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Finger Paints Week – Day 5

By on May 10, 2009
in Coral, Finger Paints, Red
I meant to wrap up Finger Paints Week on Friday but you know how it is when life gets in the way. Stupid life! Anywho, I have the final set of three Finger Paints polishes in the new 16 color perm shade release to show you.

We’re ending on a red note with three fiery lacquers packed with pigment. Of all the new FP nail polishes, this set impressed me the most in terms of opacity, each one getting the job done in only two coats.

Chroma Coral is not the shade I imagine when I think coral. In the bottle it shows its pink undertone and densely packed shimmer but on the nail it’s more of a red orange with a satiny sheen.

Framed In Red is a rich ruby shimmer along the lines of OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress and An Affair In Red Square. It’s a staple, great for rounding our a collection. It’s not too brick, too blue based, too berry. It’s just right.

Magenta Mood is my fave of the three due to its sparkle factor. It has that China Glaze glass flecked look. Reminds me of the summer FPs from a few years back that included cult fave Surf’s Up. The mix of metallic shimmer and micro-glitter in this jelly-like, berry hued base is a total k.o.
You’ll find these and the rest of the Finger Paints line exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores and online at Don’t forget to visit the website to snag your B2G1 Free coupon from the Exclusive Coupons page.

That’s it for Finger Paints Week. What do we think? Which shades are your faves? What are you heading out to buy?

If you missed any of Finger Paints Week be sure to review Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four before you head out shopping.

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There Are 5 Brilliant Comments

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  1. hontapocasgreen on mua says:

    Thanks for the FingerPaints week! I enjoyed reading all of the entries. Ironically (maybe) I have on Magenta Mood today. I just gotta say WOW! It’s gorgeous. I would love to see FP do a concord grape purple in this glitter finish. yes, it is perfect in 2 coats!

  2. Melanie says:

    I printed off my B2G1 free coupon this weekend and stopped by Sally’s before I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I got Lavendar Highlight, Silver Sculpture (which I LOVE!) and Artist’s Inspiration thanks to your swatches.

  3. George :) says:

    Hi Michelle:

    I got the coupon off the web site and then after making my purchase I received another 40% for purchase over $20!

    I picked out the three polishes you have shown “Tangerine Tint,” Art-Dealer Tealer” and Artistic Azure.” I also picked up a fourth color, which I absolutely love, “shades of dark” a rich dark brown. I knew once I went to NH and walked by Sally’s Beauty Store I was hooked. I am telling you, it’s your swatches that are causing me to hunt out all these new and different polishes for my collection, and I love that part of just being me,LOL! Even it’s the feminine side of my personality…Your nails are always so beautiful and you find all the nail colors we love to wear.

    Now to go back for more, I never did get the yellow shade I really wanted or that lovely shade of lavender I crave but for now these four will do, LOL. My fingernails are painted with the colors, just a stripe so I can decide which is the next choice, “Shades of Darkness” seems to win out over everything. What do you think?



    George :)
    (The male nail polish fanatic)

  4. robin says:

    I find the Finger Paints brand to be so thick… I am never happy with the results; it’s not smooth to me.

  5. nancy says:

    Finger Paints have been a great stamping polish because of how thick it is and it’s general 1 coat opacity. I usually don’t wear it other than for stamping because of how thick it is. Great reviews!