
    Thanks for the comparison post!

  22. Pam says:

    Thanks, Michelle! I am a serious cheapskate and just can not bring myself to buy Chanel polishes so I was thrilled when the Nubar Jeans previews came out. Having seen your nw swatches I’m patting myself on the back as I key over to Nubar to order these!

  23. Sharon says:

    Great video! Thanks so much for showing these two collections side by side. It makes it so easy to see the similarities and differences between the two.

  24. Jackie S. says:

    Thank You for the comparison posts/video!

    Only the lighter blue seems different to me, but I prefer the Nubar version of it (brighter is better).

    I’m happy they did this, and I can not wit till mine arrive. :)

    I love blues!

  25. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m really tempted to buy all 3 Chanels because I admit- I’m a snob when it comes to polish ;)
    One thing I’m curious about… how is the Nubar vs.Chanel application/formula? How pigmented are they? Do they go on smooth or streaky? Are they 3 coaters or 2? Thin or thick consistency?

    Thanks again :)


    • All Lacquered Up says:

      They all differed. In the case of the light blues, they both required three coats. The dark blues were both two coaters. The middle blues, the Nubar was a bit more pigmented than the Chanel. They were all pretty smooth.

  26. No way I could get Chanel (even though I am saving up for Peridot and…one other I forget). But I did just buy Nubar’s set (it will be here next week!) and I’m tickled they are so close!

    Thanks for the video review, now I’m doubly happy I bought them, even without seeing swatches first!

  27. Katya says:

    While I love all three shades (six shades?), I hesitate as for the more moral implications of the whole issue. If I were to choose to buy any of them, I’d really have a problem whether to splurge on Chanel or thrift on Nubar. And the whole hesitation would probably left me standing like an idiot in a nail polish salon until they close the doors. So I guess in the end, because of my slightly skewed common sense, I wouldn’t buy any of them and instead turn to someone who made jeans-like polish before Chanel- thinking about something along the lines of Maybelline polish No 659, perhaps?
    There are so many blues in the polish world, why restrict oneself to Chanel/Nubar?

    • Bronwyn says:

      With this particular collection I can’t really come up with even the “usual” moral argument as far as dupes go because the Chanel collection was, IMO, so uninspired that only the obvious nature of the Nubar knockoff even makes me think they copied it.

  28. Vivian says:

    I prefer the Chanel light and if I was interested in the sets might pop for just that colour, but both sets are too similar for me to bother spending the extra on the Chanel. Plus, I already have a lot of blues….

  29. jo says:

    Okay, I own and love the entire Chanel Les Jeans set. However, one of the sets, either the Nubar or the Chanel, is clearly a knockoff of the other. Since I don’t envision anyone at Chanel saying “Hey, great idea, let’s copy what Nubar is releasing”, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Nubar copied Chanel. I generally don’t purchase anything from companies that basically steel another’s creative property. If we were talking handbags, this type of thing would be illegal. Not judging anyone who bought or will buy the Nubar set….just saying that it doesn’t feel right to ME.

  30. Annie says:

    I prefer the nubar!

  31. This is a great comparison. Good to know how the much-cheaper alternative stacks up.

  32. Coco says:

    Wow the colors look very great !