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Top Ten Tuesday – The Best Glittery, Sparkly Nail Polishes of 2013

Top Glittery, Sparkly Nail Polishes of 2013

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As 2013 winds down, this is a great time to reflect on all the great nail colors we’ve seen. In this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we’re focusing on glittery, sparkly beauty and I’m looking back at the best blinged-out nail polish colors of the year. Keep reading to see which ones made my list!

Chanel Taboo ($27, may not be the most sparkly polish on the block but it’s definitely one of the best colors of the year. Chanel’s price tag is more than justified with this beauty.

Chanel Taboo Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatch

Chanel Taboo

China Glaze All Wrapped Up ($7.50, is rich, full-coverage glitter at its finest. It makes the bothersome removal process worthwhile.

China Glaze All Wrapped Up from Happy HoliGlaze Holiday 2013

China Glaze All Wrapped Up

By now, you all know how I feel about pink which just goes to show how magical Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss ($19, truly is. There are very few pink nail polishes in this world that I feel are worth wearing multiple times and this luscious confection is forever on that list.

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Kiss nail polish swatch

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit biased but I’m really proud of the collection I created for Sally Beauty and FingerPaints Our Tips Are Tealed ($5.29, is one of the best teal greens I’ve ever worn. I’m totally the braggy mom and I’m not apologizing for it!

FingerPaints Our Tips Are Tealed

FingerPaints Our Tips Are Tealed

JINsoon Obsidian ($18, is one stunning black glitter polish. It’s inky and pigmented yet loaded with multi-colored sparkle.

JINsoon Obsidian nail polish swatch

JINsoon Obsidian

MAC Fierce Entrance ($17.50, is, hands down, the most gorgeous foil metallic of 2013. Its unique blend of champagne, gold and bronze metallic glitters is something special.

MAC Fierce Entrance nail polish from Divine Night

MAC Fierce Entrance

OPI Alcatraz Rocks ($9, kicks the butt of all other Liquid Sands. The multi-colored glitter madness packed into that indigo base is spectacular. Even if you’re a texture hater, this is one you shouldn’t skip out on.

OPI Alcatraz Rocks Liquid Sand nail polish swatch

OPI Alcatraz Rocks

Honestly, any of the Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Insta-Dri shades could have made this list. It was one of the top collections of 2013 in terms of sparkle, pigmentation and color range. However, Quick Jeanius has a hold on my heart.

Sally Hansen Quick Jeanius Insta-Dri

Sally Hansen Quick Jeanius

If you read my post last week about Urban Decay Zodiac ($15, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it make the list. How could I leave off one of the most amazing greens I’ve ever seen?

Urban Decay Zodiac nail polish

Urban Decay Zodiac

I really can’t name just one of the Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust ($9, shades as “the best.” In general, Zoya wiped the floor with the competition in terms of sparkly texture. Every.Single.PixieDust.Shade.Is.A.Winner. And choosing between Carter, Sunshine and Tomoko is like choosing a favorite pet. Not gonna happen!

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013


So now that you’ve seen my favorite sparklers of 2013, tell me yours! Are any of my choices on your list?

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  1. jbrobeck says:

    Love your picks! I agree that China Glaze is worth the pain to remove it!

  2. Caroline says:

    I totally love all the polishes from the Deborah Lippmann collection Mermaid’s kiss belongs to! They’re just sooo pretty.

  3. Kyema says:

    I actually own half of these! *Just the cheaper ones ;)* and I saw the finger paint swatch on your site awhile ago, but I didn’t know you had created it! It is a stunner and you SHOULD be a proud momma. I’ve never tried FP but maybe I’ll grab that bottle if I can find it.

    And lastly, OMG that lippman polish is gorg! I need it in my life.

    (p.s. I really enjoy your “did you miss this” on twitter. When i’m scrounging for something to do and I hit up twitter and see your posts, it always makes me nail polish happy to check out some beautiful swatches.)

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      Aww, thanks Kyema! They still have it on the Sally Beauty website so you should be able to get it. And I’m so glad you like my throwback tweets. I enjoy them from other bloggers so I hoped people would like them from me.

  4. michaela says:

    I just picked up Alcatraz Rocks yesterday! So excited to try it! (Sad I missed out on Taboo though:()

  5. Phyrra says:

    Some stunning polish! Of course my favorite is Zodiac.

  6. I’m in big trouble. I want so many of these. I’ve been wanting UD Zodiac for a while and it will be mine at some point. The MAC is new to me and I want that now too. And the Jin Soon is to die for. You are so bad for me Michelle!!

  7. OMG! That Mermaid Kiss glitter from Lippmann looks so beautiful! I MUST get that polish!!! So pretty!

  8. Jessica says:

    Wearing Zodiac as I type this. She’s a beaut, indeed :)

  9. Your swatch of Taboo is killing me… I don’t have that! I don’t think?! OMG! ahhhh! I just picked up Zodiac today, can’t wait to get it on my tips! Great list!

  10. rachlovespenguins says:

    Darn it now I really want Taboo! And I agree about Zoya wiping the floor with the competition. Their pixie dust formula has stolen my heart.

  11. Tanyatopia says:

    My favorite sparkly polish of the year is Zoya Solange. That metallic yellow gold is so gorgeous! I also have a soft spot for Sally Hansen Midnight Glitz, super sexy.

  12. Melissa Kidd says:

    Wearing and adoring Tomoko right now! I am so in love with the Pixie Dusts! And to be honest, I found Zoya after I found you, so THANK YOU! I am also a fan of green and love the polish you made with Finger Paints and I will need to find that UD polish!

  13. Mariska says:

    There all super pretty nice choises !

  14. Gah! They are all gorgeous but OPI Alcatraz Rocks and JINsoon Obsidian really caught my eye. Funny, they are so opposite too–mush be my multiple personalities!