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Three Ways To Wear Sally Hansen “Fuzzy Coat” Textured Nail Polish

While textured nail polish is, without a doubt, the predominant trend for 2013, it’s also extremely polarizing. There is a hard line in the sand when it comes to the love/hate relationship we have with the look. And though sand texture has made the biggest impact, the fuzzy/feathered look isn’t far behind. Enter Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat textured nail polish

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

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In the bottle, the bar glitter looks like a whirlwind of color and on the nail like tiny feathers or fibers. But, what is the best way to wear them? Here are my three favorite ways to incorporate the Fuzzy Coats into your nail style.
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Mani Monday – Art Deco Nail Art with China Glaze for Jump Back Ball 22

Saturday night, the boyfriend and I headed downtown to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square for the 22nd Annual Jump Back Ball and we had a blast. At least what I can remember of it. I may have mixed wine, beer and liquor and that just may have resulted in a slightly fuzzy memory of the night not to mention the worst hangover ever, oy! Lesson learned… eat more prior and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.


Regardless of my alcohol intake, mistakes were made, I had a fabulous time with my boyfriend and friends at what is one of the best parties in Cleveland. And thanks to all of your fantastic suggestions, I rocked a manicure worthy of a Penny from Happy Endings “ah-MAH-zing.”
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Mani Monday – Wedding Glitz with Essie and Sally Hansen

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, the BF and I traveled to Pittsburgh to celebrate the nuptials of two of our friends. In the past, my go-to wedding dress color is black so I pair it with fun nail color choices but since I joined Weight Watchers and shed 55 pounds, I’ve become a bit bolder in my clothing choices.

I am slowly incorporating more color into my wardrobe so, lately, I find myself opting for metallic nail colors for events. Since my dress was red with a black leopard print, I found myself going down the silver/pewter road for the special occasion.


At the time, I was in the middle of reorganizing my hot mess of an office so I was fortunate to have recently received Essie Beyond Cozy from the Winter 2012 collection and Sally Hansen Shoot The Moon which will become part of the permanent line in March but is out in promo displays now. Together, they take glitz and glam to the next level. Check it out!
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China Glaze Capitol Colours – The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

We’re only seven weeks and two days away from the hotly anticipated opening of The Hunger Games (yes I’m counting) and the only thing more buzzed about than the actual movie is the nail polish collaboration between Lionsgate and China Glaze, The Capitol Colours Collection. Even people who haven’t read the books are exploding with excitement over these polishes.


Between the drama over whether the collection would even come out, the name changes from a character driven theme to a “Capitol” driven theme, that still represents the Districts more than the Capitol, to the debate over whether a book about a dystopian society where children fight to the death for their District’s survival should even be associated with nail polish, every nail lover has been talking about this collection.

All of that aside, it’s the colors alone that drew the majority of us in. Wanting to own a piece of a favorite book series is definitely a part of it but we wouldn’t be rabid to get our hands on the lacquers unless the colors made our pulses race. And that’s exactly what mine did when the collection landed on my doorstep. Let’s dive into the world of Panem, shall we?

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“Back” on track. FINALLY!

You guys!!  I can’t tell you how much I’ve been missing you all. And I don’t mean that in the cheesy, that’s what I’m supposed to say, way. I’ve been seriously going cra cra laying on my back not able to talk polish with you.

I look forward to reading your comments and emails every day and it’s been rough not having my peeps to interact with. Also, your comments weren’t lost or anything. I’m so behind thanks to an update to the WordPress app for Android. I can’t get the stupid thing to open on my phone or tablet, bother!

Anywhoodle, I’m back for reals this time. After seeing a spine specialist I was told I have a severe muscle strain. I was just so happy it wasn’t disc related. Though the doc offhandedly mentioned that I have degenerative discs. Um, thanks? I was given a choice of a shot in my back or pills & lots of rest with ice. As much as I wanted get better fast, needles scare the bejeezus out of me so I had to opt for the two week drug induced sleepfest.

I’m not 100% yet but I can sit for more than 20 minutes without wanting to cry and I was able to get through 20 minutes of Zumba so I’ll take it. Side note: Those of you curious about my progress with Weight Watchers, I finally hit the 40lb mark this past weekend. I’m almost halfway to goal. Woot!

So I mentioned my NYE manicure in my last real post and while it’s WAY after the fact, I’m so obsessed with this polish I just have to share it with you. I have literally worn this color FOUR times since I got it. That’s in spite of the removal nightmare that is glitter polish.

China Glaze Tinsel Town is my EVERYTHING in terms of glitter polish. It’s so dense that you only need two coats for full coverage. It’s a gorgeous graphite silver that looks chic no matter the season. And the variety of the glitter particles is perfection. Tiny square and round glitter pieces are packed in the semi-sheer smokey blue-grey base with larger hexagonal sequins.


Yes, it eats top coat. To the point that I could still feel texture after using Gelous as a spackle coat and two layers of Out The Door Top Coat. But you know what, it still sparkled like I had little mirrors glued to my nails so I can deal with texture. The removal isn’t a joy but you’ll have that with glitters.

You can still find China Glaze Tinsel Town and the rest of the Let It Snow collection on my go-to etailers and Bottles retail for $3/ea.

Next up, the nomination round for the Fanatic Favorites 2011 and my recap of the Golden Globes. And of course, polish. Lots and lots of polish!!!

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