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CND Monday – CND Shellac Wear & Removal Review

By on August 23, 2010
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cnd-monday-cnd-shellac In this special edition of CND Monday, ALU contributor Christine shares her CND Shellac experience with us.

Last Monday Christine talked about the Shellac application process and now after a full four weeks of wear she’s back to give us her verdict on how it held up on her nails and what the removal process was like.

I saw Christine about three weeks into her wear test and outside of the growth issue, her polish still looked flawless.  No nicks, dents or chips.  What makes that even more impressive is this is a girl who plays roller derby with Cleveland’s own Burning River Roller Girls.  She takes a beating on the regular and still her Shellac held up.  ps remember when I wrote about seeing Whip It?  Christine was the friend I mentioned.

Let’s see the final results, shall we?


The Final Verdict by Christine
Well, after four weeks of having Shellac’d nails and enjoying countless compliments on them, I finally broke down and began the removal process. My nails had grown way out, so there was a significant gap between the polish line and my cuticle, but other than that, they held up well.

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie over Fedora – Day 22

I had no issues with chipping at all, however, I noticed a few days right before I removed them, it seemed like a few of the nails had started to separate from the polish around the tips and sides. The reason I hadn’t removed them sooner was mostly due to the fact that I was worried it would take a long time, and I wanted a span of several hours to make sure I could do it all in one sitting.


I used CND Shellac Remover Wraps and followed the directions on the package. Basically, they are little pads which you soak with acetone; then you wrap them around each finger letting the acetone break down the Shellac.

I wore the wraps for about 10 minutes on each hand.  I recommend doing only one hand at a time so you can still function with the other. Surprisingly, the polish came off fairly easily. It lifted from the sides of the nail, and I took the orange wood stick that was included with the wraps, and helped slide off the Shellac. If a few bits and pieces of Shellac remained, I would scrape them off with the stick, or go back and soak the stubborn pieces with acetone.

Since it is suggested that you visit a salon for Shellac removal, I do advocate letting the remover sit for longer than the recommended 10 minutes to make sure the polish lifts properly. A few times, I was in too much of a hurry and lifted the Shellac, and I think it also took off the top layer of my nail.  This whole process, by the way, was infinitely easier than removing your standard glitter polish.

For anyone who gets regular manicures, and likes them to last for a while, or for a special event, or even a long vacation, this is the product for you! You will have no chips, dents, nicks, etc. for a few weeks. What you will have is a worry-free mani that will remain glossy and perfect until you decide to remove it.

Editors note: While CND suggests having Shellac removed by a professional, some salons are charging an exorbitant amount for the removal service.  If you are going to remove at home and don’t have access to the Shellac Remover Wraps, I suggest soaking a cotton ball in acetone, placing it on the nail and wrapping it tightly with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.  The point is to snugly wrap the cotton so the acetone is in constant contact with the Shellac.


When I originally reviewed Shellac I mentioned that more colors were on the horizon.  Unfortunately due to the overwhelming demand for Shellac that horizon is a little further off than CND originally expected.  We’re now looking at early 2011 before new colors launch.  Sad, I know.  It’s the one thing that the other extended wear manicure brands have over CND; color range.  Though I got a sneak peek at the new shades during Cosmoprof and I have one word for you… PURPLE!  Think Rock Royalty, ’nuff said!

In the meantime CND has come up with some suggested layering combinations to extend the current twelve color lineup to suit the varied tastes and needs of the ever growing Shellac Nation.  The combinations were split up into three color families; Natural Nudes, Playful Brights and Rock & Roll Darks.  Can you guess which one is my fave?  Big surprise, it’s the Rock & Roll Darks that use Shellac Fedora as a base.


I’m dying over the Fedora/Tutti Frutti combo though I’m curious how bright it is in person.  And I’m thinking the Fedora/Romantique look will fit in perfectly with this whole Chanel Paradoxal “griolet” craze.  Of course I’m sure manicurists using Shellac have come up with even more ideas so make sure you ask your nail tech about layering to come up with your own unique look.

Have any of you tried these combinations?  How many of you have become Shellac converts since the product launched in May?  If you are standing your anti-extended manicure ground, tell us why.  Is it the cost?  The lack of color choices? Your desire to change your color every few days?  The pleasure you get from doing your own manicures?

Disclosure: Services were provided by CND free of charge for editorial consideration. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. SM says:

    Hi, So my problem is that I like to keep my nails painted in part to prevent myself from biting my nails, but I am also an avid rock climber (3-4 days per week in the gym or outside) and regular nail polish is immediately torn up – scratched, chipped, etc. Do you think Shellac or similar products would be able to handle that kind of wear? Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      I DO. My 12 year old can wear this well and she is an active little thing. We love it because we can keep our nails looking fabulous. I bought everything I needed on eBay and do my own at home with a uv light that is not the official CND one. Big cost up front but worth the convenience.

    • Mc Huggs says:

      HI Sm: I often wondered about my younger niece who has long and pretty nails, and use to gym climb with me, if she would find this product useful and still take her “gym climbing?” Please let me know if you use this and climb does it really work so I can tell her that her gorgoeus painted nails will be safe? Thank you.
      Mc Huggs :)

  2. Sara says:

    I’m definitely interested in these types of treatments for a special occasion such as a big trip where I don’t want to be worrying about my nails, but for everyday wear it’s too expensive for me! I already don’t get salon manicures because it doesn’t seem worth the price considering that the results I get are generally about the same as what I do at home, so for the cost to be so much higher, it’s hard for me to justify. But I will say that reviews like this with actual photos of wear (or lack thereof) are very very helpful and definitely push me in the direction of doing it for a special occasion like I mentioned!

  3. Lisa says:

    I have been shellaced twice now. My problem is that my nails peel and they still peeled when I had the shellac on – and therefore peeled the shellac off aswell. I got bored of the colour after a couple of days and the second time my shellac only lasted a week before it peeled off – I don’t blame the product, I blame my crappy nails.
    I blogged about it at
    I think it is a great product though and have no doubt that for those with already strong nails this will last for the full 2 weeks perfectly.

    • Laura says:

      Its not your nails, I promise. It sounds like it is not being properly applied. I would suggest going to and finding a salon off their list. Someone properly trained to apply this product will get it to last for you as guaranteed. I have personally used it on crappy nails as well with great success.

      • Lisa says:

        The thing was it was done properly – it was applied by the own of the first ever shellac kit (it was release early in NZ as a trial and she paid heaps of money for the first demo kit). My first lot lasted about 10 days but the 2nd time I got it done I had 3 fingers pealed off within a week. I certainly think it is a great product tho (I just had some not so great experiences)

        • Rains says:

          I’m with you, Lisa. I had my nails shellacked by a manicurist who had done the full CND shellac training and it still did not last. My nails aren’t in bad shape but I think maybe it had a bad reaction with my skin or something because within a week the shellac peeled away from the edges near my skin, although not the tips of my nails. It was very disappointing. I’m going to stick to my self-manicures!

          • Linda says:

            Ladies this is an old post but i have to reply anything can be picked off including acrylics! I am a professional nail tech and nail biter lol! It works good if you dont pick at it! I know I can pick mine off no problem but its not healthy for your nails! Try again! Its a good product!

  4. Jennifer says:

    On the Fedora + Tutti Frutti, how many layers of each color do you need to get the purple result?

    • mel says:

      You only need one layer of each, giving you the standard Shellac 2 color layers. It looks pretty streaky while being applied, but the top coat seems to even it out so it doesn’t look streaky.

      • bb says:

        Which layer do you apply first – the Fedora or the Tutti-Frutti?

        (Because that looks like a great color combo!)

  5. Great Review! I have worn Shellac before and its a really good product and I love that it doesn’t take long to remove either.

    @SM: I think Shellac would be perfect for you. The polish really holds up. I can be pretty rough on my nails at times and was pleasantly surprised by the wear:-)

  6. Tam says:

    So the Fedora/Tutti Frutti combo is pretty bright. I wouldn’t call it duochrome, but if you’ve seen Tutti Frutti on it’s own you know it has a lot of shimmer, and that quality is highlighted by the depth of Fedora’s color.

  7. Irene says:

    Thanks for these CND Monday’s! I’m def going to try these for long vacations and those all too busy holidays! One question though, was there that nasty ridge that acrylics leave behind or because of the process you don’t get one?

    • mel says:

      Shellac is a LOT thinner than acrylics, so the ridge is minimal, you just get the gap between the Shellac and the cuticle

  8. Kitty says:

    Wow! That’s after 4 weeks?! That’s all I gotta say.

  9. Jessica says:

    I am a total Shellac fanatic! I love having polished fingers, but rarely get a manicure, because it just doesn’t last. Shellac lasts! The polish stays shiny and does not chip. I’ve washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom, even done some handy work and not one chip. Thanks for the combo ideas!

  10. Serena says:

    Shellac seems like a great option for special events or when you can’t change your nails for an extended period of time. (Like vacations). It also sounds great for those people who go get professional manicures all the time and always choose the same colour. (or colour range.) I love doing my own manicures, I like doing nail art, and I have a more wide colour range than shellac.

  11. LD says:

    I got a CND Shellac manicure for vacation. It lasted 4 days. Then it started peeling and I had to peel off the nails that weren’t peeling so I wouldn’t look silly. I am not a fan. The colors were so limited and I ended up with a french manicure I didn’t want. I won’t be doing this again, but it was certainly worth a try!

  12. Carol says:

    We love the shellac – use to use Axxium – hated the soaking off process. The biggest setback to Shellac is we cannot get any new colors or base & top coat. Very disappointed in how hard it is to reorder. We switched all of our clients to Axxium and now cannot get the Shellac.

  13. Ruthie says:

    I love the Shellac. It’s wonderful to leave the nail salon with perfectly dried nails and they look great for an extended period of time. For me that is 2 weeks. All the salons are having a tough time getting the products. Creative Nails didn’t know what a wonderful product they had. Gee, I wish I had stock in CND. Ruthie :)

  14. Laura says:

    Shellac is phenomenal! I have been using it since it was released and love it. My clients love it and I have gotten many new clients because of it. The removal process is really simple, that is if you don’t use the wraps. We take a cotton round and cut it in fourths. Apply acetone to the cotton, place on nail, wrap in foil and place in warm mitt for 4 min. The polish peels right off with little to no residue. We have begun to layer the colors and they are fantastic. They are a bit different in person than they are on the website but in a good way. We too have had difficulty getting supply but have been very diligent on calling all the distributors in our area and getting on their wait lists. Little by little, we get more. Be patient. It is TOTALLY worth the wait. It is the only product that you don’t have to rough up the natural nail to adhere or remove. Its AWESOME!!!

  15. Ariana says:

    I had a french Shellac done for a wedding and it was gorgeous! I took it off after 9 days because I wanted some color, but it was still pristine, no nicks, chips or peeling at all, and I have nails VERY prone to peeling. I definitely recommend Shellac, especially if you want to give your nails a chance to grow worry free. Definitely worth the money, especially for special occasions!

  16. Je Reviens says:

    I love Shellac and am on my third go-round with it. The first salon I had it done at did it with all the manufacturer’s specifications as to application observed (recommended equipment/process.) When it was time to remove and re-apply, I tried a salon closer to home and was upset because they didn’t seem to know the right way to remove it. They soaked my fingers in acetone for 10 minutes and wanted to file it off with a motorized file. They used a garden variety UV machine and not the one recommended for the process. I argued with them, but this only upset everyone so I gave up and just decided not to return.

    Yesterday, I returned to the original salon and did it again but the removal process is still not being done the way it is described here on your blog. I’m still having to soak my finger tips in a bowl of acetone and that can’t be good. The owner of the salon told me that the little pads that wrap around the fingertips just don’t work. I wish I could suggest the method one of your posters suggested but the people in the salons think you are nuts (not to mention bossy!) when you try to suggest how they should be doing this.

    All that being said, I really love this process and having a chip free shiny manicure for over 2 weeks really rocks! Wish CND would launch a campaign to educate salon operators as to proper removal methods because I am going to have to stop doing this regularly.

    • Stephanie says:

      Je Reviens,

      Shellac Wraps work better than anything else I had tried! When in a pinch and out of the wraps I have done the cotton and tinfoil method, but I have found that this requires an extra 2-3 minutes to get as clean a soak off as the wraps. I have heard from a few other nail techs in my area that they won’t use the wraps because of the cost (they run about $2.50 per client). I would say if they’re soaking you in a bowl, find another salon. The acetone dries out the skin horribly!

      • All Lacquered Up says:

        I agree. You should make sure your salon is using all the correct products. I heard that due to demand it’s hard to get the base and top coat and some salons are subbing other products. That’s so not okay and probably the reason so many people are having wear issues.

  17. Mc Huggs says:

    Hi Laura: I can’t beleive a CND Shellac would last 22 days or more. Are there any harmful effects from wearing a polish/shellac for too long as with other nail polishes? Like, it’s recommended that you change your nail polish to allow your nails to, “breathe.” Is this just a misnomer?

    Michelle’s nails look awesome and always beautiful. The 22 day wear test proves it. Amazing stuff. What about the color choices though?
    Mc Huggs ;)

    • Laura says:

      Hi there, nails do not breathe. As far as I am aware, there is no more risks to wearing Shellac as any other polish. I spoke with a rep at CND recently and she suggested putting Vaseline on your fingers (not on the nail plate) during the soak off process to keep your skin from drying from the acetone. After they are removed, she also suggested Solar Oil while the cuticles are being pushed back and then to wash with soap and water before application. The nail plate needs to be clean, dry and dehydrated before the product is applied. Color choices are limited at this time but they can be layered for some pretty effects.

  18. erin says:

    There is a girl on youtube that got the fedora/tutti frutti combo…it looks awesome! The lady I went to did not have Fedora, but I was really wanting that combo!

  19. Mel says:

    Roller derby is exactly why I haven’t painted my nails in, like, 74 days. Seriously, sad (and please do not ask to see my toes).

    I miss color dearly, but I don’t have the time or energy to paint three days a week during my move (which would likely ruin any manicure as well). This stuff/process, I like. A lot.

  20. Meika says:

    The salon I frequent just started using CND Shellac. So far I’ve only seen 6 colors but I’m sure when more are available she will get them. I can’t wait to try it, my manicures last 2 days 3 days max because I wear gloves while working. I hope they’re willing to try some of these layering suggestions.

  21. Alllison says:

    This makes me even more excited to try it for my vacation. Those results are amazing and I hope I have the same ones.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Are you going to see Susan to have Shellac put on? You’ll have to let me know how it goes.

  22. Corey Ann says:

    Oh man I keep looking at this… I have had fake nails since I was 17 (I’m 31 now) because my nails are awful on their own (I get gel). This may be a great thing if I decide to step down from my gel!

    I also wonder if anyone’s tried these on toes?? I have no issues with my nails wearing but I biff the crud out of my pedicures!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      CND make a larger lamp for Shellac specifically for pedicures. The prob is, the new lamp is hard to get right now due to demand. I haven’t tried it but I would imagine you’d get the same wear.

  23. Jeanette says:

    I’m dying to try Shellac but the price keeps me away. But knowing that I can soak it off myself helps (A LOT!). The salon closest to me charges something crazy just to remove it. That really pushed me away. I think I’ll try this closer the holiday season when things get too busy for me to keep up with polish changes. (i work retail so i just kind of give up in December!)

  24. Di says:

    I have been getting regular Shellac manicures now for 6 weeks (I’m on my third application). I credit Shellac for bringing me back to the salon to have my nails done because it is finally worth the money for a professional manicure. However, like some of the other posters, I’ve had the experience with the removal process not being done as it is suggested. In addition, this time I went with a french manicure hoping to try to extend it out even further than 14 days (the growth isn’t as noticable) and the polish is cracking around the 10-12 day mark. I have cracks all accross the top of my nails in the polish where my naturally weak nails bend. This happened with the bright colors as well, but it was less noticable than it is now. Has anyone else had this experience? Is there any way to stop it?

  25. Greetings All:

    I’m a Nail Stylist in Waldorf MD that performs Shellac Mani’s. If local and interested in the service pls email as I will be returning to the salon from maternity leave on Sept 10, 2010.

    FYI: if you have premature peeling I suggest you go back to the salon so the technician can fix the work. Don’t settle for poor performing results.


  26. Crystal says:

    I am a nail tech and have used shellac since it came out. I think it’s absolutely awesome and all the stylists in our salon use it. We have all had great luck with it, especially the stylists their hands our in water consantly and the get no chipping with this, unlike regular polish, where they can’t get a day out of it with all the water. But anyways we have the remover pads and they don’t work that well (it takes forever) but saoking is the best and fastest way to remove it. Yes acetone is drying but you are going to have that even with the pads. All you do is wash your hands afterward and lotion if need be.

  27. Michelle says:

    I love shellac I just had it done today. The only complaint I have is my tail technician was awful. There are significant gaps between the polish and my nail so I know the grow out will be awful. She kept complaining that the polish was to thick to do a good job but this doesn’t seem like an issue for anyone else. Will definitely do again with someone with better vision. Going to Costa Rica for two weeks I’ll let you know how it goes on the ziplines!

  28. Michelle says:

    oh and I got the Fedora + Wild Chilis combo and it is no where near the color online it’s a very dark red and no where near the purple color it looks like online! I wish I had stuck with the Fedora on it’s own that was so pretty!!!

  29. deb says:

    I paid $54 for a french manicure. There are bubbles in the white, which collect dust…love the glossiness, but I guess it comes down to the nail tech’s ability to apply the product.

  30. Stalean says:

    I have been using Shellac since it was released. I have had absolutely no problems with chipping or peeling, except for the first time and even then it was minimal. My friend and I were applying it for the first time, so it was probably due to that fact. I get my nails done every two – two and one half weeks. My nails grow very fast, so I need them done this often. I could, probably, go 3 weeks if it wasn’t for growth issues. I will agree with Michelle, I had the Strawberry Smoothie and Wildfire layered today–it did not look like the color in the photo at all. My friend applied the Fedora and Wild Chilis to her nails–it was pretty, but did not look quite like the color in the photo, either. Hers came closer than mine, though. I personally think this is just a way that CND has come up with to extend some of the more used colors with the less used ones. And, to answer another comment made about the nail tech making excuses, the Shellac product is extremely thick compared to regular nail polish, especially the top coat, and after opening and closing the bottle to air repeatedly, it gets even worse.

  31. Caroline says:

    Can I get this stuff to do my own nails at home? If so, how can I get it?


  32. Maggie says:

    ebay and amazon are the only places I’ve found to purchase cnd shellac products.

  33. Nail Ho says:

    If you have any problems with peeling it is probably because the proper base coat was not used. I tried it without the base coat because it was backordered and used Brisa Bond instead. DON’T DO THIS! It was a total waste. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the Shellac Base Coat. The application will NOT work without it.

  34. Kathy says:

    Shellac sucks. Chipped the 1st week, looked cloudy and makes you feel you’re not in control because you can’t fix it.

    Never again for shellac.

  35. Nancy says:

    I’ve been a nail tech for many years. When Shellac first came out with the claim that not only does it last for 14 days, I was skeptical that any gel would adhere to a natural. To my surprise it does. I work at a day spa near San Francisco and even the hair stylist are amazed how well it stays being they are in water everyday all day. The issue with the thickness of polish. CND makers of Shellac advised me to shake it alot. Even after doing a few nails. Make sure the rim of bottle doesn’t get alot of polish build-up on it. Do thin coats. Second coat usually covers well. As far as the removal pads they get expensive for me professionally so I just soak my clients in 2 small bowls of acetone. After a few minutes, start to remove with orangewood stick releasing it from top of nail. Repeat till it is removed. Both hands take about 5 mins. You can get a fine grade block buffer to remove anything left behind. For home use it can be a challenge and supplies are pricey. Hope this information helps…

  36. TL says:

    I’ve had two Shellac applications, the first one after getting acrylics removed. Both applications still looked GREAT after 3 weeks!

    I use my nails for everything, too… bad nail habits! Everything I am told NOT to do with my nails, I do it: scraping labels, chipping off unknown scuffs, you name it, I’ll use my nails.

    During the time I was wearing my first application I was also refinishing my hardwood floors, so even with getting repeatedly doused with stain, paint thinner, wood filler, paint and more, the only “damage” I could see was the ends were a little worn (mostly because of my bad nail habits, using them to scrape off paint boo-boos and such). That and my cuticles were awful :)

    The drawback to 3 week wear time is grow-out… I’m going to stick with lighter colors unless it’s a special occasion, since it lasts so long. Of course, there’s always the danger of getting sick of the color :)

  37. Sue says:

    This product did not work for me and for the money I paid at the nail salon to have them done, I am really upset. It has been less than a week and they have lifted and peeled off four of my nails. I think that this product is not meant for the typical wife and mother that has to use their hands. Of course I will go back and complain but they won’t do anything at all, just blame it on me, like any other time I have complained.

    • Anita says:

      Did they have you wash and dry your nails before application? or did you have lotion from the manicure on your nails?

      • CD1031 says:

        I’m on my 4th Shellac application since December, and each time it’s lasting less and less time. I just got them done on Friday, and on Monday they started peeling- 3 days is not acceptable for this cost. I don’t know what the issue is. I love leaving the salon with dry nails, but I should be getting at least a week out of this. My tech has gone through the training and uses all the right products. She wipes my nails with alcohol before beginning the application.

        • LeeAnn says:

          Shellac is to be applied to only dry nails and the nails should also be buffed before base coat for better adhesion. This could be your problem.


          • Robinhoodwinked says:

            I would ask your nail tech if she used any kind of thinner in the Shellac. Stranger things have happened!

  38. Anita says:

    I’m totally in love with this product. I purchased everything to do it at home and am on my 2nd “self-shellac” manicure. The removal has been a bit of a pain – but for a manicure that lasts 2 to 3 weeks, it’s worth it. The added strength to my nails is a great plus. I close loans for a living and my hands are always in the spotlight. This has been an answer to prayer to find something that would last more than a couple of days:)

  39. Sylvia says:

    I love the idea, but can’t find a salon that does a good job. Usually by the 10-14th day the polish is peeling off. There is a rough ridge around the nail bed as the nail grows out and it is lifting. The salons tell me they don’t guarantee the polish. It is only suppose to last longer than regular polish. I don’t think $25 plus a 15% tip is worth it for 7 days of polish.

  40. Trish says:

    I am 11 days into my first Shellac and love it so far. I got the french manicure and it is great. I am noticing today that my cuticles look rather dried out though. I put some lotion on them and hopefully that will make it look better for a few more days. My nails have never looked this good. They aren’t breaking, the polish is still shiny like on day 1 and this is after getting ready for 2 big parties at home and the holidays with box opening, wrapping presents etc. Deep cleaning toilets, bleach, chemicals etc. and still beautiful. I ordered the stuff on Amazon to try myself after I watch one more time and am wondering if I need to get the creampuff color for the tips of the french manicure or if I can use normal “white” in between the base and top coats. I will have to see what they do. l am a huge fan of this product and am so happy my niece told me about it. Now my daughter had hers done too after a long time with acrylics. My mo got hers done as well. I normally have really really thin, peeling nails and no problem with lifting at all.

  41. MimiB says:

    I am on my third Shellac application and am absolutely overjoyed with this product. The first two lasted three weeks each. I had some wear on the thumb nail edges, but as a working mom who constantly uses her hands, that is really nothing. I followed the suggestion on the CND website to use a cuticle oil regularly, so I do it at bedtime and it makes a big difference. The biggest issue I have is that the salon I use soaks my nails in acetone rather than using the Shellac pads. It really dries my skin so I’m going to follow the cotton ball suggestion posted on this site instead. I recommend Shellac to EVERYONE I know. My nails have never looked better.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I gave up my shellac manicures b/c of an awful tech. There were bubbles in the finish, I got a built up “ridge” of product against the cuticle…and the last time she insisted in soaking them off in acetone and using a metal scraper on my nails instead of an orange stick….never again
    I wish I could find a good tech in my area, but Shellac is still pretty new here.

  43. Lotty says:

    Can you use the shellac top & base coat with other makes of polish? I would like to do this at home but don’t want to have to replace my vast selection of colours!

  44. LeeAnn says:

    What causes the bubbles in the application process after removing the nails from the lamp?

  45. B Patrick says:

    I have had several shellac manicures. Several nail are splitting at the top after a few days. What do you think is wrong? Do you have any suggestions? My nails are very short. Thank you.

  46. Melissa says:

    Do you have to use a lamp? Has anyone purchased on amazon and done their nails at home with no lamp?

  47. Amber says:

    Hi I was thinking about getting shellac for a wedding. I would rather take it off at home (save money) so how would I do that? Where do I get acetone from? Anybody have advice for removing it at home?

    • Linda says:

      Sally Beauty supply! Pure acetone! A little bit in a non plastic bowl soak for about ten minutes and scrapoff with an orangewood stick! Good luck!

  48. Nikki says:

    I heard from my mother-in-law who saw something on TV about Shellacing that the process of sealing/drying of the UV machine is cancer-causing. Is this true?

  49. Maja says:

    I got shellac yesterday in Tropix shade and it is looking nice and shiny. My nails are week and peel off easily, so I’m curious to see how long it will last. For now, I like it. I want to test in first and I’m thinking about getting a starter kit and doing it at home to family and friends and make some money. It is so easy to apply.

  50. jen says:

    Just ordered my shellac.. just the base n top coat and a 45 dollar lamp off ebay. I used just a sally hansen white nail polish for my tips, in between the bottom and top coat… not sure if i did it to thick or didnt wait long enough for it to dry but it looked awful. For now I took the white off, and ordered the cream puff…. i just put the bottom and top coats and it seems to be awesome. Just make sure to stay away from getting it on the skin on the sides ofyour nails and the cuticle because it will cause it to lift really bad.

  51. Liz says:

    I usually have very healthy nails and get regular manicures. I had tried shellac for the last 6 weeks (at a proferssional nail salon/changed every 2 weeks). The shellac did peel off on some fingers. I did not pick it off. I was told because my nails are soft, they bend underneath the shellac. This creates it to peel. It appears that a layer of nail was damaged on my index finger and the sides of my thumb nail. Even the regular nail polish will not adhere to the nail. My nails are now paper thin. I have to wait until they grow out. I do not recommend this product at all. My nails are ruined. Too bad is was a great idea. Not for me. Good luck!

  52. Cindy says:

    I removed my own Shellac at home by soaking cotton balls with acetone and wrapping in foil. I did a hand at a time and was glad I did so I’d have the other hand to assist with removal. I had a wonderful experience. Soaked for about 15 minutes and only had to scrape a bit to remove residue. Helped to swipe with acetone afterwards to remove residue as well. Would definitely do Shellac again for special occasions.

  53. Nadine says:

    The lack of color choices is my main concern but i have tried the fedora and found it wasn’t dark or a deep black but i absolutely LOVED not having my nails chip!

  54. lynn says:

    Ive done shellac on my own twice and once at a manicurist to learnthe technique. It’s so simple. I absolutely love it. It does not weaken the nails if removed properly. It lasts long enuf for me until i get bored and want a different color. I gotta say, i am an addict!!! Once your nails are strong enuf they wont chip or split or separate. And they must be capped at the free edge and completely covered with tip coat!!! If you find it doesnt stay on long its because your application was done poorly.

  55. Trudy says:

    I absolutely love the Shellac. I have very thin nails that bend and peel. With the shellac my nails grow to a really good length and are strong. I go every two weeks and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.

  56. Cathy says:

    I purchased the CND light, top and base coats and several colors from Amazon. Followed instructions I found on the Web and got great results. I used alcohol swabs to thoroughly clean my nails before and also to get rid of the tackiness after curing the top coat. I got great results. I’m using the remover pads I also purchased from Amazon. I love this stuff.

  57. Cathy says:

    Hi, I purchased the CND lamp. It cost more, but the preset timer buttons are nice and I wanted to be sure I was following the process to the letter. BTW…I have had no problems with lifting or chipping – I think it was worth the investment.

  58. danielle says:

    do you need to use a uv light to cure the polish or can it just dry naturally?

  59. Ruby says:

    I tried this process for the first time a week ago, recommended by the salon. The polish job is still intact. It cost about $20 more than the regular manicure. I was just wondering how to remove this polish so, I am glad I came upon this site. If they charge extra to remove the polish, I will try to do it myself and give my nails a rest before I try it again.

  60. YAN says:

    How many there is it in USA? The average price