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FingerPaints Poolside Paradise for Summer 2014

FingerPaints Poolside Paradise - Summer-2014

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Get ready to taste the rainbow with the Skittles-worthy FingerPaints Poolside Paradise collection. Six rich, sparking foils in ROYGBIV-ready shades.

Formula & Application

FingerPaints nail polish is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor) and produced exclusively for Sally Beauty. The FingerPaints bottle is unique in that it’s kind of an oblong shape (remember The Oblongs) with a long, slender, slightly taped cap.

FingerPaints recently revamped their polish line, including the brush. The bottle now contains a long, flat, wide brush with flexible bristles that easily fans out without putting too much pressure on the nail.

All six shades in this collection have that slightly squishy feel we associate with foil polishes. They are very easy to manipulate and control. The pigmentation is stong with most of the colors, only requiring two coats, though the orange and green needed three coats.

FingerPaints Aloha Lei is a juicy orange with golden foil flecks. It’s warm, more tangerine than a true orange. I thought it might be a twin to butter LONDON Chuffed 2.0 but the base color is brighter and more vivid.

FingerPaints Aloha Lei swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Aloha Lei

FingerPaints Be My Baby is a cool red foil that borders on pink. More like a magenta. It’s a warmer version of Zoya Gilda.

FingerPaints Be My Baby swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Be My Baby

FingerPaints Hula Aruba! is a sunny, lemon yellow foil. It’s got an impressive pigmentation for a yellow and great color saturation. It reminds me of Color Club Daisy Does It though it’s way more pigmented.

FingerPaints Hula Aruba! swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Hula Aruba!

FingerPaints Margarita Mambo is a green apple hue with golden flecks. And, as you can see, with three coats it’s still a bit sheer. It’s more intense than Zoya Apple but still similar enough to not need both.

FingerPaints Margarita Mambo swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Margarita Mambo

FingerPaints Surf’s Up has a purple flash in the bottle that hides from the camera lens but shows  up, subtly, on the nail. This is a pretty straight-on dupe for butter LONDON Airy Fairy so if you loved that shade but not the price tag, here you go!

FingerPaints Surf's Up swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Surf’s Up

FingerPaints Wild Bikini is a warm grape shade with fuchsia foil flecks. It’s very similar to butter LONDON Stroppy 2.0 (is there a pattern here?) though this has a higher sparkle factor.

FingerPaints Wild Bikini swatch - Poolside Paradise Summer 2014

FingerPaints Wild Bikini

FingerPaints Summer 2014 Poolside Paradise
Bottom Line: I love a foil finish for my toes in the summer. Hell, I love foils any time of year and these are really well made. Foils can tend to be sheer, to suspend the flecks, so these impressed me. Yes, there are some dupes but most of them are more expensive so if you love the colors, I would get these. The only letdown is Margarita Mambo. As much as I love greens, the opacity issues earn it a pass for me.

The FingerPaints Summer 2014 Poolside Paradise collection is available exclusively at Sally Beauty stores and online at FingerPaints polishes normally retail for $5.99/ea but they’re on sale for $4/ea right now.

Which of these colors do you plan to pick up? Have you tried FingerPaints since the logo and brush switch? Which brush do you prefer?

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  1. LaraLeaf says:

    Oh crikey – I really would like to cut back on spending so much on polishes but these are so pretty! Thank you so much for the lovely photos!

  2. FingerPaints Hula Aruba! *drool*

  3. Lisa N. says:

    I really like the finishes on these colors. Nice collection from Finger Paints.

  4. Lola Hansen says:

    I love these a lot! I have a few that seem to be dupes, or at least close to the same colors: Zoya Irresistibles, China Glaze Running in Circles… I have a weakness for glass fleck shinies and I do love FingerPaints brand… oh lord, the price too…I’m doomed -__- Thank you for the post and for enabling me ^__^

  5. Katy says:

    Of course the green is the only one I picked up earlier. What can I say, I love margaritas. The purple and blue look gorgeous.

  6. These are very pretty. Some of them remind me of a summer China Glaze collection from a few years ago.

  7. Kimberley says:

    These are really pretty! Love the glass fleck finish!

  8. Julia Tirres says:

    Thanks for showing this collection. I am going to Sally’s to buy at least 5. Although I am so hooked on nail polish I’ll probably buy all of them.

  9. deerstop says:

    I absolutely love it.

  10. deerstop says:

    And two coats for yellow polish is unheard of )))

  11. Tricia says:

    I definitely need Surf’s Up! Sooo pretty!

  12. martha says:

    nice collection, I liked the orange one the most. I have dupes in other brands so that would be the only I likely buy.
    thanks for the swatches.

  13. The blue & purple are my faves!

  14. Jules says:

    OMG!!! Hula Aruba is such a beauty! I super love the color for I find it so Summery. I find it classy too.

  15. Beroë says:

    Thanks to your gorgeous swatch photos I just bought the aloha lei, Aruba and margarita colors. There is something so soothing/cheering about beautiful colors. For a while I was buying gemstone rings, I felt that looking at the colors had a spiritual and therapeutic effect on my brain. Now I get the same benefit with nail polish, and it is cheaper and more fun! Also watching videos of nail polish application is very calming, I hope you will have more!

    • Yes, polish is much cheaper than gemstone rings but I love beautiful jewelry so I’ll have to tell the boyfriend I need gemstones for therapeutic reasons.

  16. Abbi says:

    Surf’s up looks great on its own but really adds depth to other colors. I love it on top of Prevail Across the River (Royal blue shimmer, Duane Reade)