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Winter 2007

Coming Soon – Chanel Blue Satin

By on November 6, 2007
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There’s been much buzz about the next great Chanel polish, Blue Satin, and Style Today has an exclusive first look. Check out their site for additional bottle pics and swatches.

I don’t have an official release date yet but I’ve heard late December or January. I’m sure if you call your local Chanel counter a sales associate can put you on a wait list. I have a feeling this one will sell out fast.

Essie Winter 2007

By on October 25, 2007
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Pour It On – that’s the slogan seen in the Essie Winter ’07 campaign and for the molten shades is this series, it certainly applies. Never steering too far off course, this collection also includes the usual suspects; a nude & red cream. It wouldn’t be Essie if she didn’t stick to what her customers love and expect from the line.

Since Fall has officially arrived in Cleveland, the sun will be harder and harder to find so the Sunlight & Shade pics are on hold until our season of gray is over. Instead I’m using new indoor equipment that I believe gives accurate color representation.

First up, my favorite, squeal-tastic shade of the group… Over The Top. Hello gorgeous!! With it’s gun metal smooth semi-gloss finish I almost expected my nails to feel cool to the touch. The formula applied extremely smooth and the brush shape allowed me to get almost perfect application along my cuticle edge. Color me impressed!
I searched through all my bottles (that’s a LOT of searching) and the closest I could come to finding an Over The Top dupe was China Glaze Black Diamond from the Ski Collection. In the bottle I thought Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot might be a contender (if only I could find you all a low cost version) but it had a slight blue cast when compared with the other two.

I only wish I could gush as lovingly about Over The Top’s metallic cousin Steel-ing The Scene. This pewter colored polish has a bit too much yellow in it, doing my skin tone no favors. And I had the same problem I have with so many chrome like finishes… brush strokes. Oh my word the brush strokes. It’s a unique color but not user friendly.

Damn you Diddy and your Making The Band!! Since I’ve set eyes on this polish all I keep hearing in my head is, “We show stoppin’, We show, show stoppin’!!” Showstopper is a hard shade to capture. The berry base, red pigment and gold ribbons of shimmer cause this shade to appear as multiple colors ranging from pink to magenta to berry red. With the exception of Steel-ing the Scene, all the shimmers in this collection applied smoothly.

Wrapped in Rubies actually reminds me more of an almandine garnet. But I suppose Wrapped in Almandine Garnets wouldn’t sound anywhere near as nice. Brownish-red with gold shimmer this shade feels more fall leaves than winter in my opinion. It’s beautious none the less. The semi-gloss finish is similar to Showstopper and Over The Top.

Who’s She Red is the color of bright red maraschino cherries. Yum! It’s highly pigmented and almost a one coat red. Very fun and traffic stopping but not what you’d call uber-unique.

I wasn’t sure if Nude Attitude was meant to be worn sheer or opaque so I tried it both ways. Holy hot streaky mess! The pictures don’t really show it but oh did I have a time trying to make this pretty. Not that I find this custard colored shade pretty but you know what I mean. Honestly, who wears this kind of color well? If it’s you, please send me a pic. I have to see! I felt like I was wearing parchment paper on my nails.

So for the first time in a while we’re seeing some daring shades from a company that plays towards a more conservative nail crowd. After the brown gorgeousness of Decadent Diva from Fall and now the steely charcoal goodness of Over The Top I can only hope this means we’ll be seeing deep blues and purples from Essie in the future. Please please please bring back VIP!

The Winter ’07 collection will be available November 1st but I’ve heard that people are already finding them at ULTA.

Essie Winter 2007 Preview

By on October 24, 2007
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OK so I know I teased you with a lot of new goodies coming down the track but things have been absolutely insane. Does anyone want to join me in my fight to take down Time Warner Cable. They are evil, evil people and have made my life hell for the past few weeks. Things are still not resolved but I will battle on.

I did have time to snag some bottle pics of the new Essie collection for Winter 2007/2008. Styled to go with the glam styles and metallic accents seen on the runways for fall, this collection is filled with glitzy reds, gunmetal and pewter and, of course, a signature nude cream.

from l-to-r:
nude attitude – antique nude cream
steel-ing the scene – medium brushed pewter
over the top – dark metallic gray

who’s she red – four-alarm creamy crimson
wrapped in rubies – rich gold-dusted burgundy
showstopper – shimmery deep berry

I’ve only had a chance to swatch a few and so far Over The Top is a big winner as is Showstopper. I promise to have swatch pics up soon.

China Glaze Winter 2007 Preview

I know, I’ve tortured you all with enough polish lemmings for fall. How can I even dare mention winter or the holiday season? Well, look below and you’ll understand.

When I first started this blog, I made a list of polish hopes and resolutions for the coming year and one of them was for a fantastic green polish. Now I don’t want to take undue credit but somehow my wish became reality. First was Rimmel Underground Fast Play Camouflage, then Zoya Tangy and NYX Las Vegas and finally Zoya Suvi. Well now we can add China Glaze to the list of dream makers.

Hitting shelves in September, the SKI Collection has what looks to be another fabulous green. I’m all fluttery just thinking about it.
From China Glaze PR:
China Glaze Ski 2007 Winter Collection unveils 7 new colour riche, sport inspired, photochromatic shades with avalanches of mountain high pearlescent pigments. You’ll swish and slope in gleam for the winter’s must have collection, be a winter sport!

Black Diamond – Black with high luster pearl (only available as open stock or in the 3 pc set pictured below)
Avalanche – Silvery Purple with high luster pearl
Outta Bounds – Green high luster pearl
Cross Iron 360 – Copper high luster pearl
Xtreme Thrash – Bronze high luster pearl
Frostbite – Blue high luster pearl
Vertical Rush – Magenta high luster pearl

China Glaze Nail Care Cosmetics contain China Clay as a Nail Hardener. Free of DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde

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