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Finger Paints Week – Day Four

By on May 7, 2009
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We’re over the hump and starting to wrap up Finger Paints Week. Today is kind of a mixed bag in terms of color. As I tried to group similar shades, these three ended up being the odd men out but now they’re all BFF so no worries.

Part of their new 16 perm color additions, today we’re looking at a sparkling off-white, a silver chrome and a deep creme berry. Check them out after the jump!

Private Collection is a semi-sheer shimmery creamy white with a jelly-like texture. It has a subtle pink hue that makes it very multidimensional. When I saw it in the bottle I wasn’t overly enthused. I thought at most it would be a good layering polish but not something I’d consider wearing on its own. WRONG-O. It doesn’t come across on screen but this baby is stunning. Very much a special occasion, i.e. NYE, type shade.

Silver Sculpture is a one coat wonder. No I didn’t stutter, ONE COAT! A matte foil like chrome, Silver Sculpture has a hint of purple in it’s undertone. The only downside with this type of polish is it shows every, and I mean EVERY, imperfection in your nails. My ridges are atrocious in this. Thanks overzealous manicurist and your evil, evil cuticle pusher!

Pretty As A Portrait is a berry red creme with grape undertones. It’s well pigmented, only requiring two coats. With FP’s thin formula, getting away with two coats is awesome!

You’ll find these and the rest of the Finger Paints line exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores and online at Don’t forget to visit the website to snag your B2G1 Free coupon.

Stay tuned for more Finger Paints goodness as FP Week continues. And check out Day One, Day Two and Day Three if you haven’t already.

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  1. melsh says:

    loving Pretty As A Portrait and it looks fantastic on you.

  2. Phyrra says:

    So pretty ;)
    Really loving this series!

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOVE Private Collection. Doesn’t look very exciting in the bottle, but it looks fabulous. I’m not a sheer girl, but I’m willing to wear this bare and sometimes layered :) I want to see what it looks like over For Audrey (looks gorgeous with glittery top coats).

  4. may says:

    can you recommend a base that won’t make my polish “peel” off after i wash dishes..

    every time I paint my nails they only last for a day then the polish starts to just “peel” off..

  5. I'm Just a Girl says:

    Hi! I was just wondering which website to visit to get that coupon. Thanks!

  6. Orli says:

    love pretty as a portrait and private collection!

  7. Gen says:

    may…Wear rubber gloves to wash dishes. It makes all the difference in the world. My manis would last like two days and then start to chip and get bad tip wear before I started using rubber gloves to do the dishes. Now, I can get about four- five days wear from a mani. I’m thinking about using rubber gloves to give my little gils a bath!