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Storage Solution – The IKEA Helmer

By on June 9, 2009
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Remember a while back when we talked polish storage? At the time the polish room was overrun by polish. I know it’s not exactly a horrify sitch to be in but I needed a solution, FAST! Not long after our discussion, I finally decided on a new system since my old cabinet just wasn’t cutting it.

I’d been looking at the IKEA Helmer ever since the MUA Nail Board first discovered it but with no IKEA in the Cleveburg and the ridiculous shipping cost I was SOL. However thanks to my Michigan pals who have an IKEA nearby, I know own TWO (yes, I need two) IKEA Helmers.

I’ve had them for a while but it wasn’t until last weekend when I kicked myself in the butt to organize that they were finally filled. Check out these uber-affordable, compact, storage dreams come true after the jump!

Here they are, my Helmers! They’re utter perfection. At a little over 2 foot high, 11 inches wide and 16 inches deep, with its casters attached, the top of the Helmer hits me just about mid-thigh and fits perfectly under the polish room’s window sill.

Now I know the old joke about IKEA’s hard to understand instruction manuals but building the Helmer was relatively easy. The boyfriend and I had them both erected in way under an hour. The drawers basically fold into shape and you just snap the fronts and backs on.

Considering the price ($39.99) they’re great but don’t expect the materials to be indestructible. The metal drawers are very flexible so they’re not 100% straight but they fit in the slots just fine.

When it came time to fill ‘er up, I decided to keep with the organizational method I used for the cabinet; polish grouped by color. Thankfully most of my collection was already sorted this way so I just had to incorporate the new stuff. Here is how my drawers are organized, from top to bottom.

Dark Green Drawer and Black, Gray & White Drawer

Light Green Drawer and Metallic (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc) Drawer

Teal & Turquoise Drawer and Nude, Neutral & Brown Drawer

Light Blue Drawer and Yellow & Orange Drawer

Dark Blue Drawer and Holographic Drawer

Dark Purple Drawer and Light Purple Drawer

As you’ll see below, each drawer can hold a LOT. This drawer contains 65 bottles and it’s not even full. So depending on bottle size, each Helmer can accommodate up to 500 polishes. Fantastic, no?
Because I want to leave room for growth, I intentionally left my reds, pinks, peaches and corals in my old cabinet which now houses my treatment products and to-be-tested lacquers as well. I’d have to add a third Helmer (which I may) if I wanted to eliminate the cabinet altogether.

The IKEA Helmer comes in Red, Silver and White and retails for $39.99. The white is more of a creamy eggshell than pure white but so is my window trim so it blends nicely.

What do you think fanatics? Who else has a Helmer? Have you found something even better? Share!

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