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Butter London Fashionista’s Favourites

Happy Friday Fanatics! I hope you’re gearing up for a fun weekend and 4th of July celebration (for US readers). Today I have the butter London Spring/Summer Fashionista’s Favourites to show you. It’s a lineup of five new colors, four cremes and one metallic, created by high fashion manicurist and Creative Director Nonie Creme. Take a peek after the jump!

As I’ve come to expect from bL’s 3 Free formula, the consistency is on the medium-to-thick side yet the polishes apply very smooth and even, with one noted exception (Muggins). The lacquer dries fast and glossy and even though pulling off the outer square cap can be a struggle, it does make application much easier using just the round inner cap.

You saw Artful Dodger on me when I discussed Miley Cyrus’ nails. It’s my favorite shade in the collection and it’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now so I can stare at it while I work. It’s just such a happy color, a shade I’d LOVE to see in the sky if these darn rainclouds would ever vacate the CLE. So I’ll continue to stare at Artful Dodger and wait for some much needed sun.

The Old Bill is a warm old gold metallic. You know how I feel about the issues metallics bring to the party but guess what?? The Old Bill isn’t plagued by them. There’s no streaking, no monster brush strokes, no weird pooling or anything. It applies like a freakin’ dream in two thin coats. LOVE IT!!

Muggins is my problem child of the bunch. I’m already leery of pale purples but this one applied terribly. After three streaky coats I gave up. I tried with this one but for a color I know won’t work with my skin tone, it wasn’t worth it. I even added top coat to try and even it out and it STILL looked lumpy. PASS!

Cheeky Chops is perfect for the whole yellow trend that’s happening. It’s a vibrant banana pudding type shade. Bright but not neon, buttery but not pastel. Pretty dead on perfect if you ask me.

Blowing Raspberries doesn’t really blow my hair back, no pun intended. It’s a rich berry red creme not overly unusual. Though what did impress me was the application and pigmentation. It’s almost a one coater and so damn smooth. I’d call it a goof-proof red.
The butter London Fashionista’s Favourites are currently on sale through or Individual polishes retail for $14 or you can buy the entire set for $45 (bl) or $50 (

So what do we think fanatics? Who’s got big plans for the 4th? Or just fun plans in general?


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  1. Selina says:

    I am so coveting this set – my boyfriend has promised to buy it for me as a bribe for giving up smoking. It's a damn good incentive too, I'm making good progress.

  2. Mc Huggs :) says:

    Happy 4 th of July Weekend Michelle

    Loving these new polishes from Butter London. Especially since their posting the "Three Free" (which all polishes seem to be following (free of DPB (dibutyl phthalate), Toluene, and Formaldehyde, which is part of the "Safety in Cosmetics Act" first purposed in California, directly for nail polish technicians who work in nail salons, I believe.)

    Anyway, back to the colors, my favorite is alos 'Artful Dodger" love that blue shade, next is your problem child, lol "Muggins" love the name that Nails Manufacturers come up with. "Old Bill" ism cute as is "Cheeky Chops" with it's beautiful dazzling yellow shade just perfect for lying on a beach towel with a big brimmed hat and sunglasses, sipping on your favorite drink.

    Even your swatch of "Blowing Raspberries," makes you nails sparkle so amazing and gorgeous. When I first look at the price of $14 a bottle, which is maybe too much, I think, "you always get what you pay for…"

  3. Mandy in CO says:

    thanks for featuring these! I've been more intertested BL recently (esp since you can now purchase them from so I'm always happy to see swatches! This is extra key since I have to make my color buying decisions based only on what I've seen on the internet. If you have any of their older or regular line swatches I would love to see those too! (I have searched the archives and seen the ones you've already done posts on! :-) )

    I picked up Fash Pack during my last drugstore order but haven't tried it yet…..

  4. melli says:

    Happy 4th to you all!

    Thanks for showing these Michelle. I was looking at Holt Renfrew for these (here in T.O.), and was told that they are not carrying the polishes any more. Apparently, they got so many complaints about the cap being difficult to use and not closing properly, that they cancelled all purchases from Butter London. I definitely had a problem with the cap when I bought a bottle, but the polish was lovely. I guess I will have to buy them online!

  5. tigermilk says:

    It's sad that these polishes are overpriced because the colors are sometime lovely. I have two BL polishes. Unfortunately, one dried out after ONE use!!! I still can't believe that. There's no way I would pay $14 for another bottle after that experience. The formula was okay, but not amazing. And, it's easy to find similar colors offered by brands that are cheaper, more accessible, and with better formula. With BL you definitely do not get what you pay for :(

  6. garnetstorm says:

    I have this set and have been wearing the colors for a while. I love them and did not have any particular application problems with Muggins. Although BL is higher priced, if you watch for specials or sets on their website or you can get the price per bottle down considerably.

  7. Cali369 says:

    I just got my first BLs from the ASOS sale (I'm in the UK). I know they don't get a lot of love on MUA so interesting to hear that generally they didn't cause you a problem. I'm excited to try mine out!

  8. prettynails says:

    is it possible to butter london in Adelaide,Australia?!?!? if so from where?