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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Review

By on January 26, 2011
in Sally Hansen, Spring 2011
It’s no secret that I’m not a nail art fan. I’ve always said that I appreciate the artistry, creativity and certainly the skill involved but it’s just not my bag. I do see designs from time to time that wow me but I won’t be jumping on the nail art bandwagon anytime soon.

However for those of you who are into nail art but professional services, including Minx, are out of your budget and DIY’ing isn’t in your skill set, Sally Hansen has a solution for you.  The recently launched line, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, are nail appliqués made from real nail polish.  These easy to apply nail polish strips come in an array of styles including solid color glitters and neons for those of us looking for a zero dry time, on-the-go manicure solution.

I recently gave the strips a go putting the “Lasts Up To 10 Days” claim to the test.  Keep reading to see how they fared.

Formula & Application: Sally Hansen Salon Effects are made with real nail polish and are 4-Free (including Formaldehyde Resin) however because they have a different formula than the regular Sally Hansen nail polish I suggest you read the ingredients in full before purchasing to avoid allergic reactions.  Each Salon Effects package includes 16 strips in varying sizes, a cuticle stick and mini file/buffer.

Application instructions are included with each package and are very easy to understand.  You select the correct size strip for each nail, peel off the protective film, detach the polish strip from the backing, press on to the nail and file off the excess.  What’s great about these strips is that each end has a different shape, one rounded the other squared, so you can find a good fit for your cuticle line.

Application tips:

  • Warm the strips with your hands to make them more pliable.
  • Bend the strip over your free edge and use the file to remove the excess rather than tearing it off.  Tearing can result in an uneven edge.
  • Between sizes?  Size up and use the enclosed cuticle stick to remove the excess off your skin.
  • Don’t submerge in water right after applying.  I took a shower shortly after applying and the pinkie strip popped right off and my ring finger pulled up some.  I pushed the ring finger back down and it lasted fine but I suggest waiting a couple hours before bathing.

Of all the patterns in the Salon Effects line I was most drawn to Misbehaved.  I dug the shimmery champagne background and simple black fishnet design.  Throughout the week I received numerous compliments from friends and strangers and I chuckled as the impressed looks on their faces fell when I told them it was an appliqué and not my own handiwork.  As if I could create lines that clean on my own.  I’d be a professional nail artist if that was the case.

I went above and beyond the promised 10 Days with my Wear Test, keeping Misbehaved on my nails for 12 Days.  In that time I went bowling three times (this is my bowling hand) and, with the exception of my middle finger starting to wear after Day 7, the rest of my nails looked pretty fantastic up until Day 10.  If it wasn’t for the growth that was SERIOUSLY starting to bug me, I would have left them on.

I don’t know when the cracks in my thumb nail started to occur but I didn’t notice them until I took this pic.  I have a feeling the tape I put in my bowling ball thumb hole last Saturday was part of the problem.  The tape is pretty rough to help with grip and I bet rubbing up against it plus everyday water exposure caused this strip to weaken and crack.

As much as I like Misbehaved, the glitters in this line are my fave.  Blue Ice is a beautiful smoky denim blue glitter and I love that you can get opaque glitter coverage without putting on layer after layer of polish and a thick top coat.  The Blue Ice strip is more flexible than the others I tried and it leaves a perfectly smooth finish.  Of course because it’s made of glitter nail polish it is more difficult to remove than the others and can leave traces of glitter behind if you aren’t precise in your removal.

If you love the flower pattern Minx that Katy Perry made famous, you can get a similar look from Girl Flower.  Maybe it’s just me but the patterns with light backgrounds, including Wicked Bamboo, and solid color neons feel thicker and aren’t as flexible.

Cry Baby is a hot pink neon creme.  It doesn’t look neon on camera but in person it’s BRIGHT!  As I mentioned above, the neon strips aren’t as flexible as the glitters or Misbehaved.  They also show every nail imperfection, like the ridges I didn’t realize were on my thumb nail.

The Full Sally Hansen Salon Effects Line

Cut It Out, Girl Flower, Booty Camp, Collide-O-Scope

Frock Star, Blue Ice, Bling It On, Glitz Blitz

Skinny Jeans, Check It Out, Misbehaved, Laced Up

Wild Child, Kitty Kitty, Fly With Me

Raise A Glass, Wicked Bamboo

Cry Baby, It Girl, Violet Night, Red-y For Trouble

Squeezed, Electric Shock, Groove, Teal With It

Bottom Line: Overall I was impressed with the diversity of colors and patterns, the ease of application and the wear.  Compared to the other nail appliqués I’ve tried, I definitely like Sally Hansen’s the best.  I’ve never been able to get the Incoco ones to stick to my nails (frustrates me to no end) and the Sephora by OPI version of Minx are thick and don’t last as long.  I personally haven’t tried any others but given the accessibility of Sally Hansen, the Salon Effects line gets my stamp of approval.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are in stores now and retail for $9.99/ea.  You can find Sally Hansen products at drugstores and mass market retails nationwide.

How do you feel about nail polish appliques?  Is this something you would wear?  What do you think are the benefits of this type of product?  Which designs, colors or patterns are your faves?

Disclosure: Product samples were furnished by Sally Hansen.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. melissa says:

    Can these be used on acrylic wrap. I have short nails but keep them wrapped because if not i would ravage them due to my nail biting issues…

  2. ?Lola A? ? says:

    Yesss! I’ve been wondering about these! *looks online for BOGO sale*

  3. Emilie says:

    Omg… those look AWESOME!

  4. sara says:

    Given that I’m on day 3 of China Glaze Sea Spray (which is gorgeous) and I’m already bored, I probably wouldn’t go for these (at $10 a pop, it would be an incredible waste to take them off after only a couple of days). But they are cute and if I went in for that kind of thing, I would totally get these.

  5. JENNY says:

    I was super thrilled to discover these at my local Walgreens! I immediately bought the lace ones, went home and applied them! What a simple, easy and elegant way to get a manicure. I am on my third design (Misbehaved) and can’t wait to keep trying more! I’ve kept them on for a little under 3 weeks and have to admit, they wear and tear pretty well.

  6. Cin says:

    I’m impressed. I need to stock up on the houndstooth for next football season to support my Alabama Crimson Tide for sure ;-)

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m with you…I’m not into nail art for myself, but some of those designs look really good. I could see myself wearing one of the glitters or Laced Up, especially since they’re easy to apply.

  8. Susie says:

    I’ve fought with the Incoco and Avon nail strips in the past. Even with your trusted review, I am still hesitant to spend $10 for these. I’d rather buy a new bottle of polish.

    The art designs are cute though, and for people that normally pay someone to do that, I can see why it’s worth trying.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Believe me, I’m with you. I tried the Avon ones back in the day too and had no luck. I thought I was a crazy person because people were raving about Avon & Incoco and I couldn’t get either one to lay flat or stick. Infuriating. But the Sally Hansen ones really do go on easily and last. Wait until you see a BOGO sale and take the plunge.

  9. Sara says:

    I definitely like this! I wouldn’t use the plain, single color, or possibly even the glitter (since I can recreate that myself with polish), but I do really like the prints. I’d probably get the Misbehaved version, and possibly the lace or zebra lookin ones. Neat!

  10. I feel special I got to see Misbhaved IN PERSON! :) This sort of thing looks right up my alley though (I’m terrible with painting – although I did just get CND sticky based on your recco to Heather!) – I need to be on the lookout for these suckers!

  11. DLFM says:

    I like the fishnet one as well and think the lace one might be pretty. But at $9.99 I think I’ll pass – maybe will try one for a special occasion.

  12. melissa says:

    I had purchased these after many failed attempts at konad, and random other nail art/full nail style appliques… I absolutely LOVE these!!!! I purchased the zebra and leopard, and am now going back to get the butterflies, bc the design is so similar to the mac liberty of london style!! These were super easy to apply and stayed on like a dream!!! The top coat sort of melted the strips into the nail to give more of an authentic nail polish look rather than a sticker… the big thing I noticed between texture and styles, was that the metallic finish resembled more like polish than just regular prints… the gold and bronze leopard print looked exactly like it was painted, while the zebra close up looked like a print… regardless, I think these are a great, easy product and I with my shorter nails, I was able to do 2 nails with each strip, only using one packet for all 10 nails… I also think these would be adorable in the summer for a pedicure (yes, the large thumb one is big enough for a toe nail!!!) and even the extras you could throw on a single nail, while the rest were just polished a solid color! Thank you for posting pics and a review… I have been recommending these to everyone I know and they sort of scoff at the price tag, however I think under $10 for a week long manicure is way cheaper than the salon!!!

  13. Pammy says:

    I am so glad that you posted a review on these!!! I have been eyeing them at the drugstore and was wondering about the claims of 10-day wear. I usually have a more “subtle” look on my nails, but really like the fishnet look that you posted. And, with the ease of application, I might branch out to more “fun” designs. Great post!!! Love your blog!!!

  14. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these. I especially like the flowers and the glitter.

  15. Lauren says:

    I’m totally with you on nail art, but I want to try Laced Up. Would these be easy to apply on kids? My nieces would die over Girl Flower, but would they work on tiny nails?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I think they would be easy to apply but I don’t know about tiny nails. The sizes are pretty average. Maybe they will come out with a line for kids with smaller sizes.

      • Lauren says:

        I bought Laced Up , Flower Girl and Kitty Kitty today. Also, CVS has $1 off manufacturer coupons, but they were sold out of all the designs I wanted. So, I took the coupons to Walgreens. :)

  16. Goose says:

    If you have short nails, cut each strip in half and use only one package per manicure! That halves the cost of each mani :o) I did a review of these as well that explains this method.

    Another great review from ALU!

  17. meg says:

    Thanks for posting this review. I was wondering how these compared to the Sephora/Minx ones. I don’t like these designs quite as much as the Sephora ones, and the idea of the glitter or solid color ones seems kind of silly (when you could just do it yourself with polish alone– except yellows ’cause they’re notoriously hard to apply), but I just might pick up a pack of Misbehaved next time I see them.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Agreed, the solid colors aren’t really useful. Though I do like the glitter ones because they are easier to deal with than traditional glitter polish but that’s just my preference.

  18. grace says:

    I cannot find these anywhere! I’ve been dying to try them out. Do you know if they’re available online at all?

  19. SpaWeekDaily says:

    Gorgeous nails! I might like this better than Sephora’s rendition.

  20. rijaH says:

    I would so love to try these! I really like the flower design :D

  21. NailPolishFan says:

    I really like your swatches. I really like the Blue Ice one. I can’t wait to try them out. It’ll save time I think in putting these on then waiting forever for my nail polish to dry. Thanks for the review.

  22. Kitty says:

    Nice review. Very detailed. I have never tired any polish strips like this but looks like Sally Hansen is the way to go if I ever want to.

  23. I love Laced Up.
    I don’t think I’ll be buying these now, but for vacations and stuff, these would be so awesome.
    Thanks for the review!

  24. Mandy says:

    I love the idea of these, but I wonder if they’d even work on my extremely small hands. (Seriously, my wedding ring is a size 3!) I think they’d be way too wide and would be a pain to trim to size with the cuticle stick.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      That’s a good question. As some ladies have suggested, if your nails are short you can cut the strips in half and then you’ll have double the amount of small sizes and hopefully those will fit. I have pretty average nail beds so it wasn’t an issue for me but I really couldn’t say how it will work for you.

  25. RMb says:

    thank you for posting this!! i’ve seen these & have been dying to get a set so i can try them out. we’ll see how they go.

    ps. long time follower, first time commenter… thanks for such a great blog!! i love it! :)

  26. Joni says:

    I bought these at my local rite aid, and they were only $5. I wore Girl Flower for over a week, and I got soo many compliments.

  27. Renee says:

    I think they’re cool – but would never use the soid coloured ones (I can do that better with polish).

  28. Bronwyn says:

    I love these- I got the black/white flower and the colored flower designs and I think the black/white one held up a bit better but they were both sooo cute and I just love them. I wish they weren’t quite so pricey, but I do have short enough nails that I can do 2 nails per strip, so I’m saving a little money that way- and for special occasions they’re going to be really great. I hope they don’t discontinue them anytime soon- but if they do you’ll find me grabbing up every last one on sale.

  29. Lucy says:

    I like nail art, and some of these designs are gorgeous. However, I don’t really understand why you’d buy these for the designs that look like polish, surely it’s cheaper (and reusable) to just paint your nails rather than use these as a one off?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I like the idea of the glitter ones because even though they’re not as easy to remove, they’re a lot easier than a traditional glitter polish. Plus the surface is super smooth without needing a thick top coat. But the solid color neons make no sense to me unless you are really in a rush and don’t have time to wait for nail polish to dry.

  30. Suiling says:

    O_O soo excited… gotta go see if we have em here in hawaii yet… Ive always wanted to try these but i wasnt thrilled by the Sephora ones..and i heard a sales associate at sephora telling a customer they last around a week if you shower (and i was thinking..wait so you cant shower?? o_O) anyways..cant wait till i find these…

  31. Oh holy crap! Some of those are so awesome I kind of want to freak out right here! I NEED that camo!!!

  32. Wow! I’m a pro nail tech but I think imma try them.

  33. Sarah says:

    Do you use a base or top coat with these?? I bought the lace one a week ago and I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to a base so I haven’t tried them yet.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      You don’t need to use anything with these. I haven’t tried applying a top coat but I would imagine you run the risk of smearing the design by applying it since the strips are made of polish.

  34. Naz says:

    I adore the butterfly ones and that blue glitter! I hope we get them here in the UK. It’s good to know that they’re easy to use and hardwearing, thanks for the review! x

  35. Adeline says:

    I don’t live in the US, do you know where I can get these? Anywhere online? Can’t seem to find any sites that sell these…I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

    Thanks for the review!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi Adeline! I wish I knew how they were distributing the line outside of the US but I’m not given that information. I wish I could be of more help.

  36. Amber Janel says:

    I LOVE these things! They’re super easy to apply and last much longer than traditional polish on my hands. Even when they chip no one seems to notice. It’s really nice to get compliments on my nails without having to spend an hour in the nail salon AND without having long nails. I’ve got the lace, fishnet and houndstooth patterns. My mom is hoping Sally comes out with stripes sometime in the near future since her Sephora by OPI appliques were a complete disaster.

  37. kirsten says:

    MUST HAVE Laced Up and ALL of the glitters especially Frock Star! I’m not a nail art fan either. I don’t have the time or patience for it. Occassionally I see a design that I love, but would never actually go out and have it done at a salon or attempt to do it myself. For someone like me that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on my nails every week, but is completely addicted to glitter polishes these are PERFECT because as you said you don’t have to pile on numerous coats, wait forever for it to dry, or spend an eternity removing it. My only qualm is with the filing part. I’ve refused to even touch any file, but an Essie glass file for years now so the idea of using some cheapo one thrown in this kit makes me shudder. I also wonder if its necessary to file back and forth or if I can file in one direction as usual. Going back and forth feels like nails on a chalkboard to me, but I REALLY want to get a few of these!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      You can use any file with these but I mentioned the one that is included so people don’t have to buy a new file. I use a glass file as well and prefer that.

      • kirsten says:

        Oh YAY! Thanks, what a relief! Then I’ll get my butt down to Walgreens and pick some of these up pronto! I take it it doesn’t do any damage to the file either so as long as it won’t damage my nails or my file then I can’t wait to get these on my nails!

  38. A well done review…they look just like Minx. Have you actually compared the materials? Don’t know if you are aware that Coty, who just bought OPI also owns Sally Hansen.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I am aware of that, thank you. Minx isn’t a nail polish strip, it’s a polymer so the products aren’t the same.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I saw these the other day and thought that they were cute, but remembered your review of the OPI by Sephora strips, so I decided to take a pass. But now I may go and get them! I too am not a big nail art person, but the lace ones and especially the fishnet ones are calling to me. I think ten bucks is an okay price to pay, maybe not for an everyday look but for a special occasion or night out!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I thought the SOPI version was much thicker and not as easy to apply. I definitely think the Sally Hansen version is much more durable.

  40. rachel says:

    I could see myself using these as an accent nail, (i think too much nail art can be overwhelming) But the lace would be great on my ring finger with a vampy mani on the rest of my fingers! (you’d get more for your money too!)

  41. Laurianna says:

    I love these, bought some and was HOPING someone would review them before I tried them! Thanks for explaining about not using basecoat or topcoat with them. I am VERY confused about the filing part. Am I supposed to make a crease under the nail and file at the loose edge that is past the crease and under my nail? Or do I make a crease and just file my nail like normal? Help!


  42. Connie Lee says:

    I saw these, I wish I would have bought them. Maybe I will pick some up and try it. But I wish that they would invent a super strong top coat, something that is hand grenade tough, I am pretty rough on my nails and my nail color always chips. I get frustrated with having beautiful polish on then after one day the polish chips. arrgh!

  43. Appy says:

    Your review convinced me to tramp through the snow to find these! (They’re very popular, given how many places I saw empty boxes where people had stolen the contents.) Of course, since I’m in the big city, it was $12 each… oy. I cannot wait for BOGO. Good call on the cut in half.

  44. KayDiKat says:

    Thanks for the review! I have been eyeballing these at Walgreen’s for a few weeks now, but wasn’t sure if they would be worth the $. My faves are the lace, fishnet and houndstooth. I probably would only wear an entire mani of these on a special occasion, but I am a huge fan of single accent nails, and these would ROCK!

  45. Vanessa says:

    I just took off the Blue Ice! I loved it. It was so sparkley. It lasted for about 2 weeks for me without top coat. There was some minor chipping/peeling towards the end but it held up well. My initial concern was, how well would they do in water and to my surprise no problem. I have to work on the application but I’m sure once I do it a few more times I’ll be a pro. I will def get these again : )

  46. Steph says:

    These polish strips are really cool. I’ve never seen anything like them. I really like the leopard print. I usually get my nails done at the salon with OPI polish, but this would be a fun change.

  47. Nancy says:

    Wow, amazing! I will definitely check these out. Easy way to have fabulous nail art!

  48. Courtney says:

    The patterns and neons probably wont be going on my nails anytime soon, but I would probably give out $10 or a solid pinky white that would last 6-7 days.

  49. Victoria says:

    So I tried them out a few weeks ago the first day the put them i the shelve in the walmart i work in, and i love them because im horrible on nails and have never had any polish last as long as these did for me. if it han’t been for nail growth i think i could have left them on for 2 weeks

  50. christine says:

    buy one get one 50% off at ulta!

  51. auntbitsy says:

    FWIW, I used a top coat with no problems. Though, I used Raise a Glass – not much pattern to smear there!

  52. RebeccaS says:

    Ooooooh, these sound awesome! I’ll have to see if Rite-Aid has the patterns in stock.

  53. kia says:

    about two weeks ago i picked up blue ice and the lace patterned stickers. can’t wait to give them a try!

  54. Rebecca says:

    These are FABULOUS! I bought the lace ones and put them JUST on my thumbnail, with a jet black on the other nails, and they were amazing – I got TONS of compliments, and they stayed on me for two full weeks, till i got sick of the growth.

    I work on a computer all day, and normally a manicure is dead in 48 hours, so that impressed me – but what was even better is my soft, thin nails that peel like mad grew out longer than I’ve had them in ages as long as i was wearing these! Super fast and easy. Expensive, but for me totally worth it as a regular manicure is $20-30, and lasts me 2 days.

  55. Angelica says:

    Wow! I’m really excited to try these out. I’ve never tried anything like them before, so I hope it goes well. Wish me luck.
    P.S. I will try the Girl Flower if I can find it!

  56. omgnoodles says:

    Loving the flowery one!

  57. Kathie says:

    Those look great even after 10 days! Gonna try the glittery ones!

  58. Jeanie says:

    I love these!
    Although, I have a Konad, so most of these designs I would just stamp on and I just found out that Sally Hansen tests on animals.

    I’m in boycott mode!

  59. Shannon says:

    i got the girl flower ones about two weeks ago. i seriously got at least 5 compliments a day. everyone wanted to know what they were and where i got them. they lasted forever with such minimal wear and helped my nails grow!

  60. Kara says:

    I just bought Kitty Kitty and Laced Up. I put Kitty Kitty on last night..really easy to do (despite the girl at Harmon that tried to discourage me because my nails are “natural”), went on smoothly and seriously I love them!!

  61. ach167 says:

    Thanks for the swatches! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for a review on these. I’m obsessed with houndstooth so I most certainly will try those first. Anyone know a website they’re being sold at online?

  62. What a detailed review and your nails look awesome, I definitely plan on trying them, I like the zebra ones.

  63. Alicia says:

    I actually saw these at Walmart today! They are SO much better than the Chic Prints from Sephora, those only last a couple days before starting to lift and peel off.

  64. Kelli Lynn says:

    I just bought cry baby. I’m not understanding 16. Why not 20?
    I was reading the reviews, I wanted to see how natural nails react to the strips.

  65. marisa says:

    I absolutely think this idea is amazing !!

  66. Brenda Gibbs says:

    I Love these! I wear them all the time. I Put Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength. On top of them. Makes my natural nails strong. I find that the prints and the glitter work allot better than the cremes, They show every nail imperfection. I have gotten so many compliments on these. And they do last and look great while they last! I just wish that I could find a website to buy them from. The store does not carry every design.

  67. Autumn says:

    I bought Laced Up and Misbehaved at CVS for $10.49 each. I applied the Laced Up and love it so far! I found it super easy to apply and love the fact that everything you need is included. I want to buy all of them but they are a little expensive. However, it is way less than a manicure and the Sephora/OPI ones. I am hoping that they last the full 10 days. I am a make up artist and my hand go through a lot of washing and sanitizer.

  68. Stephanie says:

    Does anybody know if and when these will be released in Canada? I’m dying to try Laced Up and Kitty Kitty.

  69. LoveThese says:

    Been wearing the Blue Ice for 2 full weeks (yes, 14 days) with no peeling, chipping… just almost 1/4 inch of new growth, so they gotta go! I LOVE these. I have natural nails that are strong and grow great, but I therefore have to keep them manicured. I am going to put in a comment at Sally Hansen to request that they also do these in more “professional” colors… frosts/cremes in beiges, taupes, mauves, berries… they are so durable, the price is worth it, and way better than shop prices. BTW — try it on your toes!

  70. Naildoc71 says:

    I am so excited about this product! I am a nail tech/salon owner with almost 19yrs in the field. My husband saw these at a major chain store and thought I might like to ‘play’ with them! I am so hooked on these! I use A LOT of polish remover and lotions. These appliques have lasted for over 2wks on me! I do wear acrylic over my nails, but to have them last through all of my clients. It is so fun to have a design on my nails for longer than a couple of days. You can make them last longer if you swipe the end of the nail with brush on glue. Just a lil works! Also, if you use cuticle scissors to cut the excess off, you will be able to use the other side for another nail. No waste! Worth its weight in gold to me!

  71. Hedgehog6 says:

    I am dying to try “Laced up” (^_^)

  72. Shantel says:

    i have the colidoscope ones on now. For me, instead of filing the excess of i used the flat end of the cuticle stick and went around the edge of my nail putting some of the excess under my nails and just tore off the excess and use the light pink part of the file and smoothed the edges down. They look fine. I want to try Booty Camp and Kitty Kitty but dont know where to find them. Walmart only has a select few.

  73. Sara says:

    Same comment pretty much as Stephanie. Does anybody know where to find these in Canada or when the release date is? I’ve been to numourous Shoppers Drug Marts and Walmarts with no luck.

    I’ve tried the Sephora strips and loved the look of them but did notice the tips start lifting after only a few days so super excited to give these a try. I’m all about the glitter :)

  74. NeenaJ says:

    I just picked up Kitty Kitty on sale at Kroger of all places for $7.99. Can’t wait to try them!

  75. Amy says:

    Go to INCOCO.COM. They are the original nail strips. I have been using them for over 2 years. They just came out with prints as well. They also have french and other colored tips as well. I have gotten these to last over 14 days.

  76. Morgan says:

    I loveeee these

  77. Mer says:

    I used clear coat on mine and it was fine and I used the pattern “check it out” and it was fine I LOVE these things!

  78. bliss says:

    Does anybody know where I can get these in Toronto?

  79. Colleen says:

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago in the lace. My fingernails are stubby and different shaped. These worked amazingly. My only problem was I started with my left hand, when I should have gone with my right, which I could have taken more time to play around with. Other than that, they were awesome. I took them off after maybe 5 days because some were peeling. I didn’t want to.

  80. Rebekka says:

    I have serious tremors in both hands from a medical condition and the fact that I succeeded in using these just goes to show how user friendly they are. I’m right handed so I chose to do a few fingers on my left hand in Kitty, Kitty and do the rest in lilac creme. It went so well and looks so cute.

  81. Tracy says:

    I tried these on my natural nails – and they were amazing! I had the black lace ones, and I wore them about 12 days!!! My nails have grown. I put a top coat on, and I’m not sure if I should have, but they wore great! I’ll do it again when I want to grow my nails a little and maybe try it on vacation to see how they hold up to sand and salt water!

  82. renee says:

    I saw these and immediately wanted to try them but then I decided to wait until I could look them up on this blog first before I spent the money. Now that I see they really work I wish I had bought them! As soon as I’m not snowed in anymore I’m out of here to go get some!

  83. Melissa says:

    I just purchased these and was excited to try it out, so I applied just on one nail; afterwards, I read on the back of the box that you have to discard open unused strips. Does that mean that the package I opened will not be usable or dry out?

    • Sarah says:

      The nail strips harden after opening the pack. I just put some wild child strips on my toes that I’ve had open for a week, and they are sticking, but I’m not so sure they will last very long.

      I’ve tried Wild Child, Misbehaved and Girl Flower.

  84. Vicki says:

    I occasionally bite my nails, which I hate. Then when my nails start to grow, they’ll peel, or using a lot of polish seems to dry them out. I hadn’t even heard of these until I saw them in a recent People magazine. I just *love* glittery, sparkly things, so I bought the multicolor sparkles. This is only day 1 for me, but I can’t stop looking at my nails! I need to keep my nails fairly short, as I type for a living. This just makes my hard-working hands look a little more fun! This is definitely a decadent little splurge for me, but I do believe I’ll be buying them again. I just can’t make up my mind which to try next!

  85. Amy says:

    Help! They are not in any of the drugstores around me and I cannot find them online anywhere. They’re not even listed as a product on the Sally Hansen website! Weird, no? Where is everyone purchasing them? Any advice is appreciated.

  86. Lorraine says:

    I saw them, anD I will purhcase them today. My friend Rosario will set them on, cant wait I plan on posting pix on my facebook Yeah! They look good & fun

  87. Bailey Boo says:

    my mom got me these for a sleepover and they are super cute! they worked perfect on my nails! on my friends nails though she has short nails and they didnt work on her’s but they are cute on longish nails! i love them so much! can’t wait till i get to show them to m friends at school! :)

  88. stephanie says:

    I just tried the lace pattern ones based on your review because the idea looks no bueno for a do-it-yourself but color me impressed! We’ll see how long they wear for me but, it was easy and they look awesome!

  89. Cathy says:

    I was wondering can you use these on glued/acrylics?

  90. Renee says:

    I just purchased “Check it out” I must say I am in love with the look! I paired it with a sally hansen polished #340 “Mint Sorbet”. I spen a total of $13 on this look, and since I only used 2 appliques, I can switch up this look a few more time… I would like to try”Kitty Kitty”, “Skinny Jeans”, and “Laced up” next!

  91. Staci says:

    I love these strips they are awesome…especially for me being a bartender…without these I would either have to do my nails every day or put acrylics back on which as we know destroys your nails forever…they are super easy and almost fun to put on…another problem i run into is that my nail beds are huge, but there was a perfect fit for every one of my nails…Im sooo excited to try every color they have!!!

  92. jenny says:

    I like the colors, though I’m disappointed by Sally Hansen using a white base coat. A day after application the white started peeking through the edges. The company should really find a way to make the same product with a clear base coat.

  93. Alba says:

    I bought Girl Flower, just couldn’t resist, but I decided to do a run test 1st. Since my nails are short I only use half and applique per nail. Put Orly Bonder, then the applique and then 2 coats of Orly Magnifique.

    I’m in my 2nd day and it looks marvelous. No chips and looks so very fresh, shiny and glossy.

  94. vallery says:


  95. Leslie says:

    I first bought these in Raise a Glass and the first hand that I applied went on fine but I think the 2nd package of 8 was dried out because the strips were not pliable at all and would not stick to my nails. I figured I had a defective box so I bought the Misbehaved and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They were so easy, they look great and they haven’t chipped yet after three days and usually my manicures chip after 1 day. Overall they may be a little pricey but so worth it and cheaper than a regular manicure.

  96. shelly says:

    i love these! i just put them on and i do a lot of things with my hands, like dancing cheerleading, and singing. and these work very well. i had these on for 3 hr i was at cheerleading. but should i put a coat of polish on to make shore?

  97. Amber says:

    I bartend 3 days a week so usually I dont paint my nails because it chips everytime I go to work. These strips are awesome. I want them in every color. They are a little expensive but its worth it since I never have my nails painted. Also, as I was applying them to my nails I was getting better and better at it so be patient with them because it is a learning process.

  98. reesey says:

    I have the kitty kitty on since Feb1st and have received numerous compliments from both men and women. I have never worn nail art and decided to give it a try. The application was simple and not messy. It looks great and I am happy with the results. Ladies keep the nails short otherwise the look effect will be in the trash zone. Cute, fresh, easy and seems to protect the nail.

  99. dondi davis says:

    I’ve got the pink camo on now-easy to apply –fun and different!

    • celticprincess71417 says:

      I just bought my first set in flower girl and i was shocked at how easy it was! I thought for sure i would mess up and they would look bad, but they went on easy and claned up nice. I am a CMA so getiing my nails done at a salon is a a bit pricy considering that they chip and break so easy when i work i can’t keep salon nail looking good for a week beacuse of the wear and tear of my work. but salon effects has lsated 5 day so far with no chips (I did add a clear polish on top though) so for $9 bucks it is worth it.

  100. teres says:

    great idea and I hate painting my nails. These worked fine and I can’t wait to see how long they last. Will buy again.

  101. Nora says:

    I bought Fly With Me today. I was really torn between them and Frock Star, but the butterflies seemed a bit more unique. They are expensive, but so far I am absolutely in love with them. Application was so easy, not much longer than it usually takes for me to do my nails, and I love that each nail is unique. I have the hardest time keeping polish on my fingers, it’s like I can’t stop myself peeling it off and redoing it, so I think these will be a godsend for me.

    I believe there is a coupon to get $2 off these right now. I have to print it out and grab Frock Star to use when the current mani is over with.

  102. Sue says:

    I bought “Cut it out and Fly with me. Way easier to apply than I thought. Looks great. Can’t wait to see how long they last!

    • Alisha says:

      I am goingto go and but some to. i love the SPARKLES!!!!!!! but i think they look so cool i cant wiat to use them but i agree they are a little pricy but they are way cheaper and faster then getingthem done at a nail salon.

  103. Elizabeth says:

    I applied the check it out last night and I am in love with it. Cant wait to try on the other designs.

  104. CORI says:

    love them!
    Got compliments on the first day, and really surprisingly easy to apply!

  105. MJ says:

    Thank you so much for this great review. I purchased a set a few weeks ago, but wasn’t optimistic about them, so they sat untouched. I will definitely be putting them on this week!

  106. Maria says:

    I tried to put on Violet Night last night and it wouldn’t really stick to my nails AT ALL. I was just barely able to get my one thumb done and wasn’t able to do any others. I followed all the directions exactly. Also, the strips in my pack were extremely brittle. I’m hoping it’s just a neon strip thing or just that pack and I don’t have that problem when I try Misbehaved tonight, because I can paint my own nails well enough that I wouldn’t mind the solid neons not working on me but I’d be really disappointed if the patterned ones give me the same problems. Fingers crossed!

    • Leslie says:

      That happened to me as well. The first pack I bought was defective because all the strips were dried out and very brittle. If you get a fresh pack they are very pliable and work great. I love them!!

  107. melissa says:

    I got the cry baby pink polish. I really like the color. They were a bit tedious to apply because I had a hard time lining them up “prefectly” with my nails. I was able to get a good fit with my nails, although I was in between sizes for my thumbs and the one I was going to use for my little finger split at the end I wanted, so I had to use the larger end. Overall I do like these, but I work in healthcare, and I am constantly washing my hands daily. I have had them on for a couple days now, maybe three, and almost all of them have cracked through the nail and they are starting to chip. I wish they were stronger and would last me longer. I think I can possibly get 2 more days out of them before their chipped appearance starts to bother me. I also purchased “check it out.” I saw a video of someone on you tube reviewing them, and they looked fabulous! I can’t wait to try more. I wish they were a little cheaper since my career limits their use.

    • melissa says:

      And another thing, I should have given them a little dry time. I was at home doing stuff and found little pieces of stuff stuck to them–who knows, dust? Anyway, they still looked good. I hate painting my nails, so I thought these would be a good idea. I just wish they wouldn’t have chipped so quickly.

    • Meg says:

      I am a nurse and wash my hands constantly. Normal manicures only last 5 days on me. These nail sticker things look awesome. I tried Misbehaved. I took my time applying them so they looked great. So far, they have lasted 4 days and are still looking great. Some of my co-workers have tried them as well, and they said they lasted 2 weeks for them. (Minus the re-growth.)I am loving them and planning getting more. I want Wild Child, Blue Ice and Frock Star.

  108. Char says:

    I’m wearing Misbehaved right now and I love it! I was never a fan of getting my nails done because I always managed to chip the polish fairly soon after. I’m on Day #7 with Misbehaved and I only have one or two chips on my nails.
    I wonder how it will hold up in the summer (i.e. swimming pools…)?
    Either way, I’m sold!

  109. Jan says:

    I purchased two sets of these nail strips and I was very unhappy. The first time I applied them they were off by the second day. I guess if you don’t have to wash your hands you would be o.k. And the ones that you applied “Misbehaved” do not look good by any stretch of the imagination. They don’t fit your nails, maybe from a distant they looked good but your close-up did nothing to warrant raves from anyone. The blue glitter one looks great but alas the pink one is yuk!! I am going to try the other set and see how they go. Otherwise I would not waste my money on them.

  110. ~Melissa~ says:

    I bought Misbehaved to “test them out” & I love them! I’m on day 5 and have had only minimal wear & tear. A few tips: 1. make sure nails are free of any oils that may prevent sticking by wiping each nail with polish remover or rubbing alcohol 2. make sure your hands/nails are warm, some of mine didn’t stick well so I warmed them with my blow dryer for a few seconds & smoothed back over them with the wooden cuticle stick…worked like a charm. I got mine @ Wal-Mart for $8.50

  111. Lisa says:

    Hi I am wanting to but these they look so cool but no clue where I can get them,, Could someone please let me know how to purchase them Thanks

    • Beth says:

      I saw them in a display at Walgreens today for $9.99. I can’t seem to find them online anywhere, except Ebay.

  112. Cassie says:

    I have had the Booty Camp on. They lasted up to 14 days without chipping, though my fingernails grew they still looked amazing. They stood my firefighting and washing numerous bottles. They still are on, but the only reason they have started to peel or crack was because of my bitting my fingernails to get the polish off, *stress*.. lol

  113. Moogie says:

    I love them. I use them on my toes not my fingers. I used Flower Girl – I just took the biggest strip for my big toe them with some of the leftovers from the other toes I patched up the side where the strip didn’t reach. I think the pattern hid any patch job I did to cover all the nail. I then put a clear coat over the top….it has lasted two weeks now without any problems.

  114. amanda says:

    I bought the check it out and have had them on for 7 days. I received tons of compliments and thought that they were really easy to apply. I probably could have left them on longer but it’s hard for me to keep the same polish on for 2 days let alone 7!

  115. sue says:

    Thought these would be awful to put on but with a little time they turned out great. I bought the black and white flower ones. People at work thought they were cool. I too work in the health care field and can’t wait to see how long they last. Oh well it was fun while they lasted. Would definelty buy them again but will look for coupons.

  116. Jenn.NC says:

    I am planning on buying a few different designs/colors of these soon! I can definitely see the benefit of them. Apply and go, rather than base coat, 2 coats of color, topcoat, wait to dry. Sometimes I really want to do my nails but just can’t find the time to go through the whole process. I think these will be a lifesaver on days like that.

  117. Aleshia says:

    I was skeptical, but I tried them in “Kitty Kitty” and am in LOVE with them!!! They were so easy to apply. I did have a little trouble with some of them wanting to raise up on the edges, but just used clear nail polish to stick them back down. I will be trying other designs!!!

  118. Lauren says:

    I love these and how easy they are to apply but how in the hell can you get them off? Nail polish remover did nothing!

  119. Janelle says:

    ok…i have it so bad!!! on monday i tried kitty kitty and by friday i had the entire collection! i am totally hooked and i hope they never stop making these. i have very short nails, so the fact that the strips were able to stick is amazing to me! a few fingers are slightly chipped due to my extremely short length, but they still look good enough and i don’t regret spending a small fortune to have them all in my stash.

  120. Katherine says:

    I just put on “wild child”, and I was so suprised at how easy they are to work with. I was expecting for them to be sticking on my fingers, or folding in half. I am also in health care, so I really hope they stay on longer than regular polish. I absolutley love not having to take 2 hours on my nails. What will I do with all that extra time? Perhaps I’ll take an art class and learn to paint!! lol

  121. Karen says:

    I just put the “Cut it out” design on tonight, and it’s my first experience with an applique. It was really easy to do and I’m looking forward to seeing how long it lasts. Of note, I was able do both hands using only 8 appliques, which means that I can get two manicure’s out of a box – makes the price a lot more reasonable. I may even try using these for a pedicure!

  122. Beth says:

    I really interested in trying these, but am skeptical since I use my hands pretty hard. Do you need to use a basecoat or top coat with these before/after applying? Can you even use a base/top coat? Or is everyone having decent luck just applying the strips alone?

  123. sarahlee says:

    i am in love with the houndstooth print! since i have short nails, i was able to use one strip on 2 fingers (just flip it around and use the other end on the same finger but opposite hand)! totally worth the price for short nails! put a clear coat on it and it lasted 12 days and i am a hair stylist doing many shampoos all the time love this stuff!

  124. Allison says:

    I’ve been using these for about a month now, and i love them. Ive used wild child, kitty kitty, and frock star. They are super easy to apply and they last forever. I work with my hands a lot, and I’m constantly washing them and it takes at least five days for them to show any sign of chipping. I would leave them on for longer than five days, but i just like to change the design sooner. They are a little expensive, but its better than painting my nails every day like i was before. Although, when i used frock star and tried to remove them they were terribly hard to get off my nails. Polish remover didnt take any of it off. I ended up spending 45 minutes filing them off my nails. But all the others that I’ve tried come off easily, and theyre all really pretty.

  125. Alicia says:

    i just purchased “kitty kitty” and the print was awesome and the idea behind them good but i was not happy as the strips were not wide enough to cover my nails and i dont have very wide fingers either, i have acrylic nails and i am a licensed nail tech for 15 yrs now, i wear my nails fairly long and the length of the strips just covered them but even the widest strip barely covered my thumb nail, the application was very easy but be careful not to pull or stretch them too much or they will rip, from a distance they look great but im very disappointed that the sides are exposed and i even tried to piece together extra pieces to cover the bare spots but with the pattern that was difficult, they did wear well as i left them on for a few days before simply removing them with polish remover

  126. Suzi says:

    Applied Laced Up 5 days ago – still feel very pretty!

  127. Lena says:

    I love these. I think the ‘Misbehaved ‘is the prettiest one I have tried, though also really like the ‘Laced Up’. Tried the ‘Check it out’ it was nice but too bold for me and the black faded from the white quickly… After you have some practice you can actually use one pack for both hands (comes with 2) takes some planning and caution but totally doable. I do NOT recommend the glitter ones, they are hard to get on, fall off, and not worth the price. Got them to stick on my toes but im sure they would only last minutes on hands. Just stick with glitter polish!

  128. Lin says:

    I LOVE these! So far I’ve tried the Wild Child (zebra) and Kitty Kitty (cheetah) patterns. They’re really easy to apply and I’ve had them last me as long as 3 weeks without issues.
    If you wear your nails short you can cut them in half and get two applications per package.

  129. Dianna says:


    For those wanting to try this product, go to:

    you can print a $2 off coupon!

  130. Gail says:

    I tried Raise a Glass. I could not get them to stick at all. Had a friend who does nails try and she couldn’t get them to work either. Bad box?

  131. Bebe says:

    I used the zebra print and fell in lust! I’m currently rocking the gold glitter. I love the ease of application and the wear too. I’m having a minor issue of lifting around my nails beds tho, however I plan to continue using. I haven’t received any compliments but I know they look good and all the girls are secretly jealousing me! xoxo

    • Bebe says:

      P.S–I applied the gold glitter on my toes and they look even more awesome than my fingernails! I’m in love!

  132. Traci says:

    I just used these for the first time and got them in “It Girl”. They are a lot brighter than I thought they would be but they look AMAZING! It took a little while for me to get the hang of it and I think the key is to make sure that you rub them with the plams of your hands to warm them up, kind of how you’d do an at-home wax strip. After I did that, they went on like a breeze! The other thing that you mentioned about the solid colors is that it shows the imperfections in your nails. If you purchase a smoothing brick (you can find these by all the other nail products at the drugstore), it will virtually elimiate this problem. Also, Walmart has these right now for $8.50. All in all I think this is a fantastic product and hope they come out with some other solid colors soon!

  133. Angiebell says:

    I have been getting the Minx nails for a while so I decided to give these a try. I used glitz blitz and put them on my toes. The glitter nails do not have a pattern so I turned the thumbnail sideways and used the leftover piece on another toenail. I was able to do all my nails with only 4 strips! I did use a heat lamp to heat the strip after the backing was removed and they have lasted for a week so far with no sign of a chip. I bought wild child today, but I am not sure they will work on my toes because of the pattern. Overall… I love them. The costs saving over Minx is incredible. So easy to put on too.

  134. Pamela says:

    I will be returning mine, you only put 16 in the box. Why? Come on we all know that people have ten fingers. That is just stupid. Put in 20 and then its worth it. Im going back to the salon.

  135. Alison says:

    I just bought the gold glitter ones..application was pretty easy although i felt like it was going to peel off so I put a top coat of sally hansen hard as nails on them. Ive only had them on for the day but after reading these comments I am optimistic about how long they will last. I have been searching for the green camo ones..but it is sold out everywhere! I got mine at rite aid with with a one dollar coupon. I plan to get more soon!
    Thanks for the great review!

  136. Donna says:

    wearing “laced up” right now. been on for 7 days and still look great! (a little wear around the tips, and grow room at the cuticles). definately would use these again. I am a bank teller and have gotten a ton of complements on my nails.

  137. samy says:

    I am so happy with my frock star my mom told me to not put it on yet cuz my uncles were at my house and i did put them on and they are so easy yo put and i love them so much i also want to try fly with me and girl flower

  138. twistygirl says:

    I also LOVE Misbehaved,the only one that I’ve tried so far. They are SO easy to apply – I love that they you 16 strips so you can practice in case you screw up the first few times. I can’t comment on their ability to last, as I just applied mine tonight, but they are GORGEOUS and look JUST like polished nails done by a nail artist. My fingernails are an odd shape and yet I was able to get them to fit perfectly with the orange stick. I’ll definitely be buying more, especially since they apply in a snap and eliminate that annoying drying time and smudging!

  139. Katherine says:

    I took off the wild child after 7 days. They still looked great, I was just ready for a change. It took a little extra hard rubbing to get them off, but I did manage to do it. I put on laced up, and I tell you, I’m in love!! I wash my hands alot, being in the medical field, and becuase of the zebra patern, you could not tell what was nail, and what was patern when they started to wear at the tip ever so slightly.

  140. Kim says:

    Ugh, I SO wanted these to work better. I am really bad at painting my nails and thought I could get a neater look easily with these. I did see them on someone else’s nails (Kitty Kitty)and thought they looked pretty good. I got Raise a Glass and tried my luck. Long story short. They took me about 2 HOURS! to apply and the very next morning they were cracking at the ends. I’m not happy, could have had a pro manicure for just a bit more $. I might try again b/c it’s a good idea.

  141. Mrs B says:

    I tried these for the first time last night (in the “check it out” design) and I absolutely love them!!! I did have issues with a few not sticking to the end corners of my nails. I eventually got them all to stick and as a precaution I applied a clear top coat (although I know it defeats the purpose of not having to wait on polish to dry) ….they are pricey but compared to the cost of a visit to the nail shop it’s worth every penny!!

  142. Judy says:

    I just put on “Girl Power” and had no problems. When I got the box home, there were no instructions. So I just had to wing it. Made sure my nails were dry and clean. I did not take off the clear plastic until I got the applique lined up on my nail. Then I took an orange stick which I had, and rubbed the applique down. Took off the clear plastic and then filed the end down. I then rubbed my nail on my sleeve and used it like a buffer. Nails look awesome!!!! I will apply clear polish to help protect them because I work with clothing and regular polish wears the first day I have it on. Now for the real test…how long will they last??

  143. marvin says:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve these nail polish strips to dye forrrr

  144. Brooklyn chick says:

    I tried the frock star. it was easy to apply. And I even used the extra on top for my daughters little nails. She’s 7. Fun product.

  145. Jessy says:

    I bought the solid pink ones and they SUCKED!!! They were the biggest waste of money ever. I took them off the same day and then painted my nails the same color and they looked SOOO much better. Don’t waste your money on the pink, or probably any other solid color. It looks cheap and ugly

  146. Samantha Ray says:

    I Love them!!!

  147. Tanya V. says:

    I absolutely LOVE these stickers. I’m on day 7 and I could go for another 5 because there’s almost no show of wear. Being able to have beautifully manicured nails with some flash, no strong nail polish scent and no drying time is a wonder and for only $10! They go on so easily and all you need (stick and file) is in that little box. I’m not the most coordinated person, but I had near perfection in less than 10 minutes. Got lots of comliments!

  148. Tiffany says:

    I just got the Laced Up one and applied it last night! OMG In LOVE! It took some time getting on, and my boyfriend laughed at me a little (I have super shaky hands, so I really hate painting my nails too). I have a bunch of cleaning to do today (and no rubber gloves! I knew I forgot to get something1), so we’ll see how it holds up. Nothing ever really sticks to my nails. I’ve paid a lot for professional work, including getting the acrylic nails, and the nail polish is always gone by the next day, and the nails last a couple days, even when I’m not that hard on them. I’m hoping this stuff is worth the $8.50 I spent at Walmart!

  149. Alix says:

    I COULDNT READ ALL THE REVEIWS BUT I GOT 3 USES OUT OF OF THEM I used the left over cuz my nails were short enough but not that short they are glue on nail. I stretched a couple so it helped to have laced up which is a pattern. And I got mine at shopko for seven fifty on sale

  150. Alfreda says:

    Two words-”love the strips”!. Oops that was three words. Tried the “misbehaved” and they lasted 10 days as stated. Could have gone longer because there was no peeling or nicks but I wanted to try another color. I now am wearing “blue ice”. Gorgeous color and application was as easy as the first set. Removal of the strips was easy for me. Poured remover into a manicure bowl and rested my hand in it for about 5-7 minutes. Saturated a cottonball and with one swipe of the nail the strip was off! Two thumbs up from me!

  151. Meagan says:


    I was wondering where do you get the nail strips?

  152. natalie says:

    i love these strips. ex to apply and really cute. i got sooo many complements. i love them. i wish they were a little cheaper. a full set of hand design at the salon i go (just design) is 10.00 bucks. so it kinda cost the same as a salon design. but overall i do love them between mani’s

  153. Aileen says:

    I love ‘em! I am on day two of “Kitty Kitty” (the cheeta pattern). I found them eaiser to put on than I thought they would be.

  154. Joy says:

    These look really interesting. Does it say they could be used on your toes or are the sizes just for fingernails?

    • becky says:

      they dont have ones specificly for the toes but i used the extras from the nails and put them on my toes and they look great

    • pwilly says:

      I use one set of 8 on all my fingers and toes. Moving quickly to stick to one hand, then the other, then the remainder on the toes. I have short nails though. The longer you wait the adhesive doesn’t work very well.

  155. Marie says:

    I love these! They went on very easy and they stayed on! I love the different designs and colors. They were worth every penny.

  156. Lilly says:

    I ordered some online and I am expecting to get it today. I ordered “Laced Up”. Does anyone know if a good topcoat can extend the use? Is application easy?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Lilly,

      Wondering where you ordered them online?

      I’m searching and searching but can’t find a ordering place online for these nail strips.

      I would be very thankful if you could help me :)!


    • Angela says:

      I used a clear coat on mine which seemed to help them last longer.

    • jessica says:

      Sally Hansen hard as nails Topcoat works really good with the press on polish, it makes it last longer and looks better!

  157. leanne says:

    i want the kitty kitty one where do you get them from ? local shopping places like tesco and asda ~? thanks leanne

  158. Jess says:

    I’ve been wearing these nail polish strips in “Check it out” pattern for two weeks now and still going strong. The key is the four coats of clear nail polish that I put on top of the strips. I waited 24 hours to do so, but then I put on one coat per day until I reached four coats. I really think the clear nail polish locks it in! I am noticing that my new growth is peaking out from the bottom and at the tips, but so far, no chipping and no cracking, but when I run my fingers through my hair, I have noticed a hair or two getting stuck, so they may be starting to lift around the edges. I still can’t believe that I got two weeks out of them!

  159. marvin jewels says:

    THE BEST NAIL STRIPSS EVAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE THM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Kayla says:

    I love love LOVE these strips! As a hair stylist my hands are in water constantly, nothing seems to last. I’ve had my salon effects on for almost a week now with very little to no chipping! Regular nail polish will peel off my nails in 2-3 days. If this has lasted a week on my nails, I can only imagine how long they will last on someone who’s hands are not continuously in contact with water and chemicals. I HIGHLY recommend!

  161. Carolyn says:

    These are AMAXING!!! I’m wearing the fishnet ones and LOVE THEM. They last longer with a clear top coat though.

  162. becky says:

    I love these!! im currenlty on day two of kitty kitty ( the cheata print ones)and they look great!! i am a dish washer at one of my jobs and so far nothing ha chipped!! deff worth the money but i recomned buying them at walmart they are cheaper then anywhere else i went

  163. Shani says:

    I LOVE THESE!!! I recently used the “misbehaved” pattern and I LOVE IT. It has stayed on two weeks, while other nail polish has chiped in two days. And everyone has asked me where I got my nails done because they are so perfect. SALLY please come out with more colors!!!!

  164. yasmine says:

    where can i get the zebra one really cheep?

    • Lauren says:

      Try checking out I got $2 off coupons for salon effects! And then I got them when they were on sale at CVS for buy one get for 50% off. I used one coupon for each one and ended up paying $11 for 2

  165. Yaya says:

    Omg! This product is great! Nothing ever lasts on my nails, but these are still going strong 9 days after application. Sally Hansen has hit a goldmine with these. I wish there were a few more subtle, work appropriate colors.

    • Moxie says:

      Well teh whole point is to have cool patterns that would be hard to do with regular nail polish

  166. Minx says:

    if you use a hair dryer on a low setting the thicker ones get more tacky and pliable but it takes much longer for them to set on your finger so let them set for at least a half hour after ward in a cool place

  167. Greta says:

    I love these! i’m addicted to the pink camo!Its so cute on that I cant bring myself to try any of the others. I dont like doing my own nails and toes but I this is so easy and they last forever. I’m really tough on my nails..lots of typing and moving equipment around but they still look great.

  168. Manda says:

    After reading this review and several others I ran out to Walmart to buy the strips in “Misbehaved” and applied them to my nails as soon as I got home! They were sooo easy to do and so much fun! I have been applying a thin layer of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Top Coat daily, so that I can hopefully get maximum use out of them. This is my third day with them on and they still look good as new. Plus, I’ve been getting tons of compliments and feel great about my nails; I keep looking at them in awe! The only reason I’d ever want them to come off is so that I can try a new pattern! Love love love!!

  169. Shelley says:

    On day three of wearing cut it out “black and white flowers” over acrylic overlays. I am curious to see how long the strips last “product on product”. So far so good.

    Now my friends and coworkers who have seen my nails are buying strip sets too.
    I love being a trendsetter.

  170. Alisha says:

    OM freakinnn G. these things are soo super duper amazing. like i just love them i might be addicted to them. they even taste like nail polish, not that ib would know or anything, hahaha. soooo girlies what us ur fav one, mine is soo totally the butterflys i mean who doesnt love butter flys. i mostly like them for the name is sounds like you take flys and dip them in butter!!!!!! lol haha

  171. valerie says:

    First time user. I got the leopard print and applied it to my toes. I actually cut the strips in half and used on 2 toes, so I only used 5. I have been reading about the strips drying out if u don’t use them right away so I may give the rest away just so they don’t go to waste. Overall…I think its a great product. Easy to apply and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get the detailed leopard print under $9 in a salon so that’s why I LOVE them!

  172. valerie says:

    TIP: open only 1 of the airsealed packages to prevent strips from drying out. I was soooo anxious and didn’t read about drying out until after the fact. :-)

    Also, split strips and cost with a friend. There should be plenty if u have short nails

  173. mary says:

    i am in love with this make some for our toes

  174. Boobies says:

    I’m on day 5 with mine..(zebra print) and LOVE these!

  175. lori says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!! Use the strips twice and both times I got lots of compliments. Kept the zebra pattern on for two weeks and was still getting compliments on day 14 (they were pretty chipped tho…)

  176. sahara123 says:

    i just bought it and has been really good so far.

  177. Kristen says:

    Im surprised to see so many positive comments, I painstakingly applied these as directed, it took way longer than a regular polish. Granted the Cut It Out black & white flower pattern was really cool, especially when it was perfect the first night, but it began chipping immediately. Every time I wash my hair it gets caught and at least one more nail chips from the cuticle end, and these things pull at my hair just trying to toss it in a ponytail! Not a great feeling… Not worth the ten dollars especially for solid colors you could do several times from a bottle, maybe as a special occasion for a cool pattern without a pricey trip to the salon. I love Sally Hansen nail strengthening products, this is the first thing of theirs Ive ever tried and not only didnt love, but disliked enough to feel like I should let others know not to waste their money :( I got one great night, 2 days of constant chips. I will be removing them completely tomorrow (less than 3 days after applying). So much for ten days…

  178. Anne-Marie says:

    A few years ago I bought the Avon ones and then chickened out on using them. So they sat & sat & sat. Then I had some party to go to & decided to try them…on my toes. I loved them. Then of course, Avon didn’t seem to have them again. — I don’t recall what I paid for them, but $8-10 seems expensive. But I would definitely give them a try for an event where clean, polished nails would be needed.

  179. Casey says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Day 3 of girl flower. I’m getting so many comments on them. Everyone wants to know where i got them done at and when i tell them i did it myself they dont belive me! A +++

  180. Natasha says:

    I LUUUUUVVVV it!!!! I put them on my toes cause i can’t wear polish to work. They fit good on my toes. You can try it.

  181. Angel says:

    Omg! Sally hansen is a genius!
    I am 13 an I can put them on in less than 15 mins. I have also put them on my toes an I get so many compliments and the only thing I think u should be aware of is do not get the broadway nail strips because they do not work at all but other than that keep sticking with sally cause I havent incountered any problems yet!

  182. Selena says:

    Were can u buy them???? Plzzz helpp

  183. Wow thanks for the in-depth review. I just saw an ad for these in InStyle magazine, and had a few question — ALL of which you addressed in your in-depth post. I’ll be picking up a pack (glitter, most likely :-) before my next vacation in a couple of weeks. Thanks very much!!

  184. katelyn says:

    Omg i am soooo obsessed with these… after reading some of these comments i realize that i opened both of the packets so dont do that im wearing the pink glitter ones and they look AMAZING!!!!1

  185. Mae says:

    I love these I do my own acrylic nails and hate to paint because I always just smear them. When I found these I was curious but didn’t think they would work. They proved me wrong they last longer than my acrylics when I have a clear coat on them

  186. Starr says:

    I saw them in CVS last night but they didn’t have many designs to choose from :( I am wondering if there is an easy way to cut them and use them just as a French design because my nails are so long.. I’m just nervous about cutting them correctly so that the French looks right.. but excited! :: once I find the patterns I want:: my cousin introduced me to these and from reading these reviews as well, I can’t wait to put them on! =)

  187. hannah says:

    i love that style too .. i add polsh to the top when it chips to make it look like a french manicure.. also they give you so many strips that i do my toe nails with just 3 strips

  188. Therstar says:

    After spending about an hour getting this on, shaped and filed, they lasted a whole 2 hours. As soon as I washed my daughter’s hair, the edges were pulling up. My nails are super short and well maintained – no reason they shouldn’t have lasted. These seriously suck. I want my 6 bucks and time back.

  189. Tonya says:

    I have to say that I love them. I have had then on for 6 days and there is no chipping and no lifting and I did not use any top coat, maybe I will the next time. Ya’ll knocked it out of the park with this one.

  190. Starr says:

    I bought Laced Up and was so looking forward to putting them on. I’m disappointed! It took me hours to complete all ten fingers and took 15 strips. I had to use two strips on 3 of my nails because I couldn’t find a strip wide enough to fully cover my nails. Several strips tore when gently stretched and I had to cut the excess off befor I could file the end of my nails. Now a few hours after applying about half of my nails have big cracks in them along with severl smaller cracks with them. When applying the stickers I noticed a few had horizontal lines on them, almost like a fold.. that’s where the larger cracks are now. I even applied Sally Hansen top coat to them. I don’t know why they are cracking. It took forever to get them lined up properly. I am sure I will get compliments but I’m hesitant to let someone see them up close.. hope it was just a bad batch :o/

  191. jennifer says:

    I bought the pink camo ones about a month ago….i wore them for 2 weeks now I am wearing the flower pattern..worn again for 2 weeks! I actually went to Wal Mart and bought 4 more packs of these because I love them so much! So much easier than polish, and it lasts longer! Plus the patterns…I have gotten compliments from just about everyone who has seen my nails…application is easy and done in about 10-15 minutes with no dry time! I am sooo going back to Wally today to see if they have replenished their stock! Sally Hanson Nail Effects absolutely ROCK!!!

  192. Kris says:

    Loved how these looked, lasted a long time! But, I had a really tough time getting it off, unlike other reviewers.

    Additionally…when I removed them, my nails looked awful underneath (kind of dried out). So I applied some red nailpolish to try and make them look better… turns out, the strips took off the top layer of my nails. So my nails are now DYED a pinkish color from the polish application (nail polish remover does not take it off). I’m hoping it comes off eventually but at this point, I think I’m going to have to wait for them to grow out.

    Something to keep in mind, everyone!

  193. Danielle says:

    Hi im a 18 year old girl i buy these nails at walmart or better off jewls they seem to have a bigger selection
    i bought the new lepord print type ones today i love these nails i find their a bit pricy but there deffintailly worth it !
    they last forever and there simple to put on
    for my nails i like to do a top coat of clear nail polish and they last 4 times as long and even longer if you do a wet base coat under but thats just me
    their really awsome one of the best overall products on the market
    I wouldent mind the price being cheaper and them being sold in more places
    i live in a small town and they only sell them at a few places
    more plucibly
    when i tell someone about these they never know what im talking about ^^
    awsome product
    my opion ^.^
    {sorry for bad spelling}

  194. pj says:

    they are great the initial application! Don’t wait too long once you open them and take out of the original packaging and don’t plan on saving the extra strips to make repairs!! They DRY out and become BRITTLE and will not stick! otherwise the first app is fun and they do last just dissapointed i couldn’t make a few repairs as they dry out!

  195. karen says:

    so, i’ve been wearing these strips for months. have tried 4 different patterns and finally hit a bad batch. the blue sparkle was hard, non-pliable and had no stick!
    love this product and will keep on doing it because i am able to get 2 wears out of each box and touch-ups in between.
    professional manicures are more expensive and last only a couple days on my fingers, sometimes only hours.
    these work best with a topcoat applied after 4-5 hours of wear. try not to be too rough with them until after you do this :)
    if the cuticle end is popping up and catching on your hair….dot a little clear polish on the curling edge and press down to re-adhere.
    the polish remover you choose also plays a factor in the health of your nails after using this product. because it is a solid sticker glued to your nails, you may get some over-drying, scarring or peeling on you natural nail surface. using a non-acetone remover and refraining from picking the stickers off will help prevent this. also, if applying standard polish shortly after removing these, you should DEFINITELY use a base coat to prevent staining.

    this is a remarkable product and i rave about it to my girlfriends. after the first go-round they become easier to apply and can last for weeks.

  196. Alleanah says:

    Well i was so excited to try my Wild Child strips and they werent sticky at all so they did not stick at all. My nails had no nail polish on them and were cleaned before trying to put them on. Couldn’t believe all the good reviews. Maybe i will consider trying again with a new box. But definetly not soon they are way to expensive to not be sure if they will actually be appliable. =( Too bad. i was so excited

  197. AmyLW says:

    If anyone has a problem with these they’re obviously troubled with brushing their own teeth:( THESE STRIPS ARE AMAZING! So easy, so wearable and very durable! My only concern is the open packet drying out so quickly. What tricks can be used to bring them back to life?

    • Cedar says:

      Try using only 1 packet. I get 2 uses out of 1 kit. If your nails aren’t super long, you can trim the strips to size before you peel them off to apply. It work great! I get 2 uses out of the pinky strip.

    • ErinL says:

      Reply to AmyLW – I love these strips..My first time lasted 2 weeks!! What I have been trying is after I line up my fingers, I take the extras and put them in a zip lock baggie right away and press the air out & seal it.. I was hoping when my real pedi starts to go I could try these on my toes..(cutting them in the shape of my toes) I had a nail break and used one as a back up a week later.. Seemed to work fine.. :)

  198. Kim Jones says:

    I’m surprised by all of the good reviews too. They were not easy to get on (compared to regular polish), they tore while putting them on, lifted right away and chipped the very night I put them on. Very cool look but not worth the price for the immediate lifting & chipping.

    • Christine says:

      Hi Kim,
      My sister had the same problems with these. I think it just depends on who’s using them and the patience they have in applying them. I used them and mine turned out amazing. I used a clear coat under to make them stick down while applying, and then two coats of the clear afterward and they are staying nicely. No chipping or lifting. They are a bit expensive compared to bottled polish, but a fun change. I do fancy stuff to my nails all the time and these are great because there are just some patterns I can’t do freehand. I’m going to do my sisters for her and I think she’ll be happier. :)

    • was your house cold while applying? for some reason if your house isnt a lil warm,that happens. they work well after a shower and the bathrooms nice n hot! n you also have to make sure your nails are wiped with remover,then buffed a lil too!

  199. Mikayla says:

    ive read all the comments and some say its a miracle stick on thingy and some say it chipps wears off easy and lifts the nite you put them on i havent tryed them my self yet but i want to my friend say they are amazing. any ways cant wait to try them any things i should do first or any concerns i should be awear of plzzzzzzzz tell me :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Kenzie says:

    Omfg!! Im only 13 and i just bought my own sally hansen nail effect stick ons and they’re freakin awesome!! Like i said im young and i even thought they were very easy to apply!! There a must get and the future in nail art!!!!!

  201. shanbria says:

    oh wateva ladys they are awesome

  202. Nora Ashley says:

    Real nail polish and I dont’t get along. Smudges.So ,I tried the strips too and voila. a miracle was born. Mine lasted for a long time and I work in the retail world which is hard on your hands and nails. Thankyou, for a product that really works. Nora.

    • meme says:

      Me too Nora. I have GREAT fingernails, but polish on them, and they turn to pealing and thin in an instant. I have to really want to do my fingers to deal with the time it takes to use polish on them. But I am a polish hound and always have a zillion and one things going on and off my toes. I think this just might be my answer to my finger nail issue.

  203. Mimi says:

    OMG! i’m a grown woman n i must say never going back to regular nail polish. i have two daughters and i ready to experiment with them. these are the best thing ever. it’s been a week now since i put them on and no chipping and peeling whatsoever, and everyone has been paying me tons of compliments. the only thing negative and maybe not so negative is that i can’t seem to find it in major stores. when i do find it it’s not alot to choose from, but i will keep looking, and order from the web. thank you

    • arent they amazing? hehehe… the first time i used the zebra print ones…they lasted 16 days! i was like whoa! =) also certain prints/colors last longer and are easier to apply ive noticed. like the one called skinny jeans gave me hell, peeling off and all. i got aggrivated n took it off. im now gonna try for the first time, the lace print on my piggies! (toes) let ya kno how it goes. check out my youtube. realfam1969 xoxo

    • Courtney L. says:

      They are at walmart in the cosmetics/nail aisles!

  204. Madea says:

    I purchased the flower style strips about 7 days ago and they have looked fabulous ever since. They have not chipped whatsoever. Everyone loves them and I am excited to try the other designs as well. I wish there were more designs, and do not intend to purchase the single color decals, but the ones I have on now are amazing. I definitely recommend this product and think they are easy to get used to applying.

  205. Rosalind says:

    Why are there 16 strips. You use 10 for both hands then have 6 left over?

  206. Cassie says:

    where do you buy these ? can you order them online? I live in Canada and cannot find them ANYWHERE . :(

    • Sharon says:

      Cassie, I just bought a set today at Jean Coutu in QC, and I imagine Shopper’s should have them too.

    • monique says:

      I bought mine at loblaws

    • amanda says:

      Target, walmart, Ulta

    • Lisa says:

      They can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond.

      • denichia says:

        Can u use them on ur feet?

        • Poppy says:

          I have them on my toes currently and I love them. I only had to use the two big ones on my big toes and the thinnest one I managed to use on all four of my little toes on one foot so it only took 4 strips for my feet and my daughter has the rest for her hands. So cool!

    • cece says:

      Ordered mine on They have ALL the colors and are the same price as the stores…just a few bucks for shipping. It’s worth it to me not to have to drive all over to find the particular ones I wanted (Booty Camp).

  207. Janice Christians says:

    These things are awful . . . tore . . . will never use again. . . I have tried incoco and they work. . . . I have always liked Sally Hansen products but . . NO . . .just wasted my hard earned money!!!

  208. Smart Shopper says:

    these things SUCK! You will notice no one with a slightly longer nail or a nail with a curved (not flat) bed is shown in any pictures. Try applying a flat strip to a curved nail and guess what? you get a wrinkle! every nail had wrinkles in them and the result looked like i had stuck aluminum foil pieces on my nails. An entire waste of time and money.

    • Toni says:

      Really?? I have curved nails and mine are awesome!! I got the 70′s looking flowers and they have been great, even when I bumped and chipped the edge of one of my nails I could just file the edge back to a nice shape and the strips didn’t chip or peel :-) Amazing for me

  209. CandyApple says:

    Just applied them today and was super easy to apply. Not sure how durable they are as of yet, but I will say what I especially like about the strips, they are smudge free and required ZERO drying time.

  210. lollypop says:

    omg i want these soooo bad my friend has the zebra once so jeoless i live in ottawa and i cant seem to find them anywere any ideas nof were to get them and the price thx !!

  211. Kris says:

    I love these! I have a problem with my 2 big toes, I have 1/2 the toe nails on the both of my feet. When I used regular nail polish people would notice the 1/2 nail. With this product you cannot tell I have on either toe they actually are sticking whats left of the nail and to the skin on my toe. I was always embarressed of my toes and didnt want to wear open toed or sandles. This is an awsome product if you have an issue like me this is the product for you. THANK YOU SALLY!

  212. Chrissy says:

    I love this product. If you stretch them too far, of coursse they will break or tear. I’ve used 2 different strips, the black/white zebra print, and the fishnet strip. Everyone compliments me on them. I good at putting them on now. I also use the extras on my toes. The biggest strip is used on my big toe, and I use the excess on my smaller toes. Love, love, love this product!

  213. Edyta C says:

    I purchased the strips and it last on my nails just couple days…I’m not happy with the product.

  214. Hep says:

    No more nail polish for me! It’s as if they measured these strips for me. If you are agile enough (and your nails are short enough), you can use one strip for two nails.

    The flowered ones lasted ten days for me. I could have gone longer, but I got bored of them (I guess I’d better not get a tattoo!). I just put the houndstooth ones on last night. All ten nails in just fifteen minutes.

    Look for coupons in your Sunday paper, and many drugstores put Sally Hansen products on sale the same time as the coupons come out.

    Another tip: after a week or so, they might look a little drab. Just put a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails over them, and the colors will pop right out again.

  215. Jackie says:

    Ditto to Hep…if you open only one package at a time, you have enough strips to do both hands if you hae shorter nails. That’s only $4.50 per manicure. Pretty cheap I say! After using my finger to rub the strip on my nail (it “warms” them up and makes them more pliable), I use an exacto knife (carefully) and trim the excess off if there is any. It is definitely not rocket science and they turn out beautiful. Mine have lasted over two weeks and I leave them on until they grow out or I get bored with them. Awesome product Sally!

  216. Melanie says:

    Just wondering if putting on a top coat will make them last longer? I tried for the first time last night….so far so good but would like to give them every opportunity to live up to their 10-day promise.

  217. I love these things and 4 u haters out there dont be so rude just because u hate them. What i say is GO GET A LIFE!!

  218. Nicole says:

    I just tried them tonight and so far, so good. They were somewhat easy to apply (once I got the hang of it). I applied the lace ones and they look really cute.
    I purchased mine at CVS for $10.29. My sister uses them all the time and gets hers from Walmart for about $8 (the Walmart here didn’t have any). My sister keeps hers on for about 10 – 12 days before they start to peel. I hope mine last as long.

  219. Jessica says:

    I hate polish, it isn’t my friend either….AND I am rough on my nails. But I wanted to try these. I have had two different sets on already and here is what I can say. I LOVE THEM!!! NOW, they don’t last long on me but I am willing to say it’s me, not the strip. They only last about 4-6 days for me. My step daughter’s lasted 12 days so I don’t know what I’m doing worng but I’m not giving up on them. It’s still WAYYYYY cheaper than a salon.

  220. Doradittah! says:

    wow i want all were did i can get it?

  221. Deb says:

    I agree that these are awesome. I did the Misbehaved on Sunday and today (Wed) they’re still perfecto! I did use a base coat (OPI Nail Envy) because my nails are sensitive and peel easily so I always feel the need to. This did not affect the adhesion of the nail strips at all. I also use a top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, another awesome Sally product!) I touch up every other day. Obsessive, I know ;)

    I will certainly buy more of these!

  222. Dorothy Spencer says:

    These Are so much fun…I put on the lace and went out that night to find my shirt matched my nails lol. I can’t wait to get more, I think Collide-O-Scope will be the next. Thanks for making fun so easy.

  223. Melissa says:

    I’ve used these and I loved the flat colors, but the glitter colors just did not have the last-ability I’d hoped for and only lasted for 5 days before they started cracking and peeling. Not sure how to remove the little strips, because regular nail polish remover is just not getting that glitter off very quickly. Even though I’m not a big fan of the glitter, I will use continue to use the other designs and colors.

  224. Paula says:

    I am a nurse and wash my hands millions of times per day. I “borrowed” 1 from my daughter and placed it on my pinkie finger WITHOUT reading the directions just before going to work. It lasted all day. I took it off at the end of the day because it didn’t look “professional”. I LOVE IT!!! Please come up with colors that are not so…WOW. It would be awesome if you could work in a french manicure somehow. THANKS! My girls at works are buying them.

  225. RACHELLE says:

    I tried the pink glitter–it has stayed on for a week without coming off, which surprised me b/c regular polish comes off my nails after a day! I think the trick is to make sure your nails are clean with no lotion or oils. I swiped over my nails with polish remover first. Also, try not to stretch the strip too much as your applying. I used the buffer side of the nail file to smooth down the edges. Take your time with it and they will turn out perfect!

  226. CCO says:

    These are awesome – I have one question – has anyone else had any sort of allergic reaction to these at all? I applied last night and they look great, but this morning my hands are a little itchy and my fingers are swollen! I would find it surprising if it were these since they don’t touch the rest of my hands but it was the only difference in my routine. I hope not – because I love them!

  227. Stephhhh says:

    This product is simply AMAZING, I used the zebra print strips on my toes and I have worn them for almost 3 weeks now and They still look just as perfect as the first day.

  228. Felicia says:

    I used them for the first time today. I was surprised at how easy it was to put them on, especially on my right hand (Im right handed). I dont know how long they will last, but I love that perfect-finish look. My nails have a curve in them and they went on well. I was going to put on a top clear coat over them, but decided not to. Im afraid I’ll mess them up or make them look bad. My only complaint is that they are a bit expensive…I can purchase a bottle of polish and get multiple uses ALOT cheaper than these. I am a nurse so Im anxious to see how long they last with all the hand-washing I do.

    • Poppy says:

      I am trying a clear coat right now and had no issues applying it. I do not know what it will do long term but I only used it on one side so I could compare.

  229. Ana says:

    WOW!!! I’m 14 years old and I just got these for Easter! I put them on and I love them! Only problem is they were kinda messy at the cuticles. But I guess I could use the cuticle thingy to help with that. Love the look though!!!

  230. Sara says:

    I’m am suuuper excited to see how long this lasts, considering I have really peely, bendy, short nails, and regular nail polish lasts me about 2 days. I’ve just put on the black and white houndstooth pattern, and it looks SO COOL! Because this stuff is sort of bendy, like my nails, I’m betting it will last longer than regular polish, which chips like nobody’s business when your nails bend out from under the rigid layers of polish. YAY!!

  231. Kimber says:

    i bought the salon effects to try them out and i loved them. easy to apply and looked great. my sister became a fan once she seen how great my nails looked. i’m gonna get them again for sure.

  232. Judy says:

    I am wearing the Kity Kity. I absolutely love them. I volunteer at the Living Desert (a zoo) and have gotten so many compliments. So far they have lasted 12 days. I did apply Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Clear coat after applying. No cracks or peeling. I just applied a clear coat. My nails are growing out but, they still look good. I will try “Fly With Me” next. I hope they will last as long as the Kity Kitty. These are the best. Thanks Sally Hansen!

  233. Jen says:

    These are AMAZING!!!

  234. JustMe says:

    I bought the Kity Kitty strips and I had my nail salon put them on as French tips. I then had a gel coat put on over the top. No chips, no peeling, just lovely nails. I took the left over strips home and cut them into strips and applied them as French tips on my toes. I put on two coats of clear polish on top now my feet and hands look awesome. I suggest two top coats and they will last longer than the 10 days!! I love them, can wait to try more colors.

  235. Haley says:

    I just tried these out and I was suprised at how easy they were to apply.

    I can’t wear nail polish on my fingers (only my toes) because as soon as I apply it my nails start to feel tight and sore, but these nail strips don’t have that effect! Woo manicures!

    I picked the flower pattern and it’s heaps cute :)

  236. leah says:

    I love love love these strips! I have found that if I wait ten mins or so to allow the strips to “set” then polish with Sally Hansen’s ACRYLIC top coat, then I get about 14 days wear. (Before the new growth drives me bonkers)

  237. GerryART says:

    I think I’m going to try either Booty Camp or Laced Up. I’m excited to think I can do my toes, too! ! !
    I love all the hints and tips from every one who already tried these.

  238. meme says:

    Thanks so much for this review. I missed it when it first got posted and just caught it now. I had bought a box of Just Raised a Glass to try, but had not found time to mess with them yet. Now I think I will in the next 2 days. Love that you found they really have wear time. Not many choices on the shelf when I picked out mine and ditto with not all that into nail art. Looking forward to finding the glitters after I try this one box I bought to see if I get as good of wear time as you did.

  239. DebInDaytona says:

    I got my left hand done and was happy with the results. Opened the second package and all the strips were dry and brittle and would not stick. What a disappointment. I have very long and wide nails for there was not enough left over from the first packet to finish the second hand. Will give the product one more try, but if I get ripped off again, that will be the last try.

    • meme says:

      Be sure to save your receipt when you buy polish (and other things too) so if you end up with a problem, most places will take it back – at least places that sell Sally Hanson that is. I don’t think there are any large Drug Stores/grocery stores/…Marts, Targets etc that don’t have a 100% return policy on all beauty products. Sorry to hear you box had dried out strips. Maybe I need to try mine here ASAP. I am wondering if they don’t have a great shelf life possibly?

  240. Janet says:

    I love them! It did take a lot of time for me to put them on the first time but so far they are holding up well- even with dishwashing! I am waiting to see if they last 10 days but love them!!!

  241. Tangela Ree says:

    I was looking for some new ways to do my own nails and I came across the Sally Hansen salon effects. I watched some youtube vids on how too apply them and i went to go pick some up from my local walgreens. I chosee KittyKitty . The (leopard print) one . I LOVE THEM ! Evertybody complements me on them . I apply mines different then on tha directions , I applied a coat of clear WetNWild polish onto my nail before applying the strips. The whole process itself is a little time consuming. I feel that it works better on short nails , i have real LONG Nails . I give the product a 4 out 5 stars :)

    • meme says:

      I saw either the last visit or visit before last the KittyKitty on Malley of Malley Beauty when she was on QVC. They looked amazing! Good to know they work great on shorter nails which is where I tend to keep mine.

  242. i like these alot. but i wont ever stop wearing reg polish. i have too many gorgeous colors and dont want em to go to waste.. BUT i will be using these ALOT!

  243. Jessy says:

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THESE! I got the cut it out, I also had my friend apply them so I dont know how well they will look when I do but i’m very satisfied with how they look AWESOME!

  244. Emily says:

    I’m using these strips on my nails today and I am so excited, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. But I was wondering, can you put a clear coat of nail polish over them? I work at a restraunt and make plenty of salads throughout the night and that usually wears on my nail polish, so I was just wondering if a clear coat would help or if these strips are just that durable on their own?

  245. Mc Huggs says:

    Hey Michelle:

    A woman friend of mine sent me a message if I ever tried these strips, so I indulged myself and tried a package. I tried the, Violet Night,” strips and to my surprise they were very easy to put on my toenails. Even if the largest strip didn’t exactly match my toenail I still had no problem with them.

    I followed the directions on the package, and what I love about them, besides the color, no base coat, no top coat, and with my toes I could actually file and shape them, and the strips just went in place. You were exactly right and the strips went on easy, I had never done anything like that before as a guy, so I am so happy I explored new territory have a nice weekend.

    Mc Huggs :)

  246. jenna says:

    I just applied the flower girl and i love it! I took a circle nail gem and applied that to the center of each flower the i applied my seche vite top coat and they look impeccable

  247. Eliabeth says:

    Hello :)

    Were can i get this lovely stripes?
    I’m from denmark and i cant find a place were i can by them online.

  248. Dawb says:

    I started using these strips about a month ago and I have started a trend at my work. Everyone loves them and is always asking about them. I have not had the best luck with the 10 day claim but I also have trouble leaving them on that long because I’m excited to do the next one. I also think that they make your nails stronger. I am not a nail polish kind of girl but thought I would give this a try. What I like the most is that unlike nail polish, the patterned ones don’t show the imperfections in your nails. They are awesome. Now if only Sally could make one that looks like a French manicure.

    • Lourdes says:

      Hola!!,me ha encantado esta tecnica..y me gustaria que me dijeras donde se compran y mas o menos como un poco..torpecilla para la estetica,jeje..muchas gracias!!!!.

      • pocketsized says:

        Se compran en la farmacia, como Duane Reade o Rite Aid, y se aplican como pegatinas para las u

  249. Heather says:

    I used the Opaque Glitter ones on my toes and they will not come off. I’m not allowed to wear anythingother than like pink at my new job, so I’m dcrewed. I’ve tried a hundred different bottles of Polish remover. UGH. So stupid.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      It won’t come off? That’s so odd. Try soaking a cotton ball with remover and wrapping it to the nail with a piece of aluminum foil and let it sit for 10 minutes. It should slide right off. I used the Blue Ice and had no problem removing it from my fingers.

    • Agapevita says:

      If you can’t get the polish off, make sure you are using 100% Acetone nail polish remover. It should come off no problem. I use the opaque glitters all the time, you just have to not saturate the cotton swab too much because you need the friction to rub the glitter off.

  250. Noelle C says:

    I love these!!! they seem to make my nails harder/stronger and have lasted atleast 10 days, like the author I am only trying to remove because my nails grow so fast. i used the black floral print over lace look. i have gotten so many compliments. these are great and i have the black and white floral print to try tonite…..just wondering how i get these off?

  251. msfreda says:

    I bought the Girl Flower pattern and used it for the first time last night. I can’t stop looking at my nails. Love this!!!

  252. Jourdyn says:

    I bought the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Zebra Striped Strips last night. I have to say that I was not really all that impressed with the product. Finding the right size for my fingers was annoying since their pinky sizes are unbelievably small, and my pinkies are a bit bigger. The Strips were a pain in the rear to peel and put on, they stuck to everything! Once I finally finished, it felt like I had stickers on my nails! It seems that no matter how much I press down on the strips, they just will not be perfectly flat against my nail. Perhaps the most frustrating thing out of this whole experience was the fact that although they give you 16 strips to better fit your nails, it seems as if a good majority of them never truly fit accuratly! This product is not worth the $10. I could have done a much better job myself.

    • Tangie says:

      Wow, I can believe you had that much of an issue with the product. Not to be rude but perhaps you should read the directions again. It says to apply to warm, clean fingers, this helps the product adhere better. The sizing shouldn’t have been much of an issue either. I found most of the strips to be too large, even so, the orange stick that comes with the product as well as the nail file make it easy for a custom fit. I do agree that this product is a little pricey. I sent my daugther into the drug store to buy two, one for me and one for her. When she told me they were $10 each I was shocked…$6.99 maybe $7.99 but that’s about it. I will definitely look for or wait for a sale next time. Overall, I was very pleased as I orginally had no preconceived expectations of this product.

      • Ladysnickers says:

        If I can put them on anyone can put them on. I even put mine on with my 2 year old grandson saying Grandma do mine next !!! I love them, they are very easy if you follow directions and my nails are shorter so I use 1 package for both hands. The other package I use 10 or more days later…. so they cost me less than $5.00 each I do not wear nail polish as it comes off quickly with all the hand washing and outside work I do and these are wonderful. My husband even said so when did you start wearing nail polish ???

    • CrystalBelle says:

      Don’t feel bad, I hated them too! I had the same problem with sizing. I spent twenty minutes applying them just to take them off because they looked like junk… they had torn off unevenly and there were pockets of air I couldn’t smooth out. Went to my bday dinner with naked nails since the whole process took much longer than I expected. I was just going to review them to warn others. What a waste!

      • Meghan says:

        I got them. Honestly I love them; but I agree that I had trouble getting the right fits. I thought the most difficult part was peeling the strip off of the paper. It says to buff your nails before you use them and also wipe them one last time with remover. I had no problems with air pockets.

        The directions say to have warm hands. My hands are almost always warm and I believe that this helped a lot. It allows the strips to stretch nicely and smoothly over my nails.

        I used Misbehaved and loved the result, but I did mess up a little. Mine cost maybe $7. Not $10. Much better than going to get a manicure, and much quicker. 20 minutes is really not so bad.

        The only problem is sizing, not everyone’s hands can have the same size nails. One of my best friends has very small fingernails, and probably will not be able to use these because all but the pinky size is too big for her. :)

        Overall I rate Salon Effects with a thumbs up.

        • ria says:

          i have small nails as well and just took scissors and trimmed them before applying! problem solved. i love love love them and now all my friends are obsessed too. this product is amazing and there’s noooo way in heck someone could handpaint zebra stripes on my nails and come close to looking remotely like these appliques. plus, if you buy two boxes and pick your sizes carefully and trim them properly, you can actually get three full manicures out of it (since you will have 32 total strips). $20 for three sets of awesome nail appliques is totally worth it!

    • Anonymous says:

      I love them but it was hard to peel them off the paper and my nails. I can’t find them anywhere and 10$, that is a little pricey. How bout 5$ and I wish there was a French manicure.

  253. susan says:

    I really love this product from sally hansen. I work in a pharmacy, in the cosmetic department, and would always pass them and wonder if I should purchase any. Each time I would restock them I would fall in love with their designs. I just wasn’t sure if it will live up to what was expected. Finally, I made up my mind when one of my co workers had it on. The designs look beautiful. They also have a few solid colors but I prefer the designs. I tried the misbehaved one and it was beautiful. I got so many compliments from friends and customers. They were shocked when I told them it wasn’t nail polish. A few of my customers went straight to the cosmetic aisle to pick one up. Right now, I have the glitter design on (Frock Star). That as well, looks beautiful but I found it a little harder to apply and hasn’t lasted as long for me. The bottoms were not coming out as smooth as the misbehaved design.I am not sure if it was the nail polish remover that I used right before I applied them.
    Some of the edges on these salon effects polish strips are not exact fit but people haven’t noticed. If you have wide nails you may experience this problem. Mine was only on two nails,(my middle fingers). If you don’t like the smell of nail polish and waiting for them to dry, you need to try this. You will not be disappointed. People will ask you where you got your nails done!! Can’t wait to buy more!!

  254. Heather says:

    I love these as well and they have started a trend at my office — we all are wearing them now like some kind of nail-polish-in-a-sticker cult. :-D

    The amazing part is, we’re not trendy 20-somethings, we’re “mature” (*chortle*) 40- 50- and even 60-somethings! In fact, the woman who wears the wildest patterns is in her late 60s.

    These things are brilliant. ’nuff said.

  255. Heidi says:

    I just bought the butterfly and flower pattern ( since they were on sale – buy one get one 1/2 off)! I tried them on my daughters toes, needless to say she Loved them!! I take the clear top off of the strip then cut it in half and that way I get more to use!! Love them!

    • Randi says:

      Ok, I just saw these at the store and was a little shocked at the price, however after these rave reviews-I MUST try! Where did you find them BOGO 1/2 off????

      • Cheka says:


  256. Mara says:

    If you don’t use them all, they dry out. Anyway to make them useable again.. ie to get them to adhere?

    • Pola says:

      I may have something helpful to you. Yes. I tried this last night.

      Here’s what I did: I applied base coat to one finger and then applied the nail strip immediately while the nail was still wet. I did this one finger at a time. I waited about 10 minutes and then applied a top coat.

      I made bread this morning and my fingers were in and out of water and baking ingredients, including sticky dough, and my nails stayed fine except for one that started to lift up. I just put some more clear under where it was lifting, and then another coat on top and it is holding fine. Since I just did this last night, I don’t know how long it will last, but it was worth a try.

      • Amanda says:

        Peel off the clear layer and cut them in half. I did all ten fingers with one of the two packs and still had about 2 strips left over. Once you open they do dry out because it is nail polish. So try opening one pack first and cutting them in half to get an extra manicure :) also if you have trouble with sizing, use the larger ones and then use the orangewood stick inside to remove any excess, it worked great for me. Hope this helps & good luck!

  257. Marisa says:

    I am currently wearing the gold glitter strips and I am amazed at how long they have lasted. It’s been 7 days and they show only slight chipping (I didn’t expect them to last this long since I pretty much use my nails as tools…) I do, however, cover my nails in a clear varnish, especially at the edges, just to ward off any premature chipping which I think has really helped.

    Another note, I was able to use one package (there are 2 packages of 6 strips each) for both of my hands. I have short nails and I was able to cut the strips in half and put them on 2 fingers. I heard reviews and that the left over strips dry out, but only if you open the package. This way, I get 2 wears worth out of the one package so the price isn’t so shocking. So, if you have short to medium nails, I highly recommend cutting them in half!

  258. Necole says:

    I tried “raise a glass” which is a solid after I saw a friends nails at work. As an X manicurist…I am quite impressed! Happy so far! We are in the health care field and it calls for much hand-washing…her nails were three days in and look amazing!I cant wait for my 10 days!

    • Cheka says:


  259. Ashley says:

    okay, just put them on just my big toes and just my ring finger nails. and painted the rest a solid color for a little bit of flare. should I or do I need to put a clear coat over top of my salon effects? could that help them to last longer? Just curious, I am new to these but so far only have them on for 30 minutes I feel like these may be a new obsession. thanks!

    • Gabrielle says:

      That’s an awesome idea to use the strips as accents to a color! I’ll have to try that next time :)

  260. Nancy M says:

    I bought these today, because I was curious if it works. OMG, it’s the best!!! I did not had any problems. I see there are people who did. lol (follow the instructions)! Anyways, I love it! I rate it a 5 stars! I bought the Collide-o-scope and my nails looks good. I will def fight my nail biting habit. Whenever, I have a urge to bite, I am going to think “this is $10 worth of a t-shirt!” lol :P I highly recommend for everyone! :D

  261. kim says:

    just did mine and my daughters. we love them, although sizing is difficult.Can’twait to try other patterns!

  262. Jazz says:

    they r awesome!:)

  263. Dee Dee says:

    Just finished one hand and decided to break and look for tips on making it easier to apply or last longer. Have not had any of the application problems that I just read about so I would say it’s going rather smoothly. My nails are so thin and pliable that regular polish chips right off when my nails bend. I am hoping these work as I have sworn off polish for many years since nothing stays on. Will update in a few days with the results. So far I love the color I chose – Bling It On (pink glitter.)

  264. Laura says:

    I bought the Zebra and have had them on for 3 days. So far I love them. I was able to use one set and do my fingers & toes because I have really short nails. They were really easy to apply and took less than 30 minutes to finish fingers & toes. I usually spend $17 a week for a manicure which barely lasts a week and another $25 every 2 weeks on a pedicure. So at $9.99 it’s a steal even if I only get a week out of it. I have received a ton of compliments. I will definitely purchase again.

  265. Heidy says:

    can you use them on your toes?

  266. Jennifer says:

    I’m addicted to these nail arts. I love all the designs. I work in an office and typing infront of my customer is a must. People compliment me all the time on my nails and they think they are professionally done. I also started putting the extra on my toes, it looks great and last a long time. Plus if your a nail biter like me, you will want to use these to grow your nails. Once you see how pretty they look on your nails you won’t want to bite them. :)

  267. Taylor says:

    I am a 13 year old girl that is obsessed with beauty. I love to paint my nail,s, however mine never turn ot quite right! When I saw this new product i had to try them.! I recently took off Kitty, Kitty but I had them on for up to 2 weeks. They are very easy to use if you read the directions! I am hoping to get some tonight! Any suggestions of patterns that you like the best?

    Overall, I love them!:)

    • ria says:

      Laced up, Check it out, and Wild child are my three faves. can’t wait to try Kitty, kitty!

  268. angela says:

    i love the patterns,colors and no dry time but i feel like one of the other reviewers.product was not worth the $.i ended up having to take them off too.they wouldnt stick good and sizing was off. im taking them back for a full refund.

  269. Maria says:

    Hi, where can i buy the salon effects?? caqn i buy it by internet??

    Thank you so much!

    • Dyan says:

      i got some on ebay. i found that if i bought them online, i save more money eg. at least 50% off(i can get 2 packs with the savings). i dont know why its so much dearer in australia.

  270. Leenie says:

    LOVE them. I’m wearing the Booty Camp and it’s a week today. Slight chip on my thumb nail which was my fault when I hit my finger on the car door but I think if I didn’t have the strips on my nail would have broken! Other than that, they look great. I’ve gotten lots of compliments and will definitely try them again. Next time I will cut the strips in half as suggested in the other reviews. I’ve seen them on sale online on EBay and they are available at Walgreens, Target and Walmart. It’s really important to use some nail polish remover right before you put the nail strip on to make sure they stick to a clean nail. Five stars!

  271. Allie says:

    My mom and I purchased these nail effects from sally hansen. So far I have used Green neon, sparkly pink, and wild child and they don’t seem to stay on. My mom used cut it out (white flowers outlined in black), and misbehaved. The cut it out stayed on over 10 days and misbehaved have been on for 7 days so far and look great. My mom applies clear nail polish every day. Maybe that is why hers stays on so well. She gets tons of compliments. But I am so disappointed with my experience with using them. The green ones came off the first day I put them on, the sparkly pink ones came off after two days and now the wild child ones starting coming off 24 hours later but I was able to fix and have applied a couple of coats of clear polish so hopefully they will last. Wish me luck!

  272. Clara says:

    I love these nails. I first saw them on a friend and marvelled at how great they looked and went out to buy some for myself from price line. I have had mine on for 2 weeks and I am just about to remove them. They show slight signs of wear and tear up close but other than that they still look great and make your nails nice and strong too. I am a mother of 2 so my nails take a lot of daily stress but have still managed to keep my nails looking decent. Well done Sally Hansen.

  273. Jess says:

    A good tip is to put a clear coat over the strips, it keeps the nail polish on longer!

  274. Carol says:

    So I have used these twice now. Love them and the look they give your nails. After taking the second set off I notice white places on my nails. As my nails grew out those white places became cracks and my nail started to flake off. It’s been over 2 months since I took the last ones off and I am still dealing with extra short nails to get rid of all the cracked places. Not sure if I will try them again or not.

    • sarah says:

      I had the same problem! My nails are very strong and healthy naturally. I usually don’t use polish because I work in a restaurant, and it gets trashed (sometimes it a health code violation, too!). I discovered my issue was from the acetone nail polish remover. I switched to a non-acetone, and flaking pretty much stopped, although you have to soak a little longer to remove the strips. I still think they are a BRILLIANT product, well worth the money. ;)

  275. frog says:


  276. Tina says:

    my friend and i bought these (i got frock star and she got the lace ones) and we started a total trend at school! They are easy to put on once u get the hang of it and look so great we got soo many compliments on them! Love em not gunna go back to the salon for a while!!!

  277. micaela says:

    Hello mi name is Micaela and I

    • ria says:

      i live in the states so i get them at my local grocery store but other people are saying you can get them on ebay so i would give that a try. they are totally amazing!

    • juli says:

      you can find them on ebay. good luck!

  278. Rachel says:

    I LOVE these! I just tried them today after seeing them for a while at the store. I just had acrylic nails removed and was looking for an easy way to polish my nails and hide the imperfections till they grow out. I used the zebra print and I LOVE it! It looks perfect, like I went to the best nail tech in the world who does perfect nail art. Its so fun too because they have so many unique designs. Plus, I found it VERY easy to apply. Simply match the size of your nail and remove backing and film and press on! Thats it! Then I sealed it with a good top coat, I think this is crucial because it helps the polish stick on the sides and provides scratch resistance. So far so good, I will wait to see how long them last but first impression is 5 stars out of 5. I am gonna go get some more tomorrow. Cheap, fun, easy, realistic looking, solution for nails. Yes, $10 is a lot for at home nail polish but the designs are worth it, if I went to a salon I would pay at least $20 for them (thats a cheap salon) or more likely $30-40 so $10 per design is cheap to me.

  279. Leveaux says:

    I’ve rocked SH quick dry nail polishes for yrs & they just keep getting better. I bought these nail sticker & i’m in love!!! I work in healthcare as a nurse & yes i worry about constant hand washing but yet again SH stood up to the test & this is day 3 that i’ve worn them on without any problems!!! They totally rock!

  280. Moonbeam says:

    I love these strips! I work in a resturant and every day I am cleaning, scrubbing, and overall treating my hands an nails quite rough. I never bothered with nail polish because it just chipped off. But these strips completly live up to the 10 day claim, my only problem is after ten days my nails have outgrown the strips. Greatest invention ever.

  281. Madiline says:

    I totally love these i’ve never acually get to wear them during school but the designs are faboo! I just adore the glitter nails, how precious they are! Me being only in high school and going to a school with a dress code stating absolutely no distracting colors what-so-ever can be hard at times, but since summer is here i’m finally free to do and wear whatever i want!I’m just so faboo-licious looking now with my new nails!

  282. SRW says:

    I have Diva Nails!!!! These are the best nail applications, hands down!!(literally!). I apply them to my finger and toe nails, with ease, and the results are charming! I am stopped in the stores, the post office, at work and in restaurants! Women have tapped me on the shoulder so often to ask about my nails that I feel I should send Sally Hansen a bill for being their spokesperson! No complaints, no problems. They last longer than 10 days. I have to remove them because of my new nail growth! Prior to using this application, my nails were soft and brittle; now they are strong with length! Love, love, love these nails! There are a total of 16 in two packs and I use one pack for both hands and feet. I have put them through the test: water, scrub brushes, heat, cold, soap … and very easy to remove. I use the artificial or gel nail removers-slides right off! Can you tell I’m happy!?

  283. Crisnelly says:

    These nail strips are also the BEST thing for vacation!! They last through pool water, salt water, and through washing my hair practically everyday! And not one chipped off! I was so impressed, I recommend it to every one! I also added a top coat for shine since Girl FLower was a little dull, but it worked perfectly. Believe me when I say I’m hooked. I will restock on these for my future vacays!

  284. thais says:

    First I used it, it started chipping on the same on the next day. Now here’s the TIP, I apply the strips, then do a coat of clear acrylic top coat. They last me longer than 2 weeks. I applied the gold glitter ones 2 Sundays ago and they still look great. Going to take them off just to get a fresh design on there. :)

  285. Simpleymad says:

    I love these. They are amazing! I have always wanted to try designs on my nails, but it was either to expensive or when I tried, it looked terrible. I actually have fairly small nails, so I cut the strips in half, and was able to have two use’s per box. I am currently wearing the Wild Child, or zebra print, and am so in love. They look adorable, and have lasted around ten days and counting, even through my endless trips to the beach. I have gotten so many compliments, and even gotten a few of my friends to try them! They are AMAZING!

  286. Lila says:

    Can you use them for toe nails? Or are they too small/not enough?

  287. Ronnie says:

    I used Misbehaved on my nails on Sunday and they’re still wearing strong. I have more of a square cuticle than oval, but you can’t really tell. I also applied top coat over and behind the nails to make them last even longer. I’m on day 3 now.

  288. Sal says:

    I used these, and i was so excited! They look awesome and I got lots of comments. But there are a fair few cons! They are very expensive, they are not user friendly even if u follow the instructions to a T they are still difficult, my husband had to help me lol!! And lasting 10 days?!?! Well I wasn’t even out my front door and they had started chipping and peeling. It’s day two and 4 of them have peeled half off looks skanky now!

    They either need to make improvements or lower the price? 24.95 for a night of nail polish that took an hour to put on is a bit much I think!

  289. sum-Erbreez says:

    i was reading all the comments on how great these are im on my way to get a few boxes lol.very excited its sold buy the comments .i am a home nail artist and currently i have the new cracked nail look.its another awesome nail trend buts its commin off today 4 this.

  290. Julia says:

    These are great. My trick is to cut each strip in half so you can use each box twice! Definitely gives you more bang for your buck. I just did my own review of these

  291. Tina says:

    I love these, I put them on for the first time last Saturday (7/23) and they still look amazing. I have received so many compliments and I feel like carrying the box they came in with me, so I can explain I did them myself. I purposely did not wash my hands for at least an hour afterwards and I did not have any problem with them staying on. I am one of those people that when I get a manicure its lasts for one day if I’m lucky, usually it only lasts the rest of that day. I bought Misbehave, but I’m curious to try Blue Ice. I used to get my nails done with that Shelac nail gel (35.00) lasts 2 weeks, but now I’m going to stick with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects.

  292. Susan says:

    these are awesome, but a lil tip…do not put a top coat on after applying the strips
    it will make them pull up and curl
    i just ruined my nails doing this, arg!

  293. ma says:

    I am getting what appears to be a nail fungus or something on 4 of my fingernail. Had them on with clear polish over. Lasted well over 2 weeks. Peeled off and it is like my nail is separating from the skin under it. Mostly in the top corners but my pinky comes a fourth of the way down. It resembles when you hit a fingernail or toe but it is not black underneath. Anyone else? Any cure? I loved these things, but I don’t want to end up losing fingernails!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      That sounds serious. I would suggest you see a doctor. I’m not a professional so I don’t want to give any incorrect medical advice.

    • Renee says:

      I’ve had that happen to me before. I have eczema and sometimes it actually gets under the fingernails and that happens. To get my nails back to normal I have to cut them as short as I can get them and let them grow out without any polish on them until they’re back to normal. I also have to be really careful about any kind of polish. I don’t leave anything on my fingernails for more than a few days to a week, then I let them breathe a bit for a couple of days with nothing on them before I put any kind of polish on my nails again.

  294. Karlee says:

    I hated these! It is soooo hard to get them on and actually look right! then, when I tried to take them off, a layer of “Goo” stuck to my nails and i cant get it off!Do NOT buy these, they are a ripoff!

    • Claudia G says:

      I couldn’t disagree with you more!! I found them not only easy to apply on other people but I found them to be really easy to do on myself. I’ve had different sets from this line (5 total) and I’ve NEVER HAD A PROBLEM removing them and certainly didn’t have any so called residue. THESE ARE NOT NOT NOT A RIP OFF!

      • melissa says:

        I love them! My friend brough over a cpl pkgs she found on sale for $6. I used them for the 1st time with much success. You can definitly get 2 full nail sets done with one pkg(depending on the length of your nails)I just used one ‘sticker’ and did 2 nails at a time. I’m sure the larger ones could even be used on toes and that you caould probly cut the others to fit all ur wee piggies. They NEED to be applied on warm hands for best reults. Its -20c where i am right now and they actually seem to crack in the cold, which sucks, but thats Canadian winters for ya, EH? lol. Being a mother of two my manicures hardly ever last a week, usually 2-3 GOOD days…Ive had these on for a week and they still look pretty good by my standards. I love them, i went back and bought the gold glitter and leopard print packs yesterday while they were still on sale. Definitly awesome for a mamas night out :)

    • Cyn says:

      I highly disagree. They were a breeze to put on, easier than real nail polish. And with nail polish remover they came off very nicely.
      They are not a rip off what so ever. >:)

    • delphine says:

      I totally agree. The ones I had would not stick to my nails even though I followed the directions to the letter. After about 20 minutes I finally got the ring finger strip to stick. It took so long, I stopped to take care of an errand. Within an hour, the strip had already chipped at the top and peeled and chipped near the cuticle. What a terrible product. Total rip off and I am writing to Sally Hansen about it too.

    • Lin says:

      I disagree as well…a little quiet time and patience…took this OLD lady less than 20 minutes and i LOVE them
      Stumbled on them by accident, loked great in the box- purchased FOUR
      When I change styles, I may have a different experience
      BTW: would NOT buy just for a flat color: maybe though

  295. Kimberly says:

    I just bought the “laced up” design today! They really look awesome!!! I do recommend taking your time when applying them and in some cases, they needed a little stretch to fit right on the nail. However, overall I think they are amazing! I can’t wait to see how they’ll hold up…if it really is 10 days, I may do this instead of nail polish from now on!!!

  296. Adrienne says:

    Love these! I use them on my toes and dont have to change them for over a month or until they are really growing out. I get lots of compliments. The first time using is the hardest, but now I am a pro and can apply to my toes and fingers while watching my fav TV show at night. Other websites recommend a top coat. I put a clear top coat on my fingers only and they do last for over a week. My nails are short and I can get one packet for both my fingers and toes. I highly recommend them!

  297. Melanie says:

    I was looking at these yesterday at the store and didn’t buy them because I wasn’t sure what they would look like on, if they were easy to apply and if they were worth it. After reading this, I am going back to buy some!

  298. teresa says:

    I think they are well worth the price. Mine have lasted 12days already with no chips just the little bit of fading on the tips. But one box 9 dollars is good considering i only use 1pack for both hands. I.tear the sticker in half and use on my other hand. Its cheaper than getting them done in a salon every week and a half. I only reccoxmend to apply a.clear coat every 3 days so they last extra long. The only reason im changing mine is because the growth. Other than that they look great and definitely worth a try!oh and don’t forget to wear.gloves when you clean

  299. ashley says:

    I on the other hand, hate these! they look amazing and because of the pattern u cannot not, but i put them on just a few hours ago and they keep breaking off, piece by piece. luckily, if they start to come off your nail, you usually can press it back to your nail.

  300. Danielle says:

    I absolutely love how these look when I put them on my nails! I have gotten so many compliments. The glitter shades are my favorite but it takes me about half an hour to remove them using nail polish remover and I still have residue left behind. I’ve used bottled remover and the felt pads. Any suggestions of a stronger nail polish remover that would make this easier? Thank you! :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      There really isn’t anything stronger then acetone. The longer you can let the pad sit on the nail, to break down the polish, the better. I usually hold the pad on my nail for a minute before I attempt removal. Also, I find that adding a layer of wet polish or base coat will help soften the layers before you apply the acetone. I usually use a traditional, slow drying top coat.

  301. Emily says:

    These are amazing! I bought a set of the leopard print ones, and like people have said, I was able to cut the strips in half and get two manicures out of one kit. The first time I used them, it was a little bit difficult to place the strips straight on my nails but I got the hang of it. I ran along the edges with a cotton swap dipped in non-acetone nail polish remover to seal them and used clear top coat. After a few days I started to get surface cracks, but I think it was from using cheapy top coat. I got a few chips along the cuticle edge, but nowhere near as noticeable as with regular nail polish which lasts barely two days before it chips on my brittle nails. It took about ten days before the first set looked ratty enough to take them off. I found them pretty difficult to remove, but I only had non-acetone remover, it would probably be easier with regular. I ended up having to pour a little remover into the cap and soak each finger in it for thirty seconds before they would wipe off. The second time I tried the strips, I found them a lot easier to put on correctly. I skipped the top coat, but I really didn’t need it. I haven’t had any surface cracks, and just one or two tiny chips. Even the nail growth at my cuticles isn’t very noticeable. Ten days after applying, they still looked pretty enough that I wore them for a wedding last night, and got compliments from the whole bridal party! These strips have definitely replaced traditional nail polish for me.

  302. sally says:

    I tried these and they look really cool but they started coming off the first day, my friend has done them twice with no problem so i think i did something wrong! I really like the look off them though

    • Helen says:

      Buff your nail lightly to roughen the surface – the strips will def stay on. Apply a couple of clear topcoats too.

  303. dianne haworth says:

    i try this producted this weekend. of the 16 strips they give you only 8 worked. i report it to the company and the have done nothing. 8 nails does not work with 10 fingers. i would not recommend this product

    • steph says:

      Why dont yu just make it look good and just put a cool nail polish on the fingers that wont have it to make it look like you meant to do that. Ive seen that on pitures, it looks really good.(:

  304. Jessy says:

    I really liked them for an accent nail and wore them for a bit over a week and had no wear. i top coated it so im not sure if that had anything to do with it… but i had no issues at all for removal either. to be honest i think i peeled it off.

  305. Tracey says:

    I put the Laced up pattern on, a week ago on my toes! loved loved them, lost one went to try and fix it with one of my extra strips and none of them would stick again! really bugs me cuz all my others toes have stayed on just fine! has anyone else has this problem? Really irks me if I have to take all 9 off cuz one fell off!

  306. Tracey says:

    just read this on Sally Hansen’s Website!:

    Application Tips

    Because Salon Effects is made from real nail polish, be sure to use all strips immediately upon opening otherwise they will dry out.

    i was thinking next time put the extra in a ziploc, or a jar using a food saver and suck out all the air!

    • Doni says:

      I wish it would have said that on the instructions. My nails were perfect the 1st time around and I got so many compliments. When I went to do them the second time they were all dried out :(

  307. Doni says:

    I only could use them once becausse they dried up after I took them out the pack.

  308. Jamie says:

    Love these!! I have cut it out, glitz blitz, and laced up, I need more!! I get compliments on them all the time. Easy to put on, and easy to remove(just with nail polish remover). They stay on my nails without a bunch of chips(just a little nail grow out)for over 2 weeks! I cut the strips in half to get more uses out of them! they will dry out if you open the packs and don’t use the left overs. I wish they would come out with strips for a french manicure look or just more patterns!

    • Teresa says:

      Jamie, you said you got the cut it out pattern… just curious, is the background actually white or is it clear? I want to put a color underneath of it but I can’t figure this out anywhere! It would be great if you let me know!


  309. Jo says:

    I agree with the first reviewer. It is too difficult to peel the backing off the sticky side. It would be better if it was serrated somehow to be able to get it started.

  310. Jessica says:

    I was not too happy with these and i can say that i have years of experience with doing my own nails and others so i am no dummy. They were very time consuming and several ripped when trying to peel the backing off. I followed the directions EXACTLY and they started lifting and peeling a hour later so i put a little clear coat under where it was peeling to stick it down and also some on top and that helped some but i also noticed some shrinkage of the design a day later. Overall NOT worth the $10 they cost. I will be removing these after only 2 days.

    • Lauren says:

      Hmmm… How long did you have the strips for until you decided to put them on? If you don’t put them on in a certain time period, they start to dry out and tend to not stick.

      Sorry about your troubles!

  311. jen j says:

    these are awesome! I’m wearing misbehaved right now and had raise a glass a few months ago. Warm hands and strips are key in making them flexible. I used my blow dryer on low to warm them and it worked great !!

  312. stefnie says:

    Wow. I just finished putting these on for the first time and it was SOOOOOO much easier than regular polish! It took about 10 minutes and I didn’t have to clean up after. I was very skeptical about these at first but I saw the skull and crossbone design and couldn’t resist giving them a try I brushed on a top coat to be safe hope they last the 10 days at least. I will post a follow up comment in a few days.

  313. Jo says:

    I am back with a better review. I decided to try them again because I had a great coupon. This time they came out beautifully and took me a lot less time. I think the first time I did not follow the directions as closely. I was able to use both ends of the strips and saved the second package to do more, probably going to try the toenails this time. My poor review was because I really didn’t know how to do it the first time. I really like them now.

  314. Teresa says:

    I am very curious to try these, but does anybody know if the “Cut it out” pattern has a white background or is it clear? I want to put a color behind them and was curious if it would show through or not before I bought them.

    Also has anyone tried a base coat before applying to assure the nail surface to be smooth? Is that recommended?

    • Darci says:

      Hi Teresa, I used the cut it out pattern earlier this week. It is a white background, not clear so you cant do a different colour underneath. I do love it but it is really busy and many people have mistaken it for a crackle finish. I think I will pick something a little calmer next time like the lace one. I dont know about the base coat. Enjoy.

  315. silvy says:

    hola, soy de rosario Argentina,me gustan muchos los tips que presento sally hansen,quisiera saber como puedo conseguirlos aqui, muchas gracias.

  316. Leslie Whelan says:

    My friend had the zebra pattern on her toes. They looked fantastic so I tried them on my toes. Only one toe was too large so I cut a piece off of a strip and stuck it on. You couldn’t tell. They look GREAT on your toes. I also put a topcoat on and they’re still going strong after 2 weeks. Yes, for me they were kind of a pain to put on, but I believe the second time will be easier. What fun they are!

  317. Jo says:

    I have had them on for almost two weeks now and they still look great. I put two coats of top coat on them and it looks like they are going to last for at least two weeks, if my nails would just stop growing they might last longer.

  318. Gwen says:

    i absoulutely love these

  319. Farrah says:

    i love this product. sure it takes a little extra effort and time to make sure they look neat on ur nails, but its so worth it. I just used Check it out, and i must say my nails look really pretty.
    To get the best out of this product, stick to whats on the instructions, most imp part is making sure ur nails dont have any cream and r clean, using nailpolish remover beforehand works to let the stickers adhere to the nail.
    and for removal, using one for artificial nails removal works best.

  320. Cancan says:

    Love em! Takes a little time to apply. Make sure you buff your nails and use a de-greasing soap(like dawn), also you can use finger nail polish remover then apply. If your nails are shorter you can use same one packet of the 8 on your toes too.Toes will last lots longer than the fingers. I used a hairdryer on mine after I applied a no chip top coat of SH as well.

  321. aly says:

    I am 100% happy with these nail strips from sally hansen ; they are easy to put on ; & they look fabulous. They lasted me 3 weeks until i decided to switch it up but definitly recommend to buy. With just one ; i did my manicure and pedicure. Trust me guys you wont regret it .

  322. I have some strips and haven’t used yet because my nails are always to long. will sally hansen ever make long strips?

  323. Julie says:

    These rock and I’ve had them on for 11 days.

  324. Lauren says:

    If you want…
    2)To look fashionably cute…
    3)Spend no time making something look REALLY cute

    Then…these are your things. They are really adorable.

  325. Kelley says:

    I Love these!!!! Wow. I used one pack on my toes and fingers. I am the mother of a 3 year old and I am a seamstress… Let’s just say I use my hands A LOT!!! These really kept up with my every move. I put them on my mother’s fingernails too and they look great! I will say, I bought 4 packs and one was defective (Not sticky enough) so I just returned it. But it was a fluke because all the other packs were fine. I waited for awhile to buy these because I was skeptical But, it’s so worth it!!! I will never get a mani/pedi again. These save you money and they look amazing!!!! A regular manicure would never last me for nearly as long. I really hope they don’t stop making this product EVER!

  326. Kelley says:

    Hi Teresa, You really can’t use a base coat. The directions are pretty clear about applying to a clean nail. I used nail polish remover before application on every nail. It seems pretty important, at least the directions say so. Good luck!!! These are so fun!

  327. brittany says:

    I would like to know if i should apply a top coat, i have acyrlic nails right now and i cant wait till i get them off and get Wild Child on! Reply back and tell me how that one lookks and with an answer to my question, thanks(:

  328. Kaye says:

    I HATED these! I got the “Fly With Me” (the one with butterflies) on Easter of this year. My Easter dress had butterflies on it, so I put these on on Easter, and they fell off after about 10 minutes! I applied them correctly, I even read all the instructions. You would be better just painting your nails.

  329. kelsey says:

    I love love LOVE these things, Im horrible with nail polish either I chip it off or i end up redoing my nails everyday because of imperfections. But with these sticker nails the last for 2 weeks look perfect and are so fun and flirty. and when you get good at applying them you can use one stick on for two nails saving you then other pack for the next time you want to use that color or design. LOVE THIS PRODUCT

  330. Cassie says:

    I just think they it is a must to read instruction and it would be much easier to use this nail polish strips. I have not buy it yet but i may buy this for Christmas for my Christmas look.

  331. felicia says:

    this was my first time putting on these nails, such a rip off. i bought the frock star one, i only put on fake nails, not any of these before. i tried so hard making sure they would stick and i tried to keep them on but they just annoyed me, it was hard trying to make them the right size for my nail too. i’m 13 and honestly, i tore them right off so easily because parts on the side were coming off. this was stupid, i paid 8 dollars for nothing, waste of money and i did indeed read the instructions. never buying these again.

  332. DGS says:

    These Aplique products by Sally Hansen is not only costly and wasteful, they are very hard to apply, use them once and gone. I recommend the KONAD Stamping Nail Art. It is an image plate with unlimited use and any designs you could think of.You just have to brave it out and try, once you get to know how to use it properly, you will love it. It takes 30 secs. to do 1 nail. Go on you tube, search stamping nail art, to see tutorials and testimonials.

  333. cnickie says:

    I just tried these the leopard print design. You should take your time applying these. I found that they weren’t wide enough to fit my entire nail… maybe I bought the wrong size, but I only saw one size. I doubled up on some nails and it looks “ok”. It’s been 5 days and so far so good. I don’t know if I will buy them again because they don’t fit my nails and I would rather by the polish and have it cover my entire nail.

  334. Diana says:

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects are fabulous! Too bad they are a bit on the expensive side. However, there’s a super easy trick to making them last even longer.

    I found if I put a strong, clear base coat AND a top coat on top of the nail strips, they last much longer than 10 days. I had mine on for roughly 3 weeks before I wanted to put on one of the limited edition Holiday prints.

    I bought the Limited Edition “Peppermint Twist” print from my local CVS. I also used Rimmel’s Base/Top Coat Polish so they last through the Holidays.

    Here’s a picture of them on my nails!

  335. Mary says:

    I saw a commercial for this product and decided to do a search and I found your posting. I really appreciate you taking the time and providing a very detailed account of this product and for providing pictures as well.

    I’ll check back when I try to product.

    Thanks again.

  336. Tee says:

    I’m wearing my first pair right now (Misbehaved).
    I have been doing nail art as a hobby for 3 years now. I normally paint my nails once or twice a week. I love these strips. I’ve already bought my next pack for when my current ones grow out.

    Because they are subject to drying out. Anyone who has strips that won’t stick should give this product another chance because when they work properly they are amazing. You will never get lines this clean painting by hand. The first application can be tedious so I layed out all of my tools and washed my hands with dish soap ( degreases ). I also made sure I had a bit of free time so I could pay attention and take my time if I needed to. They turned out awesome and I’m on day 3 with zero signs of wear.

    Another problem is cold hands. I have bad circulation so my fingers are always like ice. I kept a blow dryer close to warm my fingers as I went.

  337. hail says:

    These are amazing! They last extra long, and they remove good (for me) They glitters are my favorite. (:

  338. Tyler says:

    I just put these on today and I must admit that they look really good! I got the frock star one. My mom and I kept looking at them but we kept walking passed them for several months because they are not cheap. One day curiousness got us to buy one of the double packs (because my mom wanted the pink glittery one and it didn’t come in a single….or at least it didn’t when we went to Walmart because I have actually seen it separate). This did not work from my mom at all! They were not sticky enough. However mine were :) So, if u get a pack that doesn’t stick well, it is probably just that one, try again! Personally, I like that pattern ones best because I cannot do that with nail polish on a nail pen. They are great for special events! I am going to a church dance tomorrow for new years eve with my boy friend and I am wearing all black. Black dress, black tights, black boots, black fedora. BUT! My nails are this shimmery, sparkly , multicolored-ness so it makes my outfit that much more awesome! Yay for Sally Hansen!

  339. Del says:

    These work so great just got the prep’s cool pattern on sale at target amazing!!!!

  340. Katherine says:

    I have used several different ones in the range and they are FANTASTIC!!!! I will not go back to standard nail polish again…! I took them off with Nail Polish remover and it was a simple and easy procedure. Putting them on was a breeze!!! I ride horses and am hard on my hands….they never lifted or split. They last about 11 days or so and the only reason i take them off then is due to the nail growth!! LOVE THEM!!!

  341. sophie says:

    OMG!! i love these things! they are so cute and i get a lot of compliments;) they are so fun and easy to apply. im wearing check it out right now, and i just bought misbehaved! but if u kno any way to keep them preserved for a few days pllllzzzz give me some advice! thanks ;)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Once the seal has been broken it’s hard to keep them fresh and flexible. The best advice I have is to get them in an airtight container asap. Like a sandwich bag or a vacuum sealed pouch, if you have a vacuum sealer.

  342. sophie says:

    i really like what u wrote about these, everything was accurate and i got a really good idea of what to do before i bought these. thanks again!

  343. Heidi says:

    My new favorite product and I’m glad I found your review as I got some helpful tips. I didn’t quite care for the color after applying them so I put a coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish over them and they are fantastic! The polish went on neat and smooth and way better than if I had applied it on my naked nail, which I am horrible at. The wooden stick works great for pressing down around the nail bed and the excess just comes right off, perfect fit.

    • Lin says:

      I agree with the ease of application; additionally..I have had “creepy” ridges in my nails for years, and nail polish usually accentuated this: these app hide and even protect my tips. Usually, the polished tips wear off quickly,- these are staying VERY nice.
      I am TERRIBLE at applying nail polish…get it all over: THIS is THE answer
      THANK YOU!!!!!

  344. I got to have them. They’re gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.

  345. bixit... says:

    hi.. i would like to know if this product is available in mauritius…it is so awesome!!

  346. houndstooth says:

    lol i’m wearing the houndstooth one (check it out… still don’t get the name…) right now and my frieds will be wowed :)

  347. Missy says:

    I looooooooooooooooooove these strips. However, I had some remaing because I do all kind of designs to my nails and they dried out. I never took the protective strip off the back so im not sure why this happened. Any ideas?!?!?!?!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Once the strips are exposed to air, they start to dry out because they are made of real nail polish. Once you open the package I suggest putting them in an airtight zip top bag to try and keep them pliable.

    • jamie says:

      I have so many that either dried out or just came out of the package without much stickiness, so I tried a sticky base beforehand and had sooo much luck with it. Now I use it before every one of the Sally Hansen salon effects – I just recommend using it one nail at a time so it is still sticky when you go to put it on your nail. I use Orly bonder for it – works like a charm!

    • Lena says:

      After having left mine out for 24 hours, I took the front and back backings off and held the sticky side under a hot blowdryer until they were slightly sticky and they went on fine.

  348. TurquoizBlue says:

    I love these strips. So easy to apply and much less hassle than polishing nails. I wish they made them large enough for my toes.

    I have Raise A Glass, and it is more of a metallic gold than it looks before peeled off the strip.

    I will use this again.

  349. Megan says:

    I just tried the love letter stick ons and it took me 3 hours to put them on. They don’t really look great either. :( I’m disapointed after spending all that time and money!

    • CD says:

      That’s weird, I put on the love letters today. It took me about 15 minutes to do it and they look perfect. Maybe you just need practice getting used to the way they work?

  350. Erica says:

    I tried these, and found them to be extremely sheer so I was wondering how you got them to show up so solid?


  351. Nathene says:

    I love using these and Misbehaved stayed on the longest and looked the best, but I notice that they last longer on short nails and after wearing different styles contantly, I’ve noticed they’ve weakened my nails a bit. I’ve decided to give my nails a few weeks to strengthen back up.

  352. AUDRA says:

    I also enjoyed the ease of applying and misbehaved is my all time favorite. They stayed on much longer than normal polish; almost 2 weeks. However, I havent found an easy way to remove them. It takes a lot of polish remover and they get sticky and stringy..kinda gluey. Also my nails peeled after wearing them too long. Probably about 4 weeks total because i tried different styles back to back. But i had salon quality looking nails and had numerous compliments.

  353. catiee says:

    I Haven’t tried the sally strips, but I love the ones by Cala products, they’re the same thing but they have the zebra stripes over silver glitter option and they were only $6 for 20 strips at this beauty product shop called trade secret in the mall,but you can probably find them online as they have a website. They last even longer if you buff and rinse your nail first, and apply a top coat. I save the left overs and cut it to fill as they grow.

  354. Jebi says:

    I tried the nail strips for the first time…loved them. But I had difficulty removing them with regular nail polish remover. Maybe pure acetone would work better. Also, I wonder how they would adhere to a clear base coat? Any suggestions?

  355. sandee says:

    I think these are fantastic. I can’t do my own nails without them and they are so fun. I just wish there were 20 of them instead of 16. It just makes more sense. Then you could feasably either do your fingernails twice or do a mani and pedi. i don’t have 16 digits. Some of them you can use one for two nails but it really depends on the design. Inevitably you will mess a couple up so maybe 22 would be better for the consumer than 16.

  356. Laura says:

    I am impressed already… bought this out of curiosity (have tried the Avon ones a few years ago and heated them, tried the Nutra Nail Gel Polish and it chipped on Day 2), applied them Sunday, now Day 5 and they still look amazing. And I have been doing dishes every night, and a few others activities that I thought for sure would nick them or chip them… but nothing. If they last ’til the 10 days, I’m totally sold. I may have to buy stock in the product then because I’ll be hooked!

  357. Tina says:

    Just want to say that I tried these and am hooked! For about 10 dollars you get nails that look as good as salon nails and is very hard for people to tell! I got many compliments on them and instead of paying 30 dollars every two weeks for gel nails, these are just as good if not better!

  358. Nikki says:

    I used these on my toes and THEY CAME OUT AMAZING!!!!

  359. Hailey says:

    I’m currently wearing Furrocious Vocals (from the new Avril Lavigne line of Sally Hansen Salon Effects – silver, black and blue leopard print

  360. shannon says:

    I love these because they are super simple to apply and last a looong time but also I have 7 month old twins and I don’t have to worry about the smell filling the room like nail polish does! My only problem is the drying out factor but def going to try the ziplock bag next time! I will never go back to regular nail polish:)

  361. shipty says:

    I used Frock star on my feet. They look fantastic!It did take me quite a while to do it though as it is about 85 degrees in my house making them very sticky and hard to peel off the backing and the clear top.
    I kept reading the package in the pharmacy trying to see if they are suitable for a pedicure so for all who want to know this too…they are.
    By the time I got onto the second foot it was a breeze. I would and will use them again for sure. It will be interesting to see how long they last on toe nails as they apparently grow slower than fingernails.

  362. Heidi says:

    I love these! I tried the neon orange first, i ruined a couple before i got the hang of it, but once you do get the knack its super duper easy. They come with two sealed packages (youre supposed to use one for each hand) but i was able to get both hands out of one set cause my nails are on the short side making the $10 pricetag a little more palatable. The second time i used the glittery gold and it was easy peasy and the look fabulous!

    Make sure you swipe your nails with polish remover before applying to give a clean oil free surface, this may be the reason some ppl had lifting/peeling right after applying.

  363. Anna says:

    “They also show every nail imperfection, like the ridges I didn

  364. Shannon says:

    I regularly have my hands in a light acid for work {bad I know I should wear gloves} and I decided to give these a try without much hope as even normal nail polish lasts two days at best for me. They are amazing, I’ve found by putting a clear coat over them every few days they last two weeks or more!

  365. Kelly says:

    The stickers are either too big or too small for your nails.
    Did you cut them wrong or did they comes like this?

  366. heather says:

    I have used these a few times and they are great for when you don’t have a lot of dry time on your hands.

    I agree that the solid colors and the patterns with light backgrounds are thicker and harder to use and remove than the metallic-based patterns.

    I also find if you wear them too long they will dry out your nails and make them brittle and cracked.

    So I think these are great for a week or two and then remove them and go back to your normal nail routine.

    Oh, and I find adding a topcoat will help extend the life of the nail strip.

  367. julie says:

    I love these things,wish they had more choices.Ive used them about 5 times and they do last.But do not think putting clear polish on them will help….it doesnt.

  368. Heather says:

    I super love the nail colors and the nail art. So like the glitters silver. I hope that I can have all the colors and have a chance to wear it all.

  369. They held up a lot longer than I thought. Most reviews I have read on Salon Effects usually begin chipping at the tips after 4-6 days. Did you use anything to prep your nails before hand or a top coat? Im curious to see how the new gel nail strips will work.

  370. Angie C says:

    Thanks for posting this! My daughters are really into nail art and creating different designs. I showed them the different designs here and we are going out to look for Misbehaved!

  371. Hockey sister says:

    Hi, thanks for all the great tips!! :) I will definently be buying these!! I think they sell these at shoppers drug mart in the $8-10 price range but they also sell them at the dollarstore for only $3!!

  372. Libby says:

    I used the leopard sh strips. They lasted over 1 week without any signs of wear. I am extremely rough on my nails b/c I have 3 sons and am constantly on the go and washing my hands. I highly recommend them!

  373. Allergy perhaps says:

    I love the concept of these salon effects but I must have an allergy to them that I cannot a count for.

    I have used them twice and on both occasions my actual nail lifted from my nail bed leaving the nail attached by only a few millimetres within hours. The pain is intense and so I remove them ASAP.

    Once the nail is lifted from the skin the nail bed gets extremly dry (I guess that is a part of our bodies that are not mean to be exposed to air. They then crack and get infected. The pain is horrible.

    Worse still try doing anything when the tips of your fingers are incredibly sore.

    I have had to cut my nails drastically so that I can moisturise the skin and allow the soft tissue to harded up and scab to help the healing

    Strangely enought they work perfectly on my toe nails! Gofigure?

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      I’ve never heard of such a thing happening. I’m so sorry they had that effect on you. And how odd that you can wear them on your toes. I wonder what ingredient caused that. You can wear regular nail polish with no problems?


    My name is Rainbo. I’ve been doing nail art since 1983. I went to cosmetology school not once but twice & still do not practice professionally. I am a very accomplished amateur nail artist and am known locally for my nail art & sculpture. I tried Sally Hansen’s Collide-o-scope and was very amazed! The product wore well over my acrylic overlay and didn’t take long to rub on! I have been waiting for a product like this for over two decades! I have tons of paint ideas that I would like to share with you corporately. I have tried other similar products since trying Sally Hansen’s but have found their performance to be far less than par compared to the lasting effects of this product!! I think that the time is NOW for a SallyHansen/RainboKlein joint venture! You’ll have to see some of MY designs to believe them! I’ve devised sculptures that light up, jingle and lift-off! I think that you will be most interested in my flat seasonal nail designs, which, consequently, are now vintage!! Hit me back! Love you!

  375. Melissa W says:

    Am I the only one that finds the smell of these to be horrifying??? It’s 24 hours after I applied them (which, yes, was super easy and they look awesome) and the smell is giving me a headache–it’s SO STRONG my whole office smells. Taking these off tonight :-(