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NY Fashion Week F/W 09

ALU at NYFW – Day Three At The Tents

By on February 16, 2009
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Considering how early our day started, we really shouldn’t have been as energized as Jamie looks in this photo. Maybe it’s lack of sleep causing our giddyness. Maybe it’s that the week is still young. Regardless, we had a great time at the tents yesterday. In addition to our backstage coverage, we spent some time doing a little people watching and celeb stalking. Check out the highlights from day three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week after the jump!

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, christian sirianoOn our way out of the Herve Leger backstage area, we caught Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, chatting away on his cell.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, michelle trachtenbergAs we headed for the exit, celebs started streaming into the W Backstage Lounge for the Herve Leger show. So we decided to hang and see who we could spot. First up, Michelle Trachtenberg.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, jessica stroup, 90210Then Jessica Stroup from 90210

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, jessica stroup, 90210

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, diane von furstenbergAnd since we were obviously weren’t getting great picture lighting backstage we made a beeline for the door just as Diane von Furstenberg made her way into the tents, family in tow.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, lily collinsOutside, we waited with the crowd and herd of paparazzi and spotted Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, january jones, mad menJanuary Jones of Mad Men

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, lucy liuAnd Lucy Liu popped in just as we were heading off to our next show.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion weekOf course when you’re hanging with the paparazzi, there’s bound to be some craziness. Does this guy think his crazy hat will make celebs look his way for photos? They aren’t dogs. You can’t just dangle something shiny to make them look at you.

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion weekDon’t get me started on this guy. As if the silver lame shirt isn’t enough, he’s also balls to the wall crazy. As Lily Collins approached the tents, we heard his scream, “I GOT IT!” and without missing a beat, “Who was that?” After the uber patient and friendly IMG staffer gave her name, he wandered off only to return five minutes later asking, “What was her name? Nilly? Milly?” He then turned to me asking if any more celebs were coming. Before I could answer, Jamie dragged me off saying, “don’t talk to him!” Enounters of the looney kind. Good times!

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion weekI spotted this silver chrome boots on a show attendee and just had to grab a quick shot. Fun, no?

nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, kim kardashian, reggie bush, bijulesIn celeb nail news, Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Y-3 show wearing a nail ring from Bijules. What do we think of that kids?

images: All Lacquered Up, The Beauty of Life, Wire Image and #NYFW

ALU at NYFW – Backstage at Barbie

By on February 15, 2009
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nyfw, mercedes-benz fashion week, barbie runway, stila, cnd, t3, orlando pitaAs a little girl you belonged to one of two camps. The Barbie lovers and everyone else. I was mos def on the Barbie side of the line. I was even in the fan club and I have the members only tie-front crop top and pink short shorts to prove it. Yes, they sent hoochie-wear to Barbie fans in the 80s.

My collection of Barbie dolls, accessories, etc is beyond ridiculous and it’s all still safely packed away at Mom and Dad’s house. I even had this odd knitting contraption to make my own Barbie tube dresses. My girls were stylin’. I would spend hours pulling out every single Barbie item I owned, making the living room uninhabitable for anyone over the age of ten. Go ahead say it, I was obsessed.

I still am actually. Put the name Barbie on something, make it a limited edition and I’ll get in line. When I heard about Stila’s LE Paint Cans to celebrate her 50th anniversary, you better believe I stalked the collection online until they went on sale.

Taking it one step further, Mattel invited 50 designers to create looks for a Barbie fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, bringing Barbie to life. Given three eras of Barbie (past, present, future) to work with, the designers conceptualized their vision of Barbie for the catwalk. 50 models and 50 tutu clad little girls strutted down the pink runway yesterday and I was backstage to bring you the nail, beauty and hair scoop.

Of all the shows I’m covering this week, Barbie was obviously the one I was most excited to see. With CND‘s creative team working on the nails, I knew they’d come up with something fabulous. Under the past, present, future guise, they created custom tips for each look.

Past – Retro red tips with Wildfire

Hot Pop Pink much like the Pantone Barbie Pink Christian Louboutins worn by the models.

– Clear lucite tips with a layering combo of Negligee and Serenity for the base which CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold describes as, “so uber uber future.”

Makeup and Hair – Key makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, Stila Global Director of Education and celebrity makeup artist Sarah Lucero and Orlando Pita from T3 walked us through the inspiration and products for the beauty and hair.


Beauty Inspiration – Retro, slightly S&M red lip, contoured skin with classic 50s cat eye

Get The Look
– Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation, Perfecting Concealer, Stila Sun Bronzer Shade 2, Fade Cheek Color, “Stay All Day” Waterproof Liner (coming soon), Major Major Lash Mascara, Lip Vinyl (coming soon) or Strawberry Lip Glaze.

– Classic high ponytail with heavy bangs.


Beauty Inspiration – A Sharon Tate vibe with a lighter beige-y pink glossy lip. Very feminine, very pretty. Really clean, shiny glossy skin. A bright pop of cheek color. False doe-eyed lashes.

Get The Look – Illuminating Liquid Foundation, Perfecting Concealer, Stay All Day Waterproof Liner, Major Major Lash Concealer, Giggle Lip Vinyl (coming soon), All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer #1

Hair –
Valley Of The Dolls. Tease for height and use Orlando Pita Plump Styling Set & Control Hair Spray to create and set the loose curls.


Beauty Inspiration – Butterfly mask as though she’s going to the opera or a fabulous ball in Venice. Colbalt, electric blue, purples, pinks. Feathers, glitters, sequins. Beige glossy lip with a contoured cheek. Wild and crazy for future while retaining that Barbie beauty.

Get The Look – While the runway look doesn’t really work in real life, Charlotte feels you can translate it to everyday with a smokey, cobalt blue eye and black eyeliner. Add a beige glossy lip and “it would be heaven.” Try Cobalt Blue Smudge Pot, Storm and Indigo Eye Shadow Pans, Topaz Kajal Liner and Praline Lip glaze

Hair – A bun with braids hanging. It’s not about trends, it’s about playing and creating doll hair.

images: All Lacquered Up, The Beauty of Life, Wire Image and #NYFW

A Little Something I Saw While Getting My Nails Did

By on February 14, 2009
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I’ll be sharing the full details on last night’s nail experience but I just had to show you this. I went to get my nails done before hitting the tents this morning and here’s what I saw next to me.

This woman spent over 6 hours getting 3D nail art on all her tips. Each piece is hand sculpted using acrylic powder, not to mention all the other adornments (glitter, jewels, hand painted designs). I don’t even want to know what this costs and I could NEVER wear such an ornate look but you have to say WOW and the skill level.

Have any of you donned any kind of intricate nail art? How long did it take? Would you be patient enough to sit for six hours to get something like this? #NYFW

ALU at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F/W 09

By on February 13, 2009
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mercedes-benz fashion week, nyfw, new york fashion week, fall/winter 09Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts today and I’m NYC bound. I’m heading out bright and early and will be reporting from the tents for the next seven days. This is my 2nd season covering fashion week and I have so much planned, my head is spinning. I’ll be going backstage to bring you the Fall/Winter nail and beauty trends as they happen.

This season, I’m teaming up with my blogging BFF, Jamie Sanders from The Beauty of Life, and we’re going for it. We’ll be live blogging, twittering and posting show recaps throughout the week. We also have some special events and outings planned that we can’t wait to share.

Also, I’ll be contributing to, the first collaborative portal for NY fashion week blogosphere coverage. With over 60 bloggers adding to the collective posts, tweets and video coverage, it’s a one stop NYFW shop.

I’ve added a new Twitter widget to the sidebar in case you aren’t on Twitter and want to know what I’m up to. Also, because I’ll be sans laptop during the day, I won’t be able to respond to comments and emails regularly. So please be patient if I don’t get back to you right away.

I hope you enjoy my coverage of NYFW and come back often to see the latest scoop. #NYFW

image: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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