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OPI Pinkalicious

By on September 10, 2007
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First of all, I have to send out a big thank you to my pal and fellow nail boarder Nikki for letting me borrow her coveted set of polishes for this post. Nikki, we need a day of retail therapy soon so I can get these beauties back to you!

Since there isn’t a lot of information available about this collection, I will go ahead and call them the Pinkalicious Collection. If you know different, tell us in the comments. All I do know is that they’ve only been found in Canada and even there they’re not easy to find. Due to Nikki’s love of all things pink and extreme diligence on the phone she was able to find these in a salon and have them shipped across the border for a hefty price.

It’s been a while since I’ve used an OPI polish due to the enormous amounts of swatching I’ve been doing lately. I almost forgot how incredible the Pro Wide brush is. Even though there have been issues with individual polishes since the OPI formula change, these three all applied like a dream. Smooth, highly pigmented and streak-free. All with a metallic silver shimmer and high gloss factor. If you can find these and love pink, snatch ‘em up.

Go Pinkalicious!

Spring Fling

Berry Rosy

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There Are 4 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Beauty Anonymous says:

    These are very very pretty colors! so soft! I really want to try on! I wonder if I can find it locally.

  2. Christine says:

    OMG, love them all! But, you know that I love pink as much as our beloved Nikki.

  3. Tiff says:

    Oh I love those colors!!!
    I am on a mission now to find them!!!

  4. opigirl says:

    I think this was a collection that was made for a specific supplier called Beautician’s in Canada. I think I may have an old flyer with the name of the collection, I just have to look it up at the salon tomorrow.