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Joey McIntyre Rocks the Multi-Colored Nail Trend

By on June 24, 2009
in Celebrity, Trends

I’m not gonna lie, I love me some Joey McIntyre. As a teen, Joey and Donnie were my fave New Kids and somewhere in my basement I still have my Step By Step VHS concert tape. Wow I’m old! I even started watching Boston Public, when it was still on, just because my adorable Joey joined the cast. His crystal blue eyes and curly mop top still get me!

Anywho, I’ve been following Joey and the rest of the NKOTB on Twitter as they tour the country and tonight they made their way to the CLE. I couldn’t make it to the show but I did check out Joey’s pre-concert vlog on the Let’s Get This foundation website where he revealed a set of multi-colored tips.

We’ve debated men wearing polish and we’ve discussed multi-colored nails but how do we feel about a combination of the two? I think it’s fun and applaud his bold combo though he could use a proper filing and neater paint job. Fanatics?

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  1. stubby says:

    This is only MY PERSONAL opinion so please do no be offended anyone!

    I think it's awful and repulsive. I have a 2 year old son and I would not want him to EVER follow this "trend".

    Colored nails IMO is for ladies only! A man having a mani to have clean nails is one thing bot color is out of the question!

    Besides, his mani looks super sloppy!


    • Rachel B says:

      Awful and repulsive? Wow. Passive aggressive homophobe much?

      • Mary says:

        “Passive aggressive homophobe much?” Wow… how completely judgmental of you. I’m with stubby. I prefer a man who doesn’t feel compelled to borrow my nail polish, especially if he’s attempting to coordinate with an outfit. That doesn’t mean I’m scared of gay people. Grow up and stop letting the politically correct crowd dictate how you think.

        Plus, his nails are a mess. Even Stevie Wonder could tell they look fugly.

        • RWalk says:

          Even if you claim you’re not homophobic, saying it’s not okay for a man to wear nail polish is furthering gender stereotypes which is still bad. Mindsets that you, Stubby and others on this post hold on to are found in people who think that women should stay home and be housewives. Furthering gender stereotypes works against the progression of man kind. That’s not me being politically correct that is me telling you that it’s okay for different groups of people to adopt ideals that are not generally considered “normal”. That’s a mindset that ought to be applauded because if it wasn’t for that none of you close minded women would have ever been given the chance to go to school and learn how to write such ignorant things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nope. Not doing it for me. AT ALL. Like the first poster, a man having a mani for a neat appearance is fine, but the colored nail look (and I'm including "black" as a color here) on a man is, well… ewwwww!

  3. Mc Huggs :) says:

    I have to agree with stubby. Maybe it's the different colors but men wearing colored nail polish on their fingernails, maybe he would look better with the "Zoya Matte Lorendana or Dovima" on but the blue and black don't go together.

    I perfer the painted toenails anyway, with flip flop sandals I just love the look. Just like when some women look down and see their own painted toenaails, it makes me happy.

    I did try an wear a Sophia by OPI "Don't Go There" and a "chick Flick Cherry" once out in public, to give blood to the red cross and to anothr time to do an errand. I didn't get any negative repsonses, lol. I am a pretty big guy but just tried it as an experiment and was encouraged by some woman friends to "just see what happens."

    I still love the muted purple of "Don't go there." and ther boldness of "Chick Flick" but will stick with my toenails and spa pedicures from now on.

    Mc Huggs :)

  4. Sarah @ Salescoop says:

    I love NKOTB, their song Single has been replaying on my itunes forever. But Joey's nails, not so much. While I do like seeing black polish on men who can pull off the look, I'm not sure if I'm okay with seeing them wear different color nail polishes. Besides, pretty nails are one of the most fun women can have… Should men take that for themselves too?!

  5. melsh says:

    this is so wrong! and not just because he did a bad job at it. he is waaay too old to be even trying a mani.

  6. Jean says:

    I would've never thought Joey McIntyre would rock polished nails! That's too funny. I can think of more awful and repulsive things men/boys can do than wear nail polish, but that's just my personal opinion as well.

    I think some men can pull off wearing nail polish, but only real dark colors like black or navy blue. The black looks kinda nice on Joey's fingers. =) You are right though. He needs a proper manicure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think it looks pretty awesome actually…the short squared-off nails keep it in "guy" territory. The quality *is* kind of sloppy though. Maybe that's on purpose, to keep it from looking too feminine. But the colours are cool.

  8. Stef says:

    I kind of like men in nail polish. My husband would never EVER wear it, so that might be why I kind of dig it. Joey did a horrible job painting his nails though. I think he can get away with it, it kind of works on him!

  9. Euni says:

    Joey did a horrible job on his nails lol! But props to him for taking that plunge. My bf just posted his first swatches on mua after I encouraged him.. I told him the mua nb ladies were fanatical about color like him and wouldn't mind a guy wearing nail polish.

    I find it somewhat narrow-minded for women to consider this a "female-only" accessory. Especially considering that the first people to wear nail polish were actually male Chinese royalty… and that was thousands of years ago. Men in MOST species are the flashier gender, and my bf LOVES clothes/fashion/color. Sure, regular guys wouldn't wear Dior, but most guys can't pull Dior off, and I'm quite happy to have a model boyfriend that can wear ANYTHING and look amazing, including nail polish. It's not like the guy wears pink shimmer either.

    If other women are going to be so persnickety about preserving nail polish purely for "ladies only," I suggest these same women stop going to work, stay at home, take care of the kids/clean and cook and never yell at their men. It isn't there place. And while they're at it, they should also never reveal their ankles- GASP- the impropriety! Imagine a woman even having an independent life and a successful career! OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.

    The fact that so many women complain about inequality in the world between genders yet will totally agree to polarize gender-"appropriate" interests is lame. Either be one way or another, say that women and men can equally do anything they want or confine polish to just women and agree that women should be limited in their hobbies/interested as well. Ugh.

    Comments like Stubby's particularly disturb me, as there was recently a man who beat his young son excessively for trying on his mom's polish. Youth is the only period in time that is gender-neutral and should be liberating… the fact that women are contributing to the over-machoism PROBLEM that most modern men have (which also coincides with opinions on homosexuality and a woman's place in the workforce) which actually PREVENTS greater inter-gender understanding.

    Ugh, just my two cents. =) I love that you support men in polish, Cincy. In fact, most of the nail bloggers are pretty forward with this issue, and I'm glad for it, as you guys encouraged my bf to share his hobby with the world (at least online). One step at a time!

  10. Gigi says:

    As a Blockhead, I might be biased, but I think it's cool. Fashion isn't something that needs to be taken seriously, and he's having some fun. I agree with you that a proper manicure wouldn't have hurt the look (esp. since he has such nice hands), but I don't have a problem with colored nails on boys.

    As an aside, AJ McLean (of the Backstreet Boys) loves his manicures, and not just black polish.

  11. Amanda says:

    Wow, I never found Joey hot as a teenager, but he grew up to be a good looking man! He actually looks a lot like my husband, which probably explains why the picture made me think, "Yes I would make out with you." And I don't think I could possibly make a more eloquent statement than Euni, but I'll just say that I agree with her completely. Saying that polish is just for girls is like saying that pants are just for boys. I say more freedom is a good thing, and it's just fashion, people, seriously.

  12. Alejandra says:

    I simply LUV it!!
    Joe's the kind of guy who can get away with anything – plastic wrap around his wrist, a black glove, a blue velvet jacket, black skinny pants + a pink shirt…
    I think he didn't get a perfect manicure on purpose – he's just experimenting and having fun… and wanting people to notice him!

  13. Jason says:

    Cincy, I know you have supported many opinions expressed here about men wearing nail polish. You provide us a great forum to discuss this, and I appreciate that.

    I think it's a creative outlet that men and women can openly enjoy. I mean, why not? It's just paint. I have been wearing my toenails painted for years and I do get regular pedicures so it looks decent.

    I do have to agree with some here though, that Joey could really have done a better job on his nails. I think messy nails detract something from anyone's look, even women. If you want to wear it, then at least take some time to do it well. I think that goes for anything – clothes, hair, makeup, your life…

  14. Anonymous says:

    He rocks it, but he's a musician. Musicians, artsy types, and bad boys get away with lots of things that don't quite work on the straight-laced conservative man: piercings, tattoos, "guyliner", and funky nail polish. It's cool because they're cool, but I think it'd look out of place otherwise. ;) He didn't apply it very well, though!

  15. Trina says:

    I love it, but wish it wasn't so sloppy. I think it helps that he didn't really go for the "skittles" look. And I'm pretty sure the blue one matches his eyes :~D

    Also, I'm with Euni: I remain saddened at the heteronormative attitudes I'm seeing here (many as a continuation of comments I read on the male pedi post). I don't get why we – as a society – continue to try to force people into outdated gender roles.

    What on earth is so terrible/frightening/*wrong* about men painting their nails? I honestly would like people expressing that opinion to EXPLAIN it. Because I just don't understand.

  16. Marie says:

    I love it! Maybe the application wasn't flawless, but who am I to judge seeing girls with far messier nails every day.
    The important thing here is that it's OK for men to wear polish, it's even great. It's important to make the girly things gender neutral, that way there won't be a degrading view on girly stuff and [insert long trail of thought] in the end, women will have equal pay and won't have to work double (job AND house/family).
    Go Joey, it's hot and a statement!

  17. Orli says:

    I'm not a fan of nail polish on guys. Some can kind of rock it though..

    That blue/black combo is fug.

  18. Anonymous says:

    i think that guys can wear nail polish all they want.

  19. Tom says:

    I don't like the look. And I'm a guy who occassionally has painted toes! But to each his/her own. Some like it, some don't.

    As a side note, I have to wonder if the matte/satin trend is being built to see if any men catch on. There aren't many pinks or creams coming out, but more of the darker, man-acceptable colors like grey, black, dark green, purple, blue.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Men don't need to be limited to Blue, Brown, Gray, and Black drab colors. In nature the male animal is the colorful one and the female is rather drab. There is no reason that men can't just wear women's nail polish including red and pink. I only wear bright red (OPI Vodka and Caviar) on my toes and get a lot of compliments from women. Men need to just get over their insecurities and wear women's nail polish. After all, women wear men's products all of the time and they don't think anything of it. There are even articles in women's fashion mags that describe how to incorporate items from male fashion into their look.

  21. awesomevegan says:

    I think men should be allowed to wear any nail polish or makeup if they want to. I think that the dark colors look hot but bright colors are fun too. I wouldn't mind at all if my bf wanted a pedicure. Occasionally he will say that a certain polish is "a fun color" or give me suggestions for nail art. He doesn't paint his own nails though but I could probably talk him into it for Halloween. I think guyliner and even eyeshadow looks good on a lot of guys. I like the grey and smokey shadows on guys. I kind of like "feminine" traits in men anyway and I envy my bf's lashes! Males in nature are generally more beautiful (think peacocks). Many activities thought to be girly were actually invented by men. Such as knitting (to make fishing nets). As far as makeup goes, Egyptians wore winged liner and lipstick both men and women. I think many men, it couldn't hurt them to groom their brows either. A groomed person is beautiful and sexy whether male or female. It wouldn't bother me if I had a son that wanted to play with nail polish and makeup. It is creative and I would ENCOURAGE creativity in my children if I had them. I loved Euni's comment btw :)

  22. JoeyMacGirl says:

    Ok, I just saw this! I have loved (obsessed over) J Mac for 20 yrs! I actually saw him shortly after he did this to his nails. My NKOTB dreams came true and I was able to spend a good 10 mins with Joe. I can tell you first hand, he is more gorgeous in person AND he isn’t one to maintain a mani. I don’t have a problem with the painting per se, but Joe, they have this stuff called nail polish remover. It was awful. Black and blue half chipped off nail polish. I still love him to pieces but I gotta draw the line somewhere. Next time, maybe he’ll use a good base coat. :)

  23. Heidi says:

    Just seeing this after a google search. FYI..Danny Wood’s daughters (who were on tour with the group that summer) painted Joe’s Nails. He was just being a “good uncle” and letting the girls have their fun. And then he just left the polish on a few days for the fun of it!

  24. Stacy says:

    He’s just wearing those because he secretly loves me LOL My hair is black & blue.