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MAC Neo Sci-Fi Nail Polishes

Summer 08 hasn’t officially arrived yet MAC has hit us up with a ton of new collections. Neo Sci-Fi, Cool Heat, Tendertones (love!), Future Earth, Solar Field, Naughty Nauticals, Skinsheen and Dazzleglass (stop my beating heart), OH MY! And they certainly haven’t forgotten to give some love to us nail polish fanatics.

The Neo Sci-Fi collection hit the shelves with a bang and its limited edition bright orange packaging makes the collector in me go wild. More in line with the bold look of Lure (turquoise), I’m glad MAC brought back the fun this year after the boring white compacts from last summer’s MoonBathe. Of course that never affects the lacquer as they are always sold with signature black rubberized caps.

For the most part I was over the moon about these shades but the pigmentation and application of a couple is holding me back from giving two thumbs up. I had to apply three coats of each lacquer to achieve bottle color and the slightly stiff fat brush takes a bit of getting used to but for colors like Plasma Blu and Phosphor, I say it’s totally worth it.

Plasma Blu is a glimmering bright blue, leaning towards turquoise. It’s the ocean electrified and gets my vote for best of the collection. With its ribbons of blue and silver shimmer running throughout it gave the best application and color payoff.

Metalist is the problem child; a coppery metallic shimmer, I could just not make this one work. I applied it twice and still couldn’t get the streakiness and brush strokes to subside. It’s a pretty summer color and, perhaps in the hands of a professional, it would make a great pedicure shade.

Neon 8 is described as a bright orange but to me it’s softer and slightly more coral due to its hot pink shimmer. It’s as if OPI Crim-Sun & Coral Reef had a baby, minus the holographic glitter. Like Plasma Blu, this lacquer applied well without issue.

Phosphor is the epitome of the yellow brick road. Can’t you just see this paving the streets of Oz? The golden shimmer is magnificent and even though this isn’t a shade for everyone, it’s so very fun. I don’t know that I’d wear it on my toes though. I think that no matter how dark a faux tan I got, it would make my feet look diseased. But for tips, totally! The only issue I had is with the lacquer dragging near my cuticles. I had to wait a good five minutes between coats to make it work.

Unfortunately Phosphor and Plasma Blu are sold out online but check with your local MAC counters for availability. And just because the colors are sold out doesn’t mean you’re completely SOL. Are you a Feedblitz subscriber? Well, you should be! You just might get lucky.

Also, the MAC Friends & Family Online sale is TODAY and today only so head on over to to pick up some treats for 15% OFF. Use code MACFF8.

Looking for some suggestions from the new collections?

I’ve been in love with the Slimshines since they first appeared last summer. I have either Lovey-Dove, Grenadine or Urgent! on me at all times. They are the perfect combination of lipstick and gloss. Smooth and shiny yet with excellent color payoff and staying power. Swelter from Cool Heat has now entered the rotation. It’s a less intense red than Urgent!, perfect for hot summer nights.

Because I’m a lip balm junkie, the lightly tinted Tendertones are a fav of mine but you have to be a pot balm lover. Since I’m a Smith’s Rosebud Salve devotee, it doesn’t bother me. The funky looking lime green, Tread Gently, gives the perfect amount of shimmer for day with no real color so don’t be scared of it’s odd appearance.

And other than the polishes from Neo Sci-Fi, I’ve been wearing Femme Fi and Expensive Pink eye shadows in combination with Bagatelle and Mulch for a warm summery eye that works well with a faux tan.

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  1. m says:

    I bought the Plasma Blu and I LOVE IT! We were out to brunch and the waitress saw my nails & said oh my god your nails are awesome!

  2. Fei says:

    I’ve been waiting forever for a good swatch of Phosphor. It looks AMAZING. You’ve just convinced me to pick on up.

  3. babe with the keyboard! says:

    hi, great post as always!
    one question for you –
    i was trying out the blue shade of nail polish from sephora (i forgot the name of the shade, and when i went to change it (like, after a couple of days – just coz i was sick of the blue color), no matter what – i just couldnt get the bluish tinge off my nails! it might fade in a day or two, but i’m just curious – as i see, you use a lot of brights and neons – what do you use to remove the polish so that your nails look happy and healthy again, and not somewhat jaded ?

  4. Stephanie says:

    Aw man. I was really looking forward to this collection but none of these colors look like they would be flattering on me. Bah hum bug.

  5. BeautyChick101 says:

    I am totally dying for Plasma Blu. It’s gorgeous … so perfect for summer pedis!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, not for me…


  7. CincyFan says:

    M – That colors gets noticed, for sure! I knew it would be a winner just based on the promo images.

    Fei – I hope you can track down a bottle. It’s very fun

    Babe with the keyboard – I ususally don’t have too much problem with staining but when I do, I use Bubble White. You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply. To prevent staining, try using two coats of your base instead of one.

    BeautyChick101 – You’re so right. A perfect pedi shade. I’m so loving bright blue toes this summer.