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Bobbi Brown “Old Hollywood” Nail Polish for Holiday 2013

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Old Hollywood nail polish

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013

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Bobbi Brown is giving us old school glam with her Holiday 2013 “Old Hollywood” collection. As I’ve said before, this season’s nail polish trends are going the more traditional route with metallics and reds dominating the scene.

Clearly Bobbi got the memo and then some as she’s giving us holographic glitter realness with her new shade, Chrome. Who ever thought you’d see the words Bobbi Brown and holographic glitter in the same sentence? I mean, what??

Formula & Application:

Bobbi Brown nail polish is 4-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DPB and Formaldehyde Resin). It comes in a square glass bottle topped with a slim black plastic cap that is similar to the Seche Vite cap. The brush is round, of medium width and length, with flexible bristles that easily fan out on the nail. It’s not a dense brush so it doesn’t pick up a ton of polish.

My only gripe about the lacquers in this collection is pigmentation. All three are lacking in that department so I needed three coats for full coverage and, in Chrome’s case, because it has a sheer base, it would require more to become completely opaque. What I do like, is its thin and malleable consistency. Precise application is a breeze.

Bobbi Brown Chrome is the star of this nail show. It’s giving me a total, who-are-you-right-now-Bobbi-Brown moment. The queen of neutrals is delivering full-on holographic glitter? Talk about unexpected! Though the sheer sandy base and golden shimmer gives it that signature Bobbi style. If you’ve ever feared being too “mature” for holo, this is  how you do it, people!

Bobbi Brown Chrome nail polish from Holiday 2013

Bobbi Brown Chrome

Bobbi Brown Siren Red is your typical 40s pin-up girl red creme. It’s a pretty true red as it doesn’t lean strongly towards warm or cool.

Bobbi Brown Siren Red nail polish from Holiday 2013

Bobbi Brown Siren Red

Bobbi Brown Solid Gold isn’t quite reflective enough to be a foil metallic. I’d say it’s more of a smooth metallic glitter with its mix of pale champagne, almost silvery, shimmer and 14 carat gold flecks.

Bobbi Brown Solid Gold nail polish from Holiday 2013

Bobbi Brown Solid Gold

I can’t think Old Hollywood without conjuring images of Dita Von Teese and her fabulous Moon Manicures. While Dita tends to stick with the traditional red and white combo, I thought I’d try a twist on her signature style using Solid Gold and Siren Red. I used French Manicure guides to create the crisp lines at my cuticle.

In this instance, the lack of opacity in Siren Red works because the shimmer from Solid Gold glows through.

Moon manicure nail art using Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013

Moon Manicure with Bobbi Brown Siren Red and Solid Gold

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Holiday 2013 nail polish

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood for Holiday 2013

Bottom Line: I can’t get over the glorious multi-colored glitter party that is Chrome. It’s a stunner and after falling hardcore for Navy this fall, I hope Bobbi continues to move in this unique direction with her nail color choices. Siren Red and Solid Gold are both pretty colors but not necessarily unique. Considering the price point, they should have better pigmentation so, they get a pass from me.

The Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Old Hollywood collection is available now at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide and online at, and Bobbi Brown nail polish retails for $18/ea for a .37oz bottle.

Are you as stunned by Chrome as I am? Are you liking Bobbi’s Old Hollywood vibe? What’s your favorite trick for creating a Moon Manicure?

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  1. Elena says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve never thought to use the french tip guides to do a moon mani. Definitely using this trick in the future!

  2. Karo says:

    wow…they are so wonderful <3

  3. Jade says:

    Chrome is absolutely stunning. I like that BB has started incorporating things that are a bit outside of her ‘norm’. It’s lovely.

  4. Wow! Love these, especially the red and gold color combo :)

  5. Chrome is gorgeous!!! The half moon mani is beautiful with those colours. I might have to try another half moon mani, it’s been a while….

  6. Rachael says:

    I am so obsessed with nail polish, so I am going to have a ball (and possibly go broke) looking at your site. LAWDY do I love that Bobbi Brown trio ~ and you’re 100% right, the brown chrome totally steals this show. All of them look spectacular. <3

  7. Any dupes for Chrome?