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Top 10 Nude Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2014

Top 10 Best Nude Nail Polish Shades

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As much as I love color, there’s no denying that nude nails are, and always will be, a chic, classic look. Nude nail polish has been taking over the previously colorful runways so let’s get you on-trend with one of my ten perfect nudes. From light to dark, warm to neutral to cool, I’ve selected the best nude nail polish shades on the market that flatter a range of skin tones.

Essie Spin The Bottle ($8.50, is a creamy beige (three coats).

Essie Spin The Bottle nude nail polish swatch - Spring 2014

Essie Spin The Bottle

JINsoon Nostalgia ($18, is a peachy nude (three coats).

JINsoon Nostalgia nude nail polish swatch

JINsoon Nostalgia

L’Oreal Paris Doutzen’s Nude ($5.99, is a pink-tinged light mauve (two coats).

L'Oreal Paris Doutzen's Nude swatch

L’Oreal Paris Doutzen’s Nude

Maybelline Color Show Neutral Statement ($4, has a hint of shimmer in its creamy cameo base (three coats).

Maybelline Color Show Neutral Statement nude nail polish swatch

Maybelline Color Show Neutral Statement

Morgan Taylor Perfect Match ($8.50, is a cool, pink nude with a subtle silvery shimmer (two coats).

Morgan Taylor Perfect Match nude nail polish swatch

Morgan Taylor Perfect Match

OPI My Very First Knockwurst ($8, is pale and cool with just the right amount of pink (three coats).

OPI My Very First Knockwurst nude nail polish swatch

OPI My Very First Knockwurst

Patricia Beauty ($9, is a warm, golden nude with ribbons of metallic shimmer (two coats).

Patricia Beauty nude nail polish swatch

Patricia Beauty

Patricia Flesh ($9, is a cool, taupe nude with a barely there sparkle (two coats).

Patricia Flesh nude nail polish swatch

Patricia Flesh

Zoya Chantal ($9, is a French vanilla creme (three coats).

Zoya Chantal nude nail polish swatch

Zoya Chantal nude nail polish swatch

Zoya Pandora ($9, is a mid-tone pink nude with a pearl shimmer (two coats).

Zoya Pandora nude nail polish swatch

Zoya Pandora

Best Nude Nail Polish via @AllLacqueredUp

Which of my Top 10 Nudes is your favorite? Do you wear nude/neutral nail polish or is it color all the way? What’s your all-time favorite nude nail color?

Want to coordinate nude tips with your lips? Then check out the Top 10 Nude Lipsticks over at Beautiful Makeup Search. And if pink-nudes are your thing, Beauty411 has ten Perfect Pink-Nude Beauty Products.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by reps for Essie, JINsoon, Morgan Taylor, OPI, Patricia, Zoya. Affiliate links appear in this post. When you purchase through an affiliate link, you help support this site. For more info view my Disclosure Policy
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  1. Welcome to | April 2, 2014
  1. Faith J. says:

    These are great and timely swatches! The nude I wear is Zoya Diem. It has a little sparkle to it.

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Great nude color picks! I like wearing shades like these too.

  3. I love nude nail polish! I used to wear it all the time when I had a real job. I like that Zoya Chantal!

  4. OliviaNOPE says:

    Nude, eh? Nude for whom?

    • Nude for anyone. Like I said in the intro, I chose diverse shades that flatter a range of skin tones, not necessarily match. None of these shades match my skin tone, except maybe Chantal.

  5. Such pretty picks! My favorite is OPI My Very First Knockwurst. I also really like the look of Zoya Pandora.

  6. all the pretties says:

    I might have to get Doutzen’s Nude just because I think Doutzen Kroes is amazing. The rest of these are stunning, too!

  7. WellDoneBeauty says:

    Hi Michelle! For nudes this season, I’m really loving the Marc Jacobs Flourescent Beige. It’s super complex for a nude. LOVE it!

  8. Bite Buff says:

    I feel like nudes always look bad on me, and I can’t stand having to put on three or four coats. Glad to see some that only require two for coverage!

  9. Lisa M says:

    OPI Tickle My Francie! Looks good on everyone. Even love it on toes!

  10. Dee says:

    I wear OPI My Very First Knockwurst a lot. It’s such a great color. I just got Essie’s Spin the Bottle and like it, but it looks better on you!

  11. AsianGirlCat says:

    Thank you for this post! I love love love nude shades but am always buying the wrong ones though :( This post is going to help me a great loads. I’m a fan of Zoya so I’m gonna try out Chantal :)

  12. Christine says:

    Beautiful round-up!!! My favs are L’Oreal and Maybelline. I personally prefer colors but as any serious nailpolish hoarder that did not stop me from buying nudes. My favorites are Picture Polish Beige and from an Indie polish maker named Nire’s Desire Lingerie.

  13. Mallory says:

    These are gorgeous. I always tend to overlook nudes because I have a terrible time applying them myself and they get streaky! I may have to investigate these though. Pandora is beautiful. Thanks as always :)

  14. Tila says:

    Butter London All Hail the Queen is hands down my fave – I just love how sparkly it is! I’m really loving Zoya Pandora though – it’s beautiful!

    • That is a beautiful one though I only have the original version, All Hail McQueen, with the holographic glitter. And since it’s not available anymore, I didn’t think it would be fair to show it.

  15. Nerd Girl says:

    Hmmm. These are not nudes for my skin tone and I’m not convinced any of them would be particularly flattering. My favorite nude is Chocolate Moose by OPI. I have a tendency to prefer color though!

    • You’re right, they won’t work for everyone but nude is considered a range of shades, which is what I showed. Plus, unless I’m going for a “mannequin hands” look, I don’t want my polish to exactly match my skin.

  16. LaraLeaf says:

    LOL. just now realized, after reading your post, that I do not like nude cream polish! I think that is hilarious because I thought I did! What I DO like is pale sheers. My favorite polishes are the OPI Ballet Collection – I have several of them, along with the collection’s glitter. When I wear them, as I am now, even though one part of my mind is nagging me it wants New Polish, another part is still charmed with the sheer with discreet glitter on my nails. (I always put a thin layer of the sheer over the glitter, besides using the sheer as the base.) Isn’t it wonderful that there are so many types/styles of polish for every taste out there!

    • I’m glad you found your style and, inadvertently, your distaste for full coverage nude polish. I personally don’t like sheers, they look horrible on my nails, but when I see them on someone with nice nails, I get jealous. I know a lot of people who loved that OPI Ballet collection.

  17. Marie Z. Johansen says:

    Zoya Pandora for me! I also like OPI’s ‘You Callin’ Me A Lyre’ for a nude /natural color

  18. DEBBIE BELL says:

    Oh my.. I do love a great nude!!! And these are gorgeous! I am going to have to get the OPI one..I love it! Its so funny because I am wearing a nude right now…its my go to nude…Zoya Rue!!! My other fav is Essie…..Sand Tropez…which has a more beige base! Thanks Michelle…always love your post:) xox

  19. L says:

    “flatter a range of skin tones” … as long as you’re white?

    I’m disappointed, I read the excerpt and was momentarily excited to see a nail blog post that actually featured a true range of nudes for different and diverse skin tones. It’s a shame it’s not, perhaps something you could consider for the future?

    • Kecia says:

      Get over yourself. People are always looking for controversy these days. I am black as night and my nail beds are a peachy pink. So, yes, these colors are nude for most people, as in give the appearance of not wearing polish… not giving the appearance of a uniform skin tone from tip of nails to the wrist.

  20. Juli says:

    Great color selection! Another personal (and affordable) favorite is “Bare” by Sinful Colors. An oldie but goodie that’s flattering for many skin tones. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Beroniiku says:

    Great choices but I would also add the one from Barry M called Lychee which is really really original. You see some pictures in my blog

  22. Although I love nude polishes, they look too blah on me … My personal fav for nude will be Essie Mamba ..

  23. Mia Dixon says:

    Such amazing produces! I fall in love with Essie Spin The Bottle
    Thank you for sharing!