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Oscars 2014 Nails – Nude Are You Wearing?

Oscars 2014 - Celebrity Nails

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If there’s one big color trend from The Oscars 2014, it would be a lack of color, as nudes ruled the day. From barely there lips and tips to flesh-toned gowns, this is one Oscar year when the red carpet didn’t have a lot to compete with. Of course, there were a few standout moments but they were few and far between.

Bare-ly There Hues

As I watched The Oscars on Sunday, with my pal Stephanie from Short N Chic, we kept our eyes peeled for some nails of interest. But, over and over again, the E! mani cam proved to be a sea of sheers and neutrals. As Steff put it, “They’ll all wearing the same shade. They’re all wearing Essie Minimalistic.” When even Lady Gaga is rocking a nude nail, you know it’s getting serious!

Get The Look: Try Essie Sugar Daddy (worn by Angelina Jolie), L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Sweet Nothings (worn by Anne Hathaway), Essie Blushing Bride (worn by Idina Menzel), Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose (worn by Lupita Nyong’o), Chanel Ballerina (worn by Sarah Paulson).

Amy Adams Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Amy Adams

Angelina Jolie Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Angelina Jolie

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Anne Hathaway

Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Biel Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Jessica Biel

Lady Gaga Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Lady Gaga

Lupita Nyong'o Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Lupita Nyong’o

A Few Pops of Color and Nail Art

Thankfully there were a few standout ladies when it came to nail color and art but, overall, The Oscars were kind of a snooze-fest. That goes for the show as well. While I adore Ellen Degeneres, I even got to see her perform live (hilarious!), I can only watch her hand out pizza for so long before wishing the fast forward button on my remote would DO something. The selfie seen round the world couldn’t even save that bit.

Charlize Theron – Am I the only one who thought Charlize would much rather be ANYWHERE else than The Oscars? Her expression said I’d rather be spelunking than looking fierce with my shiny, jet black mani.

Charlize Theron Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Charlize Theron

Jennifer Garner – As I said to Steff on Sunday, I need to know the architectural work and product involved in making Jen Garner’s perfectly swooped bang situation stay in place. Those hairs didn’t move for fear of their lives.

And she wore one of my fave gowns of the night. Sparkles and flapper fringe… I’m so in. Add in a glistening berry manicure of Chanel Coup de Coeur by Chanel Celebrity Manicurist Ashlie Johnson and she gets a Best Dressed nom from me!

Jennifer Garner Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Jennifer Garner

Julia Roberts – I’m not quite sure I get the doily covering Julia’s decolletage, as she has no need for modesty, but the grey nail color was a standout. At first, I thought we had a gri-olet on our hands though, thankfully, her manicurist, Lisa Jachno, set me straight. As a Lancome Ambassador Julia wore Lancome Gris Angora, which I swatched for you below. It’s a stunning, blue-toned grey creme.

Julia Roberts Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Julia Roberts

Lancome Gris Angora 407N nail polish swatch

Lancome Gris Angora (407N)

Kate Hudson – Hands down, my favorite gown of the night. She found a way to work a cape in a different way than the other major cape moments of the season. Combining the plunging neckline trend with a swooping cape made me swoon. She’s immaculate and I love that she carried the metallic sheen of her dress into a silver tipped manicure. ps, did you notice her dancing, barefoot, on stage with Pharrell? Made me love her even more.

Kate Hudson Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Kate Hudson

Kerry Washington – It seems unfair to pregnant women worldwide that Kerry Washington looks this fantastic so close to her due date. butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes, created Kerry’s nail look to match her deep wine lip hue. She layered bL Saucy Jack over two coats of La Moss, sealing it with Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat for a velvety appearance.

Kerry Washington Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Kerry Washington

Maria Menounos – Our lone nail art appearance. At least it’s a good one. I love an art deco, chevron which is what butter LONDON’s Katie Jane Hughes created as a bold, statement accessory to Maria’s white gown. She custom mixed Union Jack Black and Pearly Queen for the base color, then used Union Jack Black for the chevron, filling in the tip with Gobsmacked.

Maria Menounos Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Maria Menounos

Sandra Bullock – While I normally don’t like when nails are too matchy-matchy with an outfit, I’m loving how this rich navy nail compliments Sandra’s silky blue gown. The simplicity and elegance of her overall look drew me in and now I need to know more about that nail polish color.

Sandra Bullock Oscars 2014 nails

Oscars 2014 – Sandra Bullock

Did you watch the Oscars? Who wowed you on the red carpet. Which nail look is your favorite? Do you think this award season is a sign that celebs are moving more and more away from nail color and art?

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Image credit: Celebutopia
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  1. Traci says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I watched the Oscars but missed the fashion red carpet part and especially the all important mani cam! I’m glad for the recap. While I really don’t like nudes as a statement, I am happy I finally found a nude that I love and don’t bore myself with

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Fun post on the nails here!

  3. Kate says:

    Great post! So much neutral polish–and yet it looks so much more glamorous than my M-F manicures ever will :). Please do update if you track down Sandra’s color–it looks like a great blue!

  4. Icy says:

    Funnily enough, since I needed to cut my nails down near the quick, I’ve been enjoying neutrals and nudes myself but jazzing them up with glitter or simple nail art with a complimenting/contrasting nude.

  5. Faith J. says:

    Wow, great recap! I love seeing all the closeups!

  6. LaraLeaf says:

    Kate Hudson – she is so consistently gorgeous in anything she wears! She really outdid herself on this one, though. Wow! And I like that she made more of an effort than just putting on a sheer, especially with that gown!
    I have nothing against sheers – in fact, I have been having a bit of a sheer moment the last couple of months. But my nails are not cooperating so they have been getting Color and Glitter. And some mighty pretty ones, too!

  7. Carissa Hensley says:

    Fabulous summary and I couldn’t agree more!

  8. Lisa says:

    Would LOVE to find out the shade Sandra Bullock was sporting! It’s gorg!

  9. Erin says:

    i am loving julia’s nails! is there a reasonably priced dupe for gris angora? i can never bring myself to buy the pricey lancome shades, gorgeous as they are.

  10. Kat says:

    The ones who did wear color had great choices! The others we’re all a bit scroll worthy. I loved nude for so long but wow award shows should be about nail fashion too lol

  11. kel says:

    love this post and the detail u provide. great job.