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By on January 2, 2007
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Welcome to my blog! As a nail polish collector and addict I want to share my love of lacquer. I also want a central place to track the colors I use, love and hate. I plan to make this a resource for news and articles about nail care and upcoming polish collections. I hope that other polish lovers will come to find this helpful and fun.

Since I’m starting this at the beginning of a new year I figure I should share my polish related hopes & resolutions for the upcoming year.

  1. That at least one major salon brand recognizes the need for an emerald green sparkly/shimmery polish. The last truly phenomenal color was OPI Rainforest and I don’t even know the actual year that was produced.
  2. To do a complete photographic and list inventory of my collection. (and keep it up to date)
  3. To use my inventory to weed out any dupes or colors that don’t suit me.
  4. To be more adamant about my cuticle balm use.
  5. To find a treasure trove of discontinued, hard-to-find polishes in some dusty old nail shop and share them with my nail friends.
  6. I hope that people will remember how fun brights can be. The dark polish trend is nice and all but it’s amazing how quickly the joy of a good hot pink on your toes is forgotten.
  7. That my beloved China Glaze does not disappoint me with their spring collection the way OPI and Zoya already have with theirs. (see below)
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