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I’M BACK and getting my Ombré on with L’Oréal

By on September 4, 2012
in Gray, L'Oreal Paris, Nail Art, Purple

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on??

Hey kids! I’m back from my way-too-long hiatus. Did you miss me? Because I really missed you. Like really really missed you! I know my absence has upset some of you and, believe me, that wasn’t my intent. Just know that it was necessary. To those of you who have sent emails, tweets and comments sharing your love and support, I can’t thank you enough. You are THE BEST!

As this post goes live I’m actually en route to NYC for New York Fashion Week. I’ll be reporting from backstage on all the fun nail happenings at the Spring 2013 shows. But don’t worry my pets, I have posts lined up so you’ll get your dose of new nail polish reviews in addition to NYFW updates.

While I was on break, L’Oréal Paris asked me to be a part of an ambassador program for their Colour Riche Nail line and guest blog for La Sélection, a digital magazine. One of the posts is a tutorial for a sponged ombré manicure. Ombré hair is so big right now, why not take the look to your nails? It’s so easy and fun.


I chose a summery, sunset inspired color palette for my tutorial but with Fall quickly approaching gray and purple felt more appropriate for NYFW. Starting with a base of Essie Pilates Hottie from the Yogaga collection, I sponged L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail in Greycian Goddess and Paprazzi Pleaser on top to create this look. For the full tutorial visit La Sélection.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail is available at mass retailers nationwide and retails for $5.99/ea for a .39oz bottle.

So are you into this ombre look? Have you tried this technique before? What colors, nail styles, trends are you loving right now? What is the one shade for fall you are obsessed with?

Disclosure: As part of the L’Oreal Paris ambassador program I received samples of Colour Riche Nail products. All opinions and statements are my own.

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  1. *Ky* says:

    Welcome back! And great job, I am loving gradient nail arts

  2. April says:

    So happy to see a post from you! Have fun in NY, looking forward to seeing pics.

  3. Tessa says:

    YESS!! Welcome back! You’ve been much missed.

  4. YOU ARE BACK! Have seen you on Tumblr but have missed the blog so much.

  5. Fitzy says:

    Yay! Welcome back! I found your blog earlier this year and was always wondering what happened to you. I’m glad to see you’re back! I followed you on Twitter just yesterday in fact! xD Great timing.

    I loooove love love gradient looks. I need to do more of them. I’m thinking green for fall; don’t know why!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      That is great timing! Thanks for sticking with me. A green would be gorgeous. I debated that as well.

  6. Lina-Elvira says:

    Surely missed you!! :) Glad you are back and I’m looking forward to some nail news from Fashion Week!

  7. kelly says:

    ive missed you! hope you have been well and cant wait to hear more from you

  8. Lynn says:

    Welcome back!!!! :D We missed you!

  9. Meg Ree says:

    Yay! Welcome back – you were most definitely missed. :)

  10. Erika B says:

    Glad you are back! :) Love the purple ombre nails!

  11. moeysullivan says:

    I am relieved you’re back! Glad I was able to keep up with you on other media and know you were at least OK. That said, the ombre manicure is pretty cool. I probably would not wear it unless I had a very special occasion because of my job.

  12. Memoiselle says:

    Oh my so glad that you come back!!! For once I thought that you won’t be blogging anymore :(
    Glad to see your new post! Keep it coming coz I love your gorgeous swatch!! :D

  13. Lindsay says:

    As the first polish blog I started following every day which led me to my current nail obsession, glad to see you’re back!!!

  14. Emma says:

    Ombre, gradient, all the same :D love the look but not so keen on L’Oreal as a brand myself. Anyways, the more important topic of my comment is WELCOME BACK! I have missed your blog like crazy, I checked it so often while you were gone that when I type ‘a’ into the address bar of my browser it auto-fills it with your blog, haha! Can’t wait to hear more from you, hope you are doing fab :D xx

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy to be back.

      I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t on the L’Oreal bandwagon until they relaunched the Colour Riche nail line. I was super skeptical given my past experience was pretty mediocre. I’ve been wearing is since last winter and have been really impressed with the formula and I love the brush.

      People have been debating my use of ombre. I think of it like ombre hair. Yes, you could call it a gradient as well. And I have in the past. I find the terms to be interchangeable.

      • Emma says:

        Maybe I will give them a go then ;) and I agree that’s very true, it’s definitely more keyword-friendly to use ‘ombre’ at the moment! xx

  15. Agi says:

    Wow, I’m glad that you are finally back – I really missed my favourite beauty blog! Looking forward to the new posts! :)

  16. Kim says:

    So happy to see you back – Missed your gorgeous nails and reviews. Hope all is well! Have fun in NY

  17. Ulmiel says:

    Yaaay, you’re back!! :) With a great mani too. Have fun in NY!

  18. Sandrita says:

    Welcome back!!! Definitely missed your posts!! Loving the ombre look and I think the purple is perfect for fall!! Looking forward to many more posts from you, have fun in NYC (my home town) =)

  19. Welcome back! Love that ombre – cool look. Can’t wait to hear all about NYFW!!!

  20. Debbie says:

    I am so glad you are back, you were very missed!

  21. LEah says:

    So glad you’re back!!!

  22. Jill says:

    I really like these colors together. So glad you’re back! :) I definitely missed your posts.

  23. Valesha says:

    Welcome back. Please don’t leave us again! :)

  24. Hether says:

    I’ve been waiting for you! You were my first nail blog I found/followed when I first got into nail polish. And I have to add that I really love L’Oreal’s nail polish. Looking forward to more posts! yay :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I honestly wasn’t a fan of L’Oreal a few years ago but they’ve really stepped up their game in terms of formula, brush, etc. I gave them a second shot last winter and have had nothing but good results since. I wonder if buying Essie was part of that.

  25. flipflopgal says:

    OMG! I’ve missed you so hard while you’ve been away! Was hoping that nothing was too terribly amiss in ALU-ville; glad to hear you are OK. Virtual hugs!

  26. Andrea says:

    This is not an ombre manicure, this is a gradient. Would expect you to know the difference…

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Wow, thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve heard the terms used interchangeably. Like a lot of things in this world, we all have different words to describe things. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. There’s no nail dictionary that I know of.

      • Candace says:

        Amen, Michelle! So glad you’re back. Although I DO blame you for my horrific nail polish obsession :) You were the first blog I followed on a daily basis, and I’ve been checking daily for the last 6 months crossing my fingers for an update. I’m so excited you’re back, and that you took the time off that you needed!

      • ReaderRita says:

        Maybe Andrea is acting out because she missed you…

    • ReaderRita says:

      I have heard both terms used for this technique. By definition, a gradient is “a rate of regular ascent or descent”, and ombr

  27. Heidi says:

    I tried to do a sponge ombre manicure, but the nail polish bubbled too much when I sponged it on. Do you know why that is? I’m glad you are back!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I found that I got bubbling when my layers were too thick. I find that if I do two coats of sponging I can get the color intensity I want without the bubbling. You also might want to look at your top coat. I used a thinner one instead of a thick quick dry, like Seche Vite.

  28. Lou says:

    Welcome back!

    Hope you enjoy NYC Fashion week and look forward to more blog posts.

    Great mani, I mean, who doesn’t love purple??

  29. AmandaM says:

    YAY!! I, for one, am so glad you’re back! I missed your lovely polish swatches and posts!

  30. Sierra Delta says:

    SO GLAD you’re back, Michelle! I quit polishing my nails in your absence (no reliable guidance for color or brand choice), so now I can go wild and crazy in the polish aisle again. Welcome back!

  31. Cynthia says:

    I was constantly checking your site wondering what had happened. I figured you needed a break since I still saw you on twitter so I wasn’t going to get all nosy even though I wanted to! :) Glad you’re back!

  32. melissa says:

    great ombre! lol, ignore the grumps! Welcome back :)

  33. Ali Hodges says:

    Welcome back, yours was the first nail blog I discovered quite a few years ago. I hope you and your family are well, you have been missed. Have a great time at NY Fashion Week. Best wishes from the UK.

  34. Michelle says:

    I really like the colors you chose for the gradient!

    Welcome back! I really missed you!

  35. Alisha says:

    YAAY! I’ve missed you too! So happy you’re back from vacay! Exciting news about all of the new opportunities and I love the color choices in this gradient. I’m a snob so I’ve blacklisted those low brow polishes. Hehe.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      For the most part I’m a snob too. Though over the past few months I’ve been picking up some drugstore brands on a whim and they’ve been impressing me. The Revlon ColorStay, L’Oreal Colour Riche and Sally Hansen CSM are all faves. I’ve been using the new Maybelline Color Show lately and it’s changed my mind on them. The old formula in those squat round bottles always sucked for me, hardcore!

  36. Esther says:

    My favourite ombre combo was CG Neons pink and yellow (can’t remember the names right now). The middle bit went a lovely bright orange.
    I wonder if black and green or orange and green would work for Halloween nails?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh, that sounds so pretty. I wonder what kind of creepy color green/orange mixed with black would make?

  37. christine says:

    I lovvvvve the gradient nail trend! I’ve tried to do it myself many times…it just never works! And the mess I make is pretty epic.

  38. *waves hi* Maybe we’ll run into each other this week!

  39. Olivia says:

    So glad you’re back! Love the ombre. Gradient and ombre are the same…funny someone was trying to tell you differently ;)

  40. Lauri says:

    Welcome back! Your blog was my first also… Please know that you were missed. Enjoy NYC! Love the colors in this mani.

  41. Robin says:

    It’s great to see you back! And I love the ombre look– it is gorgeous! Someday I’ll have to get brave enough to try it. :)

  42. Julie says:

    Oh so glad you are back!!!!!!

  43. Mabel says:

    Welcome back! I’m so happy to see you post again! This is a fan from Hong Kong! :)

  44. Lam says:

    So glad to have you back. Have a great time at NYFW.

  45. Jenn says:

    YES!!! I have missed your blog horribly. I tried cheating with other blogs to fill the void but it just wasn’t working for me. Very excited to see your new posts and the nail polishes that I must have!

  46. janna says:

    Yay!! So glad you’re back!

  47. Cat says:

    Yay, you’re back!! Love this manicure– purple is perfect!

    Personally, the definition of ombre is a gradation of light to dark color so I don’t see why people are hung up with you calling this an ombre manicure.

  48. Carissa says:

    Yay you’re back! I’m so glad I can get my All Lacquered Up fix again! Starting the new lemming list in preparation of the pretties that I know are coming.

    I actually tried a sponge ombre/gradient recently using Cherimoya Barbie pink and Cult Nails Time Traveler, it turned out ok but I ended up with a few sponge specks on my nails so next time I’m switching to a new sponge after one hand.

  49. Anne Marie says:

    Yay!! You’re back!! This made my day!! :D

  50. Aylene says:

    Glad you’re back! Hello from Scotland, Ontario, Canada. I missed you and your great news, reviews and posts.

  51. Macij says:

    Reallyreally really happy that you’re back! Shouted YES at work when I say the new post. I live in the Netherlands so across the world people are wondering why I am smiling ;-)

  52. Amanda (mae) says:

    Welcome back, Another fabulous mani! love these colors :D

  53. Ter G says:

    Welcome back! I really missed your posts. Hope you are feeling well. I’m from NE OHIO too and I LOVE your blog. So glad you’re back!

  54. Samantha says:

    Welcome back!!!!! You were sorely missed, so glad to see you here!

  55. Susan says:

    Yes — I’m so glad you’re back! I am a novice in taking good care of my nails, and when I first saw your blog I could tell it would be an excellent resource. Your posts have such a fine balance between content and style — YOU GO GIRL!!!

  56. ReaderRita says:

    SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! Hope everything is good with you, and that you are happy!

  57. Alex says:

    yay!! welcome back!!

  58. Jennifer says:

    Yours was the first nail polish blog I ever read. I’m so glad you’re back!

  59. Donna says:

    So glad you’re back! Happy to see the post today!

  60. Rebecca says:

    Welcome! So happy you’re back! I was at a loss to find out what was new – but I definitely searched your archives more than once for specific colors and questions. Love the purples! BYA

  61. kelliegonzo says:

    glad to have ya back woman :)

  62. Duffi says:

    I MISSED YOU!!!!
    I’m so glad you’re back! {{hugs}}

  63. Amy says:

    Sooooooo glad you are back! I’ve really really missed your posts!

  64. Melanie says:

    Yay! So happy to have you back. I will be excited about nail polish again!

  65. Erin says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been out of touch for months. You too?!Health issues. Anyway, I missed your. blog. I love this manicure. Id like it in greens as well . Have fun at Fashion week. Can’t wait to see and hear all the nail buzz.

  66. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Your blog got me obsessed with nails in the first place!

    Nice job on the article over on La S

  67. Awesome Sophie says:

    Welcome back! :-)

  68. IslandGirl says:

    Glad to have you back! It’s been too long, and I was worried! Hope you are doing well. I love this idea, I’m definitely going to give it a try… thank you for the demo!

  69. Blueberry says:

    Yehaaaa, ALU’s back again :)
    I really missed you too while nearly every single day wondering that you’re not posting.
    Go on! Greetings & Love from Germany
    (by the way, will there be swatches of OPIs Germany Collection?)

  70. Isabel says:

    Ooooh, it’s soooo nice to see you back! :-) I’ve missed you a lot and just didn’t trust my eyes when I was browsing my RSS-feeds.

  71. hello:

    I love to have you back! :)
    I also love your style of Ombre nails, have a tutuorial on you tube????

    thanks: D

    Malefica Dark

  72. silver9391 says:

    I too am glad that you are back. This is the first time I have ever commented, I had to cause I have missed you, and you give the best tutorials.Glad that you had a safe, pleasant journey, stay blessed.

  73. Terri says:

    Happy you are back!

  74. Lisa says:

    So glad you are back. You are such an inspiration to us!

  75. rose4721 says:

    So happy that you are back! I’ve been worried about you, and would periodically check your site to see if there were any new posts. I was so glad to see one today! You have been missed!!

  76. Lucia says:

    Great to have you back! No other blog is as good as yours, believe me. I have searched for one, with your dedication, information and love! Keep up the GREAT job!

  77. Amy Scott says:

    Glad to have you back!! This technique looks super easy, I need to try it!

  78. Leann says:

    I am so glad you are back. I was lost without you!!! Love this ombre look. It’s got that pop, without being way too flashy. Certain to get lots of compliments.

  79. Marie says:

    So happy you’re back! I missed you as you are my favorite nail blogger!!!

  80. Lena says:

    wooohoo, welcome back! missed you much. i hope everything is well.

    this is gorgeous ombre, will have to try it (with orange, my personal obsession).

  81. nancyG says:

    YOU’RE BAAAACK!! So happy. I was worried. Glad to see that you’re doing okay.

  82. Mary says:

    Why were you gone? I thought you had just abandoned the website and I was about to delete it from my favorites… so glad you’re back though!