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Spring 2007

Vinyl Deborah Lippmann

Vinyl Deborah Lippmann is a new collection from the celebrity manicurist that brought us the amazing cult colors Bitches Brew, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Brown Eyed Girl. Carried exclusively at Bath & Body Works, this collection is named after Lippmann’s new album of cover songs, Vinyl, where she covers songs that were originally recorded on, you guessed it, vinyl.

Inspired by women who are once again discovering the joy of bright, eccentric polish colors (that’s me!), she decided to rework popular colors from the 80s and 90s with a modern, wearable twist. All the shades are named after songs on her album and 10 of them will become permanent. Twice a year an assortment of Limited Edition colors will be released, reflecting the seasonal fashion trends. Call Me, You Give Love a Bad Name and Beautifully Obvious are all LE neon colors.

I am sad to report that as much as I wanted to love these polishes and send you all out to your local Bath & Body Works to hunt down this line, I just can’t give them my seal of approval. I was honestly disappointed in every way by the two Vinyl colors I was able to test. Let me break it down for you.

Packaging: While the bottles are sleek and adorably tiny, they are completely impractical. The cap is uncomfortable to hold and the neck holding the brush is way too short. The brush starts right under the cap, making it near impossible to control application. And the small size of the bottle makes it difficult to get the correct amount of polish on the brush. Basically, it was a nightmare trying to get anything resembling an even coat of lacquer on my nails or the nail art wheel.

Formula/Color: While I found Fade to Black to be highly pigmented, it only needed one coat, the formula just wasn’t what I would expect from a Lippmann polish. It was similar to Zoya but didn’t flow as nicely. I’m sure it’s because this line and all the new Lippmann collection polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. That tends to make most lacquers a bit thicker and trickier to spread. You Give Love a Bad Name is a bit thinner and sheerer which made it better to apply but the sheerness didn’t go away with 3 coats. And while the gold shimmer makes this a very wearable neon pink, it’s not a stand out shade.

Price/Value: Do I think that the original Lippmann Collection is high priced? Abso-freakin-lutely! But, as frugal as I am, I don’t mind plunking down $15 for one of those polishes. Because I am guaranteed that the formula will be top notch, the pigmentation will be what I expect and the shade will be unique. So when I see an $8.50 price tag on an awkwardly shaped bottle that is less than half the size of most polishes (.2 fl oz) I cannot, I repeat CANNOT, justify spending my hard earned money on any of these.

What I can recommend is the spring line from the original Lippmann Collection. A set of 4 elegant, skin toned shades, the colors are How Far Is Heaven, Baby Love, You Can Leave Your Hat On and Fashion. Inspired by chic, refined fashions such as white linen shirts, nude chiffon dresses and sheer pink blouses, there is bound to be a color that suits your skin tone.

I was able to test Fashion and while I don’t know that it suits me at this very pale moment in time, I could see me wearing this when self-tanning season is in full swing.

Here are a couple of pics of my swatch tests. Let me know what you think. Has anyone else tried Vinyl Deborah Lippmann? Share your review with the group!

Essie Starting Over Collection

By on April 4, 2007
in Essie, Spring 2007 with 3 Comments

New for Spring 2007 from Essie, the Starting Over collection. I guess Orly and Essie are both going through bad breakups. Though while Orly’s names were more humourous, Essie took a more empowering approach.

I saw this collection at my local Trade Secret over the weekend. They’re very pretty shades, nothing that I need to have but, great staple colors for beginning collector.

The shades (l-to-r): E-nuff is E-nuff, My Way, Pinking Up The Pieces, Red-y Set Ex, Starter Wife, Wife Goes On.

OPI Garden Party Collection

By on April 3, 2007
in OPI, Spring 2007 with 6 Comments

For all your spring sheer needs, OPI expands their SoftShades line with the Garden Party collection. With delicate pink, white and beige tones Garden Party seems to have something for everyone.

As a reformed sheer hater I can appreciate the need for these type of colors. They’re just not my cup of tea. My favorite OPI Sheer is Passion. It’s a perfect, clean, pink sheer for my nails.

The colors (l-to-r): Hearts & Tarts, No Bees Please, Funny Bunny, Just Tea-sing!, I’ll Take the Cake!, Mod Hatter

So, what do you all think of these colors? What are your favorite OPI SoftShades colors?

Misa Love Connections

By on March 19, 2007
in Big 3 Free, Misa, Spring 2007 with 0 Comments

I’m way late in posting these pics due to my break. Love Connections was meant for Valentine’s Day but I think the colors translate well for spring as well. Also these colors are made with Misa’s new formula using nanotechnology to make the polish adhere to the nail better and last longer.

When I was swatching the colors on my nail, I definitely noticed a difference from the old Misa formula I’m used to. In my opinion, this new formula is much thicker and more difficult to apply. I had a lot of difficulty getting my coats smooth due to the thickness of the polish. I found that I needed to remove a LOT of polish from my brush before applying in order to get a good result. In fact, I needed to redo these swatches just to get them presentable for you all.

I have to say that Ur Beautiful is my favorite shade in the bunch. It works really well with my skin tone and is a color I don’t have in a creme finish. Unfortunately because all the polishes are cremes the shades aren’t extremely unique but they are opaque and very pretty. Since I don’t have a lot of cremes, these will fit nicely into my collection but there aren’t any I would call “must haves.”

I plan to do an experiment comparing this new formula to the old Misa formula in terms of durability. I hope to have the results for you all in the next few weeks.

Orly Divorcee Collection

By on March 19, 2007
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OMG you guys, this collection is totally cracking me up. It’s obvious that Orly has a great sense of humor with this new Divorcee collection. The color names and tag line are priceless.

“Some romances don’t last forever” No kidding! It’s about time someone said it. Over a year ago a good friend of mine had a “Divorce Party” to celebrate her re-entry into the dating scene. It puzzled some people but I loved the idea and the party was an absolute blast. It was a celebration for her and for all the people that stood by her during that really rough period.

Even if you’re not going through a divorce (knock on wood), I’m sure you know someone that is or has. I’ll bet they get a kick out receiving one of these totally fun colors, if only for the names alone.

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