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A Little Something I Saw While Getting My Nails Did

By on February 14, 2009
in Nail Art, NY Fashion Week F/W 09

I’ll be sharing the full details on last night’s nail experience but I just had to show you this. I went to get my nails done before hitting the tents this morning and here’s what I saw next to me.

This woman spent over 6 hours getting 3D nail art on all her tips. Each piece is hand sculpted using acrylic powder, not to mention all the other adornments (glitter, jewels, hand painted designs). I don’t even want to know what this costs and I could NEVER wear such an ornate look but you have to say WOW and the skill level.

Have any of you donned any kind of intricate nail art? How long did it take? Would you be patient enough to sit for six hours to get something like this? #NYFW

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  1. hontapocasgreen on mua says:

    I say WOW, too! I know some people would be grossed out by this, but I think it takes skill and stamina of sorts to have to sculpt something like that. My hat is off to the nail artist! I think it’s pretty on someone else, but I can’t sit still for that long. My busy mom lifestyle couldn’t handle that ornate mani. I’d be too worried that one of my kids would pick at my nails until something came off, or that I would get it snagged on something. Not only that, I’m sure that cost some $$. I’d feel compelled to wear it a minimum of 3 weeks to get my $ worth– and I can’t commit to a regular color for than a week. However, I could probably get 2 done (like a ring finger on each hand).

  2. Ms. Katee/e-polishblog says:

    While I think the look is tacky I can definitely appreciate the skill level and artistry that it takes to create such a look. It truly is art! It just is not for me.

  3. Andrea says:

    I definetely give the nail artist the credit, great work, its just not the look for me, I like short nails and i like to wear just one color at a time!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ugh, trailer trash tacky

  5. Jenn says:

    This is very common in Asia. A lot of celebrities do this. The designs look much better in Asia too. I’m not too impressed with these designs :(

  6. rmcandlelight says:

    I’ve never had this type of art work done to my nails but when I used to wear acrylic nails I used to get various designs but it did not take 6 hrs. The nail artist you have to give her credit. I now prefer natural nails and 1 color at a time.

  7. Stef says:

    I love nail art on other people, I can’t wear it myself, it drives me nuts! I would really enjoy seeing these nails on someone though, they’re awesome! But not for me.

  8. Hijabi Apprentice says:

    Umm me no likey! The only thing I’ve sat longer than an hour for is henna on my hands and feet.

  9. Faith says:

    Noo, I would never do that. I personally think that nail art is tacky – I prefer pure polish. :)

  10. Rachel says:

    I love nail art! I don't really care for this however. I'd sit for a couple hours for something special, but I don't want to pay the price. My friend Heather used to be a fabulous tech, she worked from her house, so she was cheap. She once sculpted easter eggs on my tips with acrylic, then painted them. My fave. thing she did was probably a sea scene. & my nails were never very long. I'm convinced she's one of the best.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Like Jenn said, pretty common in Asia, and better-looking, too.

    Some examples of what I saw in Taiwan:

    But it would be wrecked in minutes on me, so, haha, I have to pass.

  12. CrazyNails says:

    No I never hade my nails done like somthing like this. But I also must say WOW!!!

  13. SickaThanAverage says:

    I’d definitely rock nails like these! When you first get acrylic tips (or a silk wrap), it can take hours for the process to be completed, so waiting 6 hours is nothing (just the price you pay for beauty!). You just have to have the right attitude to rock these!

  14. csuthetaphi says:

    I love nail art, but its the more simple things, such as stickers or polka dots, or a single flower on one nail. I can’t even imagine how you would function having nails like that. I do appreciate the time and technical/artistic skill though.

  15. Glam Scientist says:

    I’m from Detroit and 3D nail art was a big deal here for awhile. I have a couple friends who still do this for their clients. They show their work in hair/nail mags. It only takes them about an hour longer than a normal mani.

  16. Down Comforter says:

    No way would I ever be patient enough to sit for 6 hours. Maybe a couple of cocktails would help pass the time :)

  17. strawberimilk says:

    I honestly can’t believe you’ve never seen this before for being someone so into nails. You should look at some Japanese nail art sites.

  18. Stacey says:

    Katy Perry has had her nails done with 3d art.


    and sushi:

    She dressed like a piece of sushi for a show in Japan when she got her nails done like that.

  19. Suzume says:

    Cute! A little over the top for me, but I do love a bit of nail art – don’t know if you guys in the states have seen Wah nails? Totally cool london nail art – they do amazing designs mostly on natural nails. gorgeous!