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Chanel Fall 2011 Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel Nail Polish Preview

chanel illusions d'ombre de chanel fall 2011 collection Last winter we got a peek at one of the Chanel Fall 2011 nail polishes when Chanel Graphite hit the runway but it’s Chanel Peridot that seems to be getting all the buzz. Is it green? Is it yellow? Are we talking Chanel duo-chrome?

Inspired by the heritage and savoir faire of the artisanal craftsmanship of the House of Chanel, Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, introduces new textures and makeup effects in a radiant Fall 2011 Collection, ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL.

At the heart of this captivating colour story: Shimmering bronze, gold and platinum are the perfect complements to plum, khaki and copper shades on eyes and lips. Unique reflections of metallic green, silver and beige on nails provide the ideal counterpoint.

“Illusion d’Ombre is a new and exciting product, that’s easy to apply,” says Peter Philips. “I would suggest finger application. The texture is unique and has a very pleasant touch.”

Chanel Peridot – Green-Gold, Chanel Graphite – Metallic Silver, Chanel Quartz – Silver Beige
chanel peridot, chanel graphite and chanel quartz nail polish from the chanel fall 2011 collection
chanel peridot, chanel graphite and chanel quartz nail polish from the chanel fall 2011 collection
chanel peridot, chanel graphite and chanel quartz nail polish swatch from the chanel fall 2011 collection

As you can see, Chanel Peridot reads very gold. It shows it’s green base on the edges and at certain angles so it’s definitely a duo-chrome but don’t go expecting an overly green look.

Chanel Graphite has little gold flecks and to my eye it falls somewhere between OPI Your Royal Shine-ness and OPI Brand New Skates though I’ll have to see all three on the nail to know for sure.

Chanel Quartz is unique in that typically when brands use the term it’s in conjunction with pink. Based on the nail art swatch I”m not loving it and questioning whether it will clash with my skin tone but I’m going to keep an open mind until I wear it.

The Chanel Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel Fall 2011 collection is available now at Chanel counters nationwide and online at Chanel nail polishes retail for $25/ea for a .4oz bottle. Both Peridot and Graphite are listed as Limited Edition colors.

What are your initial thoughts on the Fall collection colors? Will you be running out to scoop up any of these colors? Which of the three do you think will be the big hit? Are you into a green-gold duo-chrome?

Disclosure: I purchased these nail polishes. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. chanel’s peridot – a true chameleon « divasoria | July 25, 2011
  1. Amber Sexton says:

    The first two look exciting to me, Peridot especially. Though neither is super unique and the Quartz one probably will look great on people who are not fair skinned caucasians like me.

  2. I love all three, actually :D I think I like Peridot the best, though. I like that it’s not a strict duochrome, but is more mixed.

  3. kirsten says:

    I’m so weak when it comes to Chanel… I got all three polishes and the eye quad! They were just delivered this morning! I also plan on purchasing the Illusion D’ombre in Illusiore and Epatant at some point.

  4. Holy crap! Look at those polishes! I may actually splurge on Peridot!

  5. ach167 says:

    Graphite is the one that actually stood out to me, it’s the most “me.” Peridot I might just have to get because its my birthstone and it reminds me of changing leaves which would be perfect for fall. Seems like a good idea for a birthday gift to myself!

  6. Sarah says:

    When can we expect full blown swatches?

  7. meme says:

    Ummm. Out of all these, the one that slightly interests me is Quartz because it is so different. Makes me think a frosted You Don’t Know Jacques. Maybe it’s lighter than YDKJ? Good call on your description of Graphite. I was thinking of a darker vs. of the ‘pewter’ like shade in one of the two Serena Wms British Grand Slam collections, but this one from the big C is far more refined. My guess in answer to your question, is Peridot will be the hot seller in this group – tons of green folks out there – and the duo-chrome is always eye candy.

  8. Serena says:

    I just bought peridot, yesterday. I briefly swatched all three; peridot is clearly the winner. I will probably get the other two, though.

  9. I’m so over Chanel…way overpriced and not that special. This collection, along with the 14 that have preceded it, have left me yawning…So happy to hold on to my money for other colors I’d rather have.

  10. I’m thinking Peridot will be the biggest…it’s the most unique at least.
    As usual though, I’ll be skipping all of them. *yawn*

  11. Ariel says:

    Peridot reminds me of really early Urban Decay nail polish, like Gunmetal and Acid Rain. Sort of that ugly sludge green gold that looks amazing on short nails.

  12. Bunny says:

    I have Chanel Quartz, and I just swatched it. It is not pink at all. It’s in the same color family as Particuli

  13. Molly D says:

    oh good god peridot looks amazing. it reminds me of Mac’s Old Gold loose pigment…

    • Lauren says:

      Ah! That was my staple eyeshadow. I literally cried when I could not get it any longer. I can’t wait to buy Peridot for my green/gold fix!

  14. Phyllis says:

    I really feel they need to resolve the brush strokes issue – I mean really at $25 a bottle that’s not too much to ask.

  15. Luka says:

    Graphite seems the winner to me too. Hope it looks ok on my cool, fair skin!

  16. Scienter says:

    I think I’m going to have to go with Lacquered Lizard here, I don’t think I’ll get any of them. When I read “Peridot,” I immediately thought of my birthstone, and then was disappointed on the scrolldown. Graphite is pretty, but I think I could find something similar for a better price.

  17. Kristina says:

    I have all 3. I think Quartz is a beige-y version of Black Pearl. It has the same color shimmer in it when you look at it under lights. I agree that from a distance, it might look a little like Trapeze.

  18. Alison says:

    Quartz kind of reminds me of Illamasqua Bacterium without the blue flash? Only Peridot is exciting me here, and even then not all that much!

  19. Cat says:

    I like Peridot and Graphite a lot, not quite as sure about Quartz. However, I’m still not totally convince I need to spend $25/bottle. We’ll see what my next paycheck says.

  20. Bunny says:

    I have to make a correction: The Color Club polish that is the same color as Graphite is not Ms. Haute, but Snakeskin from the Fall 2010 Color Club collection.

    I just swatched Peridot, and it looks very red-gold (imagine Antilope or Gold Fiction) in a sheer, gray-green base. There isn’t much duo-chrome action right now, probably because there’s no daylight so I’m relying on a lamp.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh yes, I have Snakeskin and the Funky Fingers dupe of it. Graphite looks more sparkly and a bit brighter. I’ll have to swatch them together to see.

  21. Frankenstyna says:


    Must.. have.. duochromes… I’m obsessed!

  22. NailPolishFan says:

    I love the first two nail polishes.

  23. Jamie says:

    Peridot!! * clutches pearls* but that price point on Chanel polish is just ridic. Especially when I’ll wear it once and forget I bought it.:(

  24. Cate says:

    It may just be me but Quartz looks like Illamasqua’s Bacterium… could just be me

  25. Grace says:

    I may have to splurge on Peridot, as it’s my birthstone. I don’t normally shell out for Chanel, but sometimes it’s just irresistable.

  26. Rachel says:

    Peridot looks out of control! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a gold/green duochrome (maybe because I haven’t looked, but still). I don’t know if I can justify spending $25 on a nail polish, though…

  27. JJ says:

    Is graphite comparable at all with kaleidoscope?

    • Lulu says:

      I thougt so too! But Kaleidoscope I think has a bit more green in it, and it is richer. To me, Peridot looks like Kaleidoscope but greener and definitely golder and more duochrome.

  28. Adria says:

    Chanel Quartz looks a bit like Illamasqua Bacterium although Quartz looks to be more metallic? I wonder how they compare but I’m not sure I want to shell out the $$ for the Chanel to see, lol!

  29. Laura says:

    Peridot looks amazing in the bottle, but it still couldn’t convince me to spend so much money on a bottle of polish.

  30. Insouciant says:

    I am really hoping to see a Quartz-Bacterium comparison soon! I think Perdiot might have lost my interest now that it turns out not to be the great acid green I imagined to be…

  31. Jordan says:

    I’ll be skipping them as well. They’re not really special this time.

  32. Heather says:

    I like the Perdiot (it’s my birthstone!). I was expecting a little more green though. I like that it does pick up green at a certain angle. I wonder what it would look like reversed, more green and picking up gold at different angles? How does Chanel wear in comparison to other brands? I’ve always bought Walmart brands and recently, China Glaze.

  33. Taffy says:

    Whoa! Everyone is going to want Peridot as that polish is gorgeous!

  34. Maddie says:

    Graphite reminds me of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous…no idea if they’re actually similar at all, but just at first glance.
    I just can’t justify spending $25 on a polish when it isn’t even a full sized bottle…I’m fine with spending 16-18 on a Lippmann, because her lacquers are always high quality, unique and, yes, a full .5 oz bottle, but Chanels are just so hit-or-miss, formula wise. I really like Peridot, but I think I’ll be skipping this one. And as it always happens, I’m guessing the drugstore brands will be trying to create countless of variations of it this fall (ala Particuliere) if it’s the hot new Chanel.

  35. Deb says:

    Pretty, but thankfully I can live without them :)

  36. Aesthetic LA says:

    Someone, please inform the ignorant here:

    What is a duochrome?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Duochrome means that the polish is metallic and flashes two colors. For example, Peridot looks green from one angle, gold from another.

  37. Chris says:

    Peridot may be my first Chanel purchase ever!

  38. Noelle says:

    Just purchased all 3, and can’t wait to see how great Graphite and Peridot look in person!

  39. Steph says:

    To me, graphite looks A LOT like OPI lucertainly look marvelous. I’d love to see a comparison!

  40. lisa m says:

    Just got all three in the mail, and all three are beautiful in person. The pictures do NOT do graphite justice.

  41. michelle says:

    I purchased both Graphite and Quartz from the Fall 2011 collection, and they are both beautiful! I have decided to save them for Fall though and won’t be breaking them out during the summer months. I’ve got my Morning Rose and Orange Fizz for my Chanel Summer Fix!

  42. amian says:

    I have a peridot pedicure right now–I saw this post and immediately bought a bottle.

    It is really me, but I have to say definitely a fall color. The gold is really warm, almost bronze with just enough green to be interesting.

    I love it.

  43. Nancy L. says:

    Love all 3! It would be hard to pick a favorite!

  44. Anon says:

    Purchased all three. So far only tried Peridot (on toes). It’s a beautiful color, but does not look good on my fair cool skin. I need something to warm up my skin tone, and this doesn’t do it. I think it would look better on someone less pale.

  45. meme says:

    So many folks nuts over Peridot. Me? Not so much – not for the price. I find it interesting, but know I would only wear it maybe 3 times and for that price point, I have to really know I am going to use at least half the bottle if not more to pop for the price. I tried a friend’s Periodot by now since I am posting to this late. It really did not do much for my coloring that can go from golden based light/medium with my Swedish background and blond hair (natural and some highlights on occasion – but really blond clear arm hair. I think the gold in this one is too strong. I would have liked it better if the duochrome let the blue and green in it come up a bit more. I did purchase Graphite as I liked the pewter look with the combo of not over done gold fleck/glitter in it. But in hind sight – think I will swap it on MUA as I don’t think I will wear it that much. I really like the pewter glitterish metalic from OPI fall 2010 Swiss collection Lucertainly Look Mavoulous a lot – which it’s not a dupe, it covers this range for me. I find Graphite a bit over-powering for me in that my nails will meet and greet before the rest of me. Sometimes that is a good look – other times not so much.

  46. xoxojessica says:

    I bought Peridot but still looking for dupes for Quartz and Graphite. The closest thing I’ve found to Quartz is O.P.I. for Sephora’s Already Famous. Has anyone tried them side by side? I’ve given up on a dupe for Graphite. The greenish glitter is one of a kind..

  47. Melissa says:

    I just purchased Peridot…I haven’t even used it yet, but it is love!!!! I am waiting until the fall to bust it out. I am now looking at Graphite…

  48. annon says:

    Graphite looks interesting, but I’m pretty sure Rimmel or other cheap polish maker will make a similar one. The other two look like old lady discolored nails with a little shimmer. Uck!

  49. Alison says:

    I’m wearing peridot on both toes (1 coat) and fingers (2 coats) and the difference is drastic. A really warm golden shade on the toes but a second coat on the fingers and the metallic shine has really come out. I wouldn’t call this a duochrome though, the green is quite subtle.

    My sister bought this yesterday and I immediately tried it. Chips galore already so I’m not very impressed and so glad I wasn’t the one splashing the cash!

  50. Quartz, quartz, quartz! I love it so much, definitely in my top 5 nail polishes now :D let’s see how long it can stay there!