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FingerPaints Once in a Wild Collection Swatches & Review

FingerPaints Once in a Wild - Fall 2015 via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Once in a Wild – Fall 2015

I may not be ready for fall weather, I mean we’ve barely had a summer in Cleveland, but I AM ready for fall sparkle on my nails. The FingerPaints Once in a Wild collection blends three existing crystallized shades with three new micro-glitters. It’s apropos that I’m posting this on a Thursday because the glitters feel like a throwback, in a good way. They’re reminiscent of the top-coat-eating fine glitters that made me fall in love with sparkle polish years ago.

Formula & Application

FingerPaints nail polish is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor) and produced exclusively for Sally Beauty. The FingerPaints bottle is unique in that it’s kind of an oblong shape with a long, slender, slightly taped cap.

FingerPaints revamped their polish line last year, including the brush. The bottle now contains a long, flat, wide brush with flexible bristles that easily fans out without putting too much pressure on the nail.

The three existing shades have a crystallized glass-fleck style finish and dry super smooth and glossy on their own. Two have semi-sheer jelly bases that require two coats, while Titian Tint is a ONE-COAT metallic. The three new shades have smooth pigmented bases packed with fine micro-glitter. Each one feels a little thick during application so use very thin coats to avoid polishing build-up at the tips. I used two very thin coats for full coverage.

I mentioned above that the glitters eat top coat, so I apply a coat of Gelous as spackle, between the polish and top coat. Doing so gives a super sparkly finish with just a tiny bit of texture. Granted, I used Out the Door instead of a thicker top coat like, Seche, which would probably dry perfectly smooth.

FingerPaints Once in a Wild Swatches

FingerPaints Amazon Sky is a cross between royal blue and navy and packed with fine blue and silver micro-glitter. I own nothing like this and I am totally smitten! It is a little darker, with better coverage, than Zoya Dream and not as deep or greyed as China Glaze Midnight Mission. And you could totally wear it as a texture by skipping top coat.

FingerPaints Amazon Sky swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Amazon Sky

FingerPaints Amazon Sky comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Amazon Sky comparison

FingerPaints Amethyst Accent is a red grape crystallized shimmer. When comparing this to other shades, I feel like I’m part of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when they’re trying to choose nearly identical belts and the red-head says, “they’re so different.” It sounds totally crazy to say that the four colors below are not all the same.

Can I see slight differences, for sure, but you know anyone outside of our nail polish world would laugh at the thought, just like Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs. Formula X Equinox is the only one that is decidedly lighter, but not enough to need both.

FingerPaints Amethyst Accent swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Amethyst Accent

FingerPaints Amethyst Accent swatch comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Amethyst Accent comparison

FingerPaints Exotic Emerald is a blackened emerald green micro-glitter. It leans more blue than green, so it’s not a Christmas-y green. It’s not quite as dark or blue as Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In A Flurry, but nowhere near as bright or green as China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.

FingerPaints Exotic Emerald swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Exotic Emerald

FingerPaints Exotic Emerald swatch comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Exotic Emerald comparison

FingerPaints Once in a Wild is a mauve micro-glitter. It’s really unique in that it has a smoky purple base offset by bright pink and silver glitter. Morgan Taylor Who’s That Girl has a more greyed, duo-chrome feel, while China Glaze Put a Bow on It is a more vibrant fuchsia.

FingerPaints Once in a Wild swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Once in a Wild

FingerPaints Once in a Wild swatch comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Once in a Wild comparison

FingerPaints Titian Tint is a rosy burnished gold foil metallic. Like I said, it’s a one-coat wonder and really smooth. It’s not quite a true rose gold, it has more sandy tones than that. You can really see that difference next to Orly Rage, a pale rose gold, and China Glaze Meet Me at the Mirage, a deeper rose gold. JulieG Liquid Metal is very close in color, just a bit brighter.

FingerPaints Titian Tint swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Titian Tint

FingerPaints Titian Tint swatch comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Titian Tint comparison

FingerPaints Vermillion $ Painting is a fiery red jelly with gold flecks. It rides the line between red and orange, not belonging completely on either side. You can really see that in my comparison below. OPI Friar Friar Pants on Fire has an orange-red, and China Glaze Riveting is a coppery orange and Vermillion fits perfectly between then.

FingerPaints Vermillion $ Painting swatch via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Vermillion $ Painting

FingerPaints Vermillion $ Painting swatch comparison via @alllacqueredup

FingerPaints Vermillion $ Painting comparison

Bottom Line: All three new glitters are beautiful, though I wish Exotic Emerald was a bit brighter. I can creep in on “almost black” territory. Though I would call the other two “musts.” If you don’t have any of the shades I compared Amethyst Accent to, then you need to get on board. I normally don’t find warmer purples flattering, but I make a huge exception for this shade.

The FingerPaints Once in a Wild collection is available for a limited time, through August, at Sally Beauty stores and online at FingerPaints is exclusive to Sally Beauty and retails for $5.49, but they go on sale a lot, so be on the lookout for deals.

Thoughts on this collection? Which ones do you plan to pick up? Are you with me on loving fine micro-glitters?

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  1. Stephany says:

    WOW! In collections there are usually two or three that I am not a fan of, but this collection is giving me the urge to skip out of work early and do some shopping!

  2. Lisa N. says:

    These are looking nice!

  3. I have FB Wild Bikini already, so I guess I’m good on Amethyst. It looks rebottled to my eyes. I find Exotic Emerald to be so cozy and inviting!

  4. Gorgeous!!
    Love the comparisons

  5. Nailfame says:

    wow…what a beautiful collection. Very lovely swatches and nice review with comparison. :-)

  6. kel says:

    wow i think all these colors rock. love that emerald green

  7. Katie Garvin says:

    I’m typically not a glitter nail-polish girl, but all these colors look so pretty! Especially that purple one. Thanks for the comparison pictures, that’s really helpful. I actually don’t own any of the other shades, so might have to go visit Sallys sometime soon…. :-)

  8. LOL!! I love Devil Wears Prada… the belts are all the same! GASP!!! lol best movie ever :) I do see the slight difference in the purples but not enough to need them all. The red is really the only one that stood out as the most unique here. Thanks for sharing these and the comparisons Michelle!!

  9. Melissa says:

    I’m new to your blog, but I’ll be a frequent visitor (I already have you bookmarked!) I love your descriptions and comparisons!!

  10. Jessica says:

    Amazon Sky is my favorite – what a lovely polish!

  11. Really beautiful and amazing shades
    Very bretty