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Ginger + Liz Got My Groove Back Swatch, Comparison & Review

By on May 25, 2010
in Ginger + Liz, Gold
ginger-+-liz-got-my-groove-back-bottle Foil metallic lovers, I’ve got another bottle of hotness for you.  Ginger + Liz have been hinting via Twitter about “sisters’ for their hit shade Swagger and got my first peek at them on my recent trip to NYC.

One of the things I find interesting about the G+L line is that all their polish names have a back story and both of Swagger’s sisters are named after special people in G+L’s lives.  Got My Groove Back is triplet number two in what I’m calling G+L’s metallic foil series and it’s a beautiful champagne gold.

Triplet number three, Tuck Me In, is a sparkling silver but apparently she’s the cranky sibling since she isn’t ready for her debut.  I saw the actual color in NYC and it’s stunning but the formula is currently being tweaked.

Check out my full review and swatches of Got My Groove Back after the jump!

Got My Groove Back is a soft beige gold.  We’re not talking hard-to-wear yellow gold here.  It definitely has that champagne vibe though it’s richer than say OPI I Only Drink Champagne.  It’s actually one of the most flattering golds I’ve ever worn.  I can’t stop staring at my nails!  My gold obsessed mom is going to have to throw down with me if she wants my bottle.

The formula on this one is top notch as it applies flawlessly in two thin coats.  I seriously could not have asked for a better application.  The flat brush glides the polish on the nail leaving behind slight brush strokes but not the kind that are associated with traditional metallics.  That’s what I like about the foils.  They make polishing a breeze.  And maybe it’s just me but foils seem to dry faster.  I don’t worry about my natural clumsiness as much.



In my hunt for dupes I found a pretty close match in butter LONDON The Full Monty.  The bL shade is a hint warmer in tone but the finish is identical.  Orly Luxe on the other hand has a shinier, more mirror-like look but the colors are pretty similar.  It may be a tad darker.  The camera really can’t capture the glory of foils so the differences are hard to pick up on screen.


Bottom Line: If you love foils, you’ll love this color. If you’ve had problems finding a gold that isn’t too pale or too yellow, this shade is for you. If you own Orly Luxe or butter LONDON The Full Monty you can take a pass unless you’re gaga for foils and starting a collection.

Ginger + Liz Got My Groove back is available for Pre-Order now with a ship date of June 7th. Ginger+Liz polishes retail for $12/ea on

Also, Ginger + Liz would like to offer an exclusive discount just for ALU Fanatics.  Pre-order Got My Groove Back for only $10/ea using the code ALUGROOVE at checkout (limit two per customer). That’s a $2/bottle savings. Code vailid through June 16th.

So my little foil lovers… what do you think of Got My Groove Back?  Anyone plotting an order?

Disclosure: A sample of Got My Groove Back was furnished by Ginger + Liz. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 42 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Zuzu says:

    Love foil polish!

  2. sara says:

    i wonder what the diamond cosmetics equivalent is…maybe 24k gold. since they’re identical companies and ginger + liz charge $10 more….rather save my money and get the original version!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      *sigh* again with this? As I’ve stated before, Ginger + Liz do not get their polish from Diamond, they get it from a manufacturer in Northern California. Diamond is in Florida. It is unfair for you to make such an accusation without any proof. Besides, the 24K Gold swatches I’ve seen look NOTHING like Got My Groove Back.

      • Hannah says:

        Wow, this is an unnecessarily harsh response. I, too, have read on blogs and on the MUA nail board that G+L & DC are the same polishes. If it’s misinformation, that’s one thing, and I thank you for setting us straight. However, it is ridiculous to assume that everyone has read ALL of your posts and statements (“As I’ve stated before…”) I follow your blog & enjoy it, but certainly have not read every word or post; I was not aware that you’d refuted the mistaken G+L/DC claims.
        I don’t think she’s making an “accusation.” She’s probably just going on what she’s read from others & assuming it’s true, probably in no way trying to slander G+L.
        You have a lot of devoted fans & followers, and I would usually say deservingly so. I ADORE your posts. But the tone of your reply has really turned me off. :/

        • All Lacquered Up says:

          Hannah, my response was not intended to be harsh but this whole G+L/Diamond drama is frustrating. I was called out on some random foreign nail blog about it with a post dedicated to being mean to me. I was called deceitful and biased. I had Sara lay into me on Twitter over a random vent I made only to have her post about it on MUA. I didn’t ask for this.

          I met the women behind this brand. I take them for their word when they tell me that their polish is made in California and not by Diamond. I post about the polish because I like it and as a bonus the brand offered my readers a discount. I don’t want to be involved in conspiracy theories or drama.

          • Hannah says:

            Oh, wow. I am really sorry. I did not know ANY of this backstory either. Now that I do, your response seems not only reasonable but restrained.
            I did not mean to foment any needless drama or anything. I just felt shocked by your response, because you’ve always seemed very nice and diplomatic. And now I know you are.
            Again, so sorry for fanning the flames (unintentionally). I am sorry that you have been treated badly over this, & I did not mean to further the poor treatment.

      • sara says:

        ACTUALLY i do have proof. it’s not just an accusation anymore. i did a comparison on my website, you are welcome to check it out:

        can you tell them apart?!

        if not, look here:

        the polishes are IDENTICAL. they can’t keep denying it any longer. i mean…this is unequivocal proof. unless they somehow accidentally ended up with about 8 shades that are IDENTICAL to diamond cosmetics and it just…”happened”.

        • All Lacquered Up says:

          How can you say they are identical when your pictures clearly show they are not. Trance looks much more holographic than Chainmail Charm and in the last picture of your reveal post, Tough Luxe looks darker than the Diamond polish. Can you really call that proof?

          The thing is, you can buy whatever polish you want. If you believe that G+L is made by Diamond don’t buy it. I have met Ginger and Liz, spoke with them about the situation and know for a fact that they get their polish from a manufacturer in Northern California that is NOT DIAMOND.

          What I don’t understand is why you come here to comment and it’s only to make a negative comment about Ginger + Liz. You called me out on Twitter for posting a vent, which is totally within my rights, and then you post on MUA about it to call attention to something that didn’t need attention in the first place. If you don’t like me or my site, why are you posting here? Just to stir the pot?

        • JoAnn says:

          Actually, not that I am trying to insert myself or stir the pot further, but it requires mention that pictures taken by one individual without any source identification or outside supporting evidence would not be considered “unequivocal”.

          In any event, the swatches look quite different to me.

    • alex says:

      It’s ironic that “Sara” claims to be a librarian when she hasn’t really done the research here…

  3. Taylor says:

    Love Gold! Although I have the skin color to pull them off pretty nicely. I have a question for you though… I am looking for some really nice light blue polishes that are not to cartoony or bright but soft cotton candy blue creme that isn’t sheer. Do you have any suggestions?

    • JoAnn says:

      I’m dying for one of these too! I just picked up “Cattitude” from the Shrek coll. for OPI, and I have a few other more “pastel” or “cornflower” blues, but ever since hearing about that coming Chanel baby blue I’m dying to find one that fits what I’m looking for… and doesn’t cost $23!

  4. GwenSA says:

    Since I don’t have either of the other similar ones I’m going for it. Thanks.

  5. Steffi says:

    Also, if people cannot afford to buy the G+L version, Sally Beauty now has Orly Luxe in their Orly lineup, it’s no longer just a promotional item. :) I was really excited with that, since I didn’t get a chance to pick it up when it was a promo.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hm. Looks pretty similar to Orly Luxe, which I has. I think I’ll skip this one. Thanks for the discount code, though! That’s awesome.

  7. FoHawk7654 says:

    Gorgeous swatches!!! Your swatches and exclusive deals are fantastic. Thanks Michelle! Me and my girlfriends love your site

  8. Kimberly says:

    If that is not the most wearable gold foil!!! That one is about as modest as you can get with that color. I am so in love!!

  9. Meika says:

    Just wondering, do you wear a top coat with foil type polishes or would it take away from the finish?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I always wear a top coat, unless it’s a matte nail polish. Top coat hasn’t changed the finish of foils on me.

  10. PolishPrettyd says:

    I have that cheapo 24K color and it sucks…this is nothing like it. Ginger + Liz’s “Got My Groove Back” looks less bronzey and more bright gold. Gorg photos above.

    Trying to decide if I should order now or next week! Can’t wait. How long is the discount code good for?

  11. Jimmy K. Designs says:

    I love a metallic that doesn’t streak! this looks really nice, first time I have ever heard of Ginger and Liz. Only available online?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      They are available in some salons in NYC and they’ve done trunk shows at Henri Bendel but online is the primary place to purchase.

  12. Ginger + Liz says:

    Hey polish enthusiasts!

    We can’t thank you all enough for embracing the Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. The response from polish lovers across the country has been astounding

    • Hannah says:

      Wow, what a GREAT company post. If I seemed to contribute to the “cattiness,” I certainly did not mean to. I didn’t know the backstory whatsoever. I am sure that your polishes are unique and cannot wait to try them, especially after seeing how responsible and caring you, the owners, are! Thanks for the clarification and for the great polish.

  13. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love the Got my Groove Back nail polish!! It’s very festive and seems like it can make a great accessory to your everyday life! I wish I was able to purchase it in LA:(
    I went to order it online and shipping was $9!! That

  14. Terrin says:

    oooooo! Love this color! Me likey! On the MUST buy list it goes!

  15. cora says:

    Lovely! Anyone know how it compares to the old LE OPI I Get A Kick Out Of Gold? That one is currently my go-to gold, wondering if I should rush out and buy this too.

  16. Jennifer says:

    What I don’t understand is, who cares?? I love your blog and will continue to support you but my unsolicited advice is just ignore the pot stirrer. You know the truth and you are in your rights to vent on Twitter, etc. Ignore the haters! Oh, and keep up the good work. We love you! :)

  17. Denette says:

    Ooooh this gold looks gorgeous on you! I love golds and recently tried to sport ChG 2030 and the application was so tricky that I only wore it for about 12 hours then had to take it off…it looked horrible! This looks like the perfect gold for me to try! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. clem says:

    Hi! Could you tell me if a French girl like me can find this nailpolish somewhere? It seems that the official website doesn’t delivery it in France! Thank you :)

  19. divinecurlygirl says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Ooohh la la. Love this color. Looks like the code ALUGROOVE is not working however. I just tried using it at checkout and am getting an error stating that the code is invalid :-(

  20. divinecurlygirl says:

    O and forgot to mention that with shipping @ 8.95 this polish will end up costing over $20.00. The color is awesome though. Really wish Ginger + Liz could offer US Postal as a form of shipping :(

    • AkashaGermaine says:

      Unfortunately USPostal Service considers nail polish a hazardous material and doesn’t ship it at all. And when you think about it, with all the chemicals in it, it really is. Other products considered hazmats: perfume, paint, batteries, glue, flea spray, and aerosols of any kind (like hairspray).

      • Jennifer says:

        This can’t be true… I just bought nail polish from amazon and it’s being delivered by USPS! Maybe they just have to be packaged in a particular way. And the shipping was about $2 cheaper than UPS!

  21. Nastea says:

    Great!!!! I like this color!

  22. Des says:

    I have a few polishes from Ginger & Liz collection and I can say I am very satisfied. I just recently purchased but only used 2 colors so far and the feedback is positive. Keep up the good work ladies.

  23. Ginger + Liz says:

    Hey divinecurlygirl!

    When Ginger + Liz Colour Collection first launched our shipping was thru USPS. Even though USPS was cheaper, our experience with USPS was an utter disaster. Our packages were difficult to track and we got reports of many mishandled packages and just overall dissatisfaction with USPS’s service. At the request of our customers we decided to switch to Fed Ex because Fed Ex is more reliable and easier to track.

    We just quadrouple checked and the discount code is working. Feel free to visit and use the ALUGROOVE code till June 25th 2010.

    clem – We do not offer international shipping but are working on being available to our international lacquer lovers in the coming year.

    Hope you both will be ordering with us soon!
    We’d love to have your nails covered :)

    All the best,

    Ginger and Liz

  24. Ginger + Liz says:

    Oh good news ladies!

    Got My Groove Back is in stock early and orders start shipping Friday 6/4!

    Have a great day :)

    Ginger and Liz

  25. Ernie says:

    I also can’t seem to use the code ALUGROOVE, it says Coupon code “ALUGROOVE” is not valid.

  26. Sandi says:

    Just for the sake of clarity, the USPS will ship many HazMat products. They must be appropriately labeled as HazMat and they can only be shipped by ground so First Class is out. That said, I have received a Priority box containing polishes from on online company within the last 6 months so I guess it depends in part on how truthful their mailer is when asked about the contents of the package. The major reason UPS and FedEx can still ship polishes by air and the USPS can’t is that the USPS does not have their own planes and purchases space on commercial flights. UPS and FedEx have their own air fleets and thus are not subject to the same stringent federal regs.