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Get The Look – Miley Cyrus’ Nails at the MTV Movie Awards

While everyone else has been praising and critiquing the beauty and fashion looks from last week’s MTV Movie Awards, I focused on the nails, natch. One of the nail standouts of the night was Miley Cyrus. Personally, I’m not a fan but that’s here nor there. She’s a pretty girl, a paparazzi princess, a tween sensation and obviously a nail fanatic.

I couldn’t help but notice Miley’s gorg teal nails and I loved how they paired with her beige dress. Like I said a few weeks back, I’m loving the whole neutral clothing with bright pops of nail color that’s happening this summer. Bold tips are your best (and cheapest) accessory.

Fortunately I was privy to a little celeb nail gossip regarding this look so if you wondering what she wore read on!

Nonie Creme of butter London dropped me a quick line to share that Miley was rocking the brand’s Artful Dodger hue on the Movie Awards red carpet. Apparently Miley is a fan of the the 3Free formulation and fashion forward color palette.

Of course the keen-eyed Tamar who writes for MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog was dead on when she suggested Artful Dodger to get Miley’s look. Good call Tamar!

Artful Dodger is a creamy teal blue that looks much more blue in person than it does in the pics of Miley. Flash and direct sunlight seem to be a nail photographer’s worst enemies. Anywho, the formula glides on the nail with ease, is highly pigmented and dries in a snap to a glossy finish. Note: Thanks to a reader, my past complaints about the polish cap are resolved. I just didn’t pull hard enough to know that it slides off. Oops!

So after hearing of Miley’s affinity for butter London, I spotted this pic of her at a charity event and wondered if this too was a bL shade. Though taking the lighting into consideration, I can’t tell if she’s wearing Aston or Fash Pack. What’s your guess?
Artful Dodger retails for $14 and is available online at and

Thoughts? Did you love the nude dress/teal polish look? Are you on board for Artful Dodger regardless of Miley wearing it?

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There Are 13 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Jaime M. says:

    Love it! I wish Artful Dodger was a little more green in person, though. I love seeing a bright, bold manicure!

  2. George says:

    Hi Michelle:

    I would say she wearing a red colored Aston shade because it's too red for a teal or blue shade, that's just my guess and I could be totally wrong. (I always thought teal was just for green shades? Now I am proven wrong, lol.

    I am really loving these colors, the teal green and teal blue. They look sensational on you as always and thank you for providing the links on how to obtain them both. Now, they go into my, "I must have these shades mode, lol" You always surprise me (and your many loving fans) with the finest shades for us to droll over and I love that. I am always looking forward to your web blog and I am a Hugh fan. Kudos and can't wait for the next time you write another piece. Peace.

    George :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    omgggggg that color is gorg!!! i am also loving the neutral paired with bold colors. Too bad butter london is so freakin expensive! i got a bottle back when they had the earth day give away and it was almost an exact dupe of a freakin wet n wild shade that i had just bought a week earlier so i've been kind of cursing them even though it was my fault :P

  4. Orli says:

    that looks a lot more green on her. odd!

    i quite like it.

  5. Cassi says:

    i could have sworn that the color miley is wearing was CG turned up turqiose!

  6. garnetstorm says:

    Love Artful Dodger and recently wore it. I now have lots of Butter London polish and have been very happy with it. I feel it is sometimes unfairly maligned.

  7. Grace Waste says:

    IA with Cassi, the color she has on her tips clearly appears to be a shimmer and brighter, along the lines of TuT.

  8. All Lacquered Up says:

    Jaime M – There are colors that are more green in person that you could try. Like Cassi and Grace mentioned, Turned Up Turquoise would look like how that polish photographed.

    George – Aston is actually a toffee color. I was referring to the brownish/taupe shade on the 2nd picture. You are right, teal is just for green-blue shades so you're not wrong

    Anon – Aww I hate when that happens. I'm sorry you were disappointed. Hopefully you'll give them another chance in the future.

    Orli – Those kinds of colors never photograph properly. If you saw my post on Erin Lucas' yellow polish you'll see it looks bright but not neon in the shot. If you check out Essie Lime Light in person you won't believe how LOUD it actually is.

    Cassi – that would have been my guess too and the way it photographs you would be right. Teal, turquoise, neons in general, greens and purples are not easy to accurately photograph.

    Garnetstorm – I agree. I don't understand that backlash. I've been happy with all the bL shades I've tried.

    Grace Waste – I don't see a shimmer but you're right, the color doesn't look the same on her.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think this is actually Henley Regatta (very glittery greeny blue). Artful dodger is a creme. The close-up shots definitely have glitter.

  10. Diana says:

    Hey! I didn't know the cap pulls off?!? Unlike Channel where it slides off easily, I've been opening my Butter polishes (and painting with it as well) multiple times with the square top.

  11. Furo says:

    I like this combination – pale dress with aqua nail polish. Unfortunately pale dresses is not a choice for me, since I am looking like pale mouse in them :(
    The nail polish on the photo looks exactly as Plasma Blu of MAC.

  12. Grace London says:

    Oh my DOH! I have and have just reviewed BL Macbeth on my blog, whining about the cap. Have just given it a tug, and the square bit pulled off to reveal a tidy and easy grip little round top.

    I think it's Fash Pack in the second pic – that's on my buy list.

    I remember when RBL first came out – no-one seemed to like it, but now everyone loves the stuff. Maybe all new brands that are launched to press attention have this kind of reaction at first; the tall poppy syndrome.

  13. Julia says:

    Love her dress and the bright nails are perfect!