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Coming Soon – Misa I’m Only Human Collection

By on July 2, 2009
in Fall 2009, Misa
If you’ve been wondering, like I have, what’s next from Misa I’ve got the deets.

Knock me down, I’ll pick myself up. Ask me about my alluring, bedroom eyes, I’ll coyly wink but won’t give away my secret. Spoil me, today is my birthday—I deserve it! I am fabulous, flawed but most of all, intoxicatingly feminine—forgive me for I’m Only Human.

Introducing “I’m Only Human,” the new sexy and vibrant nail collection for Fall/Winter by Misa Cosmetics. This collection celebrates the power and ambition of women who recognize and embrace their own humanity. It offers a rich palette of colors that signify key elements of being human.

Check out the bottle pics and color descriptions after the jump!

Can’t Nobody Take Me Down: For centuries women have been praised for their mighty resolve in the face of adversity. Today’s modern woman can exude this same level of confidence and power by wearing this inspiring, brick brown colored hue designed to spice up any look year round.

Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will: Versatility, honesty and authenticity, describe the meaning behind this vibrant red-orange shade. Women possess the ability to relate to others in an honest, real way. This color celebrates the humanity and femininity of women.

That’s My Little Secret: A crush no one knows about, the black dress that accentuates just the right curves, a beauty product that seemingly produces magic results. Women love the thought of keeping those little treasures to themselves—however that last little secret? Apply this salacious cherry shade to accent your favorite little dress and your secret just might escape you!

Sorry, Just Can’t Help It: Okay, we admit it. There are certain things in life we just can’t help. Our chocolate addiction, our love of gossip, our fascination with window shopping. This rich violet purple color signifies those things which women love to apologize for.

Today is my Birthday!: Presents, party time and pizzazz! We may not like turning another year older but we love the attention…even when we say we don’t. Today is my Birthday. Cue the gorgeous pink hue and the celebration!

I’m Going to Love Myself: Brilliantly magenta, this color creates a luster that puts the world on notice, that as women we may devote much of our time to work, family and friends, but above all we are committed to loving ourselves for the fabulous, flawed, and ferociously feminine beings that we are—for after all, We Are Only Human.

The I’m Only Human collection will launch on August 1st. You can buy Misa polishes online at and our favorite polish e-tailers.

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There Are 10 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Krystal Hosmer of Solsisters says:

    I heard BB Couture has a new collection coming out soon…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could they be any more boring? Don't think so.

  3. lynn says:

    omggg that purple looks luscious!!! speaking of purple, do you know what megan fox is wearing in this picture?
    i was thinking maybe the purple from this collection will be similar but i know it's impossible to tell
    thanks! love your website!

  4. Lucy says:

    Sorry, Just Can't Help It looks like a gorgeous purple. Can't wait to see them swatched. Hope that won't be long. BB Couture Polish is haveing a new collection coming out soon. One of the new shades is called Torch. I made a mistake the other day and said the shade was Throb. I don't know where my brain was. I think Throb sounds like a good name for something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you find the copy a little, I don't know, sexist? It really feels like a male wrote the descriptions, but maybe that's just me.

    The purple is definitely fab though!

  6. Kaybee says:

    UUGGHHH!!!! This copy is freaking horrible and the colors are nothing interesting. Such stupid crap. The photo is cringe-inducing. They need to get a new ad agency. This makes me NOT want to buy.

  7. blackkattats says:

    Yawn…again…*sigh*. I'm more excited about the OPI fall collection even though half of them are dupes too…what a sad season fall shall be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'm sick of these "sexy" ads. The colors look pretty boring, but we'll see how they look on the nail.

  9. Tamara says:

    The copy is awful, truly awful. Enough so that the polishes don't even tempt me.

  10. byrneout says:

    Agreed, Kaybee and Tamara. They would have done better to post photos of each color with an arrow reading, "Look! Pretty! Buy it!"