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Sally Hansen Salon Effects & Hellcats Giveaway

By on April 28, 2011
in Giveaway, Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips to be featured on The CW’s Hellcats, Tuesday May 3rd at 9/8c


When it comes to my weekly TV indulgences, The CW has got my number. Yes, my DVR looks like it was programmed like a fifteen year old girl and I don’t care. This season one of my new faves is Hellcats starring Aly Michalka of Aly & AJ, Bandslam, Easy A, etc.

If you aren’t watching Hellcats each week, I don’t know WHAT you’re doing on Tuesdays.  Seriously, if you loved Bring It On, and don’t tell me you didn’t, you have no reason not to watch. What really hooked me was the appearance of Gale Harold from Queer As Folk. I will follow him anywhere so Hellcats, PLEASE upgrade him from recurring to series regular!

Being that I am a fan of both Hellcats and Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I’m hosting a fun giveaway.  Keep reading to see what you could win.

On the next episode of Hellcats, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips will make an appearance with the hot pink It Girl taking center stage.  And Aly’s real life sister, AJ Michalka, returns this week and we find out they have more or a connection than we originally thought.  It’s bound to be a great episode.

To celebrate the pairing of Sally Hansen and Hellcats, I have a fun prize package to give away.  Sally Hansen is providing 5 sets of Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in It Girl (from the episode) and my four favorite designs Misbehaved, Blue Ice, Girl Flower and Kitty Kitty.  And from Hellcats the winner will receive a T-shirt, Pom-Poms, a Signed Football and Cast Photograph. Pretty cool, no?


Enter To Win: For your chance to win the Sally Hansen/Hellcats Giveaway prize pack, leave a comment telling me your favorite design from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line. To see the full line CLICK HERE. Make sure you include your email address on the email address line in the form, not the comment body (for privacy reasons).

Rules: Giveaway is open to US Residents only (sorry International Fanatics). One entry per person. Winner will be selected via random draw. Winner must respond within 48hours or another winner will be chosen.

End Date: Entries will be accepted until Tuesday May 3rd at 11:59pm EST. Any entries after that time will not count.

Good luck Fanatics!  Make sure you tune into Hellcats on Tuesday at 9pm EST on The CW.

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There Are 367 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Claire says:

    I ADORE misbehaved! These looks so easy to apply – looks like heaven :)

  2. Andrea says:

    Misbehaved is definitely my favorite here, the champagne color is gorgeous!

  3. Lekha says:

    Girl Flower is the best! Reminds me of that Katy Perry manicure, and wears great.

  4. Barilla says:

    Ooh, I’d definitely go with Laced Up. It’s the one that I’ve tried out, and I could not stop looking at my nails!

  5. LKG says:

    Girl Flower!

  6. tai says:

    Ohhh awesome giveaway, misbehaved is my favorite!

  7. Lisa Prusasky says:

    I love the “Fly With Me” salon strips!!! They are so beautiful and cute! They are perfect for spring and so colorful, they will go with any outfit! I cannot wait to rock them :)

  8. Morgan says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE Hellcats!! And appropriately enough, my favorite Salon Effects is Bring it On!

  9. Allison says:

    Girl Flower looks cute!

  10. Laura says:

    I love Girl Flower! It immediately stood out to me when I first saw these on the shelf.

  11. Kristen says:

    I love Check it Out! I really want to try Misbehaved. I’ve been searching for it everywhere!

  12. Kierra says:

    i looooove the leopard print one….

  13. Appu says:

    Girl Flower…so perfect for spring!

  14. Michelle says:

    I really love Misbehaved. I am a frequent Rocky Horror Go-er so I like the fishnet design. It’s not something I can do with regular polish so the strips are nice.

  15. Terri says:

    I think FROCK STAR has to be my favorite. Its gorgeous and a super easy way to wear flitter?

  16. Kelly says:

    I CANNOT get over Girl Flower–it’s one of the few that I have not tried but it’s always out of stock when I check!

  17. Kristin says:

    Misbehaved for sure! These look awesome!

  18. julie says:

    obsessed. I really like ‘check it out’ but for summer I think i’d like wild child also. Fun!

  19. Annie says:

    Girl Flower for sure. Like Lekha said, so reminiscent of Katy Perry’s flower manicure.

  20. Kristen says:

    I love Frock Star!

  21. jpscraps says:

    Kitty Kitty is sooo hard to find!

    • Lizzy says:

      Found it on when they were having the BOGO 1//2 off on all SH products. Keep on it!

  22. Lizzy says:

    I’ve tried five different prints and each have their purpose…but if I have to choose one, then for a sly, soft touch of animal print…give me the purrrrrrrr-fectly delightful “Kitty Kitty”. Meow!

  23. Monique says:

    I’m loving the zebra print Salon Effect print ^_^

  24. Maria says:

    Love, love, LOVE Misbehaved! It’s my absolute favorite! And I’m in love with the Salon Effects line. It’s amazing!

  25. Lisa Brooks says:

    I would love to win this!! Misbehaved looks to be my fav!

  26. Candice says:

    Misbehaved is definitely my favorite — I’ve picked it up, carried it through the store and ended up putting it back on MANY occasions… should have just bought it!!

  27. Tammie says:

    Laced Up is so cool! That’s definitely my fave :)

  28. My favorite is the black lace one- Laced Up. I gaze longingly at it every time I go to the drugstore.

  29. Samantha says:

    BLUE ICE deff one of my favs an the animal prints

  30. Lynn says:

    I love Girl flower!

  31. Maria says:

    I love Laced Up! Ever since the Katy Perry manicure with the lace I’ve been dying to try out a lace inspired mani.

  32. Elissa says:

    Kitty Kitty is my favorite, my friend had it on at school and I loved it!

  33. Lorin says:

    Girl flower is definately my favorite!

  34. Mandy says:

    My favorite has to be Kitty Kitty, I can’t get enough leopard print. :)

  35. Tara says:

    Misbehaved is the best!

  36. Krystal says:

    I really like a bunch of them! But if I had to pick just one, I think it would be Booty Camp. I’m a sucker for the girly camouflage colors.

  37. Hannah says:

    Glitz Blitz! I am not above sticking craft glitter to my nail with topcoat, but this version probably lasts longer, looks better, and comes off without tears.

  38. Kitty says:

    Beat giveaway! I love these strips!

  39. terri says:

    I have to go with Skinny Jeans…it’s a classic & will work well with both casual & work…These are soooo easy to apply & they stay on for almost 2 weeks..removes easily with basic nail polish remover…Thanks Sally…!

  40. Patricia says:

    My favorite is the pink camo I love it!

  41. Krista K. says:

    i love the zebra and leopard print, animal is totally hot this year and both of those go with nearly anything you got in the closet.

  42. Caro says:

    Misbehaved :)

  43. Crystal says:

    Kitty Kitty is my fave.

  44. Ms. Mae says:

    I LOVE Girl Flower! So pretty and amazingly perfect for summer :)

  45. Erica says:

    Girl flower!!

  46. Abby says:

    My favorite is definitely Girl Flower- i pick it up everytime at the store, but always put it back because of the price. So winning this would be amazing!

  47. jessica says:

    I love kitty kitty but its sold out everywhere!!!!

  48. Angie says:

    Cut it out is my favorite

  49. Heather G says:

    My favorite is the flowered print. Mine lasted over two weeks on my fingers and my toes are still going strong!

  50. bestofbklyn says:

    Kitty kitty and the lace one! both so fun! I’ve been wanting to try these but haven’t been able to track down a pattern I love!

  51. Shiloh says:

    I love Collide-O-Scope & Kitty Kitty!

  52. Gabby says:

    I love Cut It Out! It looks so cool.

  53. Beth K. says:

    Cut it out is my fave. Pretty but not too girly.

  54. Sherlyn Skariah says:

    I’ve tried these before and am in love with them! I love Laced Up. :)

  55. Laura says:

    All the designs are fabulous, but Check It Out & Misbehaved are my two standouts!

  56. CupK8 says:

    I’m really digging Laced Up. I think I could totally rock that look. :)

  57. Maria says:

    Misbehaved! It looks good and it lasted a really long time (and I am really rough on my nails).

  58. Elle Lindsey says:

    I love Girl Flower and Cut It Out! And I definitely watch Hellcats too. hahaha :) Alice is my favorite character!

  59. ivyPINK says:

    I LOVE the Cut it out print ;)
    Its awesome colored!
    I actually did a blog post of it here:

    & Hellcats is awesome ;)

  60. Lea says:

    Misbehaved is my favorite too! I get compliments all week when I have it on.

  61. Livia says:

    Laced Up is my favorite. Tks!

  62. Amy says:

    I love WILD CHILD!!! Such a neat product.

  63. Ashley says:

    misbehaved is my absolute favorite! such a pretty design.

  64. Cha rliane says:

    i like Girl Flower. the glitter ones are nice, too.

  65. Melissa says:

    LOVE Laced Up, I’ve been stalking it forever and it’s always sold out. Also heart Hellcats, yay!

  66. Laura says:

    Laced up is my favorite!!

  67. Wendy M says:

    I’ve had the houndstooth one (Check It Out?) since they came out… but I’m too scared to try them! I am afraid to mess the application up, so I’ve just been saving them! Sad!
    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  68. Stephanie says:

    I love laced up! and I have been dying to try these!

  69. OnceBitten says:

    I love Laced Up & Cut It Out!

    Thanks for hosting :D

  70. LisaM says:

    I’ve tried these and love them, but I can only find a few. I love Wicked Bamboo, but have yet to find it.

  71. Sara says:

    My favorite is Misbehaved.

  72. AmyG says:

    Misbehaved was the first one I’ve tried and the one I go back to when I can find it! Love how long they last!

  73. KellyW1331 says:

    I would love to try Laced Up!!

  74. emilylime says:

    How cute! My favorite is Miss Behaved. They seem to always be sold out when I go to my most-frequented drugstore!

  75. Sara B says:

    Kitty Kitty is amazing! I got so many compliments when I had them on my nails!

  76. Tamara says:

    My favorite is Check it Out

  77. Hermione says:

    Frock Star is my favorite!

    I liked Bring It On, btw…

  78. Amberella says:

    I love the lace and fishnet designs but I’d be happy to try any. They all loil awesome and I have been too cheap to try them!! Thanks!

  79. Victoria says:

    I love girl flower and glitz blitz

  80. Sarah O says:

    Tried and loved Misbehaved– got lots of random compliments from people. I saw a new one at the drugstore yesterday called “Show Your Stripes” that looked cool, kind of a pixelated chevron pattern

  81. Rashel says:

    I love Blue cool :)

  82. TexasBarbie says:

    My favorites are Girl Flower and Check It Out!

  83. Dieu says:

    omg this is too easy. MISBEHAVED, OBVI. I wore this to my burlesque class and everyone went craaaazy for it.

  84. Mama Violet says:

    Wild Child is my favorite.

  85. Simone says:

    Misbehaved is def my fave!!

  86. Kate says:

    I’ve already worn three boxes worth of Misbehaved-definitely my fave. I love these things!

  87. heather t says:

    I have bought,worn, and loved Misbehaved. I got alot of compliments when I wore it too!

  88. Alanna! says:

    Yay :)

  89. Starlight says:

    My favorite is Misbehaved.

  90. Allison says:

    Misbehaved is by far my favorite! Its so subtle you could wear it anywhere.

  91. Ishah says:

    I love Kitty Kitty!

  92. Erica says:

    I love Wild Child and Laced Up.

  93. Amy says:

    I keep not buying laced up, but I might give in after reading your review. It’s really cute.

  94. Victoria says:

    Gotta be Wild Child!

  95. Ana says:

    Raise a Glass is my favorite design from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line.

  96. eryn says:

    I like fly with me! Would be super cute alternated with plain pastel nails.

  97. MelissaKC1A says:

    I’m torn between the leopard and the zebra. Got great comments when I wore both, especially men.

  98. Lisa says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Laced Up. It’s so awesome looking!

  99. Caitlin says:

    I loveee laced up! Thanks for the give away :)

  100. Melanie says:

    I love the glitters too – Blue Ice is great!

  101. Jenny says:

    Girl Flower is definitely my favorite. The closest I will come to recreating Katy Perry’s Minx mani!!

  102. Laura P says:

    I love It Girl, but you can get that at any salon manicure, so Flower Girl is my choice!! I love the detail of it!

  103. Jennifer says:

    LOVE check it out!

  104. Mary says:

    It’s an even tie between Misbehaved and Lace Up for sure!

  105. Luthien says:

    I love Laced Up – can’t get over this adorable lace nails trend.

  106. vballer says:

    cut it out is my favorite!

  107. I love it girl! Following you :)

  108. Devin says:

    Laced up for sure!

  109. Sara says:

    I really like Wild Child!! I have never used these, but would love to try them!

  110. Deborah says:

    My fav is Frock Star. I love anything glittery and colorful :)

  111. Kelly says:


  112. Danielle says:

    My favorite is definitely Check It Out. I love anything houndstooth!

  113. Catherine says:

    My favorite is Kitty Kitty.

  114. Cat says:

    Misbehaved, for sure!!

  115. Rachel H. says:

    I love the houndstooth, but I can achieve that look with my Konad! I’d definitely go for the butterfly design, or any with a ton of colors!

    - Rachel

  116. Jeanine says:

    Girl Flower for sure!!

  117. Jordan says:

    Girl flower!

  118. Caroline says:

    Gotta be Laced Up.

  119. Heidi says:

    My DVR looks like a teenager’s, too! I love laced up:)

  120. Liz says:

    Hi there ! I really like all the Sally Hansen strips but the one that makes me extra happy would have to be the hounds tooth !!! xoxoxox

  121. BG says:

    I love Wild Child! It’s so much fun and goes with everything!

  122. Michelle says:

    While I do love hot pink, I think my favorite is Frock Star or maybe Laced up!

  123. Nora says:

    I love Hellcats for the same reason! I grew up watching Aly on Phil of the Future, and in my teendom I was obsessed with Queer as Folk. Two completely different shows, but now they’re kind of melded together for me. xD Makes for a fun Tuesday night each week!

    For the contest: I am in love with Fly With Me. I’ve had a few of these but that’s the one that stands out. It’s SO springy and beautiful; I love how every nail turns out different. I’d wear ‘em every day in Spring if I could.

  124. julia says:


  125. Chelle says:

    I love Misbehaved!

  126. Jessica says:

    Kitty Kitty or Wild Child…I simply cannot resist animal prints!!

  127. Charisma says:

    My favorite is Kitty Kitty! :)

  128. Kel says:

    Girl Flower for sure…it might be a little overpowering for me though, so maybe as an accent on a few nails. So many colors would match!

  129. Sarah says:

    laced up!

  130. Michelle says:

    Misbehaved :) because of your pictures

  131. jennifer says:

    Misbehaved!! Such a hot pattern

  132. Dianna says:

    Check it out! So pretty. :)

  133. Justine says:

    Laced Up

  134. Judith says:

    I loveeee girl flower it reminds me of katy perry’s minx mani

  135. firefly says:

    I like Misbehaved!

  136. Brooke says:

    I just love the salon effects!!
    my fav is kitty kitty, because I’m a sucker for all that is leopard!

  137. Ace says:

    Check it out!

  138. Lyncia Sirmans says:

    I really like laced up!!!

  139. Jennifer says:

    my favorite is ‘misbehaved’

  140. Lex says:

    My favorite is Misbehaved

  141. Krishji says:

    I love the cool, chic decos, like Misbehaved and Check it Out!

  142. michaela says:

    i really love Wild Child!

  143. Ashleigh says:

    I think misbehaved is the best. I am obsessed with gold polish atm. I love anything fishnet, so what is not to love?

  144. Adri says:

    My favorite is Laced Up!

  145. Rach says:

    How do you pick just one? If pressed, I’d have to say that Booty Camp really appeals to me.

  146. Vita says:

    I love the floral design.

  147. Benita says:

    Absolutely LOVE Laced Up!

  148. Caroline says:

    I really like Laced Up! :)

  149. Senora H-B says:

    I’m torn between Misbehaved and Flower Power. What a great package!

  150. Tru says:

    Girl Flower is my favorite, though Blue Ice is a close second!

  151. Ally says:

    Girl Flower! I loved when Katy Perry had the Minx version

  152. Barb says:

    I absolutely love the look of misbehaved.

  153. Rachel Butler says:

    I love Laced Up. Such an intricate design, yet not 100% over the top!

  154. Qian says:

    Girl Flower!

  155. Jana says:


  156. Monica says:

    I love Girl Flower. :)

  157. Tracy says:

    I LOVE misbehaved!

  158. Carolyn says:

    Laced Up is my favorite

  159. HAT says:

    I love Cut It Out and Girl Flower because I can’t do that with regular polish!

  160. Margaret says:

    Girl Flower or Fly With Me – too hard to pick just one!

  161. Kelly says:

    I love “girl flower” it was my first one and i fell in love with it!!

  162. LS says:

    Girl Flower, very cute

  163. Adrianna says:

    My favorite design is Skinny Jeans. I may have to check out “Hellcats” one of these days.

  164. Melissa says:

    I adore cut it out. I’m a huge fan of modern black and white patterns, so this one was a must for me. I also kept this mani for 16 days with no touch ups- a first for a girl like me whose super rough on my hands. Bravo Sally!

  165. Lissette says:

    I really like the lace one. It looks really pretty.

  166. Ashley C says:

    I love Misbehaved! The fishnet over the pale gold is gorgeous and definitely something I’d want to keep on my nails for awhile!

  167. Helena says:

    Misbehaved is far and beyond my favorite. Not only do I love fishnets, but the actual color is beautiful. I also think Laced Up (nah, I don’t have a thing for lingerie), Raise a Glass, and the neons look cool.

  168. Amanda H says:

    I love girl flower! It’s so very spring!

  169. Alana says:

    I love Girl Flower because it’s so unique!

  170. jewelie says:

    Laced Up is so versatile that I can sport it at work and out at night! The texture is dainty and edgy at the same time.

  171. Rachel says:

    Awesome giveaway! I really like Misbehaved and Laced Up, I just need them to be a bit cheaper! LOL btw, I

  172. Elizabeth says:

    girl flower is my fav…

  173. Vivian says:

    For some reason, I really love Blue Ice, even though it’s relatively plain.

  174. melina bee says:

    without a doubt, girl flower is my favorite.

  175. Maddie says:

    I love Blue Ice!

  176. Erika says:

    i looove misbehaved, i’m currently rocking it right now! it’s my go to nail design since it’s not too showy but still looks interesting enough from far away. sally hansen should make more more more! these things are a lifesaver…honestly!

  177. Jessica says:

    My favorite is Laced Up. I’ve been scouring my local drugstores for it since it came out and still haven’t found any in stock yet! woe.

  178. Lauren W says:

    check it out is my favorite…i am obsessed with everything houndstooth!!

  179. Elizabeth Irrazabal says:

    Laced Up is a beautiful design!

  180. Cecilia says:

    Misbehaved is my favorite in the collection. Sexy fishnet ;)

  181. Liz says:

    I love Girl Flower. I prefer to put the strips on my toes (because they last FOREVER) and Girl Flower really stands out on even my littlest toes and makes them look so cute!

  182. Shelley says:

    I LOVE kitty kitty! its so fun and cute!

  183. nancy says:

    i loooove misbehaved!

  184. Wenqi says:

    I love Cut It Out and the name just makes me happy as well!

  185. sophie says:

    laced up!

  186. MIchy says:

    My favorite is Collide-O-Scope. Because doing that myself would just be soo much work!

  187. Kristen C says:

    laced up!

  188. Britt says:

    When I want lots of color, I always choose the Collide-O-Scope! It’s so bright and cheery!

  189. Christina G says:

    I love misbehaved it is the coolest

  190. Lauren says:

    Kitty Kitty is the design that sold me on Salon Effects–I love how closely it resembles a handpainted polish design. And it’s leopard; I can’t not love leopard!

  191. Syl says:

    I love Laced Up!

  192. kathyb says:

    i like cut it up! i’ve had it sitting on my desk for a month! its about time i gave it a try,

  193. Lisa Cohen says:

    I love Blue Ice! Anything glittery and blue has my name on it. My DD has started watching Hellcats. I admit, I’m enjoying watching it with her.

  194. Lindsay says:

    This is such an exciting giveaway! My favorite pattern is Girl Flower, which I have already purchased and used several times! I love how colorful they are!

  195. Jen R says:

    I love Misbehaved.
    love Hellcats too!

  196. sandy says:

    I’m digging the Kitty, Kitty! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  197. Laura Myers says:

    girl flower is my fave! i use it as an accent nail with a bright color on the rest for a spring manicure.

  198. mintyboy says:

    I love Check it out. Always have been a fan of Gwen Stefani so I must love that design.

  199. Sasha says:

    My favorite is Girl Flower. And I love Hellcats too- I love The Tis!

  200. Florasol Accursio says:

    I love “Check it out” because… first: I’d have the perfect dress AND tights to match it
    second: being black and white, it doesn’t clash on any colour of clothing.
    Third: oh, well, no third, I simply adore it! :))))

  201. Aimee P says:

    I like Check it Out! Probably because I have shoes that match :)

  202. lori says:


  203. Jessica says:

    Cut it Out is my favorite SH Salon Effects, I want to try more but I can never find them in stock anywhere!

  204. Em J says:

    Girl Flower for sure :) I’ve been wanting to try it since the Katy Perry picture!

  205. Debrina says:

    My absolute favorite is Kitty Kitty of the Sally Hansen Polish strips. I just love how easy these things are to do and in hardly no time I can have a great design that looks like It took a great deal of time and detail to make.

  206. Emily says:

    Girl Flower with OPI’s black shatter over it!
    You should try it, it looks gorgeous!

  207. Julia says:

    I loooove laced up! It’s so intricate and pretty, but still sophisticated!

  208. Ter G. says:

    My favorite it is “Bling it On”!

  209. Andrea says:

    Kitty Kitty is my favorite. I saw it on someone and it looks like real nail art!

  210. Tatyana says:

    Gotta say that I love Kitty, Kitty the most. It’s a design I can’t replicate and I just love the look of leopard print.

  211. Jessie Mele says:

    Love check it out!!

  212. crlsweetie912 says:

    My favorite design is the cheetah/leopard print!!!

  213. Kylie Boazman says:

    Girl Flower! Someone in my math class had it on and I was so jealous!

  214. Kristen says:

    Girl Flower! Have always wanted to try these but considering that I can get a bottle of OPI (holding my breath for the Pirates collection)for less and do SO many more manis out of it, I haven’t bought any yet.

  215. Kaley Brown says:

    I love the lace ones. I think they might be called “Laced Up”

  216. MikeyNotPeter says:

    Laced up for sure! I totally used to glue pieces of lace to my nails for the same look…. But it was never smooth lol

  217. bluestocking07 says:

    Girl Flower! I tried it and got many compliments from random strangers: the supermarket checkout girl, the barrista at Starbucks… Cut It Out, the black & white floral, is next on my untried list.

  218. Rachel M says:

    I absolutely love FROCK STAR — it’s a dupe for DL’s Happy Birthday, but in polish strip form! So much easier to remove. :)

  219. Tessa says:

    I am LOVING booty camp, skinny jeans, and misbehaved. I’ve seen these at Target, but was short on cash at the time so I couldn’t try them out! Really looking forward to trying some eventually, though!

  220. Michelle Davis says:

    My fav is misbehaved. I’m wearing it now!

  221. cennapede says:

    I’m torn between Misbehaved and Laced Up…they’re both gorgeous!!

  222. Samantha says:

    My favorite would definitely be Misbehaved, it looks so fun!

  223. lam says:

    I love Kitty Kitty. Those things are so much fun!!

  224. Julianne Q says:

    I quite love Girl Flower. What a great giveaway!

  225. sara haselhuhn says:

    I love girl flower. I’ve been looking everywhere for it.

  226. Ruby says:

    I love the fishnet look of misbehaved. I’m too shy to wear them on my legs but I’ll wear them on my nails!

  227. ashley says:

    my fave is the pink camo!

  228. meag says:

    i love frock star! glitters have become some of my favorite polishes.

  229. KimmyDarling says:

    I love Misbehaved!

  230. LauraJ says:

    I love the flower girl pattern

  231. Alex says:

    Cut it out is my favorite!!

  232. Stephany says:

    Misbehaved is my favorite! Go Hellcats!

  233. Sarah says:

    Most of them are neat, but the little girl in me loves Fly With Me. ?

  234. Sylkii says:

    My fav is the lace manicure design

  235. mary says:

    kitty kitty!

  236. Valerie says:

    I think I have to say the Blue Ice! Love me a glitter :)

  237. Amy R says:

    Laced Up is definitely my favorite! I try to replicate it by stamping but the strips would be so much easier!

  238. Katy R says:

    Wow its tough deciding on a favorite but based on the season I would pick Girl Flower.

  239. Lee says:

    I love them all but Kitty Kitty and the zebra print are my faves!

  240. rebecca says:

    I haven’t tried these yet, but they look pretty awesome! I really like misbehaved, but I have to say that frock star is probably my favorite.. I am constantly searching for the perfect multi-colored glitter and this one looks promising :)

  241. Lisa says:

    Frock Star is my favorite! Multicolored!

  242. Kimberly says:

    I love Misbehaved. It’s fun without being too out-there and young.

  243. Angelica G says:

    I love Check it Out and in fact have already tried it, I couldn’t believe how easy it applied and how fabulous it looked! I would love to try more :-)

  244. sarah says:

    Oh gosh, my favorite is the Gold Glitter. And the Teal. It’s way too hard to pick just one :) Thanks for the great giveaways!

  245. Olivia says:

    My FAVORITE is the kitty, kitty design! yay leopard print!

  246. Britni Rose says:

    My favorite by far is Laced Up! You can’t even get that from a Konad stamp! You can get close, but not quite as awesome.

  247. Alison says:

    I love Girl Flower!

  248. Rebe says:

    Frock Star and Misbehaved are a tie for me!

  249. Nailati says:

    Without a doubt, Misbehaved!

  250. sage says:

    check it out!

  251. Renee says:

    I prefer “Girl Flower,” mainly because it’s so Katy Perry and I always enjoy her manis.

  252. Jana says:

    I love a lot of the designs and I think Laced Up is my absolute favorite, because its a look I probably wouldn’t do as well on my own. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  253. Diana says:

    My favorite is Kitty Kitty, but it is always sold out so I have not yet been able to try it :(

  254. Taylor says:

    My favorite one is Fly With Me

  255. Elizabeth says:

    Wicked Bamboo and Laced Up both look amazing.

  256. Amanda says:

    My fav is Cut It Out! Yay!

  257. eurydice says:

    Wow. Wow. I love nail strips. That sounds dirty. But I mean Sally Hansen nail strips. They do not strip in the dirty way. They strip in the best way. On my nails. Also Hellcats. I like Kitty Kitty because it is like the cats in Hellcats. If there were cats in hell they would wear Kitty Kitty. Strips. Nail strips. I don’t want to go to hell but I want Kitty Kitty nail strips. I want to win and see Kitty Kitty nail strips on my fingernails and Hellcats pompoms in my hands with the Kitty Kitty nail strips on my fingernails. That is why I want to win. Kitty Kitty.

  258. Audrey says:

    my favorite is laced up!

  259. Alder says:

    I really like Girl Flower. It is like flowers and it could be on my nails, but also not like flowers because they will not die. My flowers always die and it makes me sad, but with Girl Flower it would be better because I would not have to worry about death. I would have to worry about the nail strips coming off, but that is not as tragic as death. But almost. I also like the show Hell Cats, I think. I have never seen it, but I just watched the trailer with the sound off and at one point it looked like this girl’s face changed into this other girl’s face and it was a little bit scary, but again, not as scary as flower death. That is why I would like to have Girl Flower, please.

  260. Caitlin Molitor says:

    I LOVE Laced Up because it looks like something Lady Gaga has worn before.It is so unique and elegant and sure to get you noticed!

  261. Kaitlin says:

    Definitely Laced Up!

  262. brenna says:

    girl flower for sure!!

  263. Allie says:

    Girl Flower is my favorite (but it’s hard to choose!)

  264. Sarah says:

    I adore Cut it Out, it’s a fabulous monochromatic design with flowers–what else can a girl ask for?

  265. amanda says:

    Girl Flower or Cut It Out! I love the flower designs, but don’t have the patience, steady hand, or Konad to do it myself!

  266. Cheska S. says:

    My favorite is Kitty, Kitty because I love the leopard design.. I don’t have the animal print konad plate, but even if I did, I still suck pretty bad at konad (I need to practice A LOT ;P) so it’s not like I can replicate it.. These strips are so nice for people who like nail art but is pretty bad at it (oooh.. Me.. Me.. MEEE!) or for people who just don’t have the extra time to konad, or decorate..


  267. Stephanie says:

    I love laced up, it is neutral but wow! and would be super tough to do that kind of design on your own.

  268. Jmyers says:

    Check It Out! I have been tempted to buy these but still a little weary as to whether they will fit my nails or actually work!

  269. Melody says:

    I lovelovelove Fly with me!

  270. Cayla says:

    My favorite is Frock Star. I just love all the types of glitter in it. :)

  271. samara says:

    ive tried the check it out and fly with me (on now) but ive always loved camo so the next one i have waiting for me is booty camp…love this line!

  272. Megan says:

    I love fly with me! :)

  273. Amber says:

    Wild Child is my fav :) I love Zebra print!

  274. Spenser says:

    Check It Out is the best!

    I’ve worn a few others and this one is amazing. I have gotten a ridiculous amount of compliments from them.

    I am wearing them now and they have lasted over two weeks in perfect condition. I am IN LOVE!

  275. suzanne says:

    Misbehaved hands down! love it!

  276. Matthew says:

    The fishnet design is my favorite!

  277. sanders says:

    Cut It Out wins for me, just barely over Fly With Me and all of the glitters. I like the simplicity of the black and white.

  278. Sl 33 says:

    I love girl flower!

  279. Meg says:


  280. Caitlan says:

    I love misbehaved. It looks good on!

  281. Esther says:

    Check it out

  282. Sarah Tea says:

    I love Laced Up- it looks so fun; I could never do that design on my own. I have wanted to try these- what a fun giveaway!

    I watched the first few episodes of Hellcats and I think they moved it/and I got busy w/ family things and I missed a few eps. I really liked it a lot though- I was pleasantly surprised by the pilot especially. I may buy the DVDs to get caught up.

  283. Jackie says:

    Misbehaved is probably my favorite… but Girl Flower really calls to my inner Vada Sultenfuss…

  284. Kellie says:

    My favorite is definitely Booty Camp. :)

  285. Ashlyn says:

    Crossing my (badly-in-need-of-a-manicure) fingers :)

  286. Katie says:

    My fave is kitty kitty for sure!!!

  287. Shayla says:

    Laced Up and Cut It Out are a tie for me, I love how they are kind of edgy but also tame enough to wear them everyday. I think that the whole idea of the salon effects line being featured on the show is awesome, and I ADORE Hellcats!

  288. I am dyingggg for Girl Flower! Yesss! :)

  289. Kimber Y. says:

    I love Misbehaved!

  290. Kal says:

    Laced up is the one for me :-)

  291. Bronwyn says:

    I actually really like the black and white flower one- I can’t remember the name of it!!! But Misbehaved is great, too.

  292. Steph says:

    I LOVE Misbehaved, but I’m dying to try Cut It Out as well! Thanks for the great swatches!!

  293. zoe says:

    Girl flower. Even konad won’t do me justice for this nail strip.

  294. FionaT says:

    Check me out or wild child are my favs!! Thanks!!

  295. Mary says:

    Girl Flower!

  296. Tara says:

    I love all the ones I’ve tried, but my favorites are probably Check It Out and Kitty Kitty.

  297. Leslie says:

    I love Misbehaved. I actually have it on right now and can’t stop staring at it.

  298. Lorinda says:

    My favorite is definitely Laced Up! I also like Misbehaved.

  299. chrome-arty says:

    hands-down it’s misbehaved! ive actually seen several random strangers wearing it out in public. it’s just the right combo of elegant with an edge, and i love the thought of being able to achieve it so easily.

  300. Jane says:

    laced up would have to be my favorite design! i love the idea of having beautiful lace nails without having to go through all of the trouble of applying real lace to my nails.

  301. Jay says:

    I’ve tried Check It Out and loved it; received tons of compliments and questions too. So that’s my fave thus far. Have Kitty, Kitty and will try that one soon. Wild Child and Laced Up are next on my buy list.

  302. Jill says:

    It Girl! I’m loving Neons for summer

  303. Emily says:

    Misbehaved is my favorite!!!

  304. Teri says:

    I love the lasting power on these and they are always a conversation piece! My fav is Girl Flower while my 4 year old loves the Fly With Me.

  305. Evelyn says:

    I love “Cut It Out” – the black and white is so classy :)

  306. Aaren says:

    It’s a tie between Misbehaved and Laced Up. Both of them are so pretty!

  307. Mabel Chan says:

    laced up is definitely awesome

  308. Brooke says:

    I love Girl Flower and Fly With Me. Thanks for another great giveaway! :-D

  309. Deb says:

    I love Check it Out! I’m a sucker for houndstooth. Also, I was so hooked on Hellcats – such a guilty pleasure!

  310. Elizabeth says:

    I love Wild Child, Kitty, Kitty, Misbehaved and Laced Up! Soooo pretty!

  311. Pamela says:

    I absolutely love them ALL!!!!!! But right my fav is Girl Flower.

  312. Nicole F says:

    I honestly have only ever tried the Glitz Blitz color, but I found it easy to use and it lasted longer then I ever expected (even through scrubbing dishes and working in the garden!) I really love these strips but they are SOOO hard for me to find. I would love to try Misbehaved, I think it is my favorite style!

    Love your blog too ;)

  313. Amber says:

    I love Cut it Out. And you make a compelling argument (Gale Harold!) for watching Hellcats; into my netflix queue it goes.

  314. Barb says:

    I absolutely love the “Fly with me”!! Those little butterflies are so cool!

  315. Wrathika says:

    I love both Laced Up and Girl flower!. Love how long they last too. Thanks for the contest ALU!

  316. Bree says:

    LOVE Misbehaved!!

  317. Kayla says:

    email is: [removed for privacy]
    and i adore the zebra print one!

  318. Erin D. says:

    Booty Camp! Super cute.

  319. NailPolishFan says:

    I love Blue Ice.

  320. Melanie says:

    My favorite is Girl Flower. I got a TON of compliments when I wore that one!

  321. Maria says:

    Laced Up is gorgeous! Love these. :)

  322. kate says:

    I adore Bling it On! :) Love the Salon Effects – they’re my fave of the DIY Minx-type products.

  323. kavs says:

    my fav is raise a glass. nice neutal color

  324. Cara says:

    Misbehaved definitely!!!

  325. Goose says:

    Laced up is my favorite! But Kitty, kitty is awesome too!

  326. NeenaJ says:

    you had me at “gale harold”. swoon. will be dvr-ing it now!

  327. Claudia says:

    I think Laced Up is my favorite so far… but Girl Flower is too cute!

  328. Allie says:

    My favorite would have to be girl flower. It’s just sooo cute! Thanks for the awesome give away!!!

  329. ALY says:

    My favorite is Girl Flower. Thanks for the giveaway, by the way :)

  330. PM says:

    My favorite is Laced Up!

    Thanks :)

  331. Samantha says:

    I like Check It Out. I’ve seen some pretty great houndstooth manis and would love to try one too.

  332. Jenn says:

    I really like Misbehaved

  333. Jennie R. says:

    I can’t decided what I like more: Misbehaved or Laced Up. They’re both so cute!

  334. Beah says:

    I love Blue Ice!:)

  335. ggggg says:

    Love Girl Flower – it’s so happy!

  336. Wendy says:

    I’m a Kitty Kitty fan. Too cute!

  337. Brooke S. says:

    I’d love to try Laced Up! Will probably end up buying these even if I don’t win.

  338. Megan says:

    I love laced up!

  339. nikki says:

    I can’t decide which one I like the most! Either Girl Flower or Frock Star!

  340. A says:

    My favorite would have to be Cut It Out because it’s simple with a floral touch~ Thank you for doing a giveaway!

  341. Jessica B. says:

    Bling it on is my favorite, must be everyone’s favorite because I can have a hard time finiding it in stores. Awesome giveaway and I am a huge Hellcats fan!

  342. Hollie says:


  343. Darlene says:

    I like Blue Ice and Frock Star — they look really cool! Even if I don’t win, I may break down and buy these sometime. I keep looking at them every time I’m in the drugstore! :)

  344. Harmony Hunt says:

    My 2 fave Sally Hanson effects are “Laced up” & “Fly with me”!! It is impossible to choose just one!! :)

  345. Theresa Hunt says:

    I love the the “Frock star” multi glitter sparkly polish!!

  346. Connie West says:

    Laced up is my favorite although I haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for this giveaway!

  347. purpleish says:

    I cant decide between girl flower and cut it out! I like to wear them together for a diffrent look. BTW you can save your extra plish strips but putting them in a zip lock container :)

  348. Allie says:

    girl flower is my absolute favorite. it’s something that looks like it would take hours to do, but you can put it on in just a few minutes! :)

  349. Elizabeth says:

    Love Hellcats! My favorite design is Wild Child. Love the zebra prints!!!

  350. Tracy says:

    Laced Up, for sure!!! I can never find them anywhere in Cleveland, but I just returned from Canada and I’m so excited to try it!

    Next is definitely Cut Out and Girl Flower, but I didn’t even notice that Wicked Bamboo and Raise a Glass existed until I checked that post to see if I missed any. (Turns out I did!)

    Now I need to find those!

  351. Sarah says:

    Definitely the laced one :)

  352. Jennifer says:

    I think my favorite is the flower design or the blue ice design. Both are very nice! :D They’re all beautiful though!

  353. Jennifer says:

    My absolute FAVORITE of these is Kitty Kitty!

  354. ashleyD says:

    HOUNDSTOOTH!! what is not to love!! i’ve gone through an entire box already!

  355. Tameika says:

    My favorite is Cut it Out. When I get tired of the black and white I fill in a few of the petals with a vibrant color or two.

  356. Jenn says:

    I love the Frock Star and Laced Up!

  357. madison says:

    My favorite design is Girl Flower

  358. sharon says:

    i love hellcats. its a guilty pleasure that my roommates make fun of me for watching. im really excited that youre doing a giveaway based on it :)

    i like a lot of the designs but my favorite one is cut it out.

  359. Miranda says:

    Girl Flower is a perfect Spring look….though Kitty Kitty is pretty awesome too!

  360. Zara says:

    My favorite is either Check it Out or Laced Up…I can’t choose! :)

  361. Sunny says:

    i absolutely love misbehaved and girl flower! they’re unique and absolutely gorgeous!

  362. Kimmaye says:

    I can’t get over how hot the Kitty Kitty is! I haven’t tried any of the other looks yet but I’ve been eyeing the laced one.

  363. Angelica says:

    I love frock star! Its a gorgeous glitter and it caught my eye right away.