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Essie Winter 2007

By on October 25, 2007
in Essie, Winter 2007

Pour It On – that’s the slogan seen in the Essie Winter ’07 campaign and for the molten shades is this series, it certainly applies. Never steering too far off course, this collection also includes the usual suspects; a nude & red cream. It wouldn’t be Essie if she didn’t stick to what her customers love and expect from the line.

Since Fall has officially arrived in Cleveland, the sun will be harder and harder to find so the Sunlight & Shade pics are on hold until our season of gray is over. Instead I’m using new indoor equipment that I believe gives accurate color representation.

First up, my favorite, squeal-tastic shade of the group… Over The Top. Hello gorgeous!! With it’s gun metal smooth semi-gloss finish I almost expected my nails to feel cool to the touch. The formula applied extremely smooth and the brush shape allowed me to get almost perfect application along my cuticle edge. Color me impressed!
I searched through all my bottles (that’s a LOT of searching) and the closest I could come to finding an Over The Top dupe was China Glaze Black Diamond from the Ski Collection. In the bottle I thought Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot might be a contender (if only I could find you all a low cost version) but it had a slight blue cast when compared with the other two.

I only wish I could gush as lovingly about Over The Top’s metallic cousin Steel-ing The Scene. This pewter colored polish has a bit too much yellow in it, doing my skin tone no favors. And I had the same problem I have with so many chrome like finishes… brush strokes. Oh my word the brush strokes. It’s a unique color but not user friendly.

Damn you Diddy and your Making The Band!! Since I’ve set eyes on this polish all I keep hearing in my head is, “We show stoppin’, We show, show stoppin’!!” Showstopper is a hard shade to capture. The berry base, red pigment and gold ribbons of shimmer cause this shade to appear as multiple colors ranging from pink to magenta to berry red. With the exception of Steel-ing the Scene, all the shimmers in this collection applied smoothly.

Wrapped in Rubies actually reminds me more of an almandine garnet. But I suppose Wrapped in Almandine Garnets wouldn’t sound anywhere near as nice. Brownish-red with gold shimmer this shade feels more fall leaves than winter in my opinion. It’s beautious none the less. The semi-gloss finish is similar to Showstopper and Over The Top.

Who’s She Red is the color of bright red maraschino cherries. Yum! It’s highly pigmented and almost a one coat red. Very fun and traffic stopping but not what you’d call uber-unique.

I wasn’t sure if Nude Attitude was meant to be worn sheer or opaque so I tried it both ways. Holy hot streaky mess! The pictures don’t really show it but oh did I have a time trying to make this pretty. Not that I find this custard colored shade pretty but you know what I mean. Honestly, who wears this kind of color well? If it’s you, please send me a pic. I have to see! I felt like I was wearing parchment paper on my nails.

So for the first time in a while we’re seeing some daring shades from a company that plays towards a more conservative nail crowd. After the brown gorgeousness of Decadent Diva from Fall and now the steely charcoal goodness of Over The Top I can only hope this means we’ll be seeing deep blues and purples from Essie in the future. Please please please bring back VIP!

The Winter ’07 collection will be available November 1st but I’ve heard that people are already finding them at ULTA.

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There Are 15 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Princess Malphaba says:

    oooh Love them! I want Showstopping! I love that song, lol. Not sure about the nude one (kinda reminds me of baby poop…ew), but I think it’s a gorgeous collection

  2. diann_co says:

    not as exciting as I hoped..maybe just Showstopper

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been to 3 stores today looking for that perfect matte nude. I am very fair and like a nude with a very slight pink tone. I finally got the Essie “Shop Til I Drop” today and it is waay too translucent,but the color in the bottle is perfect! 4 coats and til not opaque. Any suggestions? BTW, I bought the Creative Stickey, too, as per your recommendation–love it!

  4. atiyah9369 says:

    I may have to stop reading your blog.. I am going to be a nail polish ho pretty soon. LOL!

  5. violetnoir says:

    Actually, this looks like an interesting collection. Nude Attitude is actually sort of interesting, but Wrapped in Rubies and Over the Top appeal to me the most.

    How does Over the Top compare to Zoya Freja (which I absolutely love!).


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the great pics! I would be very interested in you “new indoor equipment”. I’ve always had a hard time taking pictures indoors, but your look perfect. Can you please share? :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m excited for Nude Attitude! It looks like it would be great for warmer, darker complected ladies. Not excited about the streakiness tho, lol! great post

  8. jdbsusanna says:

    Over the Top and Who’s She Red look very nice. Thanks for the pictures!

  9. karen, says:

    …Check out Essie’s Winter Collection Before It Hits Stores…

  10. Bratt the Catt from MUA says:

    Oh man.. nude attitude is disgusting! I had to comment on that. OTT looks really nice, though I have Hyde in the Dark, Black Satin AND Black Diamond, so I won’t be purchasing.

  11. Liz says:

    Over the Top is gorgeous, but I’m bewildered by Nude Attitude – like you say, in isolation it’s an interesting colour, but I can’t think of anyone who it’d suit.

  12. NotThatHeidi says:

    How similar is Wrapped in Rubies to Chanel’s Tulip Noire? Looking at the pics on your pages, they look close.

  13. Leslie says:

    I have a inquiry about the Over the TOp, I cant find it anywhere and since Essie has been bought by Loreal, so the Essie hotline told me and all I can find is Over the Edge from the retail line sold in Target and RiteAid, etc….can you tell me if they look similar to be the same? Bc I have busted out all my shimmery blacks and love this gunmetal shimmer, and I got the Ulta Professional in Glam Session at Ulta since they didnt have the Essie Over the TOP, can you do a swatch of these 3 for me? or just check it out and let me know? THanks!!! Oh, and have you tried the Orly in Seagurl, it is their Fall color and it was raved about in Allure and is a charcoal shimmer that looks fab!

    • JC says:

      Leslie, over the top and over the edge are the same! over the top was renamed over the edge when it was rereleased… this color was originally from winter 2007 collection and is called “over the edge” in drug stores but its called “over the top” at beauty supply stores!