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#ManiMonday – Sephora Formula X Photoelectric Swatch & Review

Formula X for Sephora Photoelectric #ManiMonday

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Remember when I raved, sorry RAVED, about the new Formula X for Sephora Liquid Crystals polishes? Well, I recently found myself in front of the gorgeous glass-fleck meets foil gems at my local Sephora and brought another beauty home with me. You might think Photoelectric looks like any other turquoise sparkler but you’d be wrong!

Formula & Application

Formula X for Sephora is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). The rounded, brick-like bottles have a futuristic look and feel. The shiny plastic outer cap pops off to reveal and ribbed, round inner cap for application purposes. The brush is long, thin and round with flexible bristles that capture a lot of polish and easily fan out to cover the nail.

The Liquid Crystals formula is super smooth and thin. It’s a bit squishy which makes placement a breeze and it dries with a super glossy finish. The only downside is that the pigmentation isn’t quite what I experienced with Equinox. This one is a lacking a bit so I ended up using three coats. Even though you can see the line of my free edge in the pics below, in person it’s not visible.

Formula X Photoelectric is a vibrant turquoise glass fleck mixed with metallic flakes in turquoise and hot pink. So yes, it’s a duo-chrome and, even though it’s not easy to capture in photos, the pink really delivers when viewed with the naked eye.

As you can see in the first image, straight-on it’s a vivid turquoise, but at the right angle the pink really comes alive. It’s easier to photograph the effect in the bottle than on the nail but it’s there, trust me.

Formula X Liquid Crystals Photoelectric swatch

Formula X Photoelectric

Formula X for Sephora Photoelectric Liquid Crystals

Formula X Photoelectric

Formula X Photoelectric swatch

Formula X Photoelectric

Formula X for Sephora Photoelectric swatch

Formula X Photoelectric

Sephora Formula X Photoelectric swatch

Formula X Photoelectric

Sephora Formula X Photoelectric
Bottom Line: Based on the two shades I’ve tried so far, the Liquid Crystals are a hit. I love me a glass fleck and since I haven’t seen one from China Glaze in like forever and a day, these are fulfilling that need and then some. Now, I just need Beacon, Borealis, Magma, Prismatic and Solar Flare to round out my collection. My wallet hurts just thinking about it but they’re so, so worth it!

Formula X for Sephora Liquid Crystals is a Sephora exclusive and can be found at Sephora stores nationwide and online at The Liquid Crystals retail for $12.50/ea for a .4oz bottle.

Have you tried the Liquid Crystals line yet? Are you as smitten with them as I am? Which colors are your favorites? Do you plan to snag a bottle of Photoelectric?

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    This is so pretty! Love shades like this too.

  2. Nedian says:

    Wow, in the bottle it’s almost like RBL’s Aqua Lily on steroids. I’m going have to play with this the next time I’m in Sephora.

  3. Abby says:

    This one reminds me of OPI’s Austin-tatious Turquoise!

  4. This polish is next on my list. I just bought Beacon and Magma and I LOVE them. I will be showing my swatches soon. You have to get them!

  5. FSM says:

    I have Photoelectric and it is stunning & its just as eye-catching mattified! They remind me of the Orly polishes (Hailey’s Comet, Space Cadet) but not as duo chrome. I think the liquid crystals finish is the best one from the Formula X line.

  6. Ky says:

    I totally agree with you on the lack of pretty glass flecks from China Glaze lately! Sup wid dat? And this shade looks lovely! However my head blows up every time I go to sephora and see their dizzying array of formula x choices. I don’t ever know where to start! But these liquid crystals are calling my name. Thanks for your reviews. They make narrowing down the choices so much easier.

  7. It’s a nice color, but it seems to lean more green on the nail than in the bottle. In the bottle is looks lovely.

  8. Lark says:

    I am so hooked on these! Solar Flare is gorgeous, btw. Incredible pigmentation, 2 easy coats (and even then, mostly to add depth). Formula X is killing it! I adore the Celestials, but I think this collection has eeked its way into my #1 fave of Sephora’s in-house lines

  9. It looks absolutely Gorge! (and makes me think it’s a cousin of OPI’s Catch Me In Your Net – with a purple duochrome that is)
    But did you notice any staining from this polish?

    • Thanks! I didn’t have any staining. Though I’m starting to think, for the most part, people have staining more with the foil method or holding acetone soaked pads on their nails for a while. That when the polish breaks down, it stains the nail more than it normally would.