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Rihanna Is So Money – Getting Minx’d for the Grammys

Happy Friday Fanatics! I know things have been a bit quite here on ALU but it’s been a crazeballs week for me. Thanks for your emails to check in on me! You are all so sweet!  Since I’m getting ready for my trip to NYC for New York Fashion Week I’ve been running errands and doing a lot of behind the scenes type work this week.  Plus, my nails were looking pretty beat so a little nail R&R was in order.


However, I’ve received quite a few emails and tweets about Rihanna’s nails at the Grammys.  Someone wondered if she was wearing some crazy CalGel design, traditional nail art or Minx.  Those of you who guessed Minx were dead on the money (no pun intended) and  thanks to the people at Minx and Celebrity Manicurists like Kimmie Kyees, I’ve got the scoop! Rihanna, Beyonce and Keri Hilson all rocked Minx on the Grammy red carpet, check out the detailed pics after the jump!

Rihanna-Grammy-Awards-Custom-Money-Minx-Kimmie-Kyees Celebrity Manicurist, and friend of ALU, Kimmie Kyees Minx’d Rihanna on Saturday for Clive Davis’ Grammy Party using a custom Money Minx.  It looks like a $100 bill has been stretched across her nails.  Very unique!

Then for the big show, Kimmie added some extra bling attaching colored crystals along the detail lines of the bill.  For an event like the Grammys you have to go all out and Rihanna certainly did that.

Did any of you catch Fashion Police on E! Monday night?  There was quite a debate about Rihanna’s dress.  What do you think?  Thumbs up or down on this look?

Rihanna-Grammys-Money-Minx-Nails-Kimmie-Kyees-Thumbs Close Up

New York-based Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan flew to California to add some holographic style to Beyonce’s Grammy look. The multiple Grammy Award Winner word Golden Hologram Minx that gave off a rainbow effect in the light.  At first I thought she was wearing the same Golden Lightening Minx I tried last year and I was just seeing the reflection of the lights.  But knowing they have holo Minx now… so cool!


New to the Minx lineup of patterns and designs is the Tease Me line.  Tease Me Minx are like duo-chrome polishes in that they flash different colors (red & gold, blue & silver, green & gold).  To complete her Grammy ensemble Keri Hilson wore Tease Me White Minx that flash both white & silver. Houston-based manicurist Athena Elliott applied Keri’s Minx for the night.


Did you watch the Grammys this year? Personally, I was disappointed in the MJ Tribute. I didn’t know about the 3-D aspect so it just looked fuzzy. And where was Diana Ross? I did love the performances by Pink, Lady Gaga & Elton John and Beyonce but the rest left me saying “meh” I mean Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift? Are you kidding me with that? How she won Album of the Year is beyond me. She’s adorable and all and I don’t hate her music but let’s get a tiny bit real people. Was the teenage population voting? Anywhoodle, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show, the fashion, the nails. Anyone stand out to you?

To get Minx’d in your hometown, check the Minx website for salon locations near you!

image credit: Kimmie Kyees, Celebutopia and Adam Orchon.

ps. I’ll post the rest of the OPI Hong Kong polishes in the next couple days!

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There Are 21 Brilliant Comments

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  1. ali says:

    glad to hear you’re doing well :) i really like keri hilson’s mani. and i can’t believe you didn’t like their mj tribute! I thought their song choice was beautiful as well as the performance.

  2. Samantha says:

    Love Beyonce and Keri’s looks! Rihanna’s seems kind of tacky and her dress looked like it had a santa beard glued to the front. I didn’t notice before though, but in that photo you can tell how similar all their dresses are!

  3. Ronnie says:

    Fabulous nails, though I don’t love the shape of Beyonce’s. It just looks claw-like IMO, but to each their own. Totally agree about the MJ tribute, thankfully we happen to have a pair of 3-D glasses at home, which made it pretty cool. And also agree about Taylor Swift, though all of her music has me singing along, to my utter chagrin. But if it’s based on number of records sold over a certain time frame, I’m not surprised. I am, however, reminded as to why I rarely watch the Grammy’s. It’s just not the same.

  4. Lisa says:

    I hated the MJ tribute as well. Hello.. Random! Please if I die don’t let Celine Dion near my funeral.

    I love minx. I had silver chrome on my toes once, it lasted a good three ish weeks. I just wish I could afford to have it done more often.

  5. gildedangel says:

    Those Minx designs look so pretty, but I could never do the upkeep! I did watch the E! Fashion Police, and I loved her dress, I thought that it was perfect for the Grammys!

  6. pamela says:

    like the grammy i wish kol had won when taylor did tho anyhow like beyonce holo minx thats tight,have you gotten the china glaze rainbow of hope collection those look awesome ps beyonce & rhianna music sucks

  7. I love the Minx…talk about WAY cool!!!

    I didn’t enjoy the MJ tribute AT.ALL. For someone who contributed so much to pop music, I felt they could have done more. Boo on the Grammy’s for that one.

  8. Jandrea says:

    Keri’s nails look beautifully natural and I assume Beyonce’s are too. Rihanna’s look to be typical acrylic paddles. The Minx Keri was wearing is the most flattering, followed by the multi-hue worn by Beyonce.

  9. Tiffanie says:

    love the info on minx and so happy to find out there are a few salons in milwaukee, wi that offer them. i will always indulge in a pedicure but never manicure because it ALWAYS chips within the first 24 hours. i think i’m gonna have to try the minx though. i love them!!

  10. OMG!
    I don’t have cable so I only caught snippets of some performances on Youtube and saw what people wore from the gossip reels.

    Thank You SO Much for posing those closeups of Rihanna, Beyonce and Keri Hilson’s nails!! LOVE THEMM!!! gonna try and re-create beyonce’s nails using regular nail polish. (will maybe post it to my blog if anyone wants to see, but will definitely upload a tutorial on how i did it on

    wow! feeling so inspired!!!

    Just recently found ALU and i’m SO Glad I DiD!

  11. Katie says:

    LOVE Rihanna’s dress, not so crazy about the nails.

  12. Khabeer says:

    So I’m with you on the Taylor Swift debacle…I didn’t agree with her winning album of the year, or her performance but I don’t hate her music. I am LOVING the new gold lightning holo minx! And I’m sooo gonna get it. This may trump the gold lightning cheetah I keep getting! Thanx a million for this post!

  13. If there was ever a contest for talented singers, Rihanna would win for sure. Sometimes she wears something funny but usually she dresses like a million dollars. Rihanna is a lady who behaves really well.. seriously I saw her in public with my own eyes. Rihanna has a lotta haters and I cannot understand why at all! Rihanna is a sweet girl and I hope her life ends up the way she wants to..

  14. Forex Guy says:

    lol, Beyonce is so wild! I love her.

  15. Lauren says:

    Beyonce’s nails really skeeve me (the shape and length, not the minx). What is she thinking?

    Keri Hilson looked amazing and I thought E! Fashion Police were too hard on her. Just because it’s the Grammy’s doesn’t mean you have to dress like Lady Gaga. Since when is “elegant” a fashion crime?

    I didn’t love Rihanna’s dress, but I didn’t hate it either and I think she pulled it off. Her nails were cool, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone else trying to sport them.

    The MJ tribute should not have been televised in 3D! I loved the vocals, but would have liked to have seen an MJ medley. My husband, who is a die hard fan, was disappointed too.

    Last but not least, Taylor Swift needs to stop performing live. The Grammy’s Recording Academy should be ashamed of themselves.

    PS – Pink stole the show!!! Amazing!

  16. Victoria says:

    personally, i think Rihanna’s dress is cool. it’s fresh, unexpected, and not crazy for sure. would i wear it? certainly not but it’s still a cool design. i like her nails too.
    But the one that didnt seem that amazing was Keri Hilson. the camera just didnt capture it which is a shame since i didnt watch any of the grammys ever.
    i also agree with Lauren because Beyonce’s nails are too long and it looks thin too so it looks like it’s longer than it actually is. the minx just accentuates that and it looks like metal nails to me.

  17. I thought Rihanna’s dress was AMAZING! I love to see people rocking really high fashion runway-type looks. I’d rock that dress if I were famous!
    I don’t really love her nails, but I’m glad to see it was something creative at least.

  18. ReaderRita says:

    I totally agree with Lauren on all points, but Samantha’s comment about Rihanna’s dress looking like it had a santa beard glued to the front made me snort coffee through my nose laughing- now that’s all I can see when I look at the picture! I also agree with Lisa’s comment, but will enhance it to say I don’t want Celine Dion anywhere near me, ever!
    Rihanna’s nails are hot and one of a kind, which I love, and Keri’s nails are sooooo elegant- perfect for her vibe.

  19. Hannah says:

    I am obsessed with Minx, I cant wait to have it done! I loved Keri’s nails not sure about the shape of Beyonce’s though!

  20. Mischa says:

    omg Beyonce’s nails are glamorgous! love love love the holo minx! wasn’t crazy about Rhianna’s but then i am a HUGE fan of the chrome look. the detail on Keri’s nails didn’t pop for me, it might have been different with another color combo. but as always, they were ALL awesome!

  21. Kellie says:

    Sorry .. Beyonce’s boob hanging out so much in her solo pic and the mark that looks like a prison tattoo distracted me too much to read this post. LOL