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Essie Summer 2010 Preview

essie summer 2010 nail polish collection Ever since I first laid my eyes on a pic of Dominica Green on the MUA Nail Board many years ago, I’ve been dying for Essie to bring us another fabulous green and I know I’m not alone.  Well our wishes have been heard.  The Essie Summer 2010 Collection includes what looks to be a stunning vivid green.

Summer is special. Aside from the wonderful outdoor activities that we wait for all year, we also revel in the opportunity to now wear lighter, brighter and more playful clothing. Finally, we can shed the wool and mohair for cotton and linen. The keyword for summer is: fun! So shed those boring, drab clothes and at last, indulge in seriously sensational color! Don’t be shy — make it the time to play with bold, playful color combinations.

Check out full size bottle images and color descriptions after the jump!

“This year’s runways reflected the ease of the season with youthful, fun to wear clothing in feminine fabrics,” explains Essie Weingarten, President and Founder of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. “I was inspired by the vivid pastels at Versace and the splashy florals at DKNY. I created this collection to reflect the youthful, fun-to-wear flirty frocks.” The summer fashion trend is all about mixing and matching, and the summer color palette allows for the same fun and freedom. Choose Miss Matched for fingers and Pretty Edgy for toes, or whatever you fancy – since there is no more matchy-matchy!

Pretty Edgy – Vivid Palmetto Green
essie pretty edgy nail polish bottle

Miss Matched – Sweet, Sheer, Ready For Anything Pink
essie miss matched nail polish bottle

Haute As Hello – Racy, Scorching Coral
essie haute as hello nail polish bottle

Knockout Pout – Hot Supercharged Pink
essie knockout pout nail polish bottle

Vermillionaire – Heart Pounding Red Orange
essie vermillionaire nail polish bottle

Demure Vixen – Iridescent Cocoa Mauve
essie demure vixen nail polish bottle

The Essie Summer 2010 collection launches in June 2010. Essie polishes can be purchased from and salons and spas nationwide including chains like ULTA, Regis, Trade Secret and Beauty Express.

OK, let’s take a head count. How many of you plan to pick up Pretty Edgy? What other colors from the collection might you be adding to your shopping list? I’m thinking that Demure Vixen and Haute As Hello may find permanent homes in my collection.

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There Are 74 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Pammy says:

    me me me me! i’m definitely getting pretty edgy!

    there was a time when i refused to touch green polish but now i’ve become a green monster :)

  2. Jean says:

    I will definitely be picking up Pretty Edgy! It looks awesome. The rest of the colors seem pretty generic, though.

  3. Diane says:

    Oh wow. I *love* Pretty Edgy and Demure Vixen.

  4. Christine says:

    I Die! Look at Demure Vixen!

  5. aaminahs mom says:

    yay essie with a green.all cremes though blah

  6. Jamie says:

    Definitely need Pretty Edgy! But I’m thinking also Haute as Hell (except that it doesn’t look all that “racy and scorching” to me, but I still like it) and Demure Vixen because I love all shades of purple. Vermillionaire looks pretty, too, but it seems a lot like One of a Kind from last summer, or was it the summer before.

  7. virginia says:

    I love them all! Haute as Hello looks like the perfect coral and Demure Vixen looks very unique. Those are must-haves!

  8. Ollie says:

    Pretty Edgy is indeed very pretty but it looks a lot like OPI’s Jade is the New Black, which I already have. If it is really close to JitNB, I don’t think I’ll get it. Demure Vixen and Haute As Hello look more yummy to me at this point.

  9. Kelsey says:

    My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the bottle photo for Pretty Edgy! I am definitely getting that for myself! I might get Haute As Hello, too, but I think I’ll wait to see swatch photos of that one first.

  10. Lauren says:

    Cannot wait to see swatches! Pretty Edgy sure looks a lot like Jade Is The New Black in this pic. You never know though. :) If Haute As Hello and Knockout Pout aren’t sheer, I’ll be into them!

    • Lauren says:

      I had to come back and comment again now that I saw the bottles in person. I’m happy to report that Pretty Edgy doesn’t look like JITNB! In fact, they look very different. Pretty Edgy is a much brighter green. Haute as Hello is the perfect coral to me! So excited about it.

  11. Grace says:

    Some of these look cute, but I’m waiting for swatches. Haute as Hello and Miss Matched look a lot like Tart Deco and NeoWhimsical from the spring collection . I was super pissed about Tart Deco and Van D’go turning day-glow orange with every single topcoat in my stash (including Essie’s), and I’m wearing Lapis of Luxury right now and it doesn’t look anything like to promo pics (not an ounce of lavender in it). If this is a sign of what we can expect post-L’Oreal, I’m really disappointed.

  12. Kate says:

    Hmmm, I think I’m too shy to buy and then wear Pretty Edgy.

    If I see the collection, I’ll probably pick up Miss Matched and Demure Vixen.

  13. Ashley says:

    I think I want all of these except for miss matched!

  14. Nicole says:

    Mmm Pretty Edgy & Demure Vixen FTW! Very nice :)

  15. JoAnn says:

    I’m going to get the whole lot! I just got the resort collection and picked up a few from last year’s summer collection. I was already obsessed with the North Fork and sprin collections.

    I have to say I am loving Essie’s formula! The first coat seems to go on sheer and streaky, but it’s so buildable and the final product is just smooth, silky, shiny beautiful-ness! I like that they’re at least tip toeing into some more daring color territories…

  16. Jenn says:

    Omg!! So excited for this collection!! Will get Pretty Edgy and Haute as Hello! :)

  17. Mary Jayn says:

    I definitely do not own enough greens! If only they could have as many shades as blues and pinks!

    Are you going to do a swatch of these?

    I just picked up the RESORT collection from Essie and the colors are fabulous… especially tuquoise & caicos! Have you ever reviewed this collection?

  18. Meika says:

    Definitely will he getting Pretty Edgy and Knock out Pout.

  19. Andrea says:

    I think I’m just gonna get Pretty Edgy, and I’m Pretty Excited about it!

  20. Angy says:

    pretty edgy is a winner!

  21. Serena says:

    Pretty Edgy and Vermillionaire interest me. I’m trying to find an orange polish I’ll wear.

  22. Jen says:

    Edgy and Vixen for me. I just bought a knock-out green today from Tesco. You’ll only know it if you live in Britain.
    Looks like sharp green is going to be a big summer colour.

    • Debbie says:

      Tesco?? What did you get? Tend not to shop in Tesco but might just have to do a detour if they have good nail varnish! Saw a Wet and Wild collection swatched on Scrangie last year that I loved had 2 greens Jade and Morbid. Emailed Wet N Wild and they did say maybe in UK Tesco’s this year. Is this what you got?????!

  23. Hannah says:

    Haute Hello and Pretty edgy for sure, I bet they would look amazing together one on toes one on fingers!

  24. isnotfashion says:

    I like haute is hello! the rest were just eh.

  25. Sandy says:

    Pretty Edgy is a definite since I love green. Maybe Haute as Hello and Vermillionaire as well. I love Essie’s formula and hope it’s not modified after L’Oreal takes over Essie.

  26. kelliegonzo says:

    OMG i’m so excited for this whole collection!

  27. Duffi says:

    Of course I’m getting Pretty Edgy. Other than that, this collection doesn’t do it for me.

  28. tara says:

    i literally got goosebumps look at pretty edgy!!! NEED!!!!!!! the rest of the collection is a pass though

  29. I’ll take Vermillionaire and leave the rest tyvm

  30. Ok, Wow! I am so NOT a green nail polish lover. But Pretty Edge looks Pretty damn sweet! But I must admit that my loyalty will always remain with the corals, so Haute as Hello is also a must for me from this collection. And… well, Knockout Pout is a pretty awesome summer color too. :D

    Can’t wait for this collection to come out!!

    Do you have the bottles yet? You’re gonna do swatches of them and let us know what you think about the formulas right?? right?? :D

    Thanks so much Michelle!

  31. Altea says:

    Pretty edgy is obviously gonna enter in my collection!
    But I think Miss Matched, Demure Vixen and maybe Haute as Hello will get the chance as well.
    I’m waiting for your swatches to say the last word of course.

  32. Karli says:


  33. bananarama says:

    i would, but i have around 10 greens already, and i don’t think i’m as polish-crazy as you (yet)! heehee

  34. Kate & Zena says:

    oooooooooooh, GREEN!!! Pretty Edgy shall be mine! That’s the only one that really catches my eye. I’m not a sheer or iridescent nail polish person.

  35. these look SO amazing!

    Also, you should start doing more “The Arsenal” posts again!

  36. Bridget says:

    I’m drawn to Demure Vixen and Haute as Hello. Can’t wait for swatches!

  37. rijaH says:

    I def. want the Haute as Hallo…! I looove the peachy color it has :D Wauw!

  38. karen says:

    love pretty edgy and haute as hello!

  39. Shatteredshards says:

    Actually, I’d have to see a comparison of Pretty Edgy and Sally Hansen’s Going Green before I’d buy it; I have Going Green already, and it just looks like it could be very close.

  40. ruthless says:

    edgy and vixen for me.

  41. iLyma says:

    I’ve been lemming creamy corals all over the place. Haute As HELLO.

  42. Hope says:

    I’m not interested in any of them… it’s like I have dupes to them all already, and they all cost much less money.

  43. Alisa says:

    Gonna have to add Pretty Edgy to my wishlist…

  44. Debbie says:

    These aren’t really floating my boat tbh. Cant quite get my head around green creams they just look a bit flat or something? but then I love them when you swatch so maybe should give one a whirl! As for iridescent mauve – I think you need to be young enough to make this look like an on trend shade, at 44 it is in danger of looking like a “safe” old lady colour, which is why I dont do pink, coral or safe colours at all.

  45. Jackie S. says:

    Its a nice “rounded” collection, Essie has really surprised me with the last two collections :)

  46. Saori says:

    I find this collection beautiful and essie’s polish is always easy to put on nails !!
    Thanks for this preview :)

  47. Still wondering if I am gonna surrender to Pretty Edgy… lol

  48. i’m pretty much in love with every single one of these colors.

  49. Sky says:

    Pretty Edgy is pretty late to the green nail polish party. The bottle does look like Jade is the New Black, but I’m sure that the actual color is gonna look different.

  50. lacquerholic says:

    Oh that GREEN!!!!

  51. Gina says:

    Ohhh my I love these. I will absolutely be getting the green!

  52. love pretty edgy and haute as hello!

  53. Ruthless says:

    At the first green I thought Nice! Then as it edged down over pale pinks and corals I started to go meh… isn’t this every other pink Essie has done? We just got two corals with the Art of Spring (call them peach, coral same thing) the only standouts of this collection are the green, and perhaps the iced mauvey one at the end. I’ll need to see swatches before bothering to plunk down 8 bucks on the etailer sites especially since my regular one seems to have doubled the price

  54. Helen says:

    Can’t wait for this collection to come out!! :)
    I’ll definitely pick up Pretty Edgy and Haute As Hello – I love coral and green ;)

  55. Tiffany says:

    I am all over the Haute as Hello!

  56. Arrianne says:

    How many freakin’ sheer pinks can you make Essie!

  57. Sara says:

    pretty edgy is the only one im interested in. i love me some darkish greens

  58. Kate says:

    I think I’m suffering from green over-exposure because Pretty Edgy isn’t doing anything for me right now. The whole collection is sort of repetitive from their Spring line, but I’d be interested to see the last color Demure Vixen swatched to see how many coats it takes, etc. Knockout Pout is pretty, too.

  59. Chris says:

    Do you think that Pretty Edgy is a dupe for OPI Jade is the New Black?

  60. jamaicanvibes says:

    Oh, yes baby bring on the green this color green looks like one i cant miss out on i wanted the domenica green it was selling on ebay for $45.00 that’s crazy i thought i knew one day essie will bring back a deep green too many pastel colors and she added one to this collection now i just have to keep a close watch june 1st.

  61. wpGirl says:

    Love Love Love Knock Out Punch. I love the shade Cotton Candy from Avon Nailwear Pro, but the formula just stinks. I’m looking for a dupe with a better formula. I think this may be it! Can’t wait to get my hands on it – love the Resort Collection.

  62. wpGirl says:

    Oops! It’s Knock Out Punch! My bad!

  63. wpGirl says:

    aHHH I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today….Knock Out Pout!

  64. Lauren says:

    This collection is available now on head2toe. :)

  65. Bee says:

    I picked up the mini collection at Ulta last week. Right before I left for vacation, I painted my toes with Haute as Hello and fingers with Knockout Pout. Loved the colors (perfect for the beach!) – but they both faded to MUCH lighter shades within a day or two. Not sure if it was the sun, sand or saltwater…but I have never seen nail polish fade like that! Anyone else tested the wear yet?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      A lot of lighter polishes will fade in the sun. They make UV blocking top coats for that reason. It’s a big problem with french manicure wearers. The white tips turn yellow from UV exposure. I know Sallys carries an inexpensive UV top coat and Essie makes one as well.

      • Lauren says:

        Bee, I’ve had a Haute as Hello mani for 5 days now, with no fading or chipping at all! That being said, I have not been sitting in the sun this week.

  66. B.cole says:

    Pretty edgy will be mines.

  67. Kelly says:

    Will you be showing swatches of these soon? Interested to read your reviews as always!