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Fanatic Feedback – How Many Polishes Do You Own?

By on February 5, 2009
in Fanatic Feedback

Come on kids, it’s time to fess up! How many bottles do you have tucked away in drawers, cabinets or under your bed? Are you conservative with a tightly edited collection of staples or full blown insane (like me) with too many to count?

You don’t have to give an exact number, just a guestimate.

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

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There Are 121 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Emelie says:

    About 220 I think.

  3. Nicola says:

    One over 150, now perhaps only 40 or so. I had to purge.

  4. Hazel says:

    I only have 3 :(

  5. Breezy says:

    I would say around 100-125.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have 170 :)

  7. Vampy Varnish says:

    I believe it’s 300+ now

  8. Tara says:

    Only about 50 so far, but I haven’t been collecting for very long.

  9. shannon says:

    i think probably only about 60 or so but about half are cheapo brands like nyc and some random from charollete russe but now i only buy good brands like opi china glaze and essie

    and i have only been collecting for like a year and i only buy shades i think i would wear

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. silverin says:

    Eighty-five, more or less. But that’ll change when 8ty8 Beauty is up and running again. And I have 10 or so colors that just didn’t work for me, so I’m going to see if my sister-in-law wants them. Annnd, I’m looking forward to capturing at least two of the TR for SH colors, if I can hunt them down.

    They’re mostly in a silver train case, but every once in a while I have to do a house sweep and pick strays up from strange places. I was missing my Sally Hansen Gunmetal, before I even got to try it, and my husband found it in his home office, in a bowl with paper clips and gem clips. I think it was the dog.

  12. April says:

    I have 1312 right now. I’ve never counted them! LOL

  13. Chrissy says:

    About 130 right now (and growing!)

  14. Anonymous says:

    around 60 and many more to come :)

  15. Phyrra says:

    I’ve got about 60 or 70.

  16. Anonymous says:

    180+ polish sitting quietly in the closet. But with the recent Misa and Zoya Exchange offers. I’m waiting for another 40+ in the mail. Mmmm…I feel a purge coming on.

  17. Alison says:

    around 50-60 I think, It might be more! I have at least 15 chanels and more essies and OPI’s. Eeek I dread to think!!!

  18. Body and Soul says:

    310…but that was before the Misa promo order arrived and before the NYC’s, the other OPI’s in that drawer, the dusty hunt last week tucked over there in a bag…*hangs head*

  19. Steph says:

    What a brave little soul you are! lol :) Come on fess up – I’ve been wanting to know this like forever!!! Over 1,000

  20. rachi99 says:

    I’m feeling quite the amateur – about 60, give or take. Only been collecting for a few months, tho.

  21. Kajsa says:

    Somewhere round 40+, mostly China glaze. Just getting started and have a crappy budget!

  22. Kim says:

    I haven’t counted in a while…but I’d say I have about 300-350.

  23. Amelia says:

    about 300+

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have 70+ and I feel like I don’t have enough =]

  25. cidell says:

    Maybe 30. But, I’ve only just begun.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have 35 :)

  27. Cheryl says:

    i would say around 175..

  28. prairieskys says:

    Exactly #314…which includes polishes in the swap box, duplicates, untrieds and trieds…I’m just fanatical about spreadsheets!

  29. Amanda says:

    About 200 right now. It was 100 until I discovered your blog some time last year Michelle!
    Considering they don’t expire like make up I think collecting is excusable. I’ll stop at around 400 or so, it seems like a good number. Variety but no storage issues. My entire collection used to be OPI until I discovered ALU, now it includes Essie and China Glaze. Think I might start hauling Misa and Zoya now too. I’m unstoppable. :P

  30. kyg says:

    148, I was curious so I counted.

  31. Andie says:

    more than 1 less than 1000?

  32. The Asian Girl says:

    146…I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my polishes; I’m a huge nerd. While the majority of my polishes are OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya (with another huge Zoya haul coming in), I don’t discriminate with brands as long as it’s a color I like (I’ve impulsively ordered the whole Chanel Moscou collection ($90!!!) yet have also bought a Revlon LE at a discount store for $0.07). Since I have 2 desks, one is wholly devoted to nails. I have a silver OPI train case and 4 Rubbermaid shoebox-sized storage bins and need of a 5th bin. That doesn’t include the gallon of nail polish remover that is stored in a cabinet nearby.

  33. brazenspider says:

    about 200…

  34. shoesgal says:

    About 70, and that is after a major overhaul when I gave out shades I don't use anymore either because I have other too similar ones or I felt suited my friends' skin-tones more than mine. I'm about to order another truckload from transdesign.

    (Speaking of which, I really feel that transdesign is better than 8ty8beauty in terms of promptness & service!)

  35. melvel says:

    “Just” 100, give or take a few. I just counted recently.

  36. Pipi says:

    I have probably about 220. I have two of those plastic nail polish racks that you find in nail salons hanging on the wall in my bathroom.

  37. goldenmeans says:

    around 300 probably? i haven’t bought any in almost 2 years, but my stash is still guilt-inducing and hasn’t seemed to shrink any :)

  38. Colette says:

    I just updated my spreadsheet with my haul from yesterday & am now at 402. It's a habit, but I figured out that even as much polish as I buy, it's cheaper than a pack-a-day cigarette habit would be.

  39. Vesper says:

    100+, a good mix of OPI, SOPI, Essie, RBL, Chanel, and drugstore, but I have a list of around 150 from e-tailers, and some more from RBL & Lippmann! People have told me that I have a problem :)

  40. Savvy says:

    150+ . . . Why do I feel like that’s not enough?

  41. MoonChaii says:

    I have 20 or less i think…but after discovering this blog the amount will no doubt go up ;]

  42. itzzzkimmm says:

    hmmmm… somewhere between 40-60. There are some that I still haven’t tried yet. Nail polish is so addictive.

  43. Lina says:

    50ish i think

  44. Down Comforter says:

    I feel downright frugal after seeing everyone else’s numbers – I’m at about 50 :)

  45. j says:

    At my last count I had 211…but that was before I bought some South Beaches and used the Misa promo….so now it’s more like 235. :)

  46. Anonymous says:

    150+ I’m not sure exactly, and it keeps getting bigger…I have another box of polish on the way to my house!

  47. yay says:

    i have 9 bottles including base and top coats :|

  48. Jacy says:

    112, but next week is my birthday so then it’ll probably be 150 :P

  49. Bonnie says:

    300+ and I love all of them! I love looking at them, organizing them- by brand and by color, selecting which one to wear next!! So happy with my addiction and glad to see that I am NOT alone!

  50. debbie says:

    Holy cow, I thought my measly 75 was a lot!! I do have 3 more on order and with the spring/summer collections coming out…..

  51. ashleydanielle4 says:

    I have around 80. I plan on buying about 20 more soon along with a rack to hang them on like the at the nail salons. Right now they are in a OPI train case and it’s spilling over and I hate not being able to see everything I have because I always ending up using the ones at the top. While I don’t have a excel for the polishes I have already I do have one for the polishes I want to buy and it’s pretty long!

  52. Jennifer says:

    i have about 100…glad to confess since i seem like i am on the minimal side. :)

  53. Meshel says:

    200+ OPI and about 30 non-OPI.

  54. MarilynT says:

    Around 200, not including treatments.

  55. Maestra says:

    I’m afraid it’s 200+ :)My stash is getting bigger and bigger every day…

  56. Flavia says:

    I only have around 60 polishes for now.
    It’s harder for me to get the beauties you have, since I live in Italy.

  57. Lara says:

    At least 60, but that number is about to skyrocket up as I am just about to open a parcel containing 25 China Glaze polishes! :D

  58. Ana * says:

    I feel great when i see these girls that own more nail polishes than I do! :)

  59. Lina-Elvira says:

    280+, I finished cataloguing them beginning of January but I’ve just bought a load more but haven’t catalogued them yet, so just a questimate :)

  60. Karen says:

    777 as we speak……but I’m still waiting on my 12 Misas

  61. Legyviel says:

    huh… Ive got around 10. Yes, ten. I use them up quickly though.

  62. LJ says:

    70-75 right now.

  63. RedHeDD says:

    140 as of right now. Have a couple of swap packages due in, so that will change ;)

  64. Faith says:

    only 35, but will be ordering about 15 once 8ty8beauty is up and running again. :) Plus I’m planning on getting quite a few from the various spring collections. :)

  65. Anonymous says:

    ( I am from Russia )

  66. Jason says:

    This feels a little like being the ‘new’ person in an ALANON group, but I have to admit that I am hopelssly hooked on this stuff!

    I have maybe 125 different bottles stuffed away in boxes though I keep maybe 15-20 out that I like and wear the most.
    I used to have maybe 10-15 favorites, but then I found this and other nail blogs and began buying, swapping and gifting polishes with others. That’s when the addiction began to take over. And I have all of you to blame!! (it’s a good thing though) :)

  67. Anonymous says:

    I have boxes and boxes full…it’s a true addiction!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Too many, I like to mix my own. I don’t care about designer labels or other ho-hum. I have true originals!

  69. Nutty says:

    hmmm i think i have about 80 bottles in my place – not counting back ups and bottles that are in my old bedroom in my parent’s house…

  70. Milan says:


  71. Tiso says:

    About 50 not including B&T Coats and this is only since mid Jan '09 after getting my first vamp mani and then finding all you laquered up folks! Someone stop me now! ;-)

  72. MissG says:

    600 plus

  73. Liz says:

    Just over 100, less than 125. They fit nicely into 3 plastic shoe boxes. I feel like it’s a pretty good collection for me, and there aren’t many dupes at all, but there are a few that I don’t *love* that I’d rather give away

  74. Christine says:

    50 or so.

  75. Team Morris says:

    i just hit 156. yesterday. now how many do YOU have???!!! :)

  76. JillyB says:

    4 plastic shoeboxes full. All OPI and Essie, so however many of those will fit in there. 150 maybe?

  77. Anonymous says:

    Probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but over 300… not bottles, but colors. I don’t know (and don’t want to figure out) how many actual bottles I have, because I have multiples of a lot of colors – so it’s anyone’s guess! I keep thinking I’m at the point that there aren’t too many colors that I don’t have something similar already – but CG keeps proving me wrong :)

  78. Tiger says:

    I've got about 70… I think. Though every time I guess I've got about five more than I thought. Most of them are from a Swedish brand called Depend (as I live in Sweden) but other than that I've got Mavala, IsaDora, some without a brand I bought in China, H&M, Be-Yu, Lumene, and then from some cool brands you can't here in Sweden: Zoya (and Nocti), Orly, and three from China Glaze. I love Ruby Pumps and Fairy Dust! (though the drying time for FD is terrible…)

  79. caiteelovescarb says:

    I stumbled across your blog in November which sparked my obsession with nail polish. Since then, I’ve only bought 76, but I cannot wait for to be up and running again, so I can add to my collection. I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration.

  80. fauxfun says:

    285 colors as of last month, which will increase VERY soon! Last March, it was less than 20, but then I found your blog and became obsessed with polish. I didn’t know I had it in me. ;)

  81. shelpen says:

    I have 106 and already run into dupes…
    Girls, how do you keep such collections without repeating the colors???
    I’m a die-hard OPI fan, but their latest collections do not inspire me any more…

  82. Steffie says:

    I feel bad, I only have about 40 polishes that I currently use. But when I tire of a polish I donate it to my manicurist friend. I’d love to have tons and tons of polish, but I don’t know where I’d put them, and I have two young daughters who love polish almost as much as me! I just use an old Caboodle (remember those?) to store my current polishes in.

    I have become a fan of China Glaze since reading this blog, I never tried it before, but now it’s basically all I want to use! Thank you!

  83. Anonymous says:

    16 or so – but this blog is my starting point for pumping up my collection!…call it my new favorite hobby :)

  84. Duffi McDermott says:

    over 300, I think. I have three drawers almost full, and more on the breakfast bar. I’ll count and post later. How ’bout you, Michelle??

  85. PM says:

    I have about 225 that I’ve cataloged, plus another 25 or so top coats, base coats, and treatments, and I’d say about 50 bottles that have been AWOL since I moved last year that I hope I didn’t accidentally purge.

    I’ve been collecting since about ’98, but I do a purge every so often that I regret a year later that keeps the numbers down.

  86. Jammies says:

    I feel so sane with my 15 bottles (just do NOT ask me about perfume ;) ).

  87. Anonymous says:


  88. CincyFan says:

    Wow, I love how many of you responded to this. This is perfect ammunition to show The Boyfriend that I’m not the only crazy collector out there.

    To those of you with more modest collections I say BRAVO for having more self control than the rest of us.

    And now for my number…. around 1550. I know, ridiculous right? That’s after giving unloved colors and dupes away. I’m planning another purge soon though to a local charity so that should take my number down. Only long enough to bulk back up with more Spring/Summer collections. I wish you all lived closer, I’d let you come pick through the unwanted pile.

  89. Jammies says:


    I live in Akron, is that close enough?

    The only reason my collection is modest is that I spend 6 months of the year beating the crap out of my hands gardening. So there’s not much point in polish from April to October, yanno?

  90. Team Morris says:

    Pick through your pile? I think that’s every girl’s dream! Good for you on purging to a charity. I know a women’s shelter or such would love to have fun stuff to do manis/ pedis with. When my friend was in a long-term care situation, the girls had a Friday night polish party every week. She loved it…and it was a great way for me to de-stash a bit of bulk.

    Man, though…1550+…I’m drooling!

  91. KatieLynn says:

    I would estimate 200, though I’m pretty sure that’s on the low side.

  92. Michelle says:

    Anywhere between 180 and 210. I haven’t done a count in a month or two!

  93. parliamentary says:

    I believe am at exactly 200! What’s funny is that I crave mooooooooore.

  94. Sanna says:

    I don’t have an exact number but I know I have 100+

  95. Anonymous says:

    i have 16 polishes, opi cost here 13 euro (= 17,68 dollar) and we do also have gosh (which is the most interesting nail polish brand besides opi, other brands sell only browns/reds/pinks)and because i’m 14, i can’t order online without my parents permission (and they don’t give me permission, as predictable)

    so my stash grows slo-o-o-o-o-owly

  96. stiftprinsessan says:

    About 40 of them, and I just put a new order of 6 in from H2T :)

  97. Katie says:

    about 35!! =D i try to keep it under control!

  98. Sminkan says:

    350 or more. Love nail polish!

  99. Svara says:

    Less then 10 after pitching 10 year old polishes that I’m sure were not 3 free and learning to take care of my nails all over again after finding this wonderful blog site.

    For the first time in my life I’m doing my own manicures that last up to 4 days without a chip! These nail blogs rock!

  100. Anonymous says:

    Not sure, in denial, but in reality I’m thinking around the 800 mark. Eep!

  101. Anonymous says:

    Um, way too many. I’m thinking around 500? I have 13 plastic storage boxes full. I’m off to count now! lol.

  102. choozen1ne says:

    300 plus I just bought two more today

    • Anonymous says:

      O.m.g. Thank goodness. I have over 200 and I’m reading these websites where the peepz are all “Oh, I’m a terrible hoarder, I have over FIFTY polishes!” and I was starting to think I’m some super abnormal weirdo…good to know it’s more common than I thought…

  103. Diana says:

    Right now probably around 30, growing fast :)

    I was a nail bitter my life and I just celebrated a year of no bitting! So I’ve finally been able to buy polishes

    • Lori says:

      I totally am with you! I got some work on my teeth (braces) and I cannot bite them or my bracket will break. So right now I have 38 or so but now I’m off to Ulta to get some more!

  104. Shattered says:

    I think I’m at about 40-45, but it seems to be growing pretty quickly (another 6 are coming from Head2Toe this week). I used to be a bit of a makeup hog, and for various reasons I just don’t fuss with makeup if I don’t have to now. I’m painting my nails more and more, as an easy way to express myself and be girly, that doesn’t require me to get out of bed earlier in the morning (cause I do my nails the night before!).

    I also just ordered my first Konad supplies, so I imagine that won’t help. ;)

  105. rachi99 says:

    Unwanted pile, you say? I live in Medina, if you decide to open the gates to paradise (grin)…

  106. rachi99 says:

    In all seriousness, good on ya for charity donations! Women’s shelters or something like that?

  107. Kayla says:

    84. just counted. thought i had about 40. guess i was pretty wrong. :)

  108. Cali369 says:

    I'm in the UK and have probably have between 250-300. I've been buying/collecting for 15+ years. Very mixed selection, hardly any OPI (I'm not enough of a fan to pay the $20 they cost here). I'm much more about the colour & price than the brand!

  109. SpeedyNebula13 says:

    I have around 20 or so, but if you include my sister's then perhaps >50…
    Not as much as some of you. Where do you store all those hundreds of bottles?

  110. Natalie says:

    60-ish plus another 15 or so base, tops, etc. I purged a while back and am starting to really build my collection.

    Couldn’t believe that all of them EASILY fit into 3 clear shoe boxes which easily slide under my bed.

    Best of all, my husband thinks it’s “cute.”

  111. Femke says:

    I’m guessing.. around 60-70? but i REALLY need to sort them out cause I’ve got quite some old ones

  112. SBMShaneomaniac says:

    I know this is an old post, But I have about 400. And I live in Toledo area, is that close enough to come visit?

  113. Heidi says:

    Only 75 :)

  114. Jas says:

    I only have 22 because I recenlty threw away my old ones, so I need to buy more now.

  115. Chris says:

    52. I just received RBL Dead Calm & Teal in the mail. Both were on backorder.

  116. Jenn says:

    15 OPI. Plus 1 more on the way. :/ not to many unfortunatly…

  117. Tara says:

    I have about 130 nail polishes. I love them lol. Mine are all organized and swatched. Most are inexpensive, I have very few higher end polishes.

  118. Sydney says:

    I recently counted since one of the bottles in the bottom of the container I keep my nail polish in broke. I have 98… my husband took a picture and said that was ridiculous… I said I need more :)

  119. Moll says:

    150ish? only 4 opi though :)