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Big, Huge, Exciting, Incredible News!!!

By on February 8, 2008
in Green, News, Zoya

Girlies, you don’t know how badly I’ve been wanting to tell you all about this. It’s the biggest challenge to my self-control yet. Are you ready for this?


Can you believe it? The amazing people at Zoya are coming out with two new collections for summer and one, called Chit Chat, will include shades named after me and five of my fellow beauty bloggers.

When Erin from Zoya asked me a while back what shade I would call “Mismas”, I didn’t quite know what she was up to. You all know me so of course I said GREEN. So, coming to your local Zoya seller this summer will be Mismas, a vibrant lime green with gold shimmer base.

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There Are 30 Brilliant Comments

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  1. violetnoir says:

    Congratulations, M! That is so-o-o-o-o exciting.

    I am definitely putting your color on my to-buy list!


  2. yummy411 says:

    wow! michelle! that is so awesome! this is a day to go down in history… can you believe it. knowing your readers, it’ll be polish in demand! i’m so excited for you and the other bloggers… so hot!

  3. Hanneri says:

    That is SUCH exciting news! I do not know how you managed to keep it a secret. It is a wonderful honour and you are thoroughly deserving! Congrats!!!

  4. firepail says:


    when when when will it be available?

  5. stubby no more says:

    Awww. that is very nice to hear! Bask in the enjoyment, you deserve it!

  6. Beauty Anonymous says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I can’t wait to see the shade!
    Keep us posted when it is available.

  7. BlackRose says:

    Wow, how exciting for you! If anyone should have a nail polish named after them, it’s you! I’m definitely buying one! :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    DUDE! I want one!!!! or ten!!!!

    Can’t wait to see it!

  9. vbie says:

    Holy Crap! Congrats!!! Can I be a blogger? ;-P I’m a SAHM, I have the time!

    Seriously though, that’s great. And I love your blog! (Pretty please can you swatch MoM and Essie GE?!?!?)

  10. BeautyChick101 says:

    That is AMAZING!! I am so happy for you! Definitely can’t wait to buy the shade when it becomes available!

  11. The Daily Obsession says:

    YAY YAY YAY for you!

  12. Helen says:

    That’s fabulous, congratulations!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’d be jealous if I didn’t love this blog so much… :)

  14. emalc says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations!!

  15. Jeanne says:

    Amazing and congrats! What a great honor! Can you spill on who the other bloggers and their dream polishes are? I know Annie at Blogdorf Goodman wanted a black nail polish with pink glitter as one of her 2008 wishes…

  16. ocelot1 says:

    cool!! congrats!! cant wait for the new green!!

  17. Sanna says:

    Wow that´s so cool! And green, I can´t wait to see it! Congrats!

  18. dharma says:


    I read you blog every day and I’m so happy…I love green!
    Greetings from Italy!

  19. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Amazing news! Congrats!!!!

  20. Cindy says:

    Congrats! So exciting!!

  21. duffimac says:

    OMG!!! I am so excited for you!! and I am so delighted that it’s greeeeen! I can’t wait to buy it!! congratulations!!

  22. Stacie says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  23. Davina says:

    congrats on the upcoming arrival of your new green shade!

  24. Trina says:

    Woohoo! Hooray for you!

  25. Liz says:

    That’s fantastic news! It also sounds like a great colour – I’ll definitely be buying it!

  26. kristen says:

    Congrats Michelle! That is so incredible. Gals around the world will be heard asking for the Mismas pedi…

  27. juvenescent says:

    How exciting. Congratulations!!

    Now can you ask them to sell it locally in DC? :) Ordering online bites. LOL

  28. neuroticone says:

    Congrats!!!!!! I’m beyond excited for you.

  29. gymnastgirly says:

    Wow! I’ll definitely be buying that one!

  30. CINDY BOKMA says:

    SO EXCITING! Congrats!!